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This is a perilous moment yesterday and you might have stood against the war but I missed it as a shaper to prove my love you care not conciliate America by your present measure. You cannot stop you cannot compromise but you can address. I surely therefore propose my was the commencement of a treaty Toby should all peace and liberty to American strength and happiness to a good security and prosperity to both countries. Lord Chatham spoke and the world listened. And the early listen. Program five in a series dramatizing Brave
Horatius. The men and the age they created for. These programs were produced by radio station WAGA of the University of Wisconsin under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center. In cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters consultant for the series is Frederick W. Haber chairman of the department of speech at the University of Wisconsin. Here's Professor Habermann after hearing Lord Chatham speak. Benjamin Franklin said. I have sometimes seen eloquence without wisdom and often wisdom without eloquence. But in him I have seen them united in the highest possible degree. England's most imaginative orator maybe Edmund Burke Charles Fox our ablest debater Richard runs Lee Sheridan her wittiest speaker William Gladstone her weighty as parliamentarian Winston Churchill her most inspiring leader but Lord Chatham is her most forceful personality. William Pitt the first Earl
of Chatham was born on 17 0 8 and died 70 years later in 1778. He entered Parliament at the age of 26 in 1735. Twenty one years later he became prime minister. In the course of those years he had discomfort that the opposition had refused to build a private fortune at the expense of the public had championed the liberties of the people and had earned the title of the great commoner. His ministry from 1757 217 61 is one of the most glorious in English history. He defeated France in every part of the globe and established an empire that stretched from India to America. On a remote fringe of that empire a stockade was named Fort Pitt in his honor. In these years he ruled Commons as a father his son. He was imposing vehement dignified contemptuous brilliant few man dared to provoke his wrath. In 1765 it
was called again to form a Ministry but his health was poor and he decided to pass from the Commons into the House of Lords with the title of Lord Chatham. For this action he was berated by private citizens and public press. Suffering from dense to very early agitated in mind he withdrew from society and resigned as prime minister. His power like us health was at a low ebb. Both revived in part. He came back fully armed with his powers of oratory as the champion of the American colonists on the occasion of his last speech on the war with America in 1778. He was dressed in black velvet his gouty real aides wrapped in flannel his wig settling over his brow. There was death in the body but life in the eye he spoke for conciliation an empire against the Duke of Richmond. The duke replied Chatham struggled to rise again but collapsed. He died a month later.
Oh. I say you know I don't push those pushing. Keep your tongues now and you've got no respect for the dead. Mind your manners. Right so you got no right to be squabbling in the street with a dead exists for England a sad day in that was our friend there all these years standing up for us in Parliament. That's the way the world hadn't gone. Take off your hat man you had to take off your hat. Be sure to be sure my feet stand it seems they break our mind ya least it is wrapped in Flannelly was and Im leaving on crutches all covered with black velvet. Did you see him in the fight that I did when they carried him into the Lord's house to make his speech when he was a sick man. Love him I saw him in the procession as the hearse straw. I just grant Now the banner banner
that's the Duke of Richmond then rode rockin him with it. I thought they'd be men of the commons us first and last. Watch your side and he took the earldom he was ever a proud man and it pleased him to be a nerve that's a long face. Look him by the curious the young one now is anxious it is Sunday. He's nobody just not a lot and he is not to do with the profession. Maybe not but in the face of a proper morning to be sure and that's not stuff he's got at us. What's the matter with me sniffling like a schoolboy What's got into me. Come now Sheldon don't play the fool with half of London watching. They're lifting the casket to the carriage. There's burglars covering it with a par. Why not me. Why isn't children allowed to carry the power. He would have wanted it. He was closest to me. I've heard harsh words between him and them a dozen times. He led the party but he was always alone
as I am alone. He was like a father to me if only he had showed me how how he whipped them and lashed them and still made them follow him. You have no friends only me and a few like me. Cubs in the lions den. He fought even with kings but he ruled England. I shall never know how. Was he really mad. If so would God might bless me with such mighty madness. A voice like thunder I is like an Eagles. Even his crutch a weapon of power. They called him mad to bring Benjamin Franklin to the House of Lords mad to deal with the American and worse. But you never know. There is Dr. Addington one man knows the secrets but ill never speak. He's feathered his nest just the attending Lord Chatham the personal physician more than physician. He'll never tell what he
knows. Part of London turned out to see a chorus. I could tell them everything and Lord show burn me if you'd like to distract me. Well he and the others would be mortally shocked if they knew the contents of that coffin. Almost a month dead and all this turmoil over his bones chatter and needed their interest. Months before this but all they did then was spread rumors of his illness stories of insanity hopes of his dying. And rumors about me too. Adding to the question the charlatan known as a mad doctor. Madness is sickness but in all of England I could find no other doctor to consult with me on this case. Only Chatham knew and the patient himself and I. We've fought the disease together dear. What a certificate of death I might have written deceased the Earl of Chatham.
Cause of death in England specifically her fever of pride and politics which infect the body with gout and the mind with insufferable burdens a secondary course George third. My diagnosis is not far from madness himself but there is no one to share this gesture with but from himself and he had best offer my services to his widow. Are you all right. Let me help you into the carriage. I'm all right. Only very tired. What time is it. Already past the hour procession is delayed by the people I think the streets must be cleared for the horses so father would be pleased to see the city's so loyal and without rioting.
It was not so on Lord Mayor's Day. Lord Mayor's Day you about a baby he was love then love so madly by the people. But when his carriage followed the kings into the city on lot broken derive things to show they loved him better than the King's favorite. Days when he can. Mother please don't weep microclimates Lady Chatterley. Maybe I may I be of service. Here's Dr. Addington mother you are very kind. William came to ride with us. Please do doctor and I accept most gratefully. Last we get underway my mother's much for teens to be sure but I have a remedy matters in this carriage so forgive me madam. I meant no discourtesy only your deep concern for your welfare as he would have wished. And
my remedy for your weakness is simple and nourishment for the spirit mother is devoted to you so you know that my prescription for her is happy memories of days of serene joy within her family. The great would it hills and forests have been sent. The hunting and long walks they called in to plant so many trees he was so impatient even ordered the planting to go on by top. Remember the quiet days in Kent. How he loved to ride her little pony through the park and his sons beside him. We were happy then happiest when he quit London and stayed with us and would see no one on public matter we had him to ourselves then and no kinder gentler father husband. I hope his castle his principles my lady. He thundered them aloud in parliament. The poorest man made in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the crown. It may be frail its roof shake the wind may blow through the storm into the rain may enter
but the King of England cannot enter all his force dares not cross the threshold by heaven the king insults him now hush where you know there's none of the court party here to day none to pay him. William. It was a small thing. Let us not be better. Name my lady it is a great thing. Proof of what Lord Chatham Porto dong for all of England itself he knew how his enemies persuaded the king his own words. If the ministers persevered and misleading the king I will not say that they can alienate the affections of his subjects from his crown but I will affirm that they will make the Crown not worth his wearing what I will not say the king is betrayed but I will renounce that the Kingdom is underfunded. Let's not I'm wrong. Some drunken horror that wretched moan I posted was provided with me rather than myself in the border
give me a man a bilby How was it on. Lot end up Francona imbalance you drunk and you don't know what you want to say and I mean all finance and all I do know me know what you. All got to me how bad a hockey team was here at all hats not to do with Lloyd Chatham and respect for the dead. Dobry not a rabbi resigned to Roberts. He loved England he loved the rights of the people he he did this was nibbling again like a schoolboy. Chatham Chatham where goes into and now the gathering storm may break. It has already opened and in part if it is not put to this war there is an end to this country.
You were right the storm broke at Saratoga and the goings on me was defeated. You cannot conquer the America you talk of your powerful forces to disperse that army and that is where talk of driving them before me with this crock. Now now we have a crisis because France is drawn to their side. France who would gladly separate America from the dominions of this country. France has signed the treaty Chatham Now France is with only we could. But yesterday and England might have stood against the word no not only so horrid to do our representatives. I used the words of a poet like right don't be poetry it is not fiction it is straining the crude that not only the power and
strength of this country are wasting away and expiring but where the glorious truth and substantial dignity are sacrificed. The desperate state of arms in America is in part known no man thinks more highly of him than I do and all of the English troops I know their virtues and their data. I know they can achieve anything except impossibilities and I know that the conquest of English or America is an impossibility. You cannot I venture to say that you cannot conquer America. Your armies in the French and Indian war effected everything that could be affecting and what was it. It cost a numerous Tommy how long and laborious campaign to expel five thousand francs from French America. My lords you cannot conquer America what is your
present situation that we do not know the worst. But we know that in three campaigns we have done nothing and suffered much besides the suffering there's perhaps a lot of the Northern boss the best appointed honor that ever took appeared commanded by subway Tim Howard has retired from the American lying liars. As to chronic waste their form of words I repeat it is impossible. You may swear every expansion every effort sterile or extravagant play you make every assistance you can by all traffic and party with every little pitiful trouble of pranks that senators and say say something to the Travellers about boarding triggers your reports are whatever bating and he put into it. Doubly so from this mercenary raid on which you live according to your dictates to an incurable the sentiment in the minds of your enemies
to overrun them with the muscular makes fun of rape and plunder up the voting them and their possessions to the rapacity up higher recruiting if I a word an American as I am an Englishman. While according to reports landed in my country I would never lay down my arms never never never. In addition to these disgraces and misuse of our army my lords. Who is the man that has dared to authorize and associate to arms the tomahawk and scalping knife like a savage to get AK to the merciless Indian in the defense of disputed rights and to wage the horrors of his barbarous war against our problem it might launch these enormous please cry aloud for redress and punishment. I'm just totally done away with it. It will be a stain on the national character. It is a violation of the Constitution. I believe it is against the law.
What makes ambition a virtue the stench of aamod. But is the sense of AMR consistent with the spirit of the plunder or the practice of murder. Can a pro from Mystery motives or can it prompt to cruel deeds. Besides these murderers and plunderers let me ask our minister does what our lives have they acquired have been entered into alliance with the king of the gypsies. Nothing below is just too low or too ludicrous to be consistent with their council. Malarkey. No man wishes for the dual dependence of America on this country more than one thing to preserve it and not confirmed that State of Independence into which your measures hipper to have driven them and is the object which we ought to unite in attaining the Americans contending for their rights against arbitrary exactions.
I love but it might. It is the struggle of a free and virtuous Patriots but contending for any dependency and total business disconnection from me to me as an Englishman I cannot wish them success. For him to do constitutional dependence say including the ancient supremacy of this country in regulating their commerce and navigation consists the mutual happiness and prosperity both of England and America. She'd be right assistance and protection from us and we retreat from her are the most important that competence. She was indeed the fountain of our way of life but not of our straining the nursery and the basis of our neighbor power it is our duty their form of laws if we wish to save our country. Most serious way to endeavor the recovery of these most beneficial subjects and been based perilous crises is perhaps the present. It may be the only one in which we can hope for success. America is in
with progress on some points they have not entirely hung certain expectations. Let us wisely take advantage of every possible moment of reconciliation. Besides the natural disposition of America herself still leans toward Ingram to the own habits of connection and mutual interest that you might be both countries. This is one of the established sentiment and still emerge in the great part of America. This why you send a picture of this it was issued to prepare us some parts may be fractious and blind to their true interests. But if we express our wives and benevolent disposition to communicate with them those immutable rights of nature and those constitutional liberties to which they are equally entitled would our standards by this conduct we shall confirm the favorable and conciliate be adverse. I say Moloch's the rights and liberties to which
they are equally entitled with our senators. But no more I do not see why they should not enjoy every fundamental right in their property and every original substantial liberty we get into or sorry for the county I live in or any other county in England can claim the inherent supremacy of the state in regulating and protecting the navigation and commerce of all subjects. It is necessary for the mutual benefit and preservation of every part to constitute and preserve the prosperous arrangement of the whole Empire. The sound parts of America of which I have spoken must be sensible of these great recruits and of their real interests. America is not a wild and and lawless banditti who having nothing to lose might hope to snatch something from public convulsions. Many of their leaders and great men have a great stake in these great companies. The gentleman who conducts
their armies I am told has an estate of four or five thousand pounds a year. And when I consider the stains I cannot but lament the violence of our penal acts declarations of the previous alleged rebellion with all the fatal effects of attainder and confiscate. You cannot come silly America by your present measures. You cannot solve them too hard by any measure of ours. Quite plainly can you do. You cannot conquer. You cannot gain but you can address. You can love the fears and anxieties of the moment into an ignorance of the danger that should produce a table but not a lot of the time demands the language to prove. We must not now apply the flattering unction of the several compliance applying complaisance in a just and necessary war to maintain the rights of honor of my
country. I would script the shirt from my back to support it. But in such a war as this unjust in its principles impracticable in its means and ruinous in its consequences I would not contribute a single airport nor a single shilling. I do not call for vengeance on the heads of those who have been guilty. I only recommended them to make their retreat. Let them walk off and let them make haste. My Lords I have submitted to you with the truth which I think my sentiments on your present of our situation. I have made before you the ruin of the disgrace of your reputation from the contamination of your post. A complication of the calamities foreign and domestic that overwhelm your stinking country. You know dearest interests your own liberties the Constitution itself. Tapas to the foundation.
All this disgraceful this this multitude of misery is the monstrous offspring of this on natural laws proposed and addressed to his Majesty to recommend an immediate cessation of hostilities would be permitted. If you're a bird What's that. My dear fellow don't you know me. It won't come now you want to cut me dead in front of Westminster. Don't look so dazed man you'll be left behind left behind. Yes we're all left behind. Personally I vowed the day he died not to be found it is a funeral. I don't go to a puppet shows and no wish to see the goals flocking about the corpse. Lord Chatham is
dead certainly but I think it of no great consequence to himself. He himself said after his last speech when he fell down sick and was carried out of the House of Lords. Not one of his old acquaintances of the court so much as asked him how he did it. Will you then so surprise that the Lords did not approve your motion that they attend his funeral. No Mr Walpole not surprised. Then come come. We should find a coffee house to revive your spirit. I must tell you about a letter I just received from Will Mason. He begged me to give him an account of the funeral. Then he said if you have to order your gardener to plug a book of onion rings and send it with my compliments to Lord John that he may put them in his head to weep with greater facility. Very good don't you think indeed I do not. But come you shall tell me was Chatham really man. One hears
the stories but you must tell me the truth. I was in England all this time in the hands of a man gone. Airgun is Professor Habermann like Shel Byrne. We also hear the stories they are 200 years old now. Probably the intense pain he suffered from the gout along with the enormous strain of public office made him even more irascible impatient demanding sarcastic and imperious than he was by natural temperament. No matter what psychological words or medical definitions we applied to Chatham we know that his thoughts were good thoughts. The great commoner
spoke for all the little men of this world holding out against arbitrary power when he said to the Commons the poorest man in his cottage may bid defiance to all the forces of the crown. It may be frail its roof may shake the wind may blow through it the storm may enter it but the King of England cannot enter it. All his power dare not cross the threshold of that ruined tenement. We need more of this kind of madness. The end. Listen. Program five then a radio series on.
THE MAN AND THE AGE that. These programs are produced by radio station WAGA of the University of Wisconsin under a grant from the educational television and radio center. Chairman of the department of speech at the University of Wisconsin is the consult. These programs are distributed by the National Association of educational broadcast. This is the any radio.
And the world listened
William Pitt: The attempt to subjugate America
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William Pitt's speeches concern liberty, government by constitution, and the misery of war.
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This series presents dramatizations of famous speeches.
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