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The legendary P.A.. Radio Network brings you another in a series of recitals by keyboard giants of the early 20th century. These performances are selected from more than 1000 Recordings. Reproducing piano rolls collected by Dr. Campbell stuff the chairman of the music department at Washington State University. The duo art was a highly sophisticated refinement of the play. Piano develop to preserve actual performances of concert artists in the days before I like chronic record. Now here is Campbell stout to introduce today's legendary pianist celebrated throughout the world as one of the greatest harpsichord players of her time. Wonderland Oscar was also a super pianist. She was born in Warsaw Poland in the eight hundred seventy seven and studied piano at the worst conservatory with Mikel Laski And later
in Berlin with most got ski from 1900 to 913 she lived in Paris and taught piano at the school to come to her while there she became interested in the music written for the harpsichord and made herself a virtuoso on that instrument. After many years of successful tours in Europe she made her first visit to the United States in 1903. In addition. Do a performance with Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra. She toured several American cities and did her first recording for RCA Victor following a period of four years spent in Worldwide Tours lecturing and performing. Linda opened her school of ancient music near Paris in 1041 she came to America again and perform the Bach Goldberg Variations to a full house in town hall. Her return generated great enthusiasm and her time was filled with concerts teaching recordings writing and study in 1050. She settled permanently in Lakeville Connecticut during the next few years she did a great deal of recording and including the Well-Tempered Clavier of Bach and works by Mozart for
piano. She passed away in 1059 at the age of 82. For today's program I've chosen two works by Beethoven before the publication of the Boston Sonata one of Beethoven's friends remarked to him that the work was too long even though Beethoven took his friend to task for making such a criticism. He thought it over for a while and became convinced the friend was right. Consequently he withdrew the second movement and published it as a separate composition and titled Dante in F because of it's all about popularity Beethoven referred to it as on Dante the very we'll in today's Wonderland off the recital with the performance of this composition. You have just heard andante from Ari by Beethoven the remainder of today's Lead off of the
recital is devoted to her performance of the Beethoven Opus 26 Sonata in a flat. The first movement is an andante with variations. The second the third a funeral march and the finale a Rondo. You've been listening to the Opus 26 by
Beethoven. It was played by the featured artist on today's program. This has been the legendary pianists. It's a series of recitals from doing large reproducing piano rolls by the keyboard giants of the early 20th century. Your host and commentator on these programs is Dr. Campbell Stout the chairman of the music department at Washington State University. Speaking to the legendary pianist produced by Washington State University Radio and distributed by the Radio Network.
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The legendary pianists II
Producing Organization
Washington State University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents Wanda Landowska playing Beethoven: Andante Favori and Sonata, Opus 26.
Series Description
Music by great early-twentieth century concert pianists who produced Duo-Art piano roll recordings before advent of electronic recording.
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Announcer: Rundell, Hugh
Host: Stout, Kemble, 1916-
Performer: Landowska, Wanda
Producing Organization: Washington State University
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 63-39-18 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:28:58
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