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We present the story of a mass to another in a series of programs recounting the historical background. Of world famous artistic masterpiece. To date who wins the Rome grand prize. The One. Near the Pyrenees Mountains the attractive city of Toulouse has been nicknamed the pink city because of the pink hue of the local stone which composes its buildings but the neighboring city of Mobile is even more worthy of such a nickname at motorable. Everything is pink. The walls the roofs the St. Jacques church the extraordinary archways of the old market the gigantic bridge which spans the
wide and tumultuous Tauren river and the cobble stones in the street. All these are of this warm and delicate hue but notables most magnificent pink colored building is the angle museum. Situated on the river's edge it provides a super good setting for the masterpieces painted by joy. A native of this peaceful provincial city during World War 2 the deep sellers of the angler museum served as a refuge for the priceless art treasures of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Now it has been restored to its original function that of housing the finest paintings of a great French artist. This is a unique collection a source of delight for they often love it. Anger was Bonnie and mortal blow in the year 17 18 at the age of
17 he settled in Paris and started studying And Daveed art studio. In 18 one at the age of 21. He submitted to work in the Rome prize competition without holding out much hope of success. The results were about to come in. Angle was awaiting them in his studio with a young friend of his. Henry a painter like himself and to pass the time away the two young men were of course discussing painting. Henry was admiring a portrait Angora had just finished. The subject was a ravishing young girl. Terrific. Good thing you didn't commit this one for the room prize. None of us would stand a chance. Please don't talk about the room. I think that today is the day of the session and I won't get the prize. Why do you say that your chances are as good as any of the others. Look you know how discouraged I got after having changed three times the composition of
my painting. I was so upset after finishing the final sketch I just threw the paint on it in just a few hours. I can assure you I'm not going to win the wrong grand prize. That would have been so wonderful. I just think of it three years in Rome. I can think of nothing else. Why do you imagine I submitted a painting without any illusions I must admit. Well all we can do now is wait and wait. There's nothing else we can do. Tell me do you really like that. Porter it's wonderful I take it you've done nothing better you know and I feel sure it's good. How could I fail to succeed with the inspiration she's given me always sitting at a window. Poor darling working for her mother and thinking of me looking at me constantly lifting up a corner of a curtain.
Dear Louise it's for her that I'm working still as much in love I see more than ever. I don't blame you. You're always is a jewel. One exquisite voice or haven't you. But where did you hear Louisa's voice. Just guess and you must tell me. How do you know Louise. Where did you meet her. Don't like me please I beg of you just simple truth don't get so upset. You're all pale. Don't change the subject handsome and let go of me. You're going to take him. I struck up a lunatic you walk. Along and you know me about an hour. From them and it's your idea of a joke. For how long have you been meeting secretly. Answer me when you lay off it. I tell you I met her an hour ago. I met her in the street on the street. So what. She has the right to go out and interrupt every Tuesday and have lunch at my
sister's place. What has that got to do with that. Today is Tuesday. See. As I was saying I had lunch with my sister and she came along with me on my way here. We had a lovely lunch melon steamed trout just the way I like it with a glorious little white wine and a I will kill you I swear I will anchor your a jealous for when I reached your door a beautiful girl went by. She stopped what. She stopped to say hello to my sister your sister is acquainted with my Louise. They went to school together. Why didn't you tell me that earlier because I didn't know. In any case when my sister told Louise that I was a friend of yours your best friend because I am your best friend. Yes of course. What happened. Well Louise became very pale. Like you are now. And then she said What did she say. Henry you are killing me. Oh yes I remember she said. Would you be kind enough to thank Mr. Anka for his letter and tell him I'll bring him the Reply at 3 o'clock
at 3 o'clock. What times are now to 30 Evans. He'll be here in half an hour. Take it easy take it easy. I'm so happy and I like to dance and sing. Do you like something to drink. No. Why should I. A drop of brandy you may need it what ever Poor Henry. Are you hiding something from me. No simply that Louise was looking rather sad so I was wondering are you wondering what whether she had some bad news for you. I have a feeling that things may not be going too smoothly but there are obstacles obstacles. I will welcome them. Is that all. Yes that's all but I still think you should have a drink. Well golly. That must be her. Get out quick she said. Three o'clock it's only a quarter of the men have come and don't get up.
It's me. This is us they're her. How do you do it. Please excuse me I was just going out. You know when you go out. Need to my young friend. It's not every day that we receive a visit from another dealer. You ought to be delighted but at the bank you are you know are you already set so. But that should not stop you from offering me a chair. Do sit down Mr. Sasser. Thanks. Your friend is milk coach Heres the new Mr. Good. Oh no I simply have more business sense that I think need right now. Mr. Wright Why have you painted lately. Everything is here Mrs. Arthur for you to look at. Lets see they Minerva's head. Its not bad. This drawing is lovely What is it. Well I think it's a horse at least that's what I mean we're not you know good temper today. Well that's a privilege of Hughes. Well how about this
Partridge. Who does it represent. Lady friend of mine. Perfectly charming. You will introduce me I hope. How do you know I was joking. Seriously I came here to make a business proposition. Can we talk a family I mean this you've been talking for 10 minutes and I've already told you I was late. Well I would like to talk to you alone. Oh I see. I beg your pardon I'm off school. Good bye I must ask her and if you want to do business with me. I live just next door. That angle will give you my address and I'll be happy to receive you. I have plenty of time you see I'm not in love. Yeah well you know you see a lighter. You're saying Mr. Zaslav at last I shall be brief. Very well you are so now in a few words. This is what brings me here. Or vive I have a German acquaintance a very rich man. He buys a lot of
paintings. But you seem more interested in taking a breath of fresh air at the window then listening to what I'm saying. No I was listening. You are so you know an English man or showman I said a German girl when I was saying I have a customer a very rich German. Monomaniac was crazy to change them once you didn't do another six months ago it was Cheryl's and and three months later it was autographs in train among them I had a terrible job finding him five tight rope walking monkeys. But his real passion Fortunately for me is painful. Now he has a new hobby. But what in heaven's name can I do about it gently my good friend you know me will you please. I told you I would be brave. And exhibit it is due to be held in Frankfurt and our German has set his mind
on submitting a painting and what is more a painting of his own hand. Well by all means don't let me stop and well the problem is that he paints terribly badly but that he insists upon making a name as an artist and so as is a very good custard of mine. Yes you've already said so and as he knows that our dealers know a lot of young talented artists who are completely broke and I think you're sick my dear fellow don't really interested me with finding him for a reasonable price a very reasonable price for heaven's sakes what are you driving at. Come let's get it out with you is the point what my collecting needs is a good completed painting which the author would accept not to sign. You understand you are poor Mr. and and you are talented I would like you to take advantage of this opportunity. Give me the portrait of the young girl which is there without a single show. And this evening I will give you
five hundred francs do you hear. Five hundred francs. You want me to give you this portrait without signing it. I know. Question I refuse to. If you suddenly let your German secret peeping elsewhere you have misjudged us artists. If you hope to make a deal of that kind whether painting be sublime or a complete failure. We always put our name at the bottom right that such high sentiments are very fine in theory. Let's forget it Mr.. Although I have lost all hope of winning the programme prize I recaptured in order to paint this portrait. All the energy which had left me during the competition. I will exhibit it soon confident that this time I will win. You will win one my diploma. What is that worth to you. Our reputation and fame our time now full but fame will never read you I won't take no
for an annoyance. I'll be back you'll be wasting your time with a Sir I am late. Please excuse me. See you later. All right all right. What a pain in the neck. A man's out of his mind. Wanting to take or wanting to take away my Louisa support and without my signature from the old crook. Of course he doesn't realize what this porter means to me. How I love you. You shall be my wife we shall be happy because I shall work hard for you. My name will be famous throughout the world. I shall paint a hundred portraits of you and sign them and my name shall be to your face for evermore. You're here. How did you get in through the door my dear. I knocked three times and didn't reply. Were you not expecting me. Of course I was. Henri told me you'd come. Am I disturbing you. How could you imagine
such a thing. But Henry got me terribly worried you know. He said You look as if you had some bad news for me. Well I am afraid so I said well I never dared to come here alone. Louise you frighten me. Tell me what's wrong. You promised not to be cross with me. Yes it's not my fault. You know if you get angry with me out I'll remind you of what you promised me when we spoke together for the first time what did I promise you kind of forgot. It was one evening mother was seriously ill. She just collapsed. I was terrified. I dashed out of the house to fetch a doctor. Without knowing what to look for when I was crying and then suddenly you were there in front of me I don't seen you before but it was the first time he'd spoken to me. Stay at your mother's side you told me. Take good care of her. I will find you a doctor where you found one quickly and my mother got well
and the following day I met you again and it was then that I plucked up sufficient courage to tell you that I had been in love with you for a long time and that by working hard I hope to earn enough money to make life easier for your mother by becoming her son. And then you added Whatever happens I give you my word of honor that I will stop seeing you if an obstacle to our marriage ever says That's right. And now our marriage just become impossible impossible. What I don't understand. Listen to me. When my father died he left two thousand francs debt. My poor mother who could not pay that sum arranged to give it back in five payments. We hope by working hard to earn enough to pay it back that way but when she fell ill again and with six weeks late on the first installment of four hundred francs and our belongings can be seized and Snowden.
Do you remember your mother in that state and you never told me about it what was the color you had no money. Please hear me out to the bitter end. A few days ago I went to see our creditor and plead with him. He is a youngish man and he received me kindly. Well the following day came to see my mother. He came back three times and yesterday my mother was overjoyed when I came home she threw her arms around me and she said. No more poverty my little raise no more sadness. Our creditor is in love with you and offers to marry you. No wait one word from you and I will die in peace. As she spoke tears were streaming down her face. When I saw her so and and so happy the whole idea I just didn't have the heart to say no I can't have it. You know is all this is impossible. You are mine you belong to me and you would want me to hand you over to someone else but my dear how could I explain to
my mother that I love you and that I can be happy only with you. No it's this man this creditor. When is he coming for not this very this evening. Yes. Louise if you really love me the way you say tell your mother everything refuse that man's advances and this very evening you shall have the money. How would be possible you could rely on it. And let's hope that's what it is that it's me again Mr.. I have thought it over and I would like to tell you just a minute. I'll open the door. What do you see my good fortune I see here quick here. All right. You minister's us he said. Thanks. Youre a lot more courteous than just now. Well you see I thought over your proposal. Yes what proposal just now you offer
me five hundred francs for this portrait just now. Oh yes yes yes yes I remember. You have swept its a deal. You can take it away now if you give me the money. Well now Mr.. Five hundred francs that is a lot of money but you would said you told me. Maybe maybe that I had time to think it over. I have been round to another studio just knew about them and I found what I needed for my German collector at a much lower price. Of course if you let me have your hoes cause the same price but how much. Well I think about three hundred francs are not on your life. Oh then well I'll be generous not to see four hundred francs but not a penny mo. Four hundred francs accepted. Thats a key I will count down the money for you. Why what's all that noise. I don't know the gold but it's a real
Bernard though you know you mustn't go mad at me if you are going crazy making the real run France's been out glory for the winter. It hits you very hard and while I'm delighted for you my warmest congratulations. Oh of course it isn't me stupid then it's you Henry. You know it's you know my hall come out stop calling from Iceland nobody's from in your life. Take the reef and the winner of the Rome grand prize. Move me brother and his adopted son you cry to come down here all my future has made a wrong grand prize. I hope my dear fellow that I was here still a home actually is we really should still be here now your four hundred francs 100 francs without by any chance be for one of his paintings and show me we've already made the deal let
me tell you so that there will be no deal. Henry plays four hundred francs for a painting by a Roman Prize winner that's out of the question just display for a portrait of that quality I can get you six hundred francs for any day I can guarantee 700 800 900 stop stop stop. I'll take it for 1000 one thousand right. Hope that is an awful lot of money. But this time I missed the ask you to sign and find something else for my gentleman. He is your mentor. Yes my dear. I'm so happy. Take this money for your mother. Now I can go and ask you for your hand. I'm a room. Five years later my anger settled in Rome. He stayed there
15 years and spent another four in Florence. His success there was such that he finally decided to return to Paris where he was practically unknown. He took the French capital by storm in less than a month and he was to return to his beloved Italy with the prestigious title of director of the Academy of France. During the whole of his life he remained faithful to the same type of model which he portrayed over and over again. A slim elegant young woman with a delicately shaped bust shapely wrists and ankles and a beautiful complection. It was Luis of course anger had not lied. Portraits of Louise are to be found in museums and private collections throughout the world as he had said to Louise. I shall pay one hundred portraits of your beloved and my name will be linked to yours for evermore.
As for Mr. Sessler he was a good art dealer and carefully preserved the portrait of Louisiana obtained for such a good price. But he deserved our gratitude for having finally bequeath it to the painter his hometown and Louise's lovely young face adds yet another traitor to those exposed in the Anglo museum in Malta bow
France. You've been listening to the story of a masterpiece today Angle wins the Rome grand prize with Alexander claiming go in the title role with David Ellis Lyle Joyce and Julian was there as a slave. This program was written by Patrice gullable and at that into English by John bew and directed by Pierre Christiano the knot it came to you transcribed from or to the French broadcasting system in Paris. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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The story of a masterpiece
Ingres, Rome Grand Prix
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