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So lovely or to say that it's a love of your lives. On the radio they say. Oh you like China. Why do you love me. Come on to the hotel. OK OK. You know I can go. To. Bed. Hello diary. This is art. I don't be a bean stall guy. I just love me up so high. This is how I came I put the money. Now my Ford up and up from here to shoot and the person being stopped singing like mischief all the time. Till it took me rocking spinning in a decease semicircle making angles with the roup flower out above the capital of the city I was on the end
still a little dirty city in the lights and sheer and sunny shone as dazzling bright and pretty and then learning that you find it in a dream of finding money. Why don't wind one aborning fill a tiny shiny city. When I shot a glance below get it with something luckless sick and blissfully afraid there was a dewdrop on the plane and apparently moments afterwards of willing guests I did and I felt my foot slipped and by yesterday up behind and the wind was like a whip cracking past my X years and my eyelids were full of tears more tears than they could all live. The wind was blowing so and my teeth were in a row drying grinning and I thought my foot slipped. And I scratched the wind in the wind and I clutched the started juggling. With my eyes shut. Bloody good. Well we didn't want to win.
You all were all of us die. Giant is the shelf of a company. I'm a big stops on a builder like yourself only being stopped in my train I could make. Shall I go in now. Being stall is more of a lie or lie on what I. Was a. Thank you. It's not funny you would think of a different books saying that it's my own writing.
This is called the posse woman. You know that in India there's a sect of called the posse and when one dies the body is placed on a toll tower of situps. When I saw this when she was there the vultures pick the flesh away and that's the burial that the family tribe sect. Beautiful parsley woman and your pale silk veil with a gold border. Why do you watch the sky. The skies thick and cloudy but the bold strong wings of the vulture. Should tell your breast and file on the tall tower of silence. Where you at length must lie. But have not I to the end of the Northern may in the past just look as pink with a wild Azalea and fragrant with its breath touched the brow
treacherous with my living hand. Thrown me prone on my own green coffin lid and smiled at the grass and have no thought of death. You are there with a tranquil lovely brow. What do you see so high some beautiful thing in the sun and the vultures wing. Thought. Pretty well. Just about not. Sure of his love for you know I must feel pretty. I must live and my dreaming here with travel is just pause and think about. It. You know crap all shotgun.
Parents taught us this and read what was clearly a longer life and men are like dogs dogs a lot alike. They loved us. What a fool I was to take you into my house go shake my days and nights to send all my hopes about you knowing where I must live if you know what gets me. Was for it. Real. Real downstream. Of those. All right. Here's a real everything. We. May not recognize it without real love. All right. You know people are reporting the real life detestable rapes that you stop at
when at which I really. Never. Ever going to be alive. No you know I really love poetry. I want to retest. Oh no my brother. Yes it may come back to a part of the man and he doesn't speak up and I spoke with you right. All right all right. I really have a real love. Particularly. When we are old. And these rejoicing veins are frosty channels to a muted stream and out of all our burning there remains no people it sparked a fire as even a dream. This will be our solace but it was not said when we were young and warm and in our prime. Up on our couch we lay as alive a dead sleeping away and returning time oh sweet or heavy lidded.
Oh my love when morning strikes my spirit and the land and we must rise in our lives and reprove the insolent daylight with a steady hand. Be not discountenanced if the knowing know we rose from rapture but an hour ago. Comes to me. And I said no because it's broken up. And in parenthesis it says on reflecting that the world is ready to go to war again. That's right. Well it's like I don't know. I think one of. These things was. Offensive but perhaps a bit. Oh always. I mean I could say this to write.
About what I want to say but. It might. Be true. Apostrophe to man detestable race continue to expunge yourself die out breed faster crowd and Croce seeing him build bombing airplanes make speeches unveil statues issue bonds Perry convert again into explosives be wielded ammonia and the distracted cellulose. Convert again into protests and matter drawing flies. The hopeful bodies of the young. X Hawk prey pull long faces. Be honest be all but overcome. Be photographed. Cf. perfecto formula I commercialized bacteria harmful to human tissue. Put death on the market. Breed. Crowd and crops expand expand. Also die out homo called sapiens a
bit. Then we read history and to the point I said you know when it does appear. As if there's some real history. So learn your place in time and go to sleep. All this was done before we do it better following every shore we disinfect. We do not prole the crime. Plunge into the seas they climb above our atmosphere we grow not more profound as we approach the ocean's floor our flight is lofty. It is not some polite yet long ago this earth by struggling men much scuffed by scrape by Miles that bubble of mud
and will be so again and yet again until we trace our poison to its butt and root and root it until then it will be warmed each winter by a man's blood. Yes. Sure I read it every day. And we read history. That's how small a space you may have it in order to have it long and crowding cosmos in that can find a place where baldly build your flimsy barriers strong turn round and round. Make warm your nest among the other hunting beasts. Keep heart and face not to
betray the doom that splendid race you are so proud of. To which you belong. For Trouble comes to all of us. The rat has courage in adversity to fight. But what a shine animal is a man who knows when pain subsides that. He is not. That far worse and that it must fall. Yet I can write music and. Play tennis even play a bit. Go and get something to say about 10 minutes or something. So there we go. How are you human. You know Marcus. Right.
Right right right. Just do it. You know. Where to send. Us. I'm going to make sure you're. Right. Never you. Never. Been. Tonight. I'll improve my room. Oh. I do. So. Because I'm coughing again. Right. Right. I see all this preparation. Look at me you see that boy talking to the other boy you know that of those two men don't look up. Now look again. You know not wanting me to believe that somebody is talking to. You should you see in striped pants. Well he was bought in Paris France.
Was. I. Mean. I could go. Back. To your. British ship. But what sort of a wife and a portrait of Enable. Me. To walk. Away. I can speak to anyone I know. The love you want us to do exactly. Eat. Him or we're going to go. Every month to the sight seeing tears of the lady said well she
said he came she came over from New York and I was saying to her you've come a long way from St. Louis but Dave you forgot about where to go on to. Oh. My. Question was. Which one. What. If I go right out. Trying to find something. I want. To read another. One. Well see. Something. All right obviously.
I know the face of force would come. Honey with unction plausible. Idea to men who count me not among their daily credit to have smiled. Such have been suckled out of great distress by her contriving. If accounts be true their deference now above the board I guess this talk is what they need the board is due. As for myself I believe her aid and eat her presence. Let this building fall let me never lift my lash afraid to hear how simpering accents in the hall. Nor force an entrance past mephitic arrows of stale patchouli hanging on my scanners. I was just.
Looking at what is in the house if you know let me know. You know Carol. Except that we're not privy to that. You should smile perfect recording machine back there. If I grow a beard today it's like and now they're down to three very harshly of my. Pocket through the years the mouth if I make my draw on bows and hospitable house of which I never cry. Took a walk in the sky under which I stand high. And hear the day go by outside. It is the wind to straw then my back when I was young. It is that I hear the rain. Let's listen to me again. It's not a local
level so. I only really know me. I don't like a lot. Let's discuss what you know. I don't. Know where. But. Really. Great go. For. You by labor. Before she has lost weight all the dishes done. Anyway you will find the sun in the sun. They are not the midnight in the lot. And you never see her chimneys smoked up cars and she digs in her garden with a shovel and as she weeds her lazy lettuce by like a broom she walks up the wall like a woman in a dream she forgets she borrowed buffed up and a few back cream.
On the lawn looks like a man. And if she knows the place she leaves the clothes dad. And. The Queen Anne's. Lace. Much of the tea. It is about. It is. When I stand I meet you and I know my mind and I have made my choice and not from your temper as my doom depend. Love me or love me not. You have no voice in this which is my portion today and your presence and your favors the full part the truth could give you none can take away. What lies between your beauty and my heart. Not even you can trouble or betray mistake me not under my
inmost core. I do desire your kiss upon my mouth. They have not craved a cup of water more than bleach upon the deserts of the South. Here might you bless me. What you cannot do is about me darling who have been loved by you. Another look. I was going to ask but only Let's do my sister bro. So I sit right in Washington. That's where we're up. With November 8 1923 at the unveiling of a statue of three leaders in the cause of equal rights for women. It's now dedicated to him there's no doubt she's very interesting. She was a wonderful suffragist. Idol. Best of girls.
And she was the former wife of union boss that became my sister's husband. So I think it's very interesting with this part of this is dedicated to her who she was the last person she was a dancer in his know how to die. I think. What. About the caller as did these women so that he felt that pressure perhaps she felt in a case she did being with those late. Because ladies of the time. Yes gets it right. But she should have. Stuck to her on a big white horse I think anyway. You know she was smart. Then big fight for some. One. But I'm reading this now you can read this poem but more of. It's so lovely. For any noble spirit upon this model of the past that is not.
I lay them around the formal reading that is not fame but in the form of my silenced cry. Ruki The Living Tree Hoosac is flame. I. Was proud and. Am no more. Save is a dream. That wasn't is a lie. Same as a wind that ruffles the stout gall of toppling the ashes in the shell to carry. The storm that I shall be twice. Thus only my stand on a taken Hill. Can sheep and they will do. And the red brown rust and maybe mottled light adventurous will even nod. The SIL is tugging at the stack. Take up the Psalm. Forget the epic T.
T come along you know that and stay out. But in the open door she's dad and by suddenly. And rinsed my hand and looks up on me. Trouble I.
Mull she said. I just saw on the cot you saw. T. That's it for. You. Live. It's not it's not me. You know Terry no slumber no roof against the rain. Oh yeah a floating spot to mend that scene and rise and sing and rise and sing again. Love cannot fill the vacant lot of breath not clean the blood. Not satisfactory to both Yet many a man is making friends with death. Even as I speak for lack of love I know it well may
be that in a difficult owl pinned down by pain and no need for a BS Oh nack I walked. Past resolutions power. I might be driven to go about peace trade the memory of this night. For well maybe I do not think. You have heard. Norma Millay Reading From the Collected Poems of her sister Edna St. Vincent Millay. She was assisted by Rushville Lee Brown. This was another in a series of lectures and readings recorded at the Library of Congress under the auspices of the Gertrude Clark whittle poetry and literature fund. This is the national educational radio network.
Library of Congress lectures II
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