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We present the WFC aren't non drama series and experiment in sound sensations produced under a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Today's work and others in the 13 week series is not meant to be a radio drama. Instead we suggest the works be viewed as abstract surrealistic sound paintings. And in this case the term sound is used generically. Voice music sound effects and even silence make up the non drama anyone reaction may differ from another depending on what each listener brings to the listening experience. These works attempt to create an environment. The rest is up to the listener. And now in stereo we present radio piece conceived by Robert Stern and Andrew Hague. Electronic sounds editing and sound mixing were realized by Robert Stern at the electronic music studio at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts.
Now. Oh. Oh.
Oh. The.
But I did. I do. He. Always. Told. Her that they had already traversed that much of the river. From. Baghdad. And. She got told. I don't know Lovelace of the world where danger and unpaid work hand-in-hand with them they will
buy for you this. Morning. My heart broke out with a whale of a pound. Every. Three hundred and fourteen all my thirty nine run batted an eye. Here he is at. Fault. Non-support. You have clients. Drinking beer in the. Early summer going to the black. Woman.
Right there for money and. There for governor. They go to the bank. I weakly got started toward the part when you're really going to want to. Write. Radio. Man. It.
Will be good. And you want to get away from it all. It'll be.
More powerful than I want to eat at the feet of the night. Yeah well you know you're really the only one I was going to let me know in any less. Than that. You know. Yes your name is Tonto. That's right. Years ago you called me Kimo sabi right. And you still you must have it rain. Just a moment we will present our second admission featured Texaco's up for a quiz but first we paused and seconds with station identification. Broadcasting from the University of Massachusetts. Five College Radio in Amherst W. F. C. R..
And now in stereo we present with day done and a much older and original non drama by Dana Tracey. Oh.
Lot. More than. Me. She's with you. Stranger here. Where's. The winters in snow. Right.
Right. In your dream and for. Watching. When the night. When. This is the land of short days. And now. It's. Fast. My flower. Yeah.
Thanks. Thanks thanks. The last about a week on the average and I pay for the damage Apple prayed this morning and child let me know about cornuta and says me. Besides laughing. True shiny nice eyes and also the other gleaming tomorrow like it. And wrinkles were.
Sparrows. Crows foretold. Elf. Seventy two news old 72 News or so got one of my own when twice they caught me. Child and I to conversing at I was me. Wake me. And her money. My money money my run crash and we were to die. Poor Sam and her were. Filthy. And over one I can't stop. Smiling. Him to talk. And a hard time cranks Pansy's movements 25 when he. Went. Around town. Meaning. One of the. Many. Who were. Friends and what I mean is suddenly stuck in those years when I did a. Song and someone told. Me. Trained me for touch right shoulder and bad gods the run and some sand goes over the head and smile up front its always as they left.
That temple to Behringer was in and yours is a new to me red pen Roland and street house so are you. Summer Lake 10 time flying so get on strike so kiss kiss kiss me.
WFCR non-drama series
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:20:00?
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