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You're listening to music and give us. Welcome once again. Oh. Whoever you are in radio land there's still another edition. Music by Don give us. And this is done give us of course sitting here at his desk in the division of Music School of the arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. Sitting microphone in hand to mention segment facts about program number 23 which this one is for instance number 23 along with all of the others is brought to you over the facilities of the national educational radio network. And because this is true you and countless millions of others of our listeners may hear it over your favorite station each week. Now for the next few minutes I want to tell you all about the music you're about to hear will hear only one score this week my Symphony Number seven subtitled The saga of a prairie school. So now if you'll all gather closely around the microphone
I'll tell you all about the Seventh Symphony perhaps even more than you'd care to know. Anyway you going to hear it because once I get my teeth into the role of being a radio commentator really comment. My seventh symphony is a commissioned work that is. Someone asked for it to be written. Someone in this case was Texas Christian University of Fort Worth Texas and they wanted a new symphony because they were having their seventy fifth anniversary. I was selected because I was a graduate of Texas Christian. I had taught there and now I was to return to present this new work and to receive an honorary doctorate in music. The symphony was first performed as part of Texas Christian University seventy fifth anniversary celebration at which a program of my music at Will Rogers auditorium was one of the main events I conducted part of this program and then Dr. T Smith McCorkle dean of Fine Arts at Texas Christian conducted the world premiere of the Seventh Symphony with the DCU Symphony Orchestra. Later I recorded it
in London with the new symphony orchestra of London and will hear it now in this particular reading. The Symphony Number Seven of done give us subtitled saga of a prairie school. The prairie school. Yeah.
When the.
Lists. 11. Mum. Mum. Mum. I. Don't. Know.
eh 11. Ill. Luck. Good. Luck. Let's. See. Me. Me. Me.
I am. Me. The last. Thing. The last song.
Woo. Militant.
Her. For her to. Her. With this performance of my Symphony Number Seven played for us by the new symphony orchestra of London conducted. The composer we've come to the end of another broadcast of music by Don Gillis. Next week we'll return with more words and music this time to present a tape made especially for us by the United States Air Force Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Arnold Gabriel and it's titled is our tour of Tuscany a portrait of the century. Be sure to join us won't you because when the national educational radio network presents music by Darden give us dearly loves to know that you're listening with every fiber of your being. Music by Dan give us comes to you from the division of music of
Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas and is brought to you by the National Education o Radio Network. Oh I. Already sent that one. Case in a radio network. Oh well until next week. This is done give us a so-long.
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The music of Don Gillis III
Episode Number
Producing Organization
Southern Methodist University
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features Symphony No. VII ("Saga of a Prairie School").
Series Description
This series spotlights the works of American composer Don Gillis and is hosted by the man himself.
Media type
Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Host: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Performing Group: New Symphony Orchestra of London
Producer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producing Organization: Southern Methodist University
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-39-23 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:42
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