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Well I did. I came up here expecting a great deal and and it was here. There was no disappointment as far as I was concerned. I suppose I'm rather prejudiced because I'm all for this movement guy. I think it's very vital and very important in today's world how they how they run these jam braze how they get 12000 kids together and it doesn't end up in chaos I don't know. But I don't know a lot about a lot of things. But but this to me is a miracle. I can't help but feel that an awful lot of in all in all deference to the leaders here and to the man who are in charge I can't help feel that a great amount of this has to do with the boys themselves. And this is what makes you feel good.
If it was one overall impression that I have I would say it gives me a tremendous feeling of sort of hope and satisfaction and exhilaration to see so many exceptional young people. I think that's what we got to have. We can't start runnin the world the way it's become with a bunch of mediocre slobs. They've got to be exceptional people. And I think this is one of the things that the Boy Scouts gives young people a chance to get acquainted with him practicing his leadership. I think that's very important I think if it's shown to a great advantage right here in the January. Do you see the Boy Scouts of America as having changed greatly since you had some personal experience with it. A few years back. Well the numbers certainly and activities certainly
in the areas of the country that they've reached certainly in the number of number of boys. The last section of the country that have there have been given the advantage of Scouting I think it's increased. I think the fundamental concepts of the scout. Movement it's just progressed with the time. Fundamentally I think it's just the same. I think the Scout movement is producing exceptional people and as I say I think we can we've got to have exceptional people in positions of responsibility and I think the Scout movement has done this in a practical way. I think they've gone to the whole idea of Scouting is a practical one
idea just to compare it with the acting business so many so many young people come up and ask me where they should go to school to learn how to act and how and how the best way they can get acting right away because they know they can do it and they don't want to spend their time studying geometry and history in college because that's a waste of time what they want to do is get right back in and they want to study it and they want to think about it you know. And my answer has always been that the burden there isn't any way of doing this. I've always felt that the only way to learn how to act is stacked. And with the scouts it seems to me it's a lot of the same the only way is to know about leadership is to lead. And the only way to know how to get along with people or to know about group
activity is to participate in group activities and this is the this is the the way the direction the scouting takes. And that's what I think is so important. What about the theme of the jam bery for friendship. Are these boys living up to it as you see them. Far as I can see they are. I think this is pretty good. I think this is a pretty amazing thing you've got 12000 kids together and everybody seems to be getting along alright but you couldn't do it with 12000 grownups. Actor Gene Stewart at the Jam bery site where he appeared in a television special and now for that international talent review we promised you the boys gathered near the large victory tower the centerpiece of the jam bery headquarters and took
turns displaying their musical prowess. Let's start off with the colorful entrance of the German marching chorus. I am I am I am. I am. After that the Jamaicans took the spotlight with this song.
To the other side of the world now for a scout song from Japan. Yep and it's all as sing a song for our camp fire. Oh yeah. All over the.
From Africa the Nigerians brought drums and native costumes to dazzle their friends from around the world.
The Nigerians both sins by the native drum. We go to the balmy islands of Trinidad and Tobago for a steel band rendition of a current favorite.
My friends from Norway step up next to conclude this international talent review. We ask their leader to play something uniquely Norwegian and this is what he came up with.
And so another day drew to a close. Time for dinner. A bit of trading and planning for sub camp campfires for that evening we had a very special visitor he flew in from Hawaii on Air Force number two Vice President Hubert H Humphrey spent several hours at the Jam bery site. It was obvious to those of us who were in the motorcade with him that he enjoyed this brief respite from the heavy burdens of high office. Mr. Humphrey visited 10 large camp fires that evening. In each he took a few moments to talk with the boys and to ask which of the sub camps was the best. It was the best stopgap around here. In the end that's what I brought to the earth when I would have loved to have come to that one in 1955 up there at Niagara on the lake. Sure.
But you fellows seem to know how to get elected vice president of the United States before I can get to a jam and I tell you that takes some doing. Now when I was Scoutmaster I learned my scouting with the Scouts and I never got to be an eagle. I want to take a moment here to congratulate this wonderful job that they've been doing. Scouts. Now when you're an Eagle Scout number one when you're a scout you are number two when you the United States you're number one. When you're vice president you're number two. I've been number two in scouting and number two in government. But I'll tell you I've enjoyed every bit of it. Now may I just say final word from
either you have a state gentleman by your presence in our country. We hope those of you that have come from other countries have enjoyed in this nation of ours and have found it pleasant. I know that your friendship and I want to suggest to you that that theme not only be one that you have here but that you take with you young man me of your practice of Scouting if you like this in your lives what scouting teaches us as scouts. You will have the kind of world that you want. There isn't any reason at all that when we go a little longer and enter into adulthood that we should not be able to be as good as them as we were when we were younger scouts in the troop. I want to
go back to your home town your country your city wherever you may live and remember that friendship is a nation that friendship is the only way that you have build a world of peace. And if you can forget the state give your life for the best and the other guy. If you operate or make it your business to do so out of this jam is the theme that you should have for your life. The message of friendship among the children of this earth. Make it your business to do so and remember this happy occasion. Now I bring you the Rama screams of the president of the United States.
He would have loved so much to have this chance that I have tonight. But it was my good fortune to be able to come. And I want you to remember when you go wherever you make what you take with you the best wishes of the people of the United States. And I know my fellow American scouts feel that way. And those were my other lambs I remember and you know that when you get back you're going to see your mother and your father. When I started out in Scouting I needed a helper. In fact the Boy Scouts needed when they were cooks them sour me with their food. And finally we got together and decided we need to hire ourself a cook and I said well I want more than a graphic I want to know
right. And I put it to the scouts and said Now what do you think is this girl. And they said Go ahead Mary or frankly the boys were right and I never have regretted a minute of it and the best scout in the hunt for the family has been the mother of three scouts and she's been the broken down scout master is Miss I'm free I'm free my scout and I just wanted to say I know this is missing something. Thank you. Goodnight pal I just have a good time it's been grand to be with them to see you around $5 God. Well the jam really was like that a lot of boys and a lot of men and some of them pretty important at that. But it didn't seem to matter how important a man
was or which of the twenty four languages represented the spoke when he asked for a glass of water. They all lived and worked and played together. They all had their own reasons for coming and they all took away their own unique impressions. The last day of the jam Barry inevitably had become a Scout and Arnold of Miami talked with me as he helped his troupe break camp at a drop tents and playing up the pots and pans and dishes and everything else good and in fact the way personal gear everything else had to be packed away. While a theme for the real jam bery is for friendship. You think that theme has been carried through properly. Oh yes yes very well very well done. There's been a lot of. We all do our trading and in many times we have little gifts right IM's and we get to the other Scouts or the Scouts give us as a gift for friendship and very well handled and well what do you think your leadership all leadership is fine.
Couldn't be better. There must be at least a million boys in the United States who would like to have been in your shoes this last week when you go back you're going to have to face those boys and you're going to have to tell them some stories to it what are you going to take away from this jam bery that you'll tell your friends back in Miami. Well one thing that I was telling is the great fun and fellowship that I had written about us and the other other countries around the world many great campfires and learned a lot and a lot of different cultures and different countries all in all it's been just great. As a fitting benediction to the tambourine lady Baden Powell told of the founding of scouting and of its ongoing purposes. When my husband was in India as a soldier just before he founded the Boy Scouts he realized that a great number of the young men who came to become soldiers
had only had a very little training in character if any or thought they had had. Reading and writing and arithmetic at school they had possibly had good homes. Some of them probably didn't have such very good homes and they had never any chance of developing the straightforward qualities of character which go to make a man. And he felt very strongly that you needed to be a good man first and a good soldier second. So he devised the program and the plan of Skokie form in which he wrote down and he made available for the young soldiers who came under his care. And he devised what you would call scouting. This was turning them into small patrol shows. Suddenly I'm all for find our way by the stalls by night by day trading for themselves looking after their health looking off their
horses. Even being courageous in finding their way in difficult places and possibly in a dangerous country. And he got them into teams to play games where they were born to play for the outside. And not only for thinking of themselves and the system of this training became so valuable in the regiment that he was in that it became part of the program in their training and he adopted these scout badge which they were then allowed to wear on their arms when they qualified and the scout badge is the arrow head on it Rick compass which is made. And what does a compass do. It shows you the right way to go. The 12th world Gymboree for a friendship.
Right here with us we have visited the camp sites. Listen to the scouts and follow the dignitaries but these are only the beginning so things really begin to happen now as the boys and their leaders return to a hundred and five countries throughout the free world. These 12000 boys will touch 23 million others and the powerful work of scouting continues for friendship. You're here for the past 60 minutes. You have been listening to recorded highlights of the 12th Boy Scout Well Demba from Farragut State Park Idaho. This special report was prepared under a production
For friendship
Jamboree, part two
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This program, the second of two parts, presents coverage of the 1967 Boy Scouts World Jamboree.
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