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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theatre these weekly broadcasts you made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting this week on BBC World Theatre the Confederacy a restoration comedy by John Breaux first talked about the Queen's Theatre in the Haymarket on October 30th 17th 05. Like other restoration plays heard in this series the Confederacy depicts a society rebelling against Puritanism and all that it held sacred. The often strong witty language and certain of the situations make it suitable only for adult listeners. The Confederacy in the scene is God and its neighborhood.
A good neighbor. It goes on at your house this spring morning. Thank you kindly Mrs. Amlet. Thank you kindly. How do you do. I tried the old great neighbor porn on the set of good Queen Anne but the time is good. Let me have that odd with you Mrs. Amlet What are they with us. You've a good trade going here in Covent Garden. Besides you can carry your shop on your arm as they say and Peveril all sorts of private affairs till the light is a fashion. All the great folks at call tell you off with your chin. Don't do it all for them indeed. They by and by some. Oh for that to do them justice. They never make two words upon the price. All that goes about is the day of payment and my neighbor. I'm just tired of talking out from society to all profit. Would you believe me. MRS. CULVER. I've worn out for a pittance with
following old lady useful for one set of false teeth and three pounds of paint. Look you then. But how do you speed amongst your city custom City customers. Now I choose between the city and the court with reference to these folks and the chief my ladies in the city and time pass is full of gold as they were of religion and as punctual in their payments as they were in their prayers. But since they set their minds upon quality. Had you one t'other the margin of your wives to do what's called. Osbournes make on their and us stand up and say a woman like that. They mind their husbands no more than they do. But now we talk equality. When did you last hear of your sandwich. Mrs. Tassone the day in a laced coped with three four. Days. He's a woman that is as gay as a bridegroom possible.
The rogue. Well neighbor All's Well That Ends Well. But it will be and. Twip it. Pity indeed for young men to look on but he leads a life well where he knows I shouldn't. But once these three months and then the Follet won't keep running. But I did march in March did to some purpose for enlisting now because Midgette an femininity on one side was the minuet and to see a person go from one and t'other with no more respect. I'm blest if it had been an orange so this is. What have you got that chance has been put away to be Copsey so see my face turns about and don't say kiss me. Never set eyes on him. Things look Hughson. Well I must bid you good morning. I'm going where I no doubt shall meet at a Sunday Welcome to get in some I'll warrant you either better. No what do you say. No she's Scriven his wife. Name of Mistress
Clarissa. But she lives as well and pleases the state Countess of him. Good morning. Good morrow Mrs.. Surely true that well why wide stink never appear. I didn't I felt I was my school friend Dick and the palace himself upon the town for a colonel and jumping into all the best company with an easy yeah. Whenever I was a peddler by the gene of all trades on I'll danglin Chait that I was about from house to house I moved the ladies of their money recaps you get more latitude but just come dig not adore yet and I buy Dambisa news for you. We must quit this country and so you will have your style. What's the matter. As I stole my coming from winds from the West Point and a compass.
LOL Well what have I to do with the last thing. Everyone has something to do you explain. You know you cheated a young fellow at college t'other day. The money had to come. Well what then. My sorry state does they are. But that is not always such a fool as to think a complaining then must be so was to stop his mouth. Give him a little back. And if that want to strangle you. Not a great road. I sure was close. He's now all dressed up you take I would advise you to change it and send ballad singer. I know I am well if you can get a young wingsuit lives in this house Karena preform and leave home to wait to be stoned. She has money enough to buy you a good place and pay me into the bargain for helping out so good a match. You have this throw left to save you. You are not ignorant dick that your morals begin to be pretty well known about town by faith brass I think fell off. I don't. I must fix my files quickly or my fortunate to be playing some tricks with me if at all. I'll tell them what we will do.
We will pursue this. Our daughter or a cheat is family to play in town but the rest of they have had an actual business it. If that I am your valet to show my success attending day are broths and all of my. I'm not again. Proud slip and when she wrote space is distressed Well that's already been drawn with respect or Lookingglass it's almost too painful. And it's time for the mistress to come down and look after her family. Really don't be an owl. Those that go to bed at night may rise in the morning when they go to bed in the morning rise in the afternoon. When did she make her visits her by candlelight it helps if the complection inquisitive sunshine. But you know that my lady is going to has it. She is thought of a project to save her life as how why the company she used to keep
abroad she now intends she'll meet here at her own house. Your master advised her to set up a card table. If he advised it to it it's right she acquainted her husband with what to do when the company made them. That's true as you say you'll know soon enough. Well I must be gone. Have you any business with my lady. Yes as ambassador. From my out of the house next door I have a letter for her give it me I'd give you that myself. But as first minister of state to the Colonel I have an affair to communicate to the what is it quick. Why it doesn't jive with what a woman and a mummy together. Who is she. His youngest daughter. What would he be at if she said Lucia. Which way honourably has ordered me to demand of the marriage with me. Why when a man of quality has a mind to a city fortune was to have him apply to a father and mother. No except I think so. But you sit this letter into a prayer book for the pantomime queen. It's a very passionate wanting to see
you with an arm and a dagger. I see by that what he intends to do with himself are there any verses in it if not I won't touch one word in prose it's like you didn't rhyme. I'll take it. What if you brought nothing else. Forgive me I forget foolish dog. I have a letter for you too. Here it is in a purse. But it's in prose you might touch it and it's not good to be too dainty. Well if we find time we should have an altar tomorrow shortly. I can't promise you that for our young gentlewoman is not so well in my way as she would be. Father let us seldom converse with a stepmother in me that she should be as of a woman of quality. But I'll take the first occasion. Yes my lady now you might leave your letter to no messages this morning. Now the best grounds. Good afternoon my. I did not see the US. You to bring only a letter from your friend. Now I'll get it. Oh put it for me. I'm so lazy
today. But it needs no help. Your ladyship has no further commands. Not at this time on he's proud of your servant. And. That. I have something to impart to you. Close the door. My husband is in line with my friend that I mean possible. This letter from her is to give me an account of it. Me thinks you are not very much a lot. No no I'm not much tortured with jealousy. They are much in their right on that if the jealousy is a city passion is a thing unknown amongst people of color. A woman might indeed be of a mechanic mode who is either troubled or pleased with anything Osburn can do. Or they mention him no more to the dallies to see his splenetic indeed. But when once you open your card table I hope that will put him right out of your head. Last al-Bandar I began to grow weary even of the thoughts of that so you can still be out of humour as I have but too much
cool. Have Waterview to complain about but is it not a most horrible thing that I should be but a scriveners wife. Don't flatter me or don't you think nature designed me. Something clues that if they wanted to be mistress right. Hey that's me. But on the other side Methinks you ought to be in some measure of content since you live like a woman of quality to beauty and a poor husband can caromed. And that's a good portion for one. Pray consider how you get some ready money to set your car table or go in for that's necessary I say is true. But one trick I shall play my husband to get some money I don't know who my pretence of losing my diamond necklace is what the man into such passion. I'm afraid he won't hear reason. Matter. He begins to think he's lost in earnest so I fancy you may venture to sign it and raise money that way. That can't be for he has left odious notes with all the gold Smiths in town. Well we must pawn it then. Oh I'm quite tired of dealing with those pawnbroker.
I'm afraid you continue to try a great while for all that. Oh yes if a man isn't now about to do so pinch some purchase on bonuses false teeth and all sorts of things to the ladies. I can't think of a name disestablished she wants money. When I had myself. It's an unreasonable thing you don't think I have any for her. She gets up with some old people that come and done a fixture in age as a man. What would you do with a knife just now if you don't keep on. She is very rich that woman is. I'll borrow some money of your own Sure. You just know I am in earnest. I give the commission to do it for me. May you write it out. So I'm game. Don't I speak to be understood. I understand you well enough Mrs. Sandford Mrs. omlet must lend me some money when I have any to pay or else. That's true. I never thought of that. Shrewdly issues. Oh thank you yes ma'am. You may go. Now how do you do.
How do you do Mrs. AMD. I haven't seen you all these years and yet I believe I'm down in your folks. I can not for that to let how much indebted to you Mrs.. Nay your ladyship desires to see you. I believe I have it about them that I am. If it be too much for you to look it over let me see. For I hate to be in debt. Well I am obliged to pay him. Prime is for both turning out the Countess of crumps left him. This does not belong to me. I beg your ladyship's pardon I mistook indeed. The Countess's have reached out to little purpose. I finished her two years ago with three pairs of hips and I'm not paid for them. Get your ladyship's people for the idea of a new Inv. come by this. But he is of a preposterous things when using garden waste time to read. It's called Mrs.
M.. I'd as lief read some Lackaday there's no need of fatiguing yourself at that rate cut to night only if your honor pleases on the sum tobe till called Fifty six pack and AABs things six or fifty pounds Lapan just go to my cashier let him give you six and fifty. And don't you hear me say six and fifty pounds. Is it so difficult to comprehend. No madam I comprehend the six fifty pounds. Go and fetch it then flip. Yes madam yes go the trade you follow gives you a great deal of trouble. A world of pain madam. And yet this small profit on the sea is Bio-Bill Paul. Sometimes you have great losses Mrs.. I have two thousand pounds in me of which I shall never get ten shillings ball. You have a great crowd of children. Only one would hit my
dm. I think my OP was behind them. That would be the end of him. Where he gets it knows. But he's always shaking his heels with the ladies of this help with the Lord. It's just funny as a prince and this Jim is the best of him. But Yang gracious wrote tells all he comes near that his mother is dead. And I am. But he's never met him. He's got the rest of the world. Everybody is preparing to make more than they are on that road. And so you will miss it if you'll excuse me I have a little business but wait outside my door and my maid will bring a present. I tell your honor. My good lady not so much as read Bill. If the rest were like I shouldn't have the money enough to go is fantastic himself. Oh a knock at the door. Cold water. I see and stuff which me my father
on previous day but he's still dying mother still. And those are two we could crawl naked with this guy. I love these my dear. Thank you Robin. So. Is Troy. Oh boy I hope your mother is destroyed. That said Fiore's was a proper young man what shape you know. Who gets mad if anybody touches my fortunes lost what fortune. Don't call me Dick cool. The trick is that not once shall I call them with you discover me or you will wind up here this prospect that my ride more prospect to my boss great fortune I'll bring you about my daughter in law when a coach and six horses. Made quiet. I can tell you more it's true about you. But tell me. Hold
me back. Look I'll follow you in a moment and tell you on my part I must received the money first. Did you go to pay for the wedding. Somebody coming after me ask. Would let how all the ladies with him I just know I have a small business of yours in my pocket. No an answer to my letter. So quick indeed. Now it's a letter itself has not given an opportunity to be long. But first I won't go in and see my lady. I'll go make it a short visit. But don't forget my life for Janardan you will have an affair. I'll take care of him. If I'm flippant you are. Pretty civil well-bred gentleman this flippant pray who may be a man of great shape. Is it possible no
one MiSeq quality of fine food or think you're in love with him. But alas those days are done with me. But I'm as fit as I once was and had as much money as Colonel Shaffer would not catch cold for want of a bed. We will have quality of fine things indeed. Mrs. Zuma did they had a little more money. For example he my lady. She owes you but six and fifty pounds was well and she has it not by her to pay you. Cannot that be. Well I don't know her cash keep out of Cuba. He says he has no money till this lady has no money nothing. You may see his bag full by his being so so there's no help for it. He'll do what he pleases till he comes to make up his yearly accounts. What shall I do then for I have no pennies to buy bread. I'll tell you it just comes in my head. I know my lady has a little occasion for money at this time. I am so with you and a hundred pounds you see either and she may pay you all six and fifty to be flippant. Do you think
to make a fool rough. Oh no the devil actually if I do. You shall have this diamond necklace in cold. Oh ho. That's another case. Yes. Me six and fifty So here's four and forty pounds. Say Never take the necklace thank you kindly and you prevent that. I do. Who is ready money will make us all happy. This spring will set our card table going. That will turn to rain the other name out. The. Matter with no water you use is a craft. Kim is my head mistress Clarissa is food. Love your husband. The worst furniture I had in the universe. Now I'm thinking of his passion for your friend and her
passion. Can you a little less violent. Well gentlemen you could always use my palate. Well so we're going to count on your arm at the fair. I told you Wolf going to is an action now that he's using Lorgat I can tell madam the dog will never speak out. My my my lord what do you call him waits for me at my lodgings. Is not that good fellow. Yes madam I ask of all your servants. You're almost Humble's of them madam. Well I'm a man. MRS. Where's my step child now. Call out you may have a father had a lot to rap I won't use his her guitar must do this with her shawl. Green has taken up with her impertinence khatam rebounders days and age that old fool Mrs. Amerind and my friend Adam adamant up before she can come abroad so long as you can't patch you
without company. How in some portable is a moment's ease as to a woman of spirit. Oh you come to know Mrs. Sankyo Jessamine you may go pentad out to our camp at last and move a little quicker. I know how impatient is when you expect money. If you would get me to buy you that thought I'd blown well out brought me any after you. Had brought some. There the old hag a stroke of a bill. The rest is in that boat of forty pounds. Well but take care of and my husband don't suspect anything of this twant vex him and I don't plan to make him easy so I won't spare him these little sort of troubles by keeping him from his nanny. Oh see the tenderness she has for him and yet he's always complaining of you. Does the nature of all them to counter. Husband is a grounding on them exactly you define them madam. My words and scharfe in a coach to the door. Why would you
go without counting. But I would go spend some money since I have it. You want nothing that I know of. How could an objection not that a woman of quality of all things because she wanted money. Well my dear that is why let me expect you. I was afraid you would not tell how to do to day as well as a woman can do. That is not slept all night. But really what was it do you mean. Not your husband. Don't trouble yourself. I'm not in love with your husband. Yes well remembered I had quite forgot that matter. I wish you much joy with my husband. You have made a noble conquest indeed. But now I have to subdue the country. Pray is it worth my keeping. You know the ground you try. Barren soil heaven can tell yet if it were well cultivated it would produce something to my knowledge. Do you know what is in my power to ruin this poor thing of yours. His whole estate
is at my service toadfish. What is your Capan strike you haven't been to and let my lady go your heart. No sin in plundering her husband that was wife this shit. Whenever she gives me orders I shall be very ready to obey him. Why are you saying that such a project may see him mad I mean death. I believe I should have a little serious discourse with you about it but tell me how you have passed the night. But I'm sure your mind has been roving upon some producing or rather. I've been studying always my brain could produce to plague my husband. No wonder indeed you look so fresh this morning. The satisfaction of such a pleasing idea as all night. Why can a woman do less than study mischief when she is tumbled and tossed us over into a burning fever for want to sleep and sees a fellow like snoring by all stockstill in a fine breathing sweats. I see a difference of women's temper. If my idea would make it one lap of his whole life and only wake up to make his will I shall be the happiest wife in the
universe. But we'll discuss more of these matters as we go. Flams make out among the shops. I have a good choice to the door. We will talk of them as we rattle about the best place in nature. You know I haven't called you a natural enemy. Hmm. What a pretty little pet of amiable persons are they going to hold a sort of war together or birds what would they do with their time of the play and their husbands do not help him to employment. Well that money is good for something that sets many poor woman's work. Here child. Here comes Miss Karena. I hope I can help her into the early stage to a long time. I just want to give them the tools is stay with me. I told her she was asking for me. She's just gone out too I suppose. No great business. I'll go back to my childhood and I may hold a little if you please. I have some business with you myself but of more concern than what she had to say to you. Know my father would let me keep you company. He says You spoil me I spoil
you. He's an on demand to give you second impressions of a woman of my honor that you would take it to heart and not believe what he says. But it's not a thing. Such a young creature as I am to be kept in perpetual solitude with no other company but a part of our fumbling masters to teach me geography arithmetic philosophy and a thousand useless thing. Those things will improve your wit. I haven't done enough already. My step mother is that none of this chump change she not as happy as the day you know. I'll tell you what compendia my step mother will stand by me and encourage me. Let me keep her company. Oddjob against my father tomato and from all my books in the fall. Very well. I love to see a young woman have spirit to sign on to something and tell me a devilish good in the bottom published by let me make one amongst you that never can be till you're married. Examine your strength a little. You think he does. Ventured upon a husband. Hospital. Why. Oh come Capan to be a true friend now.
Do you think in your conscience that I am old enough to be old enough while you're 60 yet not sixteen. Sixteen. Two months and our days will Minton's the deuce you are. What do you then truly insincerely think I'm out now. I do upon my faith chuckle and to show you what an opinion I have of your discretion. I say you thing. I thought so thrown in the fire. What did you say. Something out of my heart. Check with my. Band. What did you think it is. I don't know. No I don't care to have it. I started didn't and I just went too. There's a handsome young gentleman's handsome young gentleman's heart. Nay then tis time too grave for shakuhachi. What's the matter now. I shall shoot you. I don't I understand myself better than it is when I don't know who they are from. They open it and you'll see. You shall know 12 twelve and I must return it right I serve your turn madam.
My father must have an account of this. Not now. You'll find I am most obvious fine work this is to deal with girls before they come to know the distinction of sexes come first so you had to eat for all and perhaps but this one saw me tell my father and since it's must out to the colonel the colonel. Why are you so scrupulous Madame. Because if it had come from anybody else I would not have given a farthing for it. And it's fine now to. Live. Oh you write me out to me when you needed me read it. Cupitt my mentor beauty charms. Choose not. To constancy for Rex to just 50 bleeding Oh man. Very well Amati seven letter I promise you not one smutty word in each. I'll go look it up in my box.
But what does he say to you. Why didn't you speak Pentel. Does he not tell he was in love with you. But he told me that before. How so. We never spoke to you since we were by his side so my g. Well I thought you'd been too young to learn that language but you thought wrong flippen you still can see to me that the more you learn the more one thinks and just thinking it improves. Go on have you to know when I was younger than I am now by more than about stuff I thought or things would have made you stand again. Since you are so well-versed in your business I suppose I need not inform you that if you don't write your gallant announcer he'll die. Nay now for spandrel can you tell me something I did not know before. I mean given to doggedness just a too. Oh well I can't say they all die. No I can't say they do but truly I believe it would go very hard with the colonel. No I will not have my hands in blood for thousands. And therefore Phebe if you didn't come easily by all means and I'm so well since you say it then I'll do it.
Though I protest you is the only man that we are to be. Heaven give him like a wife to be but with as many men as a pollster to him. So we have a blessed time on to marry for love. Hark. At the street now comes an example as great lord a money trap. What does he want with us. I wonder. Better go on I suppose. Go off the painter. I want you to repent. How do you do. Thank you sir. Well at your service. That is a good family you Master and you will hear me speak all the time. Neither of them Manasseh has been going out these two hours my lady has just gone with the wind. Well I won't say I've lost my neighbour I've met you. I come in and I do sir. Thank you. Oh you won't take it amiss if I should ask you a few questions that you leave me to my liberty and
the answers is pretty good for to outdo your master mistress live together. Live like man and wife generally out of humor often seldom agree. Complain to one another. His Majesty is at your house. Good luck. But whose side are you generally on the right side always. Ladies. I do not think your husband can never be in the right. Little thinking seeking sneaky stingy campus's cowardly dirty Kirkaldy things in a manger snarling and biting Sinti upon pleasure. So to be a plague on lovers and damn poor women before their time really has been to say is nothing a Beatle without wings a windmill without sails a shit in a bag without money and empty bottle. Dead small beer anti-drone himself who truly free Pantra I can't deny that there are some general lines of resemblance. But you know that may be exception. Kiss deal plainly with your head I got a husband I would put him in mind that he was married as well as I. So where are things with a wife and my fugu too fond of his Paller he should look like
an asshole forever that I'd rather observe that I do and think you'll be in the right. But probably by just giving advice to the armies of fear it should go round to your wife's figure. No there is no danger. My wife she knows I'm none of those husbands. Are you sure she knows that. I'm sure you ought to know it and ever really I have but for folks in the world when what might they be. Why I'm a little slovenly I shift but once a week. For sometimes out of human provoking. I don't get as much money as she like to have been stolen. Perhaps I may not be quite so young. I was the devil but now I can prevent it. Now what. None of my friends does not love me a tall No no not at all. And where there is this reproach going to lead us now you have power. We fear is just revenge itself. But one day you hate me. Understand you
not. There's not a moment's trouble. No one gives up but I feel it too. I don't know what you mean she did but no one thought I'd take you know suffering mighty obscure. We'll say no more. If the words but ten still darker and darker I should not be ungrateful. Now I begin to end this day in June with plenty of say to Martin. Now you explain indeed you are in love all bitterly and I do swear by all the old on the for another time you stand in no need of now and use your other parts with his purse give sufficient proof of his sincerity. My wife repente will take up on your bad word. She's the devil. Repent like your neighbors. That will change you. What a pity it is the Lord that until now sucking hole every dude prepared to take the reigns upon your passion. Don't let your flame rage I my lady should be cruel and it should drive you up to
a mummy. Or is it possible she can be so bobbers to let me die. Largely burned but a small matter would save my life. Then you're dead for we mean anything to a man who will be satisfied with a little prepended that was only my modesty but straight out of the Dragon. Old lady will find if ever she screams fit to be warm. I hope you stand my friend. Well said as far as my credit goes it should be employed in yours. All my best prepared to tell her I'm all hers. Tell her my body is hers till my soul's urgent terror stage. Ah God have mercy on me. Who me. Oh man. It's way to talk in the street. Nostra approaching for heaven's sake compose yourself a little of our conscience. Many of you as going such an emotional No not
sick man it's too little you're left with Stoffel you are going back on. The bench. By my troth so be curious news to their wives fortune has now put their husbands into their hands. And I think they are too Shepton neglected spiders. All. Oh she's gone abroad to broad a broader broader already. She uses to be stewing and free out of this as late as it is or thinks they are getting so soon. Business I suppose business. She is pretty good for business. Truly a gentle way of living will make a change on my top to be one man. Why would you have a change of way of living as you see it agrees with you. Never better in her life. Tell me about looks down that looks long since it all
make a change. I live off the streets. You want to be insulin's that which does most husbands contradiction. Suppose our resolve won't be contradictory. Suppose she resolves you shall I tell the all will love Bear I tell you sir you will bear it. I have borne it three years already. By that you see it is about giving your mind to it. To get to that on my mind to which case you may swear down and a cold future is to assist you but till you apply the remedy to the right place you'll never cure the disease. You see you have got an extravagant wife is it not so for the change with that word fancy and it is so extravagant in the world she is not guilty on a man extravagance in the world she is guilty of bad just don't spend more money in coach than Chehab and would maintain six children. She's too nice of you to be seen dangling in the streets. God said All men sometimes and always together.
That's because you are never stirring at the same time. You keep all day as you would it was going to bed when she's rising and rising just when she's coming to bed. It's too late. Not till today and day and to night. The. That's her trade. But these are trifles. Has she not lost her diamond necklace. Oximeter that trapped. Yes and just sent his money two years after it as if it had been a. Pox take her off all into my closet this is resolved and I'll put a stop to the course of our life or put a stop to the cost of our blood. She shall know the first time I meet with her which though we are never quite under one roof. Very possible. What a miserable devil as a husband insupportable to himself and a plague to everything about him. But I know his wife which I think I do. She'll say it is blood in such a firm it will bubble out at every pore of him was so quiet in her veins.
Polls show go like a Angello if you don't think the colonel loves me dearly. Don't give him my letter October let me alone. When he is ready. Let him give it to you again don't trouble yourself and not a word of the pudding to my stepmother half. When we come to love one another for the purpose you shall now lie then it will be time to be in serious sadness. Does the colonel love me with he said. I've told you so many times and yet you are not satisfied that he may fain have him tell me so himself. Have patience and it shall be done. My patience is a virtue that we must all confess but all fancy the sooner it is done the better prepared to what does it mean. As you are your geography master waiting for you. How I am tied with these old fumbling fiend who has repented. Tell him I'll be waiting presently Jessamy. Yes or no. Tell him. Well don't let him break your heart. You should be rid of them all along.
Tis not the study I'm so weary of. Just the least thing that teaches me. The kind of mamma I fancy I could take if he could show me he can show you a great deal I can tell you that you've gone up to your room. Here's somebody coming up the street to our house. We must not be seen together. Oh Mrs. M. That brings her so soon to us again. Mrs. Amlet. Repented in a furious cry. Why what's come to you. Miss Younus old Madam Dominick what is that. Don't be angry say nothing to me. I beseech you it will be found again. Heavens how we did last of you gave it to me out took it to my house and then I wrote on this lady's bed fingers on your side Mrs. Amlet you breed your children up to such tricks as these then watch you repent.
Can I help it. He's been a road from his grave declares that too. And now he comes into my head. Maybe it's no him. No this woman he's a pretty fellow if he can steal a diamond necklace with a good one. You don't know him flippantly as well as I had to ball him so rude. True. But what does that woman mean. He is not here a young gentlewoman in your house who wants us. Why do you swear by way of conversation. It does not concern me. But when she marries on my chance to dance at the wedding. Oh you Dodson's that way do you. But don't trouble madam about it. Perhaps it may go out of the family. And you. And what does the woman mean. Said Nicholas and awesome dick and a fortune to marry and she shall dance at the wedding at. She does not intend I hope to propose a match between some
dick and Karena Gore and I believe she does this well. As well as our stand our affairs as Miss Nancy I get my master's in passion and the accused does not come himself. As the for the surgeons here just now. You won't have such an opportunity again this month and tell him that so much the worse room is spent. Now my dear the and I hope a little of our own. I agree most damnably in love with you just did it. It was timing things wrong. My head is full at present. More important things and love is full of important things indeed. Just want a privy councillor and an assistant to do all mischief. Oh I'm fine man tachi. But before I ventured into the project. Tell me whether that finds the natural disposition to and a husband to oblige his wife. She answered me dispositions that service well OK this is a
miss too close to the current and when out comes back I'll tell the business I know it before I go. If you please master waits for an answer. Or rather he should wait an hour. Why then. In short as husband is in love with my lady. Very well child we have a Roland for all of our lady's husband is in love with Araminta. Who told you that it is a negotiation. I am charged with. Did not I tell you I did business for half an hour. I've managed to gripes little affairs for him these ten years you slut you are leapfrogs games in our minds. If we can't play the cards you JHU if the wives are full with good intelligence we just let them allowed oblongs of a guy don't slip the occasion. See here they come on the come to back to the shops. A little thing with a piece of good news we have for them doesn't come quickly help him to live from. Yes yes.
Madam I only told him is always going by but some propositions which is the pattern has been stopped and have kept me here Wolf. Your ladyship my said hospitalizations Schouler quite mad. Is there anything you've given. Yes Mr settlement and Fritchey That follows of course but let's have it quick. Why madam you have made a conquest. But if you are Mr money so. Yes your husband is does that mean you thought fit to corrupt out so now we are even with you. Sure just as my devotion and ex-Russian treat ladies is what our brains have been at work about. Around. Town like. So those stars have done. It all to win. And what will we do for them no we are grateful creatures. And we don't despise the most fortunate thing that ever could have happened. Last night's idea as to what trifles to some idea will be useful to us at your service might have be necessary
in my life she waits your commands met. For my part I recommend my husband money trap to the top. I make it my earnest request. I will give him one half crown. I'll do all I can to have you. It's just that even if you must use Clarissa it will give me the same kind orders for yours. If as fast he Ambrosch at night and I'm here till I die. That is enough madam I'll be sure to give you a reasonable account amounts Master Gripe. But how do you intend we shall proceed ladies. Must we storm the person once so great ground in form and carry by storm the storm wants to leave St.. Oh by all means. Must it not be so bad in four and twenty hours. Two hundred pounds apiece. That's my said. Very well ladies give me leave to put you in mind of some little expense in favors twill be necessary you write to these honest gentlemen favors some small matters Madam I doubt must be
that of an article at home and for that thing your husband is so my mother. There is a scruple Indeed. Pray Madam do so squeamish in your hand. Why what in the name of Lucifer is it you have to do that so terrible sick look only is no great harm. That lodging that one may afford a little smile. I prefer to let women of quality do that from fifty odious fellow sufferer maybe a squeeze by the hand if a kiss would do. Oh. I'd. Die first. Indeed. I doubt twill be necessary to get their wretched money without paying so dear for it. So get to work man as fast as thou canst. But not a word of all this. I the observe my own. I have the pleasure of telling myself here my own. To light. The candles the. Best man in the world. He'll bring us back company to morrow while gaming table all sorts of games. Now see my husband will be such a beast to be out of Hillmer at the
moment. Hush. Here's my dear husband approaching up the street. Prithee let's leave him to look. Oh pray do bring your good account of him. I'll warrant despatch then for the card tables in haste. Them now have three columns you know try we can pillage the area as he does other folks done area myself in my back garden and returned to us the mysteries come home. Yes. Where is she breathing going within. One has to have a little something to her chikin expiring love said. So I have said how much good my. Well and how and how and how do you think you'd have me do it. Well you have such a way with it one can refuse. I brought myself into a fine business by a good black widow but I hope so much when I'm turned out of doors in terrible angry. You see how
she flew when she saw where I was pointing. Must know our way around the bush around the bush before I came to the is a ticklish point. That must be my word is that meeting with the ladies. Souly that she was for that case you must know very dangerous case indeed. I can tell you one thing she has an inclination to watch. Yes. And I told her so at last. What did Gianni's slack and bid me bring it to you for a token. That's nice. And if you've lost no not by the way with up talks to you now this I think looks the best in the world when you're proven wrong. Why you must know ladies have different ways of expressing that kind of humor even if she'd been in a good White case as long as she sent you something your a fat guy. Well what truly am a little ignorant of the mysterious process of love. Privey take her in a good humour the next token she sends me
good you know I pretty you see why when women are in difficulties how can they think of pleasure. Why. What difficulties can she win. Oh I do but I guess after all she has that grand soul. She'd die before she'd tell her. What deserves respect. What should one suspect what a husband loves nothing but the getting of money and a wife nothing but spending on it. She wants that same. Well same thing but if she had none of this to fret her I really flip. I what you're going to say. You ought to be sharing your liberality but won't be allowed. You mistake me for the problem with what you've got to say well enough but I tell you we will never do so find some now. Me see no need to know what I'm thinking.
You are so smart that you could find a way to is the nicest point in the world to bring about. You'll never touch it if she knows from whence it comes. Shall I try if I can reason that I spend out a £20 to make easy the rich to it off £20 man. Well I usually see a set that is if her husband should oblige. It might in time take off to him and by consequence or inclination to you. No it was never come that way. What shall we do. Still I have told you what you shall do. You shall make her a restitution of two hundred pounds. Restitution is the luckiest thought in the world. Madame often plays you know books and to sell me now and then with shoppers. Now you shall be a shop for a shop to buy or sell to and having cheated out of two hundred pounds. She'll be troubled in mind and send it back again. You comprehend me.
I comprehend better. Once you suspect if you'd be so much the more the better. Yes two hundred pounds. Let me see sir. Even some may look a little suspicious. Let it be two hundred and thirty. That's all so natural. The devil won't fight it out. Pounds to look. I don't know guineas I fancy what better my guineas it will be. Yes you are of that mind are you not. You know sometimes genteel. You are certainly in the right. It shall be as you say 230 guineas must begin is to see him to on again as you say. Two hundred and thirty guineas. If you mistake the sum will spoil all. And while it's fresh in your head send them to me with a penitential letter deciding it will do you the favour to start them to thirty pounds in the bag again as I say it is too much to
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BBC world theater
Episode Number
The Confederacy (Reel 1)
Producing Organization
British Broadcasting Corporation
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This series presents performances of great plays, both classic and modern.
Radio Theater
Performing Arts
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Producing Organization: British Broadcasting Corporation
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 70-2-78 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:52:15
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