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The following program is distributed by the national educational radio network. The old record box. This program consists primarily of selections played from cylinder records on Edison phonographs frequently called talking machines. These records were issued in a period extending from the late 1890s to 1920 now. Your host is red herring to him. It would not take much rummaging around in the old record box to come up with hundreds of records one could readily play under the caption of show Baz. We shall however limit the field of musical comedy and to only a spare few of those that found their way into the homes of the people through the medium of the phonograph.
We can well begin with a elaborate long run production of the pink lady in one thousand eleven. Critics and audiences raved over Hazel dawn the star as she sang and played on her violin. The best known number my beautiful lady. An interesting side note comes from Richard J Whalen in his book The founding father when he relates that President Kennedy's father went to see the production in Boston with some of his friends during his student days. Here are soloist is Elizabeth Spencer. I am.
I am I am I am I am. Sometimes the most eminent critiques can be wrong. In 1886 Mr. H T Parker used these words in his evaluation Erminie a new musical comedy. I thin and pretty sentimental balladry with high notes here in their thinking little car says lightly running little and Samba has borrowed in part from a previous successful French production. The American public expressed its approval in their attendance at the lavish stage production of
New York performances alone totaled one thousand two hundred fifty six plus showings on tour making at the long run champion until the time of Oklahoma. The libretto was by Harry Paul and music by Edward Jakob Boesky. The Lullaby remained a favorite which was in later performances sung by Lillian Russell who replaced the opening star of Pauline hall. Anyway. All.
Right. And they are right. I am.
OK OK OK OK I am. Oh. Oh. Oh and.
The but. Oh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. If.
A later and less well-known production was Browne of Harvard in one thousand six. Melville Alice and writer Johnson did have a popular song in the number when love is young in spring time here sung by a baritone Frank C. Stanley whose career went back to they early experimental stage in the development of the Edison phonograph company. He also sang far other companies including Victor and Columbia. Oh. Laura and
you are. In now. Where are you going to. But when. You
talk. Our goodbye selection is in two respects the last in the program. Also by title. Good bye girls I'm through. All written during rehearsals turned out to be the hit of the show change in 1914. Words are by John Golden then a songwriter and music by Ivan Carroll. One might note that Marion Davies appeared and this number was sung by Fred Stone. Our recording artist is Owen J McCartney. I am sorry.
The quality of musical comedies has been steadily improving in recent years since Victor Herbert did much to lend some dignity to the medium. Before the turn of the century.
Using your favorites and I'll hum mine and others from the old record box produced by Fred Harrington and W. B. This is the national educational radio network.
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The old record box II
Show Biz
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