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The legendary P.A. the radio network brings you another in a series of recitals by keyboard giants of the early 20th century. These performances are selected from more than 1000 Recordings. I'm doing art reproducing piano rolls collected by Dr. Campbell stuff the chairman of the music department at Washington State University. The duo art was a highly sophisticated refinement of the player piano developed to preserve actual performances of concert artists in the days before I like chronic record. Now here is Campbell stout to introduce today's legendary pianist for last week's program we presented the first half of the music from the ballet the Firebird by Igor Stravinsky with the composer is performing pianist on today's program the remainder of this work will be played with certain misgivings as explained
I will continue while the music is being played. Read the running commentary which is printed on the roll. Since some of you may not have heard last week's program I'm taking the liberty of bringing you up to date by reading the story thus far. Mystery broods over the bright flowers of the magic garden of khat shy the immortal embodiment of all that is evil. The place is haunted by memories of grim spells eerie sounds coming from unseen shapes fall upon the air. Strange beings are moving invisible in the shadows. Heavy footsteps betray their presence. The tortured spirits are sobbing in anguish and the disquiet is ominous. I wrestling strange and alarming feels the air sinister creatures people the recesses of this inn chanted maze of flowers. Here stands the magic tree that bears customised golden apples in this weird abode of sorcery. Asked himself grimly watches for victims. There is now a feeling the expectancy we begin to realize that the bird of bright plumage the
bird of fire is approaching. But of this approach the creatures of the darkness are as yet unaware. What brings a fire bird this way. The creature of the darkness are now alert and excited. The Fire Bird is heard coming near and presently a whirring of wings Herald her appearance in flight. Tremulous with terror she darts hither and thither striving to evade the pursuit of a princely Archer. I have been handsome scion of kingly house. He has ventured annoying into kust Jaya spellbound domain in pursuit of the bird which for the sake of his flame colored plumage he hopes to capture. The Firebird fleet of wing would seem to have outdistanced the prince. The brilliantly colored bird continues her mad flight. She believes herself safe but her pursuer Ivan is lurking in ambush. He is watching her every movement in the Magic Garden the Firebird whose fears are now lol by a false sense of security products and bullets about joyfully plucking the golden apples from Kos Gys tree tossing them this way and that in a careless unhappy
game and reveling in her supposed escape. But I've been on the watch is awaiting the moment to emerge from hiding. He steals forward and suddenly effects her capture. The Fire Bird struggles gallantly to evade Ivan's grasp for a moment she escapes and runs hither and thither to elude the pursuer. But Ivan is determined in his pursuit her plenty fluttering are in vain and at length he contrived to hold her wings fast. The Fire Bird feebly struggles but Ivan's grasp is firmly. Leslie maintained she acknowledges defeat changing her tactics she now pleads to soften his heart she displays all the splendor of her beautiful plumage. She tries to arouse his sense of pity. But however willingly she pleads However pity is her distress. Ivan prises his beautiful captive too highly and cannot be induced to set her free in despair the Firebird changes her tactics again. She conjures up a vision of the end trancing world of the East. If he cannot win his pity she will fire his imagination.
Ivan is fascinated but obdurate he cannot bring himself to part with so dazzling a captive. The Firebird makes a last attempt to win freedom by her older months and then resumes her pleading her renewed and treaties are to prove in the end more successful than her charms. And now seeing that I have in his last relenting she makes a final plea gives Ivan a feather from her plumage as a pledge and is free. She leaps with joy. She thanks her captor and promises to come to its aid whenever she is summoned by means of the feather. Then she flies away swiftly. Ivan is again alone in the enchanted garden near to him. Kus Jaya still lurks with his attendant creatures of the darkness. Now a soft radiance glows through the gates of the magic garden. The gates open wide and a maiden appears. The light grows stronger. A second maiden appears. A third maiden appears. Other maidens appear in quick succession until there are thirteen of them. All are simply dressed in white but one of them who is the star's daughter is more splendidly arrayed.
They are cussed Gys victims permitted to wander in his enchanted garden at night. Here is their playground. They challenge each other to a game. The captive Prince is this big. The golden apples and engage in a spirited game of ball in the exhilaration of their game. They threw the apples one to another with light hearted glee that sorry having to herself is as blithe as any of them. Their fate is tragic to us they are figures of pathos but mercifully in their own minds they are as children rejoicing in the happiness of innocence as they play they recall the songs they sang long ago in the days when they were free. In the joy of their game they are able to forget that their days were ever happier than now. Still more light hearted and light footed grows the dancing until it suddenly stops for the princes. See before them Prince Ivan he gazes at them in wonder and admiration. At first they are frightened and run from him but he bows to them reassuringly and gracefully though not without timidity. They cannot return his respectful salute. He endeavors to engage them in
conversation but they are still a little shy. Despite his persuasiveness they scarcely dared to answer. He pleads to be allowed to remain in their company since he would like to join in the game. They finally agree and a round is formed in preparation for the graceful dance which follows. I have been as deeply moved by that sorry Agnes beauty and as the two groups draw together at the close the prints and sorry have not come face to face at the end they embrace. We now go on with the remainder of the Firebird music with eager Stravinsky as both composer and performer. Trumpet the Great. Light writer
in a way timidly nearly twice as quickly as the last of them has vanished. The gates closed. I am so sorry. News is fair and wishes that he could renew the happy acquaintance. His mind full of the experience he plucked up courage and lingering
begins an eerie magic to emulation of all the bells. Merry Men feel that their civilisation have dignity as a man and some slaves as one often does attack. Defense will look all alike in the giant pictures of humanity. People like creatures.
Cannot resist their own. Past. The slaves await their Master Harold. Enters the invasion of his. Old with.
Joy at the capture of his wicked. Crew and. He is too good to be lost and he prepares to punish the right. There is an interruption with him. Ready to utter the end which is to turn the.
Announcers at the first. Second. And begins at the third when Iman remembers the fire and waves other which is to cool aid in his hour. As he waves at the fluttering of her wings is heard as she flies swiftly to his rescue. She appears and gives Ivan a reassuring. While the monsters we named.
The fire whirling movement into which the helpless creatures are gradually drawn spinning like. Another feller by the fascinating face and is forced to join. Yet another group is carried away by the intoxicated or caught by a. This is. A sinister
nevermore. I am. I am
sure I am bored. I am. I am I am I am.
I am I am. I am I am
I am. I am. I am. I stagger and fall exhausted subjects are all lying prostrate by their frenzy.
For greater security to sleep with. That's a place for them. I've been taking the casket which contains the house which had been the ogress. And as it.
Happens. The presence of. Presently the vapor begins to disperse like an evil memory. And as
the light returns it reveals victims. The captain and the prince whom he had cast his bills. All restored to life and liberty. And Thanksgiving for their deliverance are united to their rest. Great insight into the victims. They will.
Firebird gives her blessing that. You have just heard the concluding portion of the music from the ballet the Firebird by
Igor Stravinsky with the composer as a performing pianist. This has been the legendary pianists a series of recitals from producing by the keyboard giants of the early 20th century. Your host and commentator on these programs is Dr. Campbell Stott the chairman of the music department at Washington State University. Speaking to legendary pianists is produced by Washington State University Radio and distributed by the Radio Network.
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The legendary pianists II
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Washington State University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program presents Igor Stravinsky, concluding his Fire Bird Suite.
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Music by great early-twentieth century concert pianists who produced Duo-Art piano roll recordings before advent of electronic recording.
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Announcer: Rundell, Hugh
Host: Stout, Kemble, 1916-
Performer: Stone, I. F. (Isidor Feinstein), 1907-1989
Producing Organization: Washington State University
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University of Maryland
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