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The National Association of educational broadcasters in cooperation with the British Information Services presents a window on the world a tape recorded series of talks by eminent British citizens. This week our speaker is Sarah Alberich Gascoyne former British ambassador to Russia. His subject a British view of world communism. Here now is Sara Alberich gascón. First I should like to comment on the phrase Cold War. What exactly does the Cold War mean. I should define the code wall as being a struggle between two groups of power was the first of which is endeavoring by all means short of wall by including the threat of war to bring about the downfall of the other group while the second group is taking appropriate measures of a purely non-aggressive character to preserve its security and its ways of life.
Next let us see when and why the code was started off to the second world wall. Stolley and the Communist Party at Moscow believed that the Western powers who had so rapidly demobilized and disarmed in 1945 46 would soon by reason of that apparent weakness and inertia become vulnerable targets and that the fundamental aim of communism world revolution would not be difficult to realize. However the part played by the allies in the Greek Civil wall of 1946 when the Greek communists were defeated by reason of allied intervention and the steps taken by the United States and the Western European countries to unite in the face of the Communist danger convinced the Kremlin that the Western powers would not stand idly by
while the Soviet Union proceeded Pickel of one by one. The countries of the civilized world. In 1946 therefore Stalin staged an I've been I cold war against the United States Great Britain and the free countries of Europe and Asia. This consisted of political war of subversion by infiltration a wall of worldwide anti Democratic propaganda which included the fomenting of local fighting walls where the situation seemed to be completely favorable to the communist goals and little risk was involved. As regards the outbreak of a world conflagration. As for the Allies It was not really until 1947 that they fully realized that the so-called honeymoon period
with Russia was only a pipe dream and that they must immediately take all possible steps to protect themselves against a ruthless and determined enemy. It was in 1947 that the Western powers in fact first appreciated that they had become involved in a death struggle with the name packable foe. In my opinion the full code wall may be said to have been joined in 1947. What is Russia's technique in the code wall. Because war rests on two main foundations. The first of these is the military and industrial strength of the Soviet Union. The second is the existence of a network of communist parties which covers the whole of the free world.
The first of these that is the immense military and industrial potential of the Soviet Union. It provides a secure springboard for world revolution and offers an ever present threat to the Western world. The second that is the network of communist party's attempts to infiltrate communism and communist propaganda into all the freedom Marcus's. How does the cold war affect Great Britain in particular. At home in the United Kingdom the subversive elements Moscow's fifth columns are of course at work all the time. But there are a lot of small and not influential bodies. And we are very much on ah God against that attempts to mislead unsuspecting folk. This is also the case as regards Britain's
colonial empire and the semi dependent countries which come under the British Crown in the United Kingdom. The indigenous communists fish in troubled waters by fanning the flames of labor disputes and current political controversies and by continually attempting to inject non Communists with communist propaganda and double talk. A brawl in the colonial empire. The local communists in addition to the activities which I have just a tribute to the communist network in the United Kingdom are also busily engaged in trying to foster anti-British nationalism whenever they see a possibility of doing so in colonial and semi dependent Trist is to attempt to liberate the US by fomenting revolutions which will result in separating the countries from
Britain and thus facilitating the final's objection to the Kremlin. Today. It is perhaps a nation where we can see more clearly the way in which the cold wall is actually working. The situation inside of Eastern Asia at the present time is precarious to say the least of it. And all I have to attempt on the part of the Chinese Communists and the Viet Minh satellites is being made to annex that part of Indochina which is still free. That is to say South Viet Nam and the province's of Lalas and Cambogia by subversive methods and without any more shots being fobbed. The code wall inside Day show is particularly dangerous because if the Communists work down the Web to succeed in subverting Indochina
and putting it as a hoe under the red flag great and immediate danger would come to Siam Maleh and even to India. Well Siam marches with Cambogia and we march with Siam. We must however take comfort from the fact that the United States and Western allies. AW And indeed have been for some time taking active steps to contain communism within the boundaries of the tetras which it has already a quad that the United States and Great Britain are working very closely together in companie of course with other interested nations as well as with the nations of size the station themselves. To achieve this object. It is no easy problem
because we have to take local nationals susceptibilities into account. My country's attitude in this all out effort to prevent the spread of communism inside the station is to be seen that play out in the fact that off foreign secretary was recently in Bangkok with Mr. DULLES to discuss the station. As for malaria we have been busily engaged in exterminating communist bandits since the middle of 1948. The hard cold of communist opposition amounts to from 4000 to 5000. They consist chief they indeed almost Indaba of alien Chinese of Chinese who have come to Malaysia in recent years. It is important to note that they include only and in significant proportion of
Malays. These communist bandits work in small groups and they live in the thickest jungles of the country. Now methods are those of terrorism. They raid installations they ambush vehicles and they intimidate the local population and thereby obtain food and money. They commit unmentionable atrocities. The campaign against them consists mostly of jungle fighting for as you know full fifths of malaria is jungle and much of this is mountainous as well. It is indeed an ideal guerilla country. A country in which with the minimum of effort the bandits can cause a maximum of trouble. We have made excellent progress against these communists and that is good reason
to hope that as they have been driven further into the jungle the path of evil has been limited. I would not like to say a word about Japan. The Cold War in Japan has not yet been actively joined the Japanese Communists were not permitted freedom of action joining the Allied occupation and that activities were greatly cut tailed by the former prime minister Mr Yoshi. The new team in Tokyo appear to be wanting to have their cake and to eat it too. They wish to enjoy the friendship and assistance of the United States and Great Britain and at the same time to have normal relations with Russia and Communist China. This is of course a natural desire. Well Japan in order to
live must trade with neighbors and in particular certain commodities such as coking coal which she must get from China. But it is to be hoped that any future resumption of relations between Japan and the communist countries will not result in an increase in the baht of the Japanese Communist Party. One thing in my opinion is quite sudden and that is that the code wall will come to Japan with ever increasing force. Well Japan is an important go for communism if we wish to keep Japan. I too of the communist world. We shall have to continue to take interest in and to assist as far as possible. The situation then in Asia as I see it is dangerous but by no means
hopeless it seems absolutely certain that unless Great Britain and the United States and the other interested countries continue to exert themselves to the utmost in doubt efforts to keep communism out of sight of the station that we shall witness another communist victory by subversion in the not too distant future. It is only by working together and making joint sacrifices that we should be able to keep the countries in this corner of Asia free from the slavery which would come to them if they were to be allowed to succumb to communism. It is my opinion that we must expect the code war no doubt with that audience and under a different guise is to continue as long as there are communists in the Kremlin because the fundamental aim of communism is world revolution
and the code wall has been instituted for just that purpose. If we continue to close our ranks all over the world against the spread of this communist evil as we have done and are doing I feel convinced that we should be able to preserve our freedom and our ways of life. You have been listening to Sir Albert Gascoyne former British ambassador to Russia speaking on a British view of world communism. Listen next week when window on the world will present Mr. Robin Flynn newspaper correspondent broadcaster and author. His talk will be called Scotland Yard dial 999. This has been a tape recorded presentation of the National Association of educational broadcasters in cooperation with the British Information Services. This is the end E.B. Radio Network.
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Window on the world
Sir Alvary Gascoigne
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This program features a talk by the British diplomat Sir Alvery Gascoigne. Gascoigne offers a British perspective on Soviet communism.
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A series of short talks by well-known British personalities on the subjects usually associated with them.
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Producing Organization: British Information Services
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