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Need the following program was originally released in 1956. These were the valiant from the four corners of the earth. The University of Michigan presents tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. I am tales of a volume of transcribed series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the educational TV and radio center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of Gen. Jose du Samar deemed hero of Argentina.
It is January 1st 1870. The problems of western border of Argentina. Here the grasslands of the pump give way to the two men on Burros are coming out of the mountains from the direction of. They wear the uniform of the British Navy. They rode a camel off the Nile River in me innocence and I thought the blinking camel was the most hideous form of transportation inflicted on the human kind of kids and would rather spend five days on that camel than five more minutes on this mission. I did whatever I thought it would be nice to get off the ship a bit. That's right. I thought we were going to veld. You were right we did we did we spend
12 in the southern hemisphere and we're going to have to cross back. I was a fright as soon as we get the message for the commodore who is this son was a decider. An Argentine general who is cooperating with our employers to throw the Spaniards out of South America. No knowing thinking enterprising up the PlayStation he fought with the Spanish army against Bonaparte before the war ended. We came over here like a loss of a light or a left on it. Yes the end of Boney's Korea created rather a surplus of military men look at US soldiers of fortune. Well I suppose they picked you for this mission because you speak Spanish. Is that right sir. Yes begging your pardon left tenant. It's a little bit sooner. Why so. Because there's a native Up ahead of the sites
where Izzy in the launch of that split rocks. Oh yes I see it. I believe I can put a bullet in him if you say the words. No that wouldn't prove very smart. Kerry has friends that look up that slope as a man behind every rock. What do we do about that left. I believe would best sit tight wait for them to come down to us. It's not the sort of thing that needs an answer. I rather believe ask the right man the right. Because if I had the wrong we would have been shot.
I find probability if you are in the Pacific. Just what sort of a ship is that lieutenant a brigantine square rigged forward in a schooner rigged aft and your duty as a gunnery officer now that touches something I happen to know about. Who was John Miller the Master going to Rick of course. Why do you. I understand your British feel indebted to him for something Miller did to the trunnions of shipboard Cannon I assure you General this is needless question I don't think so. I came here simply to bring a message. If you'll allow me to present it and give me your answer I shall depart. I intend to find out if you really are what you claim. Now what did John Miller do about trying to raise them to the center of the boy. Because it
reduces the strain on the gun carriage and recoil. How do you determine the proportions of a gun carried it must be worked out from three linear measurement stretching to the base ring the diameter of the base ring and the diameter of the second reinforce. You know you're going to return it. Thank you sir. Now why are you here. Lord Thomas Cochrane has accepted a commission from the Chilean revolutionaries to operate in their behalf in Pacific waters. And why do you wear a British uniform for the very practical reason that it's the only uniform I happen to have. And you really are in the Chilean navy. Yes. What are you doing on this side of the Andes. We know that you are planning a land attack against the Spaniards in Chile. Yes and that you may be concerned about the operations of the Spanish fleet. Let me explain it this way to tenant. As long as that enjoys free movement along the West Coast there is a possibility that they could land a major strike at my forces from behind precisely and I am here to advise you that Lord Thomas is not prepared to engage that fleet and keep them away from you if you would tell me when you desire that protection to commence transmit that message to Thomas.
I'm sorry. Lieutenant but I can't let you do that. Do not go back across the court to the Spanish terror to my orders not to return at once on a plank. I suffer from a severe gastric disorder. According to my doctor it will kill me within a year and the condition is aggravated. You already have too much information about my plans and I will not worry about having you captured and made to talk by the Spaniards and subject to military law if I do not return to my ship. Thomas Carey who came with me would be classified as desert. Let me tell you something I have passed through the court and they have strict orders to shoot anyone who tries to move westward. I just couldn't get through those mountains until ready to move. I consider this a tremendous imposition. I got through once and you were moving eastward and not westward. Now be patient and I will see that your talents are not wasted. We have and the more help I can bring against him the better.
It was that I have an official temporary general who I have elected to be in the expectation that it needs some day off and. I'm discovering that his task to break the Spanish stranglehold on the entire continent singlehanded he has forged and completely equipped an army to serve that goal. Last night for example he phrased it this way. We have always resisted the misrule of the Spaniards. Now it's my purpose to make our people recognize that spend you're to have no right to rule us at all. I am also learning that his strategy for the campaign is quite his bowed and daring as his underlying purpose as he put it. At first the politicians insisted that we attack directly up the continent toward
the center of the Spanish power. We never got near it. It was impossible. Now my plan is to take this across the mountains and sweep out the Royalists there. After that we go up the coast by sea. That is the right way and not any other. General San Martin has many talents not the least of these is a miraculous knack for sweeping people to his will and also landowners have given him their pay ons women have given him their lives. Men of talent given their skills become makers of gunpowder and all because he has convinced them of the urgency of his mission to the west. The exception that proved the rule was one who arrived in Mendoza from Iris as an emissary of dawn one depended on the record of the United Provinces. This plank whatever you wish to say to me can also be said to him
everything yes even when it concerns the lothario lodge. Yes. I might explain it in a confidential organization. The members shape the course of the liberation in distance or anything has to be kept in confidence in strictest confidence. Yes I am delighted to make your acquaintance Lieutenant blank. My pleasure. Now then what brings you in such a rush from a critical business until now we have always supported your strategy your plan to rid ourselves first of the Spaniards and settle our internal squabbles later. Until now. Yes because now the Chiefs are on the brink of a counter revolution. The gauchos and the intrigue is whipping across the pond like a fire. These chiefs of the government they are going after it the way they know best with guns in just a moment. If there had been any outbreak I would have heard of it but I've heard nothing general. No but very soon. Well I've been hearing threats between the central government on one hand the provinces on the other ever since I came to Argentina. It was not this time already murders and outrages are beginning to occur in the
provinces of Santa Fe and they will not stop unless I do it. The answer is No I have not asked you a question know what you want. I have told repeatedly the only purpose the only use of my army is to break the rule of the Spaniards listen to me this is an army of liberation not an internal police force. I said the same thing to what it why are you the plank you will pardon me if I seem to speak bluntly to the general here but I have known since long before his great victory at Saumur. Understand this Jose. If the chiefs of the gauchos win control of the government your mission is ended. Finished. You won't fight against the Spaniards then. Your political fences for the cardio officially I am the governor of Mendoza. My troops levies from the province of the US can't touch them if it serves their purpose they would even renew our bonds with Spain what would you have me do.
Strong across the pomp and put down this counter-revolution before it's too late. Come back to them later. But tomorrow never comes. After Santa Fe and into Rios there would be something else. Always something else will drain our energies battling ourselves I won't do it when Osiris is desperate to play but I don't is desperate. Your refusal can mean the end of government as we know we must take that risk very well. You leave me no choice. I shouldn't do that if I were you said you don't point that pistol at me Lieutenant keep both hands in full and your opinion of the meaning of this turnaround. Why yes but. But I hear there. He had a pistol in the pocket Gen.. I saw the outline of it through his coat. What is the meaning of this. But of course I carry a pistol. No one is safe on a pump without one. But I wasn't reaching for it. I carry official orders from my government. Canceling your expedition to day wouldn't they have. I was to present it only as a last resort. And now Lieutenant if I have your permission to put my hand in my pocket. Quite all right sir
go right ahead. I'll present you with this then and there and then. It must be in my other part don't tell me you can't find these improbable order. No I I'm sure I had them with me but but which leads me to the conclusion that you were going to draw that pistol I swear to you that I would rather where I don't has consistently supported this expedition against the royalists. I don't believe he would change his mind. No I was not going to draw the pistol I was reaching for order. I don't know. I believe you'd better stay with us for a while Senor under guard until I determine what to do with you Lieutenant. Yes sir. Deliver our guest to the guard outside the door. Very well so come along. I can't understand it. This gentleman has to be kept on guard at all times is that understood. Take it away. It was a rather close shave I would say generally. What do you think could have happened to those orders Lieutenant.
If there were any I think there were. Well then it appears they are. That is going to sit. So they vanished but not into thin air. You may give them to me now to me. I saw you take them when you relieved when you have the pistol. Oh I wasn't quite sure what he was after so I thought I'd better take everything I found. Let me see them. It's a good thing you did. This could have destroyed everything. Do you wonder why I have this constant stomach trouble. This means you'll have to abandon the canned thing into Judo you know. It would be simple enough for him to get another copy of these organs and I'm not so sure of that for one thing I may not give him time to do it. And for another I have not exhausted all means of persuasion not yet.
And then a small body of mounted troopers with One.Tel go out of town and disappeared into the rolling vastness of the great pond. Meanwhile the preparations for the Chilean campaign did not cease if anything began a sort of deceptive and confused across the end. And then one day the general hit on a day when I. Last general in about time I hope by now you have reached a satisfactory decision about those vanishing orders I think so if you will accept my parole I'll return to Buenos Aires and get a copy that may not be necessary but on a plane yesterday. Would you invite other guests to step in here. Yes or you could impose the bill that you know this gentleman. Of course one of the gaucho chiefs What are you doing
here I sent for him. But why. Why general because I want to have this constant bickering done and finished with. So you joined forces with the CA deos against the central government of course not your demonstration the other day convinced me that I have some responsibility for maintaining harmony among our own people. Oh excellent. This is what we needed. Yes I have at my command the strongest army in Argentina. They are capable of destroying any military forces you and the gauchos could assemble if it becomes necessary to move my troops into the Pampa. I shall personally command a firing squad that will remove you from the affairs of Argentina. I was given assurance that I would have safe conduct to your camp and back again to my at the end. And so you show. But I gave no assurance for what might happen subsequent to your return. Bravo general now for us in your opinion. By attacking the US I can make you don't question leader of the country but within six months a Spanish army will be done from Lima to hang us all to the highest. That is the price we pay for a brief moment of glory. What makes you think the Spaniards would return. It's
inevitable. The only way to prevent it is throw them completely off the continent. That's what I proposed to do but it is first necessary for you gentlemen to reach an agreement. I shall never reach any agreement with. I don't think you will. I have a range for you both to be the official guest of the province of Mendoza for your comfort I have set aside a special house where you will remain under guard. You mean we are prisoners you are guests of the province. Unfortunately I refuse to have any part of this. There is nothing either of you can do about this is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard. How long do you intend to keep us here until you assure me that you have reached some working agreement that will never be. Don't underestimate your diplomatic abilities and your silence and agreement of some sort is now your only way to freedom.
Two days later I walked out of the guest house. They were companions but at least they had discovered some grounds for cooperation. Now son Martin devoted himself to the task of the assault against. 4000 troops with their associated horses had to cross the mountains of the Andes. Napoleon Bonaparte that astonished the military by Once crossing that achievement was to be permanently eclipsed by the Argentine army under General assignment. At the military conferences that went on night and day. I became acquainted with some of the energetic begins. If. This paper is papers papers some of Tina I think I actually conquered by paper work before I ever see a Spaniard they speak of the horror of war and this is one of its aspects.
We have our ammunition our soldiers strong start across the court and I'm fight just stroll across the Andes. Well we can't win by sitting here and dose of filling out paper. Well let's see how this information is shaping up. Yes bring all your data over here please. My right. Bring it anyway. Then it blank you may join us if you wish. Like you said when you were spread out that map on the table so we can all see it. If you say the word.
Here's the decision you've been waiting for. After them we're going to. At the end of January returns to midsummer in Argentina the three wings of sun Martine's Amin started up into the bows and Tom Carey and I accompanied the general on that staggering climb up toward us. Thousands of infantry and cavalry toiled up the precipitous trails to the top of the most forbidding mountain range in the south and the Southern Cross the flags and.
Beyond 11000 feet vegetation comes out and the winds are strong powerful. At 12000. Sounds like spots of the soft dancing before. You become. Not his job you know but for most of us we've gotten. That we reached the top of the world and started down toward Chile. No appointment with the printer. On the last night we would spend in the mountains. I join General San Martin that his can find. Something general. Oh thank you Lieutenant. It's not very good for my stomach giving you trouble. Do you think Julius Caesar had ulcers. But. Never gave it much thought so. And. If so I have a new appreciation for the decision to cross the Rubicon. These mountains they are the Rubicon of South America lieutenant. If our planning was done well we shall succeed and be called liberators. If we've been
careless and haphazard. We shall die rogues. They tell me that some people who can read their. Fate. In the stuff. Yes. Look at them a. Hundred beautiful. Out. Do you believe they can foretell the future. I'm afraid. Good only for lovers. And nothing. Else. Nevertheless. I'm following the star figurative sense. What is it. I dream I hope. I see South America as a great young independent land casting off the shackles of stiff European tradition and yet retaining much of her human values. Listen. Over there in the bivouac is a soldier with his guitar. He probably was born and raised in Mendoza. And yet his song harks back to the sorrows of Spain when she fought the moors. You know nothing of those ancient times he simply knows that he enjoys a certain kind of song. It's part of
him and no government can change that nor should. It also left just before its entry. I placed a strong guard two miles down the road in case Spanish vedettes are patrolling this area. It's a wise precaution. What's the matter. Oh. I'm. Stuck again. You ought to be able to do something about that and my doctor told me what to do and what. He said. Stop worrying. Well General I promise you something like If I ever get to be a rich man I'll hire the most famous sculptor in the world. I'll order a statue of josé de San Martin Dean liberator of South America. I've drawn saber in one hand and a box of stomach pills in the other. If you ever get to be read so there I might approve. Meanwhile I'll settle for a complete victory over the Spaniard. It's as good as done General.
We arrived at the plan within a few hours the columns on us as planned. The army was intact and ready to fight. Brought word that Spanish regiments were located mediately planned and attacked the long awaited collision of the two armies occurred on the night of February 12th. The liberation forces struck the Spaniards and drove them in defeat back into. It. What are you doing here. You're supposed to be running the Spaniard's general. We've. Broken them completely. We've got the stores ammunition their tents everything down that plane just to see how the
liberation is begun. We're depending on him in the Chilean navy. Spanish reinforcements and coming by sea. Oh yes. And you give him this letter. Yes I had this prepared for you. Responsibility for delaying your return to your ship. Remember that little detail. I've mentioned a few other details as well. Yes I have set a tentative date for the meeting of Cochran on the coast. We must go on from here and Spanish forces to the south when that's done. Your ships will have to get us to pay so we can strike at the heart of Spanish. Then we'll see you again in a very few months. You wouldn't allow the company you know and if you have a surgeon in the fleet Yes you have him. We wish to acknowledge a doctor who is a former professor at the
University of Aries in the preparation of the story. Here is Eduardo already us speaking on behalf of Professor West a gap called the Battle of personal aggrandizement. Go ahead northward finally and accomplish the final royal forces of space. Then at the peak of his power he returned to Europe and there is a symbol of those personal. The University of Michigan has presented tales of the Valiant. Today the transcribed story
Tales of the valiant
Jose de San Martin
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Jose de San Martin, hero of Argentina, crosses the Andes in the War of Liberation.
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