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Not a sign of one broken from a sort of. Something. You want the only one. Who told you the way candy ass called
People magazine is called Our sons who have plucked so and pretty feathers out. The side you look at they just got to remember the way you look. What's the point of this crest dress. Partly said the town is not built for those. Long. Crowded. It gives me the jitters. Look. At where
the affairs What did you come to email. Her. These are those who not there so I thought oh I'm not. Sure. This is. Actually. NSA how much has that. Who who who hire Sharman to man meet you that's to
your friend who vote cool for the listener. Great use of profit gravy for you may have come to call on me a bit hot but I'm trying to give you two men who've come to call to refute GI's who have renounced the human race for good and who bring us a pen of good proportions. John can't sometime come colossal as the web for your brand new streamlined week. The sudden expand in fact he says and I welcome to men Hamas always do a good with kids. They want to deal with them. The what you radical to small I do it again you know the night here you will look now though. The
the week the. Was. Yeah yeah that. Was. A A.
A A. Right. As for the eggs more food will settle with them right now. They mean. They're going to register. Why do you. Believe me bring up my rear view I could trans you have a cry. Once those birds are through with you you would have been e I. O. O. O O. O o out this week.
Would it. It.
Would be such a PITA to keep that extended. Family. But. That. You. Know more of this bitterness. You should be ashamed. Why should you kill these men. What harm have they done to you. Some are part of the point. They are both closely related to my wife. Why spare these men any more than war. What worse enemy than men do we birds are enemies by nature I admit. But these may not be exceptions to the rule. They come to you with friends. Moreover the spleen from which we build. Are you suggesting now that I take advice from men. What can we do that for men if y is made then from their enemies then why not you. Remember the advantage of keeping an open mind. Preparedness after all is not a
lesson taught us by friends but by our enemies. If you time enemies the timeframes who teach us to survive. I might cite the case of cities. Was it from their friends or their foes that mankind first lend to build walls and ships in self-defense but. That one lesson student preserves us all men don't we have something in what you say all right. Perhaps preffered pity him. That's better than death framed you tonight. We have never disobeyed your orders. Well they're beginning to show signs he said. They seem more peaceful now. So you can ground the panda put the platter down but stand your ground to keep that spit on hand while I look around at the camp of crocks and see how matters stand by peeking over its cheese. Suppose we die in combat. Why didn't we lion at things it probably cost.
Bill give us a hero's others like gods when we say our lives were lost fighting foreign soldiers at very heavy odds that uses very words omitting very Think of course any reference. Back. But. If the war goes on as you use your back yard. Now that we have to inquire who these strangers are and why they look yeah who who are these two humans from. Yes we had genius grows greener than ground. Why do they come. What do they hope to get from the bad motive is now the love is the burden to go out of your life and love of you even with you in life. Oh it's the truth they say but I want the gift of that asks he they envisage a vision of
Glory a dream super fantastic. Take a sensible mind would it not tag on mine. What's in it for them. Who are they trying to use the word this is no pick. What this means is this. Blitz sheer and absolute all should be your this. What a vote is hero. ALL THEIR FAULT Yeah. Oh really why are they nice while correct the record has been made. Fox is not making boxes of slighting is brimming with Brady then let them talk. We're old enough to attack to him so be it. Dave pissed a tire does you have the flow pursue with your case. Explain your proposal No by Apollo. No only on condition that you birds agree to swear a solemn truce with me like the troops with that armor making that boom you know who I mean assigned with his wife. No biting scratching or cutting.
We Except don't tell you how to swear to them. We sweat then. But on this one condition that you get in here this colony of Allah's will win the prize by completely you're not a message to the judges and that if however we bad you should break the truce. We agree to forfeit. Say forty nine percent of the vote in there. The whole thing.
With the whole thing and I. Think we coming. But.
You. Told me last night. Whatever you wish for
the truth and there's nothing good that's wonderful. Speech for you. You once were kings of creation the Spartans Kings kings of Kings more ancient than the Titans. And to think and it was just because you had an easy burden having re read your Aesop have states that the lock is the oldest thing in the world order that or so injured in back that when her father died she couldn't find a grave the Earth hadn't yet been made and therefore couldn't. So what others could you do with a little ark we stopped
suddenly. She needed her daddy and buried him under her table. She did for a fact and then as Barry got its name the argument stands thus if the birds are older than Earth and therefore to the gods of the world. It stands to reason frames. So pack some bone in your bells and hound them down to a point. Zeus brushed resigning let the woodpecker in the spring time not the word of the book. Prime loan lords of creation. After all the gods are not part of the news and usurpers a very recent date unprovable. I want to hear let me address for instance a case of the rooster Yon's ago ages before the age of Darius the kingdom of Persia lay prostrate beneath the sway of the rooster and the rooster.
Ever since has been called Persian read that's why even now he swaggers is like a king in capes a hair in my hands and unique among the birds he wears the royal red hair of the ancient Persian king. You talk of power. Why even now its memory remains enshrined in habit. For when the cuckoo is matching the crows Mary curtain goes neatly off to work. Baker's Smiths and potters tenor's emergence and musical instrument makers when he crows the dusk of the night you go oh I'll vouch for that. It was thanks to his night shift on that I lost my warmest coat. Well I'd gone down town to the NSA and in honor of the well. After a while I'd had five or six and passed code and when that blasted rooster started to crow. Well needless to say I thought it was Dawn told all my cows and tore off to work. But just outside the gate someone called me with a club and I passed out cold again and when I came to now to see if. Yes yes. What rights are.
Once upon a time the kites were kins of holes right. The kites were the kings of Hellas and it was during their reign that the custom began in Greece are falling flat on your face whenever one saw you know I once spotted a kite and went down on the ground so damn hard. I swallowed my money and two of my teeth I damn near stop once the cuckoo was king of Egypt and when the call the cuckoo was heard in the land every Egyptian grabbed his son and ran to the fields to read in that's why even today we still call the Egyptians killed. Why you so great was the power of the birds and even the greatest kings I commend the middle layers to name only two of the greatest had scepter tipped with birds and the birds going to come. Tony says. That see it that explains the funny business in the play I never understood before. What funny business. Well well Priam for instance walks in there on his scepter lodges live some beds Ching You know I used to think it was they had to keep an eye peeled down below where the politicians sit to see where all money goes up.
The crew owning proof was this the present incumbent Zeus will use the eagle upon his home as a symbol of royal power. Athena uses the old Apollo as a Zeus a hawk by Jimmy Joe they do know but why do the gods use these bitches emblems unconscious admission of the bird's powers and supremacy in logical logic that's why when men sacrifice to the gods the birds swoop down and snatch the really there by beating out the gods and saucer thing they're all priority no one ever swore by the gods but always by the doctors still swear by the doc. Well that's why we call them quick. As you heard in the days of your greatness. You downgraded not flawed you brain crazy kid. On others are sitting there
while the. Load they say off the ship. You are not so alone. But since. They all stop to shop what slot car dealers are there to see if you are plump and buy if you're just alright. If this weren't enough just to make things more tough they insist on not serving and dicing with
the spicing they call you out. Oh they broil you or take you water but you make you look for what is the plan to make gravy for victory on. The fall when the. Shit. Hit the hand under glass. I lost some. Whale on toast or a roast duck. I mean merry laugh. He did was. Pick a seat or picked up when. My flying feathered friends your goofs. Oh
I know we were all up he. Was. A was. The you was dish was the. Eat was the you say A was
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Classical drama
The birds, part 2
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents part 2 of The Birds by Aristophanes, in a new translation by William Arrowsmith.
Series Description
This series presents full-length productions of Greek and Roman plays of antiquity in modern English translation with original music especially composed for this series. Each play is introduced by William Arrowsmith of the University of Texas.
Broadcast Date
Comic drama
Media type
Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Speaker: Arrowsmith, William, 1924-1992
Speaker: Arnott, Peter
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 61-58-2 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:24:32
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