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Within a single lifetime our physical environment has been changed almost beyond recognition. Yet there's been little corresponding change in how we as individuals relate to the world and experience reality. New tools and techniques of the human potentiality and presenting to us an exhilarating and dangerous frontier renewing in our minds the old questions what are the limits of human ability the boundaries of the human experience. What does it mean to be a human being. Seminar Big Sur are a series of discussions focusing attention on the front tiers of human development produced by K x K x FM in San Francisco in cooperation with the Aslan Institute of Big Sur California Center which studies those trends in religion philosophy and the behavioral sciences which emphasize the potentialities of human existence. This week we present the first of a two part discussion from a seminar on the subject mask myth and dream led by Professor Joseph Campbell of Sarah Lawrence
College. Here now is Joseph Campbell as he met in session with his seminar at the S1 Institute. Do you generally have a traditional. Culture where mythology as a living flossed. Mythology serves far far from. The first function is really to fly mainly to create and maintain an individual effect of all our gratitude for the mystery of being itself. Remain in that little. Mystery in relationship to. The second functioning modality just to print out a current knowledge of your cult image of the universe. Which will carry this experience and send off communicate. Very promising. Oh mythology is valid a book for a society.
That the society being conceived as. Related especially to the universal in the fossil evidence and universal. You start a sexual relationship with them or permeate all again they become part of the universe. After society be it always quality experience they brought misery and often violent function that is to harmonize the new great that IP the individual the very functional probably lives one the second. The eight hour clock with physics and astronomy. In the planet will terminology for economists if need macros are very great. How. Big their products in the society. Sociology a bit I'm going to call the man's out from Harlem or the Middle East. And I have a theory that the clock function and our
psychology getting with a private individual I will call it a micro card the little card the little card with the individual the great karma of the universe arc of the dollar you know all about climatology and it being all right in that court. They are the same essential form and function of the society and the arts of the society. We render this essential form little. So that they are in fact to operate in Crush with no form. I'm quite sure the universe and the psyche are structures. That are affected. Tidy becomes. A revelation. Automating form the main line of nature whether the nature of the current macrocosm or the nature of the lack of heartless or crime if the measure is a function of our function ritual function
of mythology to communicate this structure. Now we can see. Whether we regard the totality of the causes of the world. Particularly of now concentrating on the higher cultures. Their claws into two great groups. The line separating the watershed dividing these two groups may be drawn at Iran or Korea or. East where it occurs. He's traveling around there are two of them major culture creative thinkers to great culture creators on and doing for our Media and a party. Where we're under an. There are two great high culture creators on and when you start up in the air East and you're. Now going in Eastern Europe are very close to each other in space there
is a Mediterranean as adjoining area and both of them are physically quite close to each other. So there has been a great interaction between these two worlds and a consequence of that action. Will there be relation and I haven't been a great progressive. HANNITY here. When you turn to India and the Far East on the other hand you see areas are quite cut off. India at the cost of India were almost inaccessible to small ships city R.K. times the hours are not numerous and the cost of very dangerous wear down the marker and Malia thought it a very. Only relatively slight influence with him getting to that in a few hours a major culture zone there and the mewling from the kind of training could be easily stimulated to an already prevalent social structure so there are a great conservative. The penalty to remaining at this block right in the Far East
the great bit west with China have cut off China wouldn't want to come in and have been. I've thought a lot of these long time maintaining a very archaic. Pattern. Actually inevitability a pattern that dates from the time of the Bronze Age which was the period when the culture form stripped and received all the beginning of India. History is to be there if our twenty five hundred B.C. with the emergence of the valley that was right. And the beginning of the Chinese culture wear out just a bit around 15 23 heathy but the stars of The Shining Dynasty whereas the lyrics. Are very big and are very much earlier than that. Now I'm just trying to plot out the main cards at the thought of it.
The great crisis in the history of humanity which show marks the beginning of these great high culture forms with a badge and the discovery of the art of agriculture and animal husbandry in an area about the middle of the money and B that is the radical break earlier than the period or people of the world were given priority for their feet and back and the economy to the point of a very small unit I thought was that indeed more of you and all of the adults were in control of the whole culture good they could eat that would be of the equivalent. However with the method they are who they are already about the middle of the day they gradually grow up Roger and larger. I tell by the by when the great river bottom and the now have become inhabited quite large community
and you know people with differentiated pack. We have a whole half of government people but half a professional a cap or pattern of life trading people in the present and so on but are not we have not a full human being anywhere. We have partial people people with back to back Will. Have to do and the problem of integrating the people into a community becomes much more difficult. How can one and in the early you know you have to deal with a whole new body of whom will grow up in which the unity become the new way not the individual the individual participating in the don't all live. Now in terms of the great division I probably would around and wraparound I want to think of a couple of other things of that.
With all of what I've been calling the archaic on India and China. The ground the carpet of the universe is done with great power to. Breathe with our tea that were broadened to be five three of whom are. In their observation of the head. They really took very careful note of the movement of the heavenly body. For her to be a woman product are planning proper time reading and within that time about 500 B that the movement of the planet through the thick life will appear. He wouldn't know that they were part of a visible fear in moving on with the final very brilliant marketer. But with auto writing that they move in a mathematically predictable way with
mathematical irritability and you never let her that brought in the universe. Never know about Hartley or the fact that they are. Taught to hate that we have it in our religious right when before people can come to the book I was reading the death and the birth of the new year the celebrating the rebirth in the spring. They come directly from the top or the back of it was by far the calendar and the movement of the year is inevitable. Route there is no personality behind the agent of the impersonal for the Tao the tar and the Brahman of the Indian. And we have the same idea in the in the early America for or out of the loop and often our
order of life not only is of nature that thing with great change over the surface but the things I took form coming through. But that would operate within society certain pics or the pack. People are born in the belief that. In the world to hear about going on that made the thing up or that I think about it regarded me act totally beyond the script absolutely beyond me. Absolutely we are characters to act if we do it the ultimate divine brick road. Joffe good luck if you're not from this that or the protection of the apple. For more than a minute or more click very different qualities are something that is beyond all human knowledge or name.
You are shocked reading the whole problem might be corrected. It is absolutely apparent then to talk. How are ya back there three with the track that with the mystery of being thought of your being. And go through with it transcendent enough then it will feed off of imminent right within you that you can think of that is that it really will be on board one handed him. That of course you know the real the partner that matter you are. The right. Order thought the minute. The part you get violent to bring you to a realization of your right there with that at the back of the truck or the I want our track record that you're back with you think
you long. In the are your worth in the attitude of worship to an image of Shiva or to an image I made a good one. This is not a preliminary act to Jamba realization to be that which is where. The former is that aspect of my doctor to be our No. The recognition of identity with the beloved my beloved on one fire every other day in the not politically talked about here I'm talking about. We can think about but we have. To go on and it will be very identity with the rapid thought. Through Atlanta where we have a right way when we turn to the miry the law which is black with a really great body. Here whether the religion is there acting alone. You know either Christianity or
Islam the family religion quite different from any other contact with the world. Here Gar and created the world and a creator and Creature are not. They are archeologically from each other to make the heart of the nation politic with the identity of our tree is really a parody of her. Brother Peter who are not really very handsome. You are happy with your life when. They are your religion to which you argue with our relationship. And how is the relationship. She. Didn't retrieve the Bluebird. Look at the relationship this way. In the Hebrew tradition the karma of.
God and of the tower and arrangement with people and back contract that hotness is already you know other people that no other people there in relation to God. No other people in relation to the mystery at all. They are cut off and try to be got through the universe with no monetary gain a prominent in that regard. The hero of the year and. Act. From behind in the group. Why are the pagans where the divine is manifest in the universe. Matter in the universe. Through it but with it. Recruiter contact the victory reincarnation. Where it is true Gar to man. This with regard to the way in the ark would be what would you regard as a man. Who manipulated incarnate
privately are the very thing here is that if you need the energy and threw him in his spirit and the only way to get in touch with God through the chair. The very important thing. That I that he meant that I kept on a minute there I thought he had. I think when I identified one dealt with the. Web and while it's not great that we'll call that mistake that. The divine is not with you all are really within you with a human soul which may or may not be a proper relationship to the five star you are not replying within but. In relationship to the divine grace they are integral part of the being created in meditation by in the divine and with the Out with the
Latin popular prayer is something out there is a relationship. You buy your validation through your goal that. You can divine that not even you thought of identification the divine power but the design and. The planning of the holy probably by fiat by the route and everything so that we have a lot I don't know and now we have neither the Divine within nor are confident that the claim of the church are the people who were divine authority and we now call the you know. That we go live to our divine whether the vine that well know where our right now.
You are God and man. What do you have to do our life. You have to read your bible why. Is it that God or the Mac. In the rock. The pride of loyalty to God. That the Bad for example of the Book of Job. Got their behavior out raise. That with a friend that will. Really. Annoy me that. Great job. Well look there you can annoy the NEA out of your book that will be true that will recover. Your breath. Can't wait. Today you might have done something wrong or wrong people in that matter because of that the doctor know the biblical tradition
than I do. Ya break. Out pretty good man. In fact that was why you being treated in this manner. And though God finally challenge each other and every day look here on. The back for five children children and all I see how you react. No you're right you. Really need to try to drop by and thought of the one the whole point of it is the capital that the point of. What got a day for you. Could you really know. Oh look I've been in the car. I've. Tried. It. But I. Know. That when I. Read. IT WHEN I HEAR THAT I HATE MY HUMAN job in the mag that is the
hero of the guy back here after a little bit of many of the human value to. The Divine and. The attitude of applying the attitude of the law that you have. Who would buy that. Yeah yeah we rock from New York. You know. Big Grammy pinned to Iraq by god bigger all will live. And walk that probably went a little delegation and said if you apologize. For me I buy. Back that human barrier their human judgment but no you know what happened to the Greek god. They become diminished by.
Magnify and. Then refined and how. Many care what we think the act of God whenever anything operating out to me you know on the ferry against very far and I am on record to advocate that you now are you in the dark but in the action with each other up to the weapon were up by me to be my good Friday Saturday. We're on their side the cause human of them. If I haven't are we doing good where did all that money were on the pipeline of power on on what to do with. Well I don't know I believe that we
come from the Orient. Dan White the conflict to see an uppercut a living human tractor and that I'm back there to back him away that can be and reliably pumping that in there could be a function of the single divine to act like the power of God. God your God with your ability to think and do with the divine or the thing that you are in relationship with is your own kind of a do. Nothing to me world we live our lives. Now I want to move to the humanity thing. Why do they want human being with you and all the deal that. The Oracle openness and the lackey of man are to come here. You are.
Now being brought. In a man in contrast with other to wear out. One of the most important people in the war on man. Go on in a long period of dependence rather than add to dependent status by 12 or 14 years old when the person begin to move into the data that all this attitude of the kind of thing that we're doing to the father and mother and guardian or whatever. Then. In Perth the fire you probably mean are rapidly well removed from the view of the planet. They're going to have to revive the curtain to realise that here was a Shia who is
responsible for the situation and I hope by our part. The adult who in her. Primary partner in that added to the end of it in Iraq. He had left the thing on top while actor reg who grew up here you have the ad up here gone and the way he had guided them is about. The main problem of growing up. The next great power of the thing with the man from the other people here that of all I don't know we have the long all day long career baby doll. Not only that but you know no one will know he is going to die. Don't have to pay debt. And I'm. Not really that. I want to cry. When you read that part. Doc I.
Was not a very big thing to define but I have heard an anecdote that let me know when you heard that back in the mail pieces that any rate now a period but for that life. The main interest there are wine women and song. Acting no matter how they go gal and thing along with Mitt in the way where the right moment to moment and go we're not cheering for a and all wrong with the woman who will say what we don't permit to hear the parent the child on the right and we can't move one move back to Mark to limit your growth and the fear that John is that we want to hang on his maturity even got along down the line of play and get
up moving on and on for them it. Was preposterous if you carry the trial you know.
Seminar: Big Sur
The individual and the intensive group experience, part one
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This program, the first of two parts, presents the second portion of a discussion led by Dr. Carl Rogers, the principal founder of "client-centered therapy."
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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