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Through the facilities of this station and the National Association of educational broadcasters Michigan State College presents a pathway to progress. Of a grant for adult education an independent organization established by the Ford Foundation radio station WKRN by recording brings you to the Great Lakes pathways to progress.
Hear this song. The Great Lakes region holds a dynamic composed by the labors of millions of people working together in our home of all the diverse songs of business activity. The beauty of nature and the utilization of natural resources bring glorious past and a promising future. At my last great member. Of the Great Lakes region. As ways to progress.
You know our priceless concepts of American life and the reality of their existence in the land of the Great Lakes. The truth starts cherry and prosper. Parts of a man who live here in this area where they build remember real readout of the most formidable sprang the world has ever seen. Here there was time we stopped fortress built with a green reinforced the solidity of steel. Curtain. Transportation Network only called in the world supply ritually by the minerals of the earth. Many of the mines of enlightenment ma'am enjoying freedom from fear and by 40 million people who follow the pathways of progress. These millions represent every walk of life every faith every racial strain. They live and work together in this vital American region huge segment of
America drawn together by the fortunate interplay of economic graphic and cultural factors. It gives them the price of total or their regional progress and develop even separately with the rest of. These people are playing. Contributing generously. Of their labors and the song and the chorus of. Strong. People who came here to. Build the great dust. Of the Great Lakes region. The people of the great lakes came from everywhere men who wanted land versus men who wanted homesteads wealth and adventure.
Some brought their families with them. They came from the old world some from the south but they all brought their music with them. Those who could see those who couldn't. Yeah the Yankees came first. Yankees from New England with their Puritan beliefs. I'm very sorry for my future and new one pride of independence and West Bank I'm strongly to New Englanders and the early arrivals rode home to their friends and families here Renford. By the time you get this letter we will be settled in our new file which we have found in the wilderness. The soil is dark black as gunpowder it appears ideal for every crop. The forest I think are the molasses with vigorous growth and there is ample supply of good clear water
but best of all acre on acre of good land waiting to be to you. And with many an acre not having so much as one stone to bend the point of a plow Can you imagine that Lucy. I can imagine how nice that would be for William. He hated the big stones out of his fields year after year. I'm glad he found a nice place. Glad he's found a nice place. Lucy is the same as if we'd found a new place ourselves because we're going there to call him out to the Ohio territory. My 6 min for yes we're going out to Ohio Lucy soon if the Lord is willing. We're going to let ourselves get a new farm and a new homestead where the land isn't worn out. We're going to find a piece of land that's big enough to not another clearing the size of the tax stand what more does WM say is Genevieve All right. Let's see Genevieve and the children have held up remarkably well under the strains of
the long journey and are most happy in our new location. We have contrived temporary shelter using small tree poles and canvas for a lean to and I am cutting logs for our cabin every day. I can't express to you how pleased we are with the new land despite the hardships. We are hoping dearly that you will come out to join us in this paradise and help us build a new settlement. I certainly wouldn't have expected such a glowing account from William Reed. Be nice. Of course it is Lucy and I can't wait to see it with my own eyes to run that black rich soil through my own fingers. Once we get settled William and I can set up our blacksmith works again and help out the other settlers. And if if we can get Roger to come along we'll have our own flour mill to get Roger to come along. But he likes it here then.
No of course he does. But he wants to see if the grass is really greener on the other side of the mountains as well as I do. And besides that he's tired of Atlantic winters. The people of New England responded to the lure of the western lands the lure of adventure of new horizons and a chance to escape tax burdens singly or by families or even whole villages. They moved out to the Northwest Territory a wilderness inhabited only by the Indians and a few for trappers. None of New England persuaded the government to pass the Northwest Ordinance that opened the way for settlement in the America. Three veterans of the Revolutionary War were instrumental in securing this legislation and formed the famous Ohio company to buy and settle western lands. One of these men was Rufus Putnam.
You know that I have done a great deal of service not only in New England but in the Northwest Territory as well. I can assure you that territory is an amazing land full of promise for the future. You also know that we owe an unpaid debt to the men who fought for our freedom. That land is the best way to pay them back open that land for settlement. Encourage other people to buy new and better homes that the soldiers land grants and give them the new life awaiting their rightful claim. Oh western Ohio will go and I don't know. His colleagues were General Benjamin Tupper a fellow veteran and a doctor Manasseh Cutler of Ipswich Hamlet Massachusetts Dr. Cutler hall and partly congregational clergyman who had been a chaplain in the war secure of the grant from Congress which allowed the Ohio company to two hundred million acres of land at a price that was possibly as low as eight
cents an acre. Under somber forest 1787 twenty one man left Ipswich and headed west. They were joined by twenty seven others from Hartford Connecticut and stand bravely in the pages of history. Rev. Daniel story of Boston Colonel Ebenezer Spode from Middleboro Abraham Whipple from Rhode Island Dr. Drew from New Hampshire Colonel return Jamie eggs from Connecticut. More than four months of hard travel and a hard winter climate brought to their destination the Muskingum River on the Ohio bank of additional Yankee Manor they laid open and they named it area it was the parts of agricultural settlement in Midwestern America young at.
The letters on the stories came back to New England and what may have been left to speculation by the writers of letters was more than offset all the glowing accounts of the writers and the press. Listen here son here is quite an article in the Providence because that you ought to take note of it. Listen here. Western settlers are advised to seek land in Ohio with its most so laborious climate and early and rich soil. Immigrants should carry in their belongings and effects. Apple peach and garden seeds. A kettle for boiling maple sap. A good fire arm of recent design in sufficient ammunition for a lengthy period of time. A Bible we should by all means be included in the traveler's possessions and thought should be given to settling those of similar fates together in order that to secure a minister and schoolmaster. The blessings of this country and God deal with you will leave for the Ohio country. You are creating new forces for independence and affluence.
New horses for independence some buffalo runs farm stands homes villages cities colleges like Illinois College Monticello female summer Mary and Elmira College of Greenville. All of these early educational institutions were mainly founded and encouraged by Yankee settlers a strong Yankee flavor of early days on the Great Lakes region was destined not only to remain strong but to be richly enhanced by the addition of many ways of life. Many more races of people.
Soft spoken hard working Scotch Irish on the German immigrants came north from the Piedmont regions of Virginia and the Carolinas pushed out of their southern lands by wealthier planters from the seaboard states. They saw new homesteads in the land of the Great Lakes and found them in the southern portions of Ohio Indiana and Illinois. Here the diligence on the patients of these people were added to the determination and strong convictions of the Yankees. Soon after the New England migrations the people of Europe became increasingly aware of the opportunities that existed in America. After 1820 the great flood of foreign immigration began as ocean travel became safer and the magnet of the Western Hemisphere became stronger. The legions of the poor or the downtrodden the hungry the persecuted and the defeated began their hopeful voyage across the seas to America. Many of these found their way to the region of the inland seas following the pathways West sailing only come out buying a comfortless passage aboard a great lakes sailing ship
riding a wagon or walking a rough road overland rafting down the Ohio and the road west was a good road to follow. Stagecoach horse mackerel point they all lead man into the land of the future more as Brookbank wrote his impressions as he traveled on the national road through Pennsylvania in 1817. We're told I'm out of sight as we travel on this grand tractor as a Ohio family groups behind and before us a small wagon so light that you might almost carry it yet strong enough to bear a good load of bedding utensils provisions and a swarm of young citizens and strong enough to sustain marvelous shocks in its passage over these rocky heights. The family are seen before behind or within the vehicle. According to the road or the weather or perhaps the spirits of the party. A card and go horse frequently affords the means of transfer. Sometimes the horse and pack saddle
off in the back of the poor pilgrim that bears all his effects and his wife follows naked footed bending under the hopes of the family. Hopes invested in a little store of hard cash for the Land Office of the district where they may obtain a title for as many acres as they pose as half dollars being one fourth of the purchase money. From across the ocean across the continent. All round the world they came bringing the music of their hearts and the good things of their lives with the Germans came half a million in a busy year 32 18 with their appreciation of music there and work hard like Illinois and Michigan all were industrious many well-educated. One of the numbers was Carlos assurance who came to the United States in 1849 shorts arrived in Chicago on his way to Milwaukee in
1854 and he found the town so crowded he could not obtain lodging for the night. Mind here you have sleeping for the night time build up here Chicago with more people this week than I ever seen before. If you had to sell it I could sleep down there that I got to sleep in the cellar already and not an inch of room for my anymore. I did try some things I'd never eat in which I could fight or feel I would have to spend the night outside. Perhaps you are just insightful. Yeah he was just in the quiet place. Maybe it would be all right we'll all be better for me even
I am in need of walking and I am so tired. I mean I don't see a stretcher here I can waste a few hours and go on my way but then there was this Rights given rights all over the sidewalk right here. Watch your back again. I told you already we don't have any room. Must have some right. I would only occupy one chair. Well like you can see it's pretty crowded already. Yes I don't mind if you don't. Ok Mr. You can stay here if you want to but you won't get much sleep with this
if I own you just the same. Sure it's reached Watertown Wisconsin 1855 became a major general in the civil war served as secretary of the interior minister to Spain. She was a natural leader and he told his fellow immigrants as Germans I'm not called upon he had to form a separate nationality but rather to contribute to the American nationality the strongest us of his to substitute fellow Americans excel as best. We should never forget that in the political life of the Republic we as Germans have no particular interests but that the universe aware of being is ours or so Milwaukee's spoke words of the deepest significance the strongest there is in us
blended with the strength of our fellow Americans. The universal well-being is thoughts we're living in the minds of other immigrants to the land of the free and finding expression in their daily lives. All the west bound people had two traits in common. Democracy and individual ism formed the basis on which they keep the harmony of the new region and the new nation. The virtues of each race found their counterparts and compliments in every other race. As America grew big guns strong Swedes came like most of us from Uppsala Sweden. We told his friends I've heard about America. Every workman has their the same right of citizenship as the nobles the old and hard ideas the levels of social classes and narrow minded thinking Don't hang on to your coat tail and trample your heels no NEOs and his friends came to America and Joey's disciple at Pine Lake some 30 miles west of Milwaukee. They were soon joined by other immigrants from Sweden and all bent their backs to the labor of building a
community in 1841 they'd founded the first Swedish colony in Wisconsin. Despite early hardships they managed to get along and gradually built up their stake in the future of a great region. Lumber camps and mining industries offered jobs some of these companies were even willing to finance return trips to the old country for emigrants to recruit more labor in their native lands. Yeah I need this in a minute. I'm going over to speed in a very didn't know yet and the I've been going back to speeding for lumber company. Dave want me get more speed in lumber camps. Cost of trade a good bowl is no religions come to the land of the legs like plain person who walked a thousand miles from Kendall New York to Chicago in 1834 and then solve the Chicago to Los Sal County. Tired and hungry he found a pleasant
grassy place on a hillside overlooking a river and laid down on the ground to rest. There he fell asleep and dreamed a beautiful dream in which the wild berries were changed into a rich crop fields thick with prosperous grains and fruit trees and vegetable plants. He awoke with a dream vivid in his mind and then walked the thousand miles back east. His countrymen listened to his descriptions of the West with mingled all and wonderment and doubt. But they packed up and started the long track in London to the Fox River Settlement in Illinois which they named Norway. In a few years they saw a clang person's dream come true. The prairie fields bloomed rich with bumper crops their barns were beggars cathedrals but the ends came to the Lakes Region reminded them of their homeland. The copper mines of Michigan's Upper Peninsula of a sawmill towns of Wisconsin hard work and a good life. The Poles came to cut timber to work in the mines to earn their way on the roads of a new life to live in a set is under the
towns of the lake country. Sons and Daughters of Poland spread throughout the region and became sons and daughters of the great lakes of America. When the Irish came came to the railroads to dig them out build bridges the mines of Pennsylvania Ohio Illinois Michigan Minnesota brought their music to write music that gave the elements of warmth and color and imagination to the Great Lakes symphony. As a rich their melodious and their costumes gave all the people a means of meeting the rigors of life with a jest and a smile and created happiness in the land. The Canadian portions of the Great Lakes
area also were settled by these peoples of many national backgrounds. The early French settlers from northern and central France came in the years between 16 and 33 and 60 in 73. Most of them rural people possessing special skills in the trades to contribute to the cause of new friends. They explored the Great Lakes region build up the fur trade and established Christian missions and new chapters in the history of Christian martyrdom. Fifteen thousand English people came to Canada during the Revolutionary War to Canada where they could preserve their loyalty to the United Empire. At the same time many Germans and Swiss people opposed to military service left the United States to make new homes in Canada and they were Scotchman like Abraham Martin the first pilot on the St. Lawrence River and Alexander Graham Bell inventor of the telephone who lived in Bradford Ontario in 1870. These people of many lands and many nationalities came to the Lakes region by the dozens the hundreds of thousands. The new life they began here was
unique in the history of mankind. They could retain the homeland traditions they cherished and at the same time freely adopt the common ways of life that emerged from their customs and manners intermixed in the melting pot. Row 21 different national groups are strongly represented in the region's population today. For him Ians Slovaks Romanians Russians Czechs Greeks Canadians Frenchmen Englishman Welshman Scotsman Irish Chinese Scandinavians Dutch Germans and of course the American Indians the red men who already were here. The people of the Great Lakes a cross-section of nearly all the nationalities in the world dedicated together to the work at hand to the common cause of freedom. Enjoying the benefits of progress of the highest standard of living they build with Nature's help and the sweat of their brows giving the best lives in each of them receiving the best but God's country can give in return. Working for America fighting for her in time of
war dying for if necessary. These peoples from the far corners of the earth came here and were home. Yellow Mr. DAY. Yes this is Frank who's calling please. Frank this is the vice consul calling from Grand Rapids. I have very good news for you. News with me from Italy. Your father is requested us to inform me that he has a great amount of valuable property to you. It is providing that you return to Italy and return to Italy. But Mr. Consul I'm I'm an American citizen. I thought as an American soldier in France and 1018 I don't I don't want to go back to the old country. Well these are the conditions your father stated. You'll have to return to Italy and renounce your American citizenship in order to claim that I won't do it. I'd rather be a paper mill worker in Vicksburg and the King of Italy.
LAMB OF THE FREE. Home of the brave. For all the races of the world turned together and they grew and built their future on the harmonies of peace this cause of Congo like. The Great Lakes where they created the belly of democracy where every morning they swing off to work together in the steel mills and the iron and copper mines in the forests. Aboard the sailing vessels on the assembly line. Like. About Johnson's only honors Eriksson's and the Larssons McGuire's McCoy's no malice against the group in the distance. Of under wholesome banner hides McGregor's MacDonald the colons the Ginsburg's The Smiths and Franklin D Roosevelt. All of these people are sons and daughters of the Great Lakes and America. Their future and their destiny are interwoven with the region's greatness and its everlasting opportunity. And live the inspiring story of the American melting. They prove the dying Trooper Steven
Vincent. And Tim and all the rivers of the Kings ran into the Mississippi and would drown. It was Song of the great life the lives of the meaning and the purpose and the heart of the labors of made it great. Their hopes of all its accomplishments is the real strength of this region and the. Ringing sound of the hammer in the last part of the automobile. Train wheels would be nothing without the song from the people. People of this region the human beings who live life liberty pursuit of happiness the Great Lakes region of the Seas. Listening here will hear the music of life played a starring in scope inspiring and blending every note
every boys into an unending modulation and the tempo changes the treatment very strong in return time. You have just heard pathways to progress a series of programmes devoted to the Great Lakes and the people who have made this region such an outstanding area. Pathways to progress is written by Alec wire directed by Dave original music was composed and directed by Norman Kimmel Tom wavier is
Pathways to progress: The Great Lakes
The peoples of the region
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