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The following program is produced as a public service feature by the radio division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. With cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Illinois division of narcotic control. We present H is for joy. Oh. H is for joy. That title again. Remember when we told you about it in our first program. Curious title we said but we ask you to listen then judge so you would learn the true meaning of H is for joy. Well 12 programs have gone by. This is number
13. And by this time something has crystallized in your mind. What is it. What are you thinking. We'd like to know. The only way we can know is for you to communicate with us. Phone right. But tell us is H for joy. Why not. What's so wrong about taking drugs. What's wrong about spending all your money on a little pleasure. What's wrong about puncturing your body with a hypodermic needle until your veins collapse. Why is being addicted to narcotics any worse than being an alcoholic. Again tell us we'd like to know your thoughts. We said this is program number 13. We've discussed narcotics there's sociological and physiological effects and the laws that govern legal and illegal trafficking. Before we begin another topic there are a few loose ends we'd like to tie together. In Illinois narcotics laws have been consolidated into one general law. Has it worked. Have these laws been
effective in what they attempt to do. There are several ways to measure this effectiveness. Here's one. Springfield a narcotics official said today some 100 informers assisted the Illinois division of Narcotics Control make 114 arrest during 1959 division superintendent Malakai Heinie said in Springfield. A total of sixteen thousand dollars was paid out of the division's advance fun and used to pay off informers and purchase narcotics with marked money. Carney said the marked money after being Illinois news commentators recently carried such news items as these. Chicago a former city employee 40 year old Fred Canuto was sentenced to 40 years in prison today for possession sale and transportation of narcotics. Federal district judge Julius minor said Canuto committed quote the most hideous and diabolical crime against mankind. At times it is more treacherous than murder. He also fined Canuto of eight hundred twenty three north that year revenue in Elmwood Park twenty thousand
dollars. Two co-defendants were sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined $10000 each. They are 47 year old quiet Baker a 14 22 East Market Road and forty eight year old Howard fry of 535 East Eighty six St.. United States Attorney Robert T can call could you do a sentence the stiffest ever imposed on a narcotics charge in the federal court in Chicago. Gudel was convicted on five counts of a nine count indictment for selling 10 and one fourth ounces of heroin to a narcotics informant. Judge minor sentence could order two consecutive 20 year sentences and to 20 year concurrent sentences. Frye and Baker owners of a West Side barbecue stand were convicted on all nine counts of the indictment and received 20 year concurrent sentences on each count. Judge minor ordered could do no fry and Baker to start serving their terms immediately to halt their trafficking in heroin during the pendency of any appeal. Washington Illinois stringent penalties for convicted Don't peddlers were credited today with reducing the number of addicts in the state.
H J Anslinger commissioner of narcotics for the Treasury Department made the statement in testimony released today by a House Appropriations subcommittee in Washington Illinois imposes a minimum 10 year sentence on the paddlers and slinger said. And the result was to cut the number of addicts from sixty three hundred one thousand fifty eight to 60 100 last year. The number of new addicts dropped sharply Anslinger said. Bureau records show some 1000 reported for one thousand fifty six 194 for 1957 774 for 1958 and four hundred ninety three four thousand nine hundred fifty nine. Illinois law is more severe than the federal statute which provides for a 5 to 20 year sentence for first offenders and 10 to 40 years for subsequent offenses Anslinger also praised the federal court in Chicago for the recent imposition of a maximum penalty set Anslinger federal judge Julius minor sentenced a big trafficker to 40 years. The laws help apparently. But let's check one more source of information. The
addict what does he say about the effectiveness of these laws. Well when I first started fooling around I was a law enforcement was green you know made that it walk up to his church and facile stuff and give it back to you. Oh yeah do is tell him he caps. I used to get a little green medicine bottle and I'd have two and I will look OK and I was with them and push them cotton in the bottle when I put the capsules and put the cotton on the towel. And usually you know everybody got those prescription on that take one every three hours you know take is director leg day after meals and I have data on that by some doctor and be doing right out the medicine about it taking a look at it and see the medicine on now my name is on it. You know they took it for granted it was medicine. They give it back. And they were looking at you for scars and
rank that they didn't do it. Don't they know that they look for they would take you cigarettes of Teddy and all of what really looked awful Platt and you'd have all this stuff. When you make a to do like that's what Gibson he gone when he changed the way he was pretty much first generation are kind of around a hundred and Co. That's when this outing this guy was singing this song the G man got the team and we slide down to get this plaid that day as a comical character come and say Hello daddy there are things who look he says. G-man got to Teamhair. Oh yeah please go. CVG Matt look at team there and boy we also say came the nose to kink you know can we kinky tonight to scat cause did you got the key.
You know me that night we all got busted to sit around the weight of this gang to come back you have the police come back around again and it was from back. It took us all in jail and we give a damn cause and they accuse of being repaid with no proof whatsoever no refund nothing to go on just the fact that we were in this was said in this building that they had raided the night before and they just threw us read only and with the other crowd of about 50 of us and gives and he in give us a chance to prove it one with no change of venue no nothing typical kangaroo in foreclosure I don't not doubt Brad Will when he did. Do you think me. Stronger power means having any particular factor. Personally I was there with her. The
thing to do crack too much is a bit of what they've done they've made it just about impossible to get it and that the fact that it is a hand is a lot of it here. But people are reluctant to show that this is according to the man and tore it can you. You know they have to think twice for just grab him to you for oh yeah. Only a fool out of do it and them that do it. I think it just gives up a neck for me. This curtailed it quite a bit because the street hand used to be called
real USA. Believe me it's virtually impossible to get a cab. So if you really did a magnificent job of that every you know says much you know say it was five Vegas three years ago you saw a lot of youngsters on junk you know. You know see feel so you know you know it was on the first grade nobody wants to take the chance to have a show because if you sell some stuff to help his and he get caught he can get you that you go free food given you you got a huge free and the people just want to make those changes now and used to be there. You could get people to cough for you life you strange in a neighborhood you could walk in a neighborhood and scout around and around the U.S. And often you
hit on the sill and then you take care of business will get registered and you read it read them know you know you take when you go a swish and get stuff take you read them to demand you know I get the stuff and take you somewhere we have to take it off you turn them on what now but it don't like that now you go astray and they were. Yeah and you get ministry for the characters when your house is even in the cut to burn. Yeah so yeah. Jim would look and you think you would leave there to lay him wait then if you suck and know the game your money as it passes fix for the day and he and the Co. And like conventions used to want you to know where you could look you know any given hour and ten you know do they know you. If you got a connection in any case you get into it with him when you need you know as you
get in touch with him when he wants to. A few horses go to the connection. The only time I mean you see the collation the blanky have been recovered down to get his money. He figured you should be sold out and he call you you know and you get into it with as the only way it was no one was fat and he only came out to wait for him to call you when not a stray or again got a fall. Resham Well you and you. From what we've heard there's enough indication to show that these laws properly enforced are effective in controlling narcotic addiction. There are other laws that Illinois has added to its code but laws are not always accepted as the final answer. In fact those who enforce them don't say they are. However various groups take up their banners and automatically pronounce these laws as inhuman. Here's Paul Jami Tun with a comment about irrational critics of the law.
He refers to the Illinois narcotic code when he says the commission in establishing this act was not as cruel as many people and the do gooders would like for you to believe. For those people who become medically addicted or addicted through street use and who are young you have never had much of a criminal record. A person may be placed in a private hospital state or federal hospital for treatment. At the last session of the legislature the enforcement of an act to regulate the possession delivery sale or exchange of hypodermic needles hypodermic syringes and similar instruments are placed in of the vision of narcotic control. January 1960. A uniform drug device and Cosmetic Act. Dangerous drugs. Bear legend caution. Federal law prohibits
dispensing without a prescription caution. Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription caution. The drug in your hands is dangerous. Caution. H is not for joint. News. Script by Ed the net and production below Byrd Ted Seeley speaking. The preceding tape recorded program was made available to the station by the National Association of
H is for joy
Narcotics and the law, continued.
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In this program, the third of three parts, Paul J. Maton returns to speak against irrational critics of the law. A junkie tells his opinion of laws' effectiveness. Current news items included.
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A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.
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