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The. One more. Thing. How Mozart's the abduction from the scenario the idea often steeped. In a song by a bit of people. And again missed beat is recalled to the stage by the audience here with musical. Sound. Around. The office to will be had next in thread to give us a song of summer. DD has had a curious early career for a man who was to become a composer.
Trained for the family business he spent two years in his father's factory. In 1880. For at the age of 22 he left England to reside in Florida as the owner manager of an orange grove. His interest in music continued to have learned 1886 he returned to Europe to enter the Leipzig conservatory. It was his Florida suite for August of that first one in recognition in the musical world chiefly through the influence of Edvard Grieg who was greatly impressed by the young Englishman devious tone poem a song of summer was written in one thousand thirty one. After he had become blind it was dictated to his close friend Eric Fenby. Before he began dictating Delius explained to Fendi. I want you to imagine we're sitting on the cliffs in the heather looking out over the sea. The sustained chords in the high spring suggest the clear sky and the stillness and calm of the scene. The figure in the violins is to just suggest the gentle rise and fall of the waves. The
flutes suggest the seagull gliding by. It is max without returning to the stage. And we hear Friedrich DiDio St. Paul in full orchestra. A song of summer. And one. On. One.
The tone poem of Frederick give us a song of summer is played by the Cincinnati Symphony.
Rivetted Peters returns now in a group of three operatic arias. The first being got to know me from verities Rigoletto. Gilder the innocent daughter of the court jester Rigoletto has fallen in love with the lecherous Duke of Mantua. But she doesn't know his identity. The scene of the aria is the Garden Rigoletto house. The deal giving a false name has declared his love. After he leaves the listings of the supposed name of her lover and one of the most famous cholera Tura Arias got to know me via name. The whole first has fallen so sweet upon my. House out phone ever be to me. Welcome and Dia. Max Rudolf. Is entering. And Miss Peters returns to the stage to be greeted again by the applause of the
audience here as he thought. Thank. Thank. God don't know me from various opera Rigoletto. True.
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I don't know many regulators on the livelihood of people. And I haven't done is it he's coming. Don't push Crowley. This beat is seeing as one of the WE'LL GIVE A Yeah. Yeah the pretty young. Describes the AMA districts. With which he would have snatched the ritual. Don't post one. Once again Roberta Peters. You're.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Mozart, Delius, Verdi, and Donizetti
Producing Organization
University of Cincinnati
WGUC (Radio station : Cincinnati, Ohio)
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
Roberta Peters performs pieces by Mozart, Verdi and Donizetti. The Cincinatti Symphony Orchestra performs a piece by Delius.
Series Description
This series presents performances by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from its 1963 season.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Conductor: Rudolf, Max, 1902-1995
Performer: Peters, Roberta, 1930-
Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
Producing Organization: University of Cincinnati
Producing Organization: WGUC (Radio station : Cincinnati, Ohio)
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 63-6 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:15
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