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European review bring you reports from European correspondent presented by I can see the only belongs in the recent column. These contributions come from powers on the French presidential election from Rome on fresh breaks of strikes from Bonn on relations between West Germany and Poland and from all the political influence exerted by the Turkish army. First a report from Paris where Indigo come on has given us an account of the state of affairs on the eve of the first round of the presidential elections in friends like in the United States opinion polls are beginning to play an increasingly important part at election time. All polls conducted in French and the rejection of the April referendum point to the fact that the race for the presidency will be an exciting one. The notion that Mr. Pompidou would easily emerge the victor has not been a very long lived one especially because of the meteoric rise of an outsider the acting president in the air who has the center candidate suddenly came into the limelight as a result of General de Gaulle's political demise. There are reasons for Mr. upon his success or
tuples. Firstly there is the fact that the average Frenchman felt like having just an ordinary president after 11 years of garlands and the other reason is that a large number of Frenchmen feel that with President de Gaulle out of the way O'Hare is the man who can deal a death blow to go. As a presidential candidate Mr. Poppy do there's not the slightest resemblance to the Pompidou Prime Minister's President de Gaulle for 60 years all of a sudden as the Pompidou considers Great Britain's admission to be a desirable thing. And he also prefers abolishing France's own nuclear striking force in its present form in favor of a joint French British nuclear defense system. In other words Poppy do is making out like a perfect center candidate as well. And diehard Gaullist are privately referring to him as a turncoat. Whether such a radical change of course can be due to achieve a clear cut victory remains to be seen. There are indications that the majority of the French people. Have
had their fill of globalism and co-heir hopes to profit by this mood is weakness however is that he can only be put into the saddle by a coalition of the communists the noncommunist left the center and the extreme right wingers. If Mr. Poe becomes France's next head of state he will be faced with having to choose from two alternatives either he will have to comply with the demands of the left wing parties who helped put him in the USA which means that he will have to dissolve parliament or he tries to govern with the cooperation of the Gaullist and their allies the Gaullist party periodical disdainfully referred to such tactics as quote to govern with a majority after having been elected by another quote. Both solutions will have drawbacks as are the simple hair is concerned. The guarding parliment tend to prove the goal is right in their propaganda whose main theme is that hair is a harbinger of political chaos. But the president will try to come to a compromise with the God he will be
accused of treason by those who contributed to his victory for the very reason of breaking the back of government. That contribution came from a book come out in Italy is done having one strike after the other. The background against which these strikes are taking place is highlighted in a report from court in Rome. I find it difficult to think of even a single day in the five months when we didn't have a psych is somewhere in Italy where stoppages have become such commonplace that it wouldn't send me less confusing for the public to adopt a system of announcing days and weeks news try get into at least today. One could leave one's him secure in the knowledge of having a blissfully normal working day. But those are the kind of arrangement we separate of the general public can only dream of. Consider for example THE SITUATION ROOM. Italy is the capital which is home to three million people. These hapless it is likely to discover one they really were the main thing especially of course. That the next day the city buses or
pyramidal no commuter train said they even though they were the coming out the forfeit of the garbage disposal truck is not coming round the fifth day probably the media buying them and us as an elite every day that no mail is being given to it. And in addition to that obviously a dock strike in Naples in Genoa Italy and industrial sites in the south with actions of the plants where they're employed. Maybe. One of them the people who had a group of cells. Why all these things happening in a country whose economy things and shape them as a living example and who played them payment for the it. Was introduced on the fact that they were being applied here. 25 Democratic years later. It is good for the civil administration is simply not equipped to cope with the problems of a modern industrial nation. The stage the country reached out to World War 2 and as a result international
statistics show that in the decade between 1954 the 1964 interleaved number within days lost through a strike made up 55 percent of the total aggregate of the six member states of the God of the Economic Community. In 1960 think the percent intergroup to 82. And that in Italy is likely to push the record up even higher. Now the problem is largely due to telegraph for the Italian constitution which recognises any workers right to strike subject to restrictions defined by common legislation. However all governments in the past 20 years of Democratic have failed to define the restrictions. That report came from court approved in Rome. There's going to be a change in the air in relations between what in communist political playing is referred to as the capitalist grievances with Germany and the socialist Poland. Think it isn't provided in this report by your home phone that didn't involve the
proposal put forward by Polish not political but Poland and West Germany should conclude a treaty on the controversial night order giving rise to extensive discussion in the federal republic. Once again the difference became very clear between those who are refusing to give up any legal claims to any form of German right and those who are beginning to think that reconsolidation with the old enemies might come the situation today is no longer a comparable with that in the days when the government in Bonn was free to reject proposals from Warsaw out of hand. No longer people who say that bonus idea might not be so bad. Denounce right away and just think of all traitors. After all the keys in the cabinet is the nations to include leading social democrats and even a Christian Democratic ministers are more liberal in their views than ministers of the Miliband the Social Democratic leader has been in charge of Parliament for two years now and this has not failed to make some impact. Admittedly even
the STV The social democratic party contains at least formally but for German it's definite orders can only be defined in a full fledged peace treaty. Miliband has received suggestion to reach bilateral agreement on the issue without announcing it on its maker. It has in fact received more favorably than any West German minister before him would have done in a similar position if it runs. Has publicly said that he found it encouraging that for the first time in history a Polish plan on the German borders contained no polemic remarks about. The pretensions of the bond government. With the hardline consensus gone Chancellor Keating is not having to deal with three very vocal groups the Social Democrats who want to talk at the polls. Those Christian Democrats who also want discussions with communist countries and the old CTU hardliners who want to continue the old policy of the pro rapprochement group within the CDU is now growing in importance. This may seem a
bit strange coming out of the events in Czechoslovakia and Poland put part of the blame on when Germany claiming that politicians that ended in Czechoslovakia on the side of the counter revolution. But it's generally believed in the West German capital nowadays those are merely again the remarks made in the lip service to the hardliners in Moscow for themselves never suspended an attempt to seek a rapprochement with Bonn talks at present. Still going on the level of major trade delegations being conducted in a fairly cordial atmosphere. But Klaus should has accepted an invitation to visit next year's annual trade and the Polish city of not and this is not the first trip to Eastern Europe biomass the former capital of the German Reich. Should his visit is intact symptomatic of the early and with German desire to attain better mutual relations before giving his decision the Wimbledon men consulted front in minutes a bunch. Will Democrats. Be Calling
before going to Berlin. Should Secretary of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs trip to Poznan may legitimately be interpreted as a hint that Foreign Minister Brown believes in a settlement of the old painful urbanised in the not too distant future. That contribution came from your hands on that in the in bomb. In 1960 a military coup in Turkey put an end to the presidency of the now 85 year old by a coup also ended the career and the life of the then prime minister and leader of the Democratic Party of the day and this tremendous. After a military regime which lasted one year the Army handed over power to the leader of the People's Party Mr. unknown who's a fierce opponent of Mendez and their fellow Democrats. Several years later in the new that his people buy they had to make way for Prime Minister Dennis and his Justice Party political formation which grew out of the remnants of buyout of Democratic Party. MR in all new
also 85 is now opposition leader. In a remarkable turnabout. You know now the years to come out in support of his heirs plot upon him. For all this may lead to can be heard from the reports by folks in the Freedom Day May the twenty seven the front thinking and the national holiday. It might be the end of the Democratic Party's regime on the phone the president and prime minister mend it. Nine years ago. When doing monthly constitutional crisis I think the station in Anchorage and quotas and the pointers to changing positions inside the city in a prominent military consider movement efficient and perhaps quite significant explanation by the army was that this was a maneuver to freedom thing. On May the 20th. But everybody knew that the Army without severe event or obscenity and it's too political despite the fact that the major opponent I know
in a complete change of cause and being instrumental in the Ripton being too major and pretty out of the fight in the general assembly. But the Senate has what the Army expected it would do and done by printed them and I'll just put them at a bank for the committee for constitutional law by eventually putting the whole thing on I going up to the election. On a rethink of the whole thing cannot be tabled in Parliament any. Time I meet them and I may have gained something from the ME when it is not the fault of many electors of the justice who formerly used to count votes for Democrats. There will be those who will try to think that democracy is once again just another front and that eventually the country and then is under military control of the neighboring green. But the people are wrong.
Events of the few days have a thing for this but they won't demonstrate in the radical difference between the military coup in 1916 and that in Greece in 1967. Atlanta turned out to be incomplete and opinion but nothing in this makes nothing which became eminently clear not tweak when it appeared that the general had been appointed government commission and for higher education. I think it is Cruz got it out with him fiction and limited ambition which one achieves implied that government was handed back to the new. Government not equal. Lantern thank remains with the military but in thinking they do not feel the urge to meddle in government matters and that issue the UN vote for which the 1960 coup was undertaken. To justify the armed forces in their attempt to being granted by the army had to think of the 1961 constitution and they are engaged in some sort of
battle trying to defend the achievement of the 1960 coup. A continent for the periodical million put it on paper by drawing a president who is wearing a helmet underneath. Let me play that just like one of the other counties a major road that a bunch of gents a good sensible defends other than Internet. And just handed an opponent and critic and is subject to continuous scrutiny and it's gotten in a way the Army acts like it wants done any acting government. And with that contribution by Brown somehow pulled in and got out we come to the end of the vision of European review in which you also read reports from Paris Rome and Bob you're the interview comes to buy a good AC of audio needed on the militarism of the. European review was made available to the station by the national educational radio network.
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