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Why did you want to die. Why did I make the mobile off somewhere else I don't expect to see the skeleton. Myself thought it was to be golf instead of to create that heat will scare suffice me to the scope of my follies siege against a faithful love for the ABBA song in the eastern sky where you came with my show Hogmanay. And so it was that about the Year of Our Lord thirteen hundred forty five. The French king was compelled to raise a mighty army under the leading of his son Charles Duke of Normandy. And they are now mustered up on a hill in Flanders
close upon the sea. Here to be of a thousand sail have made a breakfast to our full by sea let us in camp to await that happy speed not very prudent for a certainty and I don't know that he did exceedingly strongly fortified his subjects frock as willingly to was if I would try and they were like your son in Normandy. True Father but yet he was a malcontent bloodthirsty and cattle lines spendthrifts such as nothing else but change and alteration of the state. Is it possible to say it's not the rain that they are not simply themselves all but the Scot who silently protests the negatives he saw don't take a truce
that the anchorage of some better hope. But on the other side to think what friends King Edward has retained in Neverland among those MIB being epicure those frothy Dutchman puffed with beer. But drink can swill in every place they come but all them might hear about that number is far greater glory reaps victory and now my hope is for all my joy you complete. But they aren't like blind overweening name is either to be swallowed of these waves are hacked to pieces when he comes I shall quote memo to call son Charlie Veron no watching from the test something to see why I said that we knew you had to the coast I have described my horse was I was busy in my work for the proud Amado of King Edward ships we took the first part off when I did K and it seemed as if it were a group of withered pines but drawing near that glorious bright aspect there streaming in signs wrought of colored silk like to were made full of sundry pillows adorned was the new kid was of the earth.
Just to call the author of The Course Pickering the horn and circle of the moon and on the top gallant of the Admiral and likewise all the hand made to restrain the Arms of England and of France unite courted equally by who taught there he already crushed the produce I hope the honey being gathered vents. It will suck for deadly venom from the leaves. But where's our Navy. How are they prepared to wing themselves against this flight of Reva having knowledge brought in by the scouts get break from and go straight and puff with rage no otherwise than where their sails with the wind made cough as when the empty eagle fly used to satisfy his hungry griping more theirs for the news I will turn into a war and when the peeps not joined to come down again I'm let us hear them out of the fight. I know it's my lord's his best we be dispatched to several pieces. Leslie Chance to laugh first you will my lord. Raided or your feet will get back to
my older son Charles your bum on the day she tried to hire a rundown of the high you know in the middle close trips to both my youngest boy and I will live here solo it's begun and look upon your chart. Tell me what it's like I'm still touching the chatting with the Englishman. I say my lord claim Edward what you can and bring so plain a pedigree. You are in possession of the crown and that's the shortest point on the lot but would it not. He should prevail I'll make a conduit of my dearest blood or chase those strangling upstart home again. Well said young Philip. Call for bread and wine. Here our stomachs for the past to look at our foes more sternly in the face. Bread and wine became weak.
Like the battles. We just came with brakes an extra lightning flashing lights. The worse. The beautiful and sweet for turning changes not for the we. That with advantage of our people the sky. Thank wish my heart
misgives. Sorry people to whom belong to be on out of this day migrations of age. Heard. The tale of her hollow and posting it like clams with success. Both the defense and her but all in vain. Both son. We all are open to that we perforce. Well they came to get their way and they then did nothing but present speed battle and they ranged against the pact. With. Peace. So long the king of England. Fast forward and finally he approached near to the water of song which was large and deep. And all the bridges broke.
At length by one of the prisoners he was told where he might pass with his on the obit of being hard in a bottle that is shallow and had water the French guy the shallow of this because. I want the cold. Tell me the name of the grave please your excellence. Then go by. For the service that has done. We here in LA GENTE give the liberty I know not else how we debate our son. And I with a hard time I might behold. Oh Princess How did with him come and go to lovely and the rest will come and see how it goes. But my son since Iowa right along the coast of France except for me I thank the gracious heavens some of their strongest cities we have wandered off. No croquet I can untie you and others waste you time. A wider pattern themed and Beacon park for Sunday to latest on progress in the coming
days. In all my warlike course has not seen the usurping King of France yes my good Lord and not two hours ago with one hundred thousand fighting men upon the one side of this river's bank I on the other with his multitude which I feared he would have propped on a smaller part that happened here perceiving your approach he had withdrawn himself to Crissy plains where does it seem it by his good array he means to bid us back our present day shall be welcome That's crazy. And next. Because this battle is the first that ever I get the fourth skin pictured field solemn and we will get beyond. Their foreheads or they bring forth a stronger time and for the Prince my son. Then the name of God has with this known I am like. So many that I know under electing the heart the again with. Did you. Pick your.
Fight at B that you can come without comes. I'll follow blogs and do him I'm not. Going to sit there and we don't like we like. Like with the nose. With victory. And be valued about outcomes. It would rank I didn't. Receive this love to dynamically. Use it in fashion of a brazen and. Hopeful that these stratagems. I bet. I.
Know one step. Father and you have done me and my strength with comfort or saging sign these gifts of yours. When I profane NO USE THEM NOT TO GLORY OF MY GOD or for the benefit of England's peace. My joints waxed both my arms with my hot but like a step. I made him a map of me. Ranged the gravity of the main guy myself. I got much behind that although disposed to let us off.
God grant us the day. Join. Then and how many a French woman flying after them and with. That. Image before you just have a secret. Probably the gross judgment is inscrutable. The wondrous works given way on the right made the tumble of them still. Look at the rescue.
Rescue what was once in prison. Oh my God I'm still beside his horse and I don't know the end of the stick with turning prince who needed perfume as it is impossible that he's escaped except your Highness presently to say talk let him fight. We gave him arms today and he has praised my soldiers when I mean really just to be so it's the French like image on a bank Buster about him why was he a liar like for whites only gentle and free content I will not have a man on pain of death for this since the day all paid by destiny. He's in his cottage with those grievous thoughts now he read those years on earth will make him say buzz kill of the six kids too much willfulness Trinity is a big state no more.
On none of you can tell whether a date will serve or no. Dan a full come when she's enough like turn them off that she'll be haggled like it would be delivered by all hands and still in danger he expected like himself himself redeemed from thence he went to vanquish cheerful defense and have often read them post no more than if they were about a captive slave a prince oh oh look my life might ransom him from. The psyche of a difficult charge of trumpets not to treat. All of the same I hope that with him. Some will return with good or bad. John.
Will come grave pretty soon come time patronage of. The soul of war. Not of that soul mate. All right Prince it was. Just didn't. Know which way is telephones escaped his noble father and his son's age that would only show up with still myself and not well with the kind of speech that Haven time with CJ now lives it on up front the whole structure to follow one of the game's old ones.
And so on the wooden stay being the 30th day of August in the yard of an old thirteen hundred forty six The King of England came before the strong ton of cabinets and planted the seed. Since they were very few with top profit league and we're not that great a little hidden we will intrench ourselves on every side. My gum fizzles no supply of men may come to suck all the tongue had and shall come back little soul it's all stopped. Love you. Welcome. What's the news from England. Queen my lord commands her to your grace and from behind it sounds a lot vice regent I bring this happy tidings of success. DAVID of Scotland lately I was thinking they like the Sooners should prevail Your Highness being absent from the realm is by the faithful service of your
people vanquished and taken prisoner in the favorite fake sea for I knew this with all my heart. What was he about to do but I took him prisoner. I Squire my Lord John copulated name John Copeland. Since then treated by have Majesty denies to make surrender of his prize to any but unto your grace alone. What hath your queen he's grievously it is pretty well that we have a person been dispatched to some uncomplicate out of hand with him he shall bring his prison our King of Queens My daughter has started by this city and papa says as soon as wind will land that careless he had to visit you here shall be will come and the way to coming. I'll pitch my tent near the tender shore my gracious sovereign I bring news from Kelly. Say all the burgesses of callus mighty king have by a council of willingly decreed to yield the town and castle to your hands upon condition it will please your grace to grant them benefit of life and goods.
Oh then belike they may come on dispose elect and govern as they list. I know a lot of what dealt them since they did refuse a princely clemency of first proclaimed they shall love to have it now although they won't. I will accept up north but if I hadn't sold except within these two days six of them are the wealthiest merchants in the town come naked all the for their living shirts with each I hope they're hanged about his neck and prostrated yield themselves up on their knees. Don't be afflicted all walk I please. And so you're waiting for the album muster ships. That.
Mean space the French to lie encamped in the fields near Poitiers where it where the prince is new in trouble. China is my son and already Here is the Prince of Wales has fallen into irons and we have compassed him he cannot escape but Will your highness fight today. What else my son. He's casts eight thousand strong and we are threescore thousand but the least I have a prophecy of my gracious lord. When it is written what success is like to happen else in this outrage as well. It was delivered me at Chris's field by one that is an aged hermit their mock well of this paper. When did that follow show make me tremble. And stones rise and break by battle Ray. And think on him.
Not now this and. All that shall be thy hapless dreadful day I see it's he was we shall be fortunate. But as it is impossible that toluene should ever break out back or a power make many noms to quake. So is it like we shall not be subdued. But these are frivolous fancy toys and dreams once we are sure we have ensnared the sun. Catch we often how we can. Or do. The arms of death embrace as round. But we are here encircled by different companies have we not. Safer to die at it is to follow suite life at
Crissy Field our clouds of war like smoke choked up those French mouths and dissevered them. But know them multitudes of millions hide masking as to where the beauty is burning sun leaving no hope to us but sun and dark and I list of all indignant. This sudden mighty inexpedient here and the dear maid Prince is one of. The four of us in the keen vantage with all that heaven on earth can yield is part is stronger back home his son the brave Duke of Normandy has trimmed the Mount do not end up the shining plate that now the old sparring here or quality or an all aloft the which the band is better replenished cups and beat that for their god in a struggle whose Duke use them. I live
10 lives Phillip the youngest You are the king. Coaching the other here in such a river that all his lead up rate hikes to see street tree use of gold the pendant streamers leave their device of N.T. Herald-Record in colors sundry fruits makes it the orchard of the Spirit. Behind us to the world of Hugh's height for like a half moon opening but one way it runs us even then at our back our knowledge the fatal crossbows and the battle there is governed by the Russian and thus it stands no value for our flight. King binds in the hills on either hand of proudly Royal is owned by his son on the high in certain death and service was until your home there is but one
France one King of France and we have one then apprehended no odds for one to one is fair equality. What tidy messenger to front. Be brief the King of France my sovereign lord and master greets by me is the Prince of Wales. If our quarter for the hundred men of name our Lords Knights Squires an English gentleman and with myself and those kneeling at his feet he strayed what about is what I can I was up and ran some charity for it did it not. These days I drink more English blood than ever was better than your British Yes. What is the answer to his prophet. This heaven that covers France contains them that draws from me missive autism's. But such a base breath should vanish from my lips to urge the plea of mercy to a man. The Lord forbid. Return until Viking my tongue is made of steel and it will make
my Misty on his collar button it turned in my colors are as red as he is my man as bold are English and a strong return him my defiance in his face. Confident. For scientists who have wings of time and let those who quite the messengers of the show that I had time to do anything in this dangerous time. I so talk bruised and bit with many broilers I'm stratagems for past with iron pens I texted him by knowledgeable face the out of Mad Men in this distress and danger was me blushing made him teach me an onset of this perilous time. To die is all of those commoners deliver the one in choice to the other. Well from the instant we begin to live we do pursue when hunt the time to die first blood we
win we blow it off to seek and present for. And as a shade follows the but is so we follow death. If then we hunt for death why do we fear it if we fear it why do we follow it. If we do fear if we do but aid the thing we feel to see The Last of Us or not. If we if we are not. Then no result of that profit can overthrow the limits of our fate whether ripe or rotten drop we as we do draw the lottery of good old man I was and I was and on as these words of mine have buckled on my back. Oh what an idiot as I made of life to seek the thing it fears and I disgraced the Imperial victory of murdering death. I will not give up anything in life. Not happening to shun grim death since how to live is but to seek to die and dying but beginning a new life.
Let come the hour when he that rules it will to live or die. I am different. The little. Girl in. Sutton doc must have to face the sky the wind sock crept into that cave for fear leaves move not the word is I wish him still the birds ceased singing the wandering Brooks No no one did. Pretty sure all was
silence. Attend someone and expect that heaven should pronounce some prophecy. From whom proceeds this site and Charles my son. Men with open mouths and staring eyes look on each other as they did attend each other's words and yet no creature speaks a tongue tied fear had made a midnight hour and speeches sleep through all the waking regions. But now the pompous son in all his pride looks who his golden coach upon the world. And on a sudden I heard him say that the under earth is a grey dark deadly silence that comfortable. Park what a deadly outcry do I hear. Here comes my brother had it all just made you feel forward for the ride looks
proceeded You know I call it rock star life. Frank for a week I crave in power a long time on the substance of that very pair indeed which is so awfully printed on my face. What is the matter are like the Ravens to cloke home soldiers with that approach they came the sudden fog which Nahid the enemy for a lot of heaven and made no night unnatural upon the quaking in dismay had worked in brief. Our soldiers have let fall now and stand like mental images bloodless and pay you one gazing on another. To think you are its words. When did that make me tremble. All right now I call to mind the prophecy. I must give no terms to here. Return my heart about those healing souls tell them the way you've been seeing them in arms. So many fair against a famished. You come back
to dine upon the handiwork and prey upon the cow do you not they kill of those poor English that are way and comfort up our soldiers. So I own the property that once. Dispatched Bruce. Because. Business looks pretty full. Back to join the. Ranks. I'm choked with dust and stepped aside for a breath we then told again you'd be amazed and frankly quite distracted gazing on the grounds that it was full of sharks again. Gracious you know just less home gold and that is all I want to go totally a fix for a feather when feather boas to bed be on our side. What need we fight time switching Kiba coil when rating programs I was out of the cities.
Why see the ground itself is armed with fire containing Flint come on our bows to her the way they're trying to kind of you and talk to stow away all the way by his side we go down. And C is. Some 20 making star flints post of the board. Hey Coy to kill us up. No less than 40000 of our soldiers. Have fought to this day stoned to death. Think you on the hermit's words again. The Flintstones rise and break that hapless dreadful day had set division on the French and us. Is there no hope left to hope but.
With starting fear that this may throw all our army. And every petty disadvantage prompts the abject soul of. What we're. Calling the prophecy. That our new stones from English arms rebel against us. I find myself for two. Weeks. With fine spring break in the prisoner's. Dock John promised send lately John affronts by bloody end signs on my captive commis. And you know by Charles of Normandy that once today sent me a holster fly and you were his younger brother fitted to on the
subject of my clemency. Five is not a shame that English boy who was eighty days and yet not worth appeared to be in the bosom of your Kingdom bus one against twenty beats you up to get up my fortune no thanks have conquered us an argument the devil ate the right. To say fuck discouragement comes he. Would convey me to the princely and work through my blood. I may become him by so you smile in this open sky of his own lives. That was death with I can just smile and looks so merrily up on my grave if I went in Nam it online and what hungry sot hat so be read by face. I'd like to true present from my nothing. O prince like sweet becoming speech to me is so
mournful No one sick of life. If my tongue ring out by hand I shall be thy grave. What may I do with my life if on I may dispense fully with death but never dying out of this day holy old led to myself and if you draw our tears prince if I could hold the debts but to obey the law you'd see my leave Iraq of. My so should you know this gospel of my flesh. There's many with all. Vice City for one breach to be divorced by the soft temper of a gentleman my friend bestowed with
pride triumphant pay some to my royal father King. Speaks with his wife. No my Queen Bess it by yourself. Excuse his fault looks my my problem resisting callous. I want to just play you know. So yes.
The cult is about to cry to the burgesses of callous my queen. PRINCE. Take pity on this tone and hear us mighty king. We claim the promise that your Highness made is not yet expired and we are come to work. Torturing death or punishment you are to be saved. My promise. Well I do confess as much. I did require the chief citizens that made up most of the contact from summit if you be there. Then let our covenant stand we take possession of this town in peace Bob for your look you will find no remorse but as impure your justice have decreed your body shall be dragged about these walls and off the field the stroke of quoting Steve O this is your goal.
He was up to the feuding men it is a glorious thing to stablish peace and kings approach the nearest time to God by giving life and safety unto man as we intend this to be King of France. So let our people live to call the king for what the sword cuts down the fire had spoiled it held in reputation none of Allah's queen. These men shall live to boast of clemency and tyranny. Strike terror. I am but who comes here I am prompt on my own. It gave the King of Scots is this the proud present just squat of the loss that would not yield his prisoner to my queen I am an older Squire indeed and I have a problem knowing I look across. The sea right along the coast and I'm on a roll. Richard Long since I have been there but
Copland I did school on the Kings come on the getting our commission in reverence bodies passion are still passed from me by Queen led by displeasure. Please be and I like his words. But what is he the type deeds of the glory that he was the same all rivers have recourse to the sea Copland's faith relation to his king Neil Copland Dom. No such night. MARTIN He might be fun to write if Roman comes to France together with his sons a captive who is dying he brings to proclaim the
song. My gracious Father you know received this crown but we thought conquests and live wall to wall and here with all I've read of your hands these prisoners chief occasion of our strife. So would John of France I see you keep your word your promise to be soon or without a cell phone. We did think boy too so we didn't have you down at first as now you do. How many Sybil Tang's had stood on touch. But now I turned all right get heaps of stones. How many people's lives might do or say but that one time they sunk into their graves and irrevocable chemical fragile never crossed her hair they ran for gone yet up there shall be no. But first we must cross the sea yes to see what entertainment it affords. We had it follows it cannot be so bad as ours
have been since we had a right good frocks. I'm perfectly mad of the sight of her tongue. But this constant work of profit told yeah I mean Bishop Lawrence we do proclaim a rest and into ceasing of our painful she eat up your soul it's refreshing or we are to live your spying on us. And after we have breathed a day or two within this haven God willing then for England will be shipped to where in a happy hour and I trust we cannot write a brief reprint scene. And the. God. We've heard the reign of King Edward the third play published in 50 96 and now thought to have been written in part by Shakespeare. It was adapted and directed for the BBC World Theatre by Raymond Drake's Edward the third king of England was
played by Stephen Murray and the Countess of Solsbury by Googie Withers. John Westbrook appeared as Edward Prince of Wales Carlton Hobbs as the Earl of Warrick the Countess of Salisbury's father Norman Shelley is Lord Audley and Rafe Truman as John King of France the narrations were based on Holland sheds chronicles one of the sources of the play and they were spoken by Gabriel Wolfe. The music was composed by Thomas Eastwood and conducted by Harry new St.. Next week listen for the Confederacy a restoration comedy by John Van brawl. It's the final broadcast in the current world theater series and the cast is composed of regular members of the BBC drama repertory company the British Broadcasting Corporation produces the world theater programs their presentation by national educational radio was made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and they're prepared for broadcast in this country by WITF FM Public Radio in Hershey Pennsylvania. This is the
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