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For. God's sake don't. Learn much from. Reading the primary thing. That. You don't read. I know life. Is. Very similar to the main building where all of the crazy besides the feeling of yes yes yes yes yes. Brigette gates closed both goalies down past the directory. Here's a recap. Case closed we're going to start already. Somewhere beyond us I've got time to take breath inside all of you.
To. Help me. I mean you know numbers and so one beginning. Thirty two wounded disabled are walking wounded and man there's 24 of hours 48 of sicking going Switzer's and how many of them are you. Six said how many six don't use us as are all of the left. All right away. Take it go take it steady so there's no he would dead that's all. Thank god I'm not going well that they believe their service was finished is their right to be all that
bound to defend it. Going to you know say ah ah ah politician he's gay still goes you know. Well Bret is not. What are you doing in there and demanding his life. They thought it was too late. Oh did he so. And everybody know my ass. I married him in your castle chapel. We caught the village priest on the point of scuttling off the rest of your presence and one two three. You read the book on a signal that it was quite correctly done all the holy words of God. You might have waited too quick an emergency I wanted out of this before the siege began. I'm sending a home and a God of my horsemen Nono you are not right. Thanks for staying in this car. I am sending your home a girls packing up the luggage and as soon as it's ready we'll what about the marriage contract. Marg Jordy thinks I'm cheating him. Oh we can write in our play time. We're proposing to stay here. Well naturally have you any objection. Yes but you will
go seeking and you will go do and so he was with his. These men are in your surveys now it's rigged it is you know the value of a bike man in a beleaguered fold of occasion and I don't want to have to feed them. But I'm a bunch of stupid blockade when you do what I ask. Very well I will. It is not good in adversity to give offense to or here friends good bye to yourself. Very ill. So Berets live well. But blood on your back and I'm I'm flying from the roof you will destroy them all yet I wife will suit perfectly which she. Found. But of a broader way up on a wedding day than a year or two after she would if we could have used these men.
Yet it was that that was me. Oh I posted so many coming out so you can call me somewhere. Well you know you do. Roughly five. Ha ha. Is that. Right Dr. Rice. Mercenary everyone else that's right. Well there's a guy I don't like that man. You know like and respect the new man. I don't like him. Well none of us likes new things but we sometimes have to take them. He wants them all of them you know. You know. Come here come here. I'm going to tell you so much. Here think you're not going to live beyond after the sage you'll think you're here and I was
a princess and the Bishop's man of the city is all I go back who think that you are and I'm as I look in the belly my friends and you know. You watch the man with the dung on the boats and the patches on the jackets. Countryside. Yes last year someone's been someone's been telling him things and he said no right to know the whole sort of the bad closer towards a life of Christ. Yeah that's the present state but I want to take a world would you do this but we're no no I can see it I'm going to see if I can see it and I know the world got snow without. Some moms turned upside down. So.
Here I am but I don't lie and I was of. Me. So they say but I still was I don't know are they dead. Yes I would yeah. Yes Dad. How comes it you are not here because I want trying going on if I never want to fall I mean you know I shouldn't have thought you know very serious you and yours. I'll before they get to how long. They are already in 14 are about as more than 200 And I mean reinforce that they have any kind of said. Something funny in the countdown they're running about shouting. What looked like drug stocks on the road. I could see it clearly but I think he's bringing up guns. At last I knew that he's been waiting for
this order taking time out to dig in position that Lindsay does. Not have a maid to old a shop of ordinance. Could you make a trade. What do you think I don't know my losses. I don't know about our supply and I don't Furthermore they have much acquaintance with the state of our architecture. You're like me just strode out of the trumpet of parlay and see what I can see. Elizabeth if you don't do it now you'll get no chance later. You could save the lives of all your men. My bet is to have a try. I'll be bold as I get but remember nothing dishonorable no humiliation. Talk to them from strength that's the only way I'll tolerate writers I'm not going to do just as I remember right. And if there's any of those left outside I want all of you to send them to me I won't have a word but he is doing is joking. We're all going to enjoy a drink the last of my
center but it will be the last will believe. I'm going to the kitchen and go on with the same yourselves down there like. I'm going to give you a toast and I want you to drink it. Less of the MBR A. Lot of men drink because he is old and we are the servants. Drink. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Ice age is of no importance. He is in arms against those now. No I didn't freedom of the truth. The vision by. The embryo used to understanding some of us still do. Well it is. The last few drops run out. That's all of us here. That's what we are. And why I gave this toast.
And now that we've drunk it they'll be nobody left to drink it anymore. This could have been the golden age but it's been broken into pieces. Broken. I do not understand what has gone wrong with this word everyone's going celibate she thought he understood. I don't he called it he was a good dog to his people who receive is see they follow Supreme in the battle. It broke his heart Elizabeth did the truth by looking at. Her did indeed. Peter made a song. Oh sounded like a heart like a lament you might say. One of these with his own last words in it all that's what we suppose you want me to sing ya exhibit on a single ticket. They call me Heinz won't sell beer and I rode through many
a war or gone stone caught my leg in pain me so lame you know in that to go look for where the Barone pray need for my people where for all mean we was stand upright then my Kim I know but I'm cheered on my grave right one word to say. You know you love like oh no never it. It's a good film I did it. I never say. Breaking any brand.
He's giving our smart phone our stamps. I hope we don't ever go making a record of horses on our own way after me the concert is it isn't over for defending Janet. Michael we are sheriffs can ride free you Mary Jerram we wandered all over me. Let's you know you all have to seek nirvana and. Elizabeth and all of that it was in the cause and still the play can still vote. But I'm under the Dodge little by little enough food for a divine Never mind about that we could live off the country once we get clear I ask at every I'm going we can live like oh it sold something. RICE It was cruel of a.. This is the end of my. So does the entitled into the ground Julia really and Amanda which is it can have a direct way. But I would rather you didn't. It was.
The end. And we have. To take aim. Is this the instructions of the Lord to be held and open arrest in the city of to await trial. The end. Rich. Tricked Jerry
down fascinated by treachery. Well Elizabeth they tell you you know certain news goods some of your men they seem to have executed already somebody in prison but which ones and where you know we're going to release them all over my service before we rode out. Why did he overly want to do we got cleared of the drawbridge and into his lines and then we had one and a half dozen and he had two hundred. Actually the same called a word of the Emperor dissolved it Elizabeth. Oh it's one of my friends Wes was thinking and he's no use to us. He was far away in the production and he would have helped you once but you turned him away. Imperial commissioners have taken their seats in the council. They've sent me to someone you know. I will come you know where you're Saud if you're wish
you do a bit too much. I would recommend you to moderate yourself before we go away. I'm sure it would be wise. Let him be admitted. We get to business. We are doing so savage in the proper order. Good to know somebody isn't of the problem. It's becoming very evident up to now most of you know we're lies that you are unconditionally in our power on that your fate is entirely about his question are you just marry or Jersey your Maginot of our government and simply forgotten your manners it seems that your fate is entirely at our discretion and at the mercy of the Emperor who is paternal goodness I may say you have already been permitted to attain your Salton and to await your trial on the open arrest in a public NG
instead of joining all various cons and election present. Thank you very much. Yes and His Majesty has instructed me to intimate Toyo the vast extent to which his comments he has prevailed upon strict justice and to inform me that he is prepared to forgive the yacc transgressions and even to relational families impair will abandon its consequence and it is provided that you in your time had to accept his wild bounty with some plan and to subscribe on a certain articles which are to be read to you overall plan. Let me see. What you we got. I respond by looking can make open acknowledgement of all my offenses committed against his Imperial Majesty. First. That I have risen in armed rebellion against his lawful yardstick I try to stop would lead to peace not because I'm sickened and up per se to be imperial some I said that was a lie. The stuff is really what you're going to meet privately So no I do not know I am not.
I haven't liked every status I was to get my trip today. I'm not of the vital henchmen of the princes I'm I'm the brother of the Emperor. Brougham I have lost the biggest sellers this take away he scores. LOL yeah I know you've probably seen me to a lot of minds not to follow as I did before and I would not. Take him. Anywhere that. I know what's happening. You want your home to 200 just come into the office place caught in two or so or use what two or chairs seconds man run down to have a problem if you don't. This is a trial which we are not to be
intimidated. The content of the proceedings. No the law was all. Done. The work. Was. Far. Just the flood of nonstop. Oh my. God I have come to offer burial on behalf of this prisoner. I trust it will be accepted. Your lives your property and their continued the young lady abroad. I have two hundred spritzes at
my back this morning it's quite a long time since they last had a city to sack. Yes I know. We have no choice but to keep. Somebody's space character and chase them out. I know that you. Told me to come out. I guess I was don't you. I thought it would be better if I called in in passing I have to live there they have hurt them considerably. Now I understand his guts. I can't do this always you know my affairs are getting too great to be prejudiced.
The Emperor is still my friend but if he was here of yours he finds himself standing in between me and vice like him but he prefers me to most of the time I fancy I can persuade him to forgive without difficulty. Go back to your time. But he's he's skated yet he's not installed the couch I saw to that so no one can stop you. Do you really go on then Elizabeth. Oh what shall we do. Oh you could join me on expedition for the pullout tonight I have a sort of permission to take over the city of trouble to get me to company. Oh. No no these days digs up subordinate commands. But if you leave right my friends good
bye. And. Good fortune rep's meal when you all come guides. I have time on the steps. That's right. Well the next time we meet I shall be a prince elector. Call me as I may or may not John at once. I wasted my time in this work. No you are not slanders and secret enemies have brought you down and they will drag you get further you must finish your book tell the truth in pen and ink will be the good the they were the embers turn from evil ever. It's not true.
Wasting time wasting candle light damaging my eyes but I will not read my book other than to go as a not so good as it should. You're strangers aren't human. You're straight as a shoulder look at me I. Can run and write well enough what we found he cared I was no help to him. I wish by God we could be after two legged game again. Can we not make just one more writing by looking at you know it is forbidden this castle is mortgage on condition my behavior. I didn't mean to mention it. What news have you heard. Comet just stood in the sky. It's that bad news from the country where an insurrection of the present insurrection against to everyone I think traditions customs the whole conception of that. They say the changes in the law have deprived them of their rights and their murder everyone in Germany until they get them back.
They've always stood up for the crucified Christ and a plan was built upon it and wrote it but the justice of God. How come they think everyone in Germany and yet help for the justice of God for God to meet them and tell them to go listen to me once I saw two fiery swords in the sky and I the sight of the comet. And they pointed towards us dogs mochel the German God of his damnation. Arguing. The merger nondisclosure catch an issue. Would be.
Good. But. I don't. Know their sway. Voters. Goldfish. The eat you eat. The egg. Anyone just jump in. The room. Up stairs and down stairs you know.
I just think that our stern finished warnings big time because we climbed. But if you. Look at me in one spot like have you seen it coming. We have every sign. You can. Only really at the point when the fellows are going to run. I saw a man in the clouds but he shot them birds and they ran round around round rather well over like a wild man approached and looked black with blood I don't
know man can live live I don't live our lives where no one can live. Any such that we see. More than we could reach them give him praise. I don't know about victory. Suppose we take each a big city the big seashell route his brother and every man on the nightstand the justice of God. Some of the people are talking but we have to choose a captain kills me one more that I want. Brother Klaus a captain by rank but he could know of her room. Someone is going to have to talk to the Emperor like God. Is not a bad song not only electricity on the tape. They won't. Like one of the
goods I own on for instance. Talk to the police. We're going to need more. What do you know what man. What are you doing standing out chair. Right. They call me remember savers. And freshness and.
Did your duty and. The words will be done to you but that's not how the way you look at it you know what we're fighting for. Have been afraid to us because of that and I'm going to tell Yeah we used to be a free man in this part of Germany a farm at all I'm not great I don't flux fish I don't remember Scotch I don't care about where we want to eat and I thought oh I am I don't know an old laws and all tenors we could do it. But you know what's been changed. They told us in Kirk when we were literally lodged with the Lord Jesus Christ walked in the vineyard in the age of the day and the longer these poor people we want to know where Christ gone to now I'm tempting him back by calling to me to hold on a salt high I'm sure. Will be our captain. He. Cannot be. Look I know about your injustices and I'm none of the years but
murdering raping and torturing the God of service is that for the Lord Jesus Christ. There were some of us did get told I was like the first days we begun. We don't know if we're fighting for the right time we're fighting but on a state just the same as you are when you're all done and I'm not just like I see you know kind of like what you do if you're not my brother but I'm a going to finish and I've been on that day we're going to have to look to our right to stand up for us to the end but I'm told. He has to be told we obey no prince he's no yesterday told yesterday told me all of us for a man on a straw well. That you know let us park free forever. Oh and I wonder what you reckon on to do that sing farce do you not realize my counsel is held to the mild good behavior.
I'm nothing but the embers bun man and all of them but I cannot. You know that's right. Yeah Castro is arrogant but you know. Look. Look here Levi We have surrounded a church and your good lady wife she's still inside I know. You're do best to think it's of choice we're off for you and your good girl that I dance about. The murdering must finish. You want to be free men that behave like free men how not help you otherwise I'll get you out of writing and you'll put your mugs into these and that is to me not one man killed except in fat battle. All right we'll put on ours. Shake on brother. It's. Just all over the country now moving 100s along every road and through the
valleys. If they were all joined together I doubt I'll talk them. I'm told they have appointed Knights gentlemen to be their commanders. Surely that is who he is so that means that they are becoming frightened by the extremity of their own demands. It indicates weakness and it may be encouraging. But do not be deceived by it. Their real leaders are in fact civil and possessed by a vision of God. We in our turn must therefore be possessed by a vision of order and we must allow no sacrifice to deter us from achieving it. Call it collar. Yes let's go. The decision of the electors was unanimous and immediate. The Emperor Maximilian died more than a week ago we had I'm sorry it was impossible for me to get here in the crick. The rivers are all in spate. The roads blocked by landslides I have yet to see and I know. This means that by the end of the month I will have all the soldiers I asked for. France when his young Majesty confirms my commission you may expect some sort of personal service in return.
I shall be happy to render him what I am able except in one particular. So go back to Augsburg and give this letter to my wife. Make yourself familiar with the instructions it contains and see the geo based on history. I will go to Milton Burke. Yes my lord. I think we ought to go and examine the map. The better we know the topography the fewer men we will lose. What are your last orders to the captains of the Barrens or you are just one of the brothers like the question Rose. What are your orders this morning
Captain. As in the body in the woods and the food in the Times a good many weapons might be discovered them. This question being rose on account of one trouble. Trying to buy the phone for them for seances because that was the agreement and they were brothers. It was written and it was signed so it were. And like some of them spirit you say you. Don't mind having admitted by those names have been counted off it does not interest me. That business is finished. A soldier's house Metzler reckons he's going to burn the town. Did lose the House and that's the record he's going to burn the town when he's bunted. He's going to kill you. It blows that we get the lunatic from the leadership of these battles and come back and came back to his brothers because his brother said to bring him back because you deposed him. The day you did that to remember who you are. Major gap into their own forced voices and by the same token. If you take it back a few. Have a feast for your agreement and the fish will timbered.
My wife has a cousin due to shopping later. That's why I've warned you. You don't know my name. Well if you don't ask it neither. Oh yes sir it was a horse. Mm. Hmm. What. Other you know. About. Things That Are they go on milk Simberg. I'm fine. Let me chips. There was.
Someone there. Good. God. Right right. You have destroyed your own good and I came down that banner. You know you want to know. That was your life. Comes your way like you.
That. Was. From. What are you doing here. If you got in see Rodriguez had done one of these must talk to him. I don't care I want timelines. Why are you here. My sling and company you know not come back. Which one who saw you come to my room with the service that you just to give you you know what it says. If you were to go to his castle in the wildest part of Franconia at once you must write no letters you must take no servants and I have to
say that you don't strike on yours full of the ability to write write just so it is at the Pentagon a prisoner at the was you might be murdered by the peasants. And he has left it to you to enforce his orders has yes he's my master. How can I disobey what sort of conscience if you've got friends you've made a couple already. Yes yes I know. Do you feel guilty for it when I'm two hundred miles away yes. Not at any other time my darling for in the few nights that you loved me you had to come to me in secret after it got dark and you had to leave me in secret before it was. Burning up. Bring up this and we will need to get. And the street kids moving here to use Christmas. But you must kill the darkness of my suite that you must kill it for both of us or else we shall be drowned in it
separately. And comb some restructure. No not like that. That would be too well known and the world would punish us for you to have to be more shamefully than that and afraid. I want to see me. I don't know. I don't want to know if I die. Don't tell me. But I've got arms. City boys she's gone into her bedroom and she's left the door open and jolly it while you can. Yeah he's a new man now he's vice thing and he's a
terrifying man. He's got on a one way between his teeth lady gestes. Every leader of a rebel band he's captured he's burned by 200 others he's broken on their way to the head cut off. And there's men stuck on stakes on every damn table top he says. Just in case they are allowed me to see your husband he told me yes that you could pay my wages. I'm still fifty five gold pieces. Where have they taken him. Back to brown. We've been there for its time not Joe easy to find a deliverance. You are a coward a renegade Landstar a traitor and just even Archer thief justice creditor may get 55 percent of our forty second you can rescue him this time you know what's happened to him he didn't trouble himself for the Emperor you have the face of a dog and the stink of a grunting Brock.
Go and find my steward and ask him for your money. France from the second gentleman riding out of town I am gayly I want a slice but slowly slowly rodeo my slowly right Chief sorrow for wife. If you do not leave me this instant I will have you beaten by this table. Savy woman have written to my RE and offered to escort her to vice I'm going to scam you. I do not believe there is much he can do. I told you he's a new man but I've heard him called a butterfly and a comedian and so forth. She may remind him of something and he could change once again. You want to go brown eyed on my writing with you by rights that should put the bill up to 58 or 60 but let me know. Right away. Well check Mary Jo vice chair and. You had a reporter in Iraq. Yes. Are you certain goods are still there in double change
in the bottom dungeon fastened to the wall. My lord I have assured you already. And how is it I saw and is even at the edge of a forest. I don't know I was walking through the camp and he stood just inside the trees down a designer and we don't know why I was there. He struck it against a tree and only then he walked back into the what. Frogs my lord. So why let me send you the doctor my lord. You've been like this for nearly a week now. Have Tico work on any doctor to do it to tell me to rest. And that is impossible isn't it. My country is not yet at peace and it is a peace then I can rest. I I have today's list of death sentences for your gratification mother the number one hundred seven. You have the power to reduce them if you wish that I am the instrument of law not its creator. And the mall is. Yes.
Yes I know but I've ever looked in the group of I go to my bed the night you are and I mine are good I can write. We have a guy that's got out of the photos with him have you not what you want with me both of you. You're trying to make me say I'm guilty and I'm not. I am the instrument of the law. He thinks you are a ghost. Oh my god I bet my brother is alive but he will not be alive for very much longer. I have been asked to come and see you why I am his dream and you know what that means. I signed my name. I signed it again and all of them die and I know that I shall die to
die when I do so. Look here is a list that is his name. In my case it's to rethink why U.S. serial seems to be ill madam. Just what is wrong has to be looked at by a doctor. Here is a name you hit the mat here for a time I did. Yes and I hated your wife too. When I see you where you are now I don't bet I hate her worse than ever. My condition is NOT have ology that you are thinking of. I would ascribe it to justice. Naught but the justice of God. So you are wrong wrong wrong. She gave it to me and I put it in but again what are you talking about. I was her lover. She gave me the points.
She said it worked slowly. I put it in your mind every time you asked for it. Long have you been doing this for over 10 days. It's a powder a little bag and I put it in you see. She told me it would take something like a Holy Ghost in Jesus Christ. Can you forgive me forgive me. But don't do that. It's too late. It's not going to prevent many years ago I guess. And I used to be like him violent and stupid and I
just all barbarian you know that was not possible. Because I knew that he was wrong and I knew that I was right. I still have a right to lose it head. Justice is absolute. This is for your sake. No other consideration. I don't deny my duty at the border by death. I denying of his death. Think of that. I got to release him you will still have to live in prison. Oh quite. Take the train you know. Yeah right. It's France who pulled it out of France bought it out of France but it didn't have a bit of help. But yeah peace. Don't you think I would sleep here. I should like to sing for you. Matt is
just a few. I say it's taking them to the devil. He says that you must go. You know how the use of this God. We can send in your food from
the top. You no longer have to weigh the full weight of your masterful God you want to be grateful grateful of a war it may die after all it was in a gown of. Warm suns that have drunk with it in reconciliation. Whom can I be reconciled with going. He's dead. The Bishop of Bamberg he's with God about me. I'm no more a nuisance to the comers of his day. I'll give his life. I know this ember of the need doesn't know me the very day Maria has come to visit him. As you well enough to see her bring her in. Is that my little Maria. By she goes why sickens why
he lives long and short of metadata sitting around his politics his Grand Designs brings in literally said it be as you know you get who gets in his car so he sent you a letter and I'm going to read it as a tale of misfortune we've all heard such tales to joke. Yeah no no no less. Have you had any Where did I usually mean his man. They hanged him on the spot. All right. What was that. I didn't say anything. We haven't got any new lawyers I heard you. You said they had. I would train from a gallows. What difference does it make. It was a tree it was a few robbers a man and he should die in the Green Forest.
It is where I die. Between these great stone work not entirely you will tell me that. They let me sit in his garden. I've got one little bush. Oh my I do see one little push and I was born and told really in the middle of the voters are going to told me I did not know what freedom was he said he said it was not possible for me to be free when I inhibited the freedom of other good men. Well and I'm told him they were drug dealers and the peasants were treasures because they burned down Milton but when they swore they would not. You know I believed in their cores. All they did was fight void and the only way they knew if we all fought for our cause is what we should all fight each other.
Where is that dog phrase now as I was that mercenary man then yeah you'll find anybody that gave you the bail or a promise of good bloodshed. Open your eyes Maggie. You should have asked them all why you should know why you are fighting. Or is it just wild animals we must be shut up in boxes. Because I've stood by myself and I took no heed of nobody. All I said was freedom Novis long as it was some sort of alder to put the two together. Or the world was broken up. You must break it was break it didn't
I. I'm not strong enough or does it is it one can go in Loeb strong enough. It has to be done. You're breaking selves up. You turn upside down. You'll destroy yourselves we'll it is all one possibility that one day you'll find it. You made not to rest till you have founded freedom and know what that freedom we do. You know you know.
As for your account book J will feed us and make up for it by overcharging on the other. You did not know what Pete was talking about. You mean you do good living well and you did not need any grief or lose Mr Fortune was brought upon him by others. If you had held the love of God and not let him shame you know in the heart that is true. And I was not sufficient. Now as always by slogan neither are you. Nobody can be but we can remember and we can hold ourselves responsible and hold our swords
responsible for all the blood they shared. And knowing that and knowing how the dead men of Franconia and Swabian are lying among a few others like blue lobsters on the deck of a fishing boat how can we talk about freedom and justice without accusing ourselves. When my own Nic by that who should be mo didn't adultry that I have committed neither. But I do not see how I'm going to shake them off except by remembering that God made man kind in the image of God and that therefore it is possible. All that my brother said and that he failed to do is nevertheless possible. You know I suppose every day you cannot afford not to. Begin.
With. We've heard iron hand by John Arden adapted from good has guts from Billy King and John Powell director of the BBC World Theatre production and the music was by Steve race. Paul Damon played girths Derek Godfrey by slinging Jesse Evans Elizabeth and that Crosby Maria Nicholas Pennell Franz Haden Jones and June Tobin appeared as idle high in these world theatre programmes are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for a pair of CLI's Prince of Tire by William Shakespeare and
others Raymond breaks directs and the special music is by Roberto jihad. These programs are prepared for broadcast in the United States by WITF FM Public Radio in Hershey Pennsylvania. This is the national educational radio network.
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