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From the Great Hall of the Cooper Union in New York City. National Educational radio presents the Cooper Union forum series are peace love and creativity the hope of mankind. These programs are recorded by station WNYC. Here now is the chairman of the company Union Park Dr. Johnson he is your chairman Johnson a third term speaking to you from the great hall of the Cooper Union where we are continuing with the program a total peace love and creativity. The discussion of the moment is creativity as a conscious or unconscious activity and our speaker is Dr. Oz for manicures. Dr. Mothercare spoken here in the Cooper Union before but when I mentioned her background to do with the University of Pennsylvania and doctorate from the University of Vienna. He was a child analyst for the Jewish Board of Guardians and probably the
practice since 1938. Interested in individual diagnosis of their person. He's a member of the American Psychological Association professor in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology at New York University. Very happy to welcome Dr Mantik to. Type. When I read my own heart it seemed a little to me and I thought to myself I ought to justify this some way or other. And I said to myself Well you're
not running for public office so you don't have to make good humor I'm sure you're not humorous. It's a little on the heavy side and so I would beg your indulgence attention please. There is a literature on the subject of creativity and literature that ranges over the many years in which man's creativity expresses itself in art in music in the world in an invention in philosophy and. Much of it deals with the creative product and we can understand it in terms of an individual creator and the social setting out of which you derive.
It has been concerned with the creative experience all purely descriptive leave some time with the church for the dynamic understanding of the process itself. My talk indicates it is mostly to the larger point that I salute myself but question. Why. So unaided with Kennedy and have produced such a literature and so much scientific inquiry into the subject. One. Having an awareness of it is curious about many things that have to do with themselves and
seem to me in the creative process. It would be extraordinary with which crime his every day experience. And every day performance and activity that manifest it in that in between him and what produces genius. What makes this particular man a genius. How did he do it and what is the nature of his experience. However it is only because the creative expansiveness of genius is so far removed from him self that the average man is fascinated by it but
because it touches on his own creativity. You participation that is the participation of the average man. Too that he is moved by the Creative Word of another creative observer his own awareness at the point of a creative potential I perceive will now be in Bandra. The beauty and the and all things which the creative community. Because of the very nature of human awareness of human consciousness. The capacity for creativity of hurt.
However it isn't the issue of the exceptional individual but the meat of the creative process is most sharply delineated and its dynamic can therefore be study here. In the human consciousness to memory and to the capacity for speech and symbolic to be in all of human culture all of human civilization. Indeed for the human capacity to create but not related to the Creator in life
out of which human consciousness has emerged and to which it owns much of the creative drop. For nature is created through the creation of now and in the process which we call evolution from the beginnings of life. Some two billion years ago merely the reproduction of organism for then we might have inhabited by unity. But there is creation of new species able on a level of increasing complexity to adjust to all types of them. But this progress of animal form.
With the new evolutionary acquisition of conscious. Surely there are the sheep especially the higher primates and those animals whom we have in our own prophecies of domestication who cause a degree of consciousness and of and I'm aware. But nowhere do we find awareness where that which is core is conscious. It is well known that human acquisition is the result of great evolutionary advance in the development of the brain and nervous system and who were at risk from the pressure to respond to the
interaction with the changing environment. By creating something new. That perpetuates itself by to prophesy by reproduction which create the new within the limits of a given dramatic possibility and therefore represent the more traditional or conservative fact of evolution and by what we might call elite thought Grand Cayman in which new qualities are created. Now is precisely such a leap. Such a new quality which has been created by our logical evolution. It would not be within the scope of this talk to discuss the way in which
such an elite in organic evolution come about yet. In a discussion of creativity it is important to note that long before man. Appears or even begins to create culturally and thereby institute a new type of evolution. By evolution it provides for the eggs and actualization are created. For not only adaptation to a given and but to give an environmental condition ensured through the evolution of organisms by specific structures and by special behavior maps of the action. But
I guarantee the potentiality for improvement in the word earn. He says the following and I could. Buy it for the contribution of genetic variability evolution in general to jump off in a new direction and grow in C and Y to be prepared for a thing new in the future. The possibility for change for A for creativity. We might call this for human creativity. Not only. Evolutionary scientists and genetic confirmed
in the organic world of the potential for the creation of the new. But for you to have pointed to the fact so that only bear from the well known French philosopher who was concerned with Creative Evolution is well known. Right there is a creation of possibility and not only of reality. One might. How do these biological facts bear upon the psychological problem of human creativity but only found in the fact that. While qualitatively different from matter to run from common evolutionary origin and
attributes which are reminiscent of these hours. In a function it exhibits in varying degrees from individual which we see in the creativity of nature for the human mind is indeed a part of nature in a creative process. Brewster was a poet and a literary critic. Right speaking of human creativity in all its forms the creative order which is when it is not and the elaboration of the established. But a movement beyond or at least are we want immigration out of it and all other elements
not included in the first need for the old order and. To the notion of life which is the creator is the promise of change of development of evolution in the organization of the subjective life. Now to the. Creative activity and see what they tell us about the experience and the power to which the process is a conscious or an unconscious one. There by our own creation in which his own and experience during the period of a
mathematical invention. The Infinite how a piece of introspective creativity and a value to the psychology. By pointing out that in thinking the human takes from the word. The most honest and one of the opportunities for the Study of the functioning of the mind. The mathematical combination but mathematical creation. In merely recombining now and but a thing of choosing
those combinations through which something new is created which she with others may lead to the knowledge of mathematics. The in between which would provide insight into a fundamental generalisation. The mathematician begins with a murder to a specific group which has a written from his previous work and his previous study. He is consciously in possession of many relevant facts. He has a conscience a tenderness to the SAC and a conscious intention to apply them to the solution of the problem he has posed for himself. In other words
he has a will to create. Of which he is aware. One worker for 15 attempting to prove that the function like those which he later called Fusion function I shall assume that you are not all mathematicians and that like myself you don't know what solution functions are. But we don't have to worry about the technical aspects because we are only concerned with create a psychological process which he describes. However. On a particular night when he was unable to give me an idea. Crowded and in the light and the rapid combination and
recount Venetian a relationship of certain ideas became clear. And by morning he had been having a fusion function. If you think that in my conscious activity when I do. But in the consciously direct problem solving orientation considerably reduce here not only a creative solution but it one which happened to be the opposite of his original intention. The creative work was interrupted by participation in a geological excursion.
Commander Lee has mathematical concerns as a conscious preoccupation with concern but on a conscious level he must have been working on fusion function for one. As he put it on the step of a buy to go on a special trip the idea came to him that the form in which he had defined the fusion function was with non-Euclidian geometry. In a moment of illumination of inspiration come. After hearing it a conscious word which in turn
takes place only after there have been arduous voluntary efforts to solve the problem. Which in themselves were fruitless. The inspiration conscious voluntary work must take Keiko in order to organize and form which rose up spontaneously from the unconscious. I know in the literature on creativity where the in the back and forth between the conscious and unconscious activity is so well delineated and where we condition for the emergence of the new creative product in the part participation of the mind. The conscious mind provide the initial motivation
the will to solve the problem. Even the very formulation of a hypothesis is fed by the deep bring of unconscious mental activity in our concrete the individual's previous knowledge and experience. The conscious mind is the organizer of the creative force but in the. Reservoir of the unconscious mind. There is possibility in terms of what will emerge what will become available to conscious. In action of these possibilities. A purely random. Or some guiding principle which makes the problem out of infinite possibility.
One answer may be a surprising one coming from a mathematician. For unconscious ideas rise to the conscious activity which of our emotional sensibility. By emotional instability and emotion the awareness of the beauty of elegance and harmony which the complete product as an experience. I should add the specter of a new totality to which the emotion respond and for which the mind between the conscious and in the
functioning of the human mind would create an evolution of the psychosocial. Out of the pool of genetic possibility plus the possibility of genetic changes known as mutations are created in the world of organ and the very interact with an ever changing environment which actively and reproduction of those to a given environment and. One with creative activity may not add that the pool can do the like and to the minute possibility which is
in the unconscious mind and the pressure of the environment to the disciplining organizing and integrating function of the conscious mind as a new form to the created them. Some years ago Girard a well-known geologist wrote an important and interesting article on the biological basis of imagination. The creative imagination which produces new Audi or in the interaction of the unconscious and conscious activity. And he also emphasizes to the creative evolutionary prophecies of the night.
Imagination not reason create the now the novel meaning the new it is the biological and the herd for the in a row. We apply when judgment indicates that the new is promising. Act like natural selection to pay for this and ensure the survival of the imagination supply the promise and the question from which reason grounds out the conclusion. As a calculating machine supplied.
But trying to mind my own example of how the creator in attempting to solve a problem. Operate on pattern of thinking cited in this article. Matt I thrown down on a table and the problem is constructed out of the poor are equal. Each having its side the length on the thick easily make in the mine.
How can one player I would sure. And one on the plane of the paper. The problem but the imagine. To a new demand namely that the leaps out of three men form the base of a peppery head and the other three originating at each point of the base of the Crown don't meet at the end of the three dimensional. Think you're creating three more turn. The air around a creative thinking and remember the interaction
between unconscious and conscious activity.
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
Creativity as conscious/unconscious, part one
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This program presents the first part of a lecture by Esther Menaker, adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University.
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