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The jazz of the past. Welcome. Do I happen out of jazz classics from the private collection of lenny castle. These old 78 rpm recordings are now a collector's item and here to comment on the music and the way some of the records for you is. Let me guess. We're going to review a number of records tonight that were made by different artists and I think that these kind of shows really appeal to me because you can get a variety of things and still a continuity between the different records and it's almost astronomical. And what we're going to try that tonight anyway. And in we we hope that you'll like it. The reason that I'm seeming a little apologetic is a few of these records tonight are all records that I made over the years and I thought I'd use three of those and so if you hear my name I won't mention any further but if you my name
will it will be me. So we're going to start right out with the Duke Ellington tune that was done about the early 40s and it's a really a blockbuster in school to get through the roof. I am I am.
I am. I am. Can.
This next record never became too popular but it's a very famous standard tune and it's done by many castle in the trio and was me in the late 40s and it's more than you know. Long URL on my wall. Where we were.
Long long. We have. More than
your. If you go. More.
Now on the next leg we're going to play as a you HCA you know night clubs of America reissue. That was a reissue of an I dubbed that actually an original record this is a dub of that original record that mismeasure our own from period time to record that Frank Tessmacher mismeasure ride class where the reading on this and there's a rhythm section with Joe Sullivan and Gene Krupa among others on it. And in this particular record why it was just a test pressing record it never was issued in any way. And it's a great record in its jazz me blues. OK.
OK OK. OK OK. OK. You know you can be found at. Home alone.
When I come home. Can we meet. His next record was made with a fine piano man and a
vocalist and he guesses on vocals and it's a you know very old standard I can't believe that you're in love with me. Never knew what to do. Good for you and everyone I know you're having you can have all these place. After our lives. I'll still find it that you are in love with me.
I am. And your kisses too I never knew you would love but. I can't believe you and
I'm telling everyone I know on my mind wherever I go. Place to use a marriage and you don't unload on me telly never when I know you are on my mind where you can't leave and I can't leave and we can't leave the tour unless we have to meet. A lot be a next record is you know a mammy and it's by the Memphis stompers and it's on Victor and it's quite old it's in beautiful conditions here in Ft. Right.
I might write that might ended it records made about nine hundred twenty eight and inaction has made about one hundred forty eight. And it's very famous if you're Gershwin standard by and by this time among musicians in any case. And it's nice work if you can get in the vocalist as weak as this. Need the stories. Nice work if you can
get it and get it up there. Nice work. When to speak more on that ask for anything rare and then take a minute. Nice work if you can bear it and if you get it won't you tell me. Just the marriage and the war on them. Where do you know that the
normal warps more and more are anything more than only going to learn rare in their old work if you can get it and it won't you won't. Now the next record was made in 1943 by those those in his jazz band in the title of it and it's not too too unknown It's called floating around. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. For going. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Much songs like they really have a good time on that record doesn't it. And of course as one of the nice things about jazz in the next record which we're going to go out with is a record called Let's get happy. And it's a little more professional kind of approach to the same thing that you just heard so it's a Commodore record. No need to list them in on it except that Leo Watson
does a little scat vocal on it and it's a very sound record so here we are with let's get happy. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Again the other
day that I am on my own for the night and I am learning that I am sorry. You're. Young. You're. Young you're
young and. As I say I have a feeling myself I hope that you hold that feeling also that there's a sort of a texture created when you get a different of the amount of breath. When you get a number of records when the amount of records all have a sort of a conflict in sound and I hope that it can a texture is as appealing to you as it is to me and of course I knew I'd show why it was a potpourri show and it's just about my favorite kind because I do listen to different records rather than in one artist except maybe if it's Vic's or someone for an evening.
And so tonight my I hope that you've enjoyed it too. I do. Again so like several recordings from his private collection of 78 rpm jazz classics he'll play them for you on jazz. Broadcasting.
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