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The child beyond produced by Radio host the University of Texas under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasting. The child is there beyond the hurt and the handicapped beyond the defect and the difference beyond the problem and its probing. There is a child beyond. How can we reach him. How can we set him free. Radio host the University of Texas brings you child to be on a series of recorded programs devoted to the exceptional child in our society. His areas of difficulty and problems. The avenues of adjustment open to him. You know our broadcast we talk these things over with authorities of national reputation. Men and women who have worked with exceptional children in the fields of medicine
psychology therapy and special education. We tap into the experience of parents who have gleaned their knowledge firsthand and living with a child day long. And here is our series commentator Dr. William G will talk with us about how both sources can be. Nobody knows better than a parent. The inevitable heartache that an exceptional child brings with him into a family nobody can identify more fully with the mother and father who upon first finding their child impaired in mind or body face the future in confusion and dismay. Whatever adjustment has been realized however complete the acceptance of their own child and his handicap may be these parents remember that torture is a path toward these hard won goals in remembering they can bring greatly needed strength to those who have only just stepped their feet upon that path. And their council has a special quality a bond of shared
experience a vital authenticity second to none. This closeness of parents to the problem has its own unique value. But it needs as its complement the objectivity of those professionally trained to help the exceptional child and his family. If we are to see our exceptional children in their proper perspective those who look with the heart must join those who look with the head. Those with an emotional investment must work hand in hand with those whose contribution is a dedicated clinical interest. Only in this way can clarity be served. Can we genuinely assess the capacities and potentials of our children who need special help. Only in this way can we bring valid assistance to those parents who blind themselves to their true situation. Whose emotions are so engaged that they cannot find or face the truth who like the three familiar monkeys impede the testimony of their own senses so they will hear no evil of their
children see no evil speak no evil. All of us in our own lives know this very human compulsion to see no fault in that which is our own. Tell you boy there's not a car on the road. It's not streamlined maybe hadn't got that forward look they're forever pushing on TV but the real drive ability for a car that will take you there and get you back. You just give me my little 1950 model Brit. And she said to Chuck said this and you started it all. But I don't believe it. It doesn't sound like Sandy. Oh he's full of life I grant you but I know my son and he's no trouble maker. Only two days in the whole room and our girl got one of them. I don't say there's anything wrong with that math teacher but it ought to be looked into because Mary Alice isn't dumb and believe you me she's worked hard enough.
Best do we all hastily refute Fawley performance in anything identified with ourselves. We brook no suggestion that the things we possess are not up to snuff. If this is our typical reaction to intimation of a flaw in the model of a car and a son's behavior on the playground my daughter's mastery of one school subject. It is not surprising that we may often fail to acknowledge imperfection of a far more vital import. Take for example Ben and Nancy Nancy Nancy at home. Where is the happy warrior. You give him away or something. No I just got him to sleep. Thank the Good Lord this has been one of those days where Nancy there is a slightly frazzled look for us old. You mean tattered I ache in every bone and muscle flop itself in the chair and get your feet up. Give us a glass of sherry.
Thank you sar. You are a real live angel. Speaking of real live angel Dottie's baby Pamela brought about a day she dreamed you couldn't be cuter. And so active a regular jumping jack. She's just about the same age Loni is. Well anyway you think Pamela was two months older or something. She can turn over and set up. Well you should see her. I don't care much for athletic women. Well you ought to give your son a good talking to. But in a girl show him up like that. He was real surprised that Loni wasn't doing any of those things. So he's taking his time. That's a sound approach. You know the Davy Crockett motto Be sure you're right then go ahead. Loni is just making sure is right. Maybe so but I wish. What is it. When I wish. I wish he'd go ahead and get organized because they don't know what he's doing who don't know all the other mothers I know and they act as if they don't mean it I suppose but they seem so smug someway
so full of their children and what they can do. I just wish Loni would up and show him why does he have to show them. Who are they anyway. It's a bunch of gurgling females abnormally preoccupied with their own inferior progeny. We're the only ones he has to show and I am satisfied. How about you. Yes I think so. Then yeah you know those magazines the ones that come with with the diapers from the diaper service. Yeah well I have an article in there a regular feature of what your baby is like in one month in two months and so on. You know one month they can move together in two months you can raise his head in three months he can focus his eyes and lift up his chest. Well well our baby is for nearly five months old band and when he can't do any of those things not really for heaven's sake Nancy girl you're not worrying your pretty head over that. Looking into that magazine goes to I don't know one million two million however many families get diapers that month. That's
just a just a mean average to you know to give you some rough idea. It's like apples. They take an apple and they say this is a standard apple. It ripens in fact it's actually length of time but you've got an apple that ripens earlier or maybe later it's still a good apple. Yes yes I see. OK so quit reading that diaper literally or that's for people that don't know their product. They don't know their apples. We know ours. He's all fired up about honey. We just got a late ride from her that's all. Hear no evil see no evil speak no we suppress the tiny doubt Nancy trampled under foot ban because this baby belongs to you. Here's yours. There cannot be. There must not be anything wrong with your baby. And so long as the judgement is yours so long as you set the standard.
Here's a good little late in ripening perhaps but a good apple nonetheless. And there are those from time to time who will bolster your Judge Young. You can get this boy dress now Nancy and leave some of that stuff you had him swaddled in declare the way some of you gals bundle up your purposes under a breath of fresh air ever gets to him. Well it was pretty cold when we left sun and that's what the boy needs so the collar him up an air to make him active. Good fresh air straight not stream through a bunch of flannel and plastic and nylon and what to do. Then you don't think those things I told you about right. You think you know that's what you go for it now over this boy to watch you turn out to be a warrior the way your mother was over you know. Now it's a little poor muscle tone there and we're going to see this
young whippersnapper gets plenty of sun and fresh air in vitamin. Oh I didn't know Lonnie is the only little baby I've ever been around. I couldn't help why Heather and I use it. You put your finger on it young lady you little ghettos with only one pair. You got too much time to go poking and push an attitude and wondering about the books. Now listen Nancy. Yeah ever see a hen reading a book to find out where the one chick was learning to scratch on time. No. Yeah she's got too many to look out for to be troubling yourself. One thing for you and Ben to do is to get busy and have some more chicks. Have a flock of them and you won't have the time nor the inclination to be fret yourself sick over one. Cover your eyes Nancy. Cover your ears then draw a breath of relief when you find a judgment to concur with yours. But the doubt still nags. The breath is short lived for some
judgments do not concur. There are eyes that see more clearly. Here is that here more precisely in tongues that speak their piece without prejudice. I. Was in awe. My back's near broke open in my wrath and don't see how you wagging around all day a little thing like you. Now let's see it's 12:30. That makes it six hours is three dollars right. Mrs. swisher. Yes that spy like I was saying Now back to your boy he sure is a big and tall. How did you say he was Dans called you a taxi Mrs swisher. It will be here in a minute. That's the way with these big babies. Lots of times they look a lot older than they act. You're born Now if you didn't accept much like a real little baby. I'd say I was eight or nine months. Oh but him not being able to sit up go order anything. Well I'll just gather up my things and pick up a bit. We've made us cry to miss him and me. I've stayed with
babies not I've stayed with babies and I never saw one so hard to entertain. Can't keep his attention on anything for no more than a minute it don't seem. Never mind missus with your arm straight. Well there was one little lady over on Purdue AFR get her name used to stay with her little boy. Now there was a handful she said to me. Many's the time she said it Missis was sure she'd say I just don't know how you think up things to occupy. But then he didn't have much of a mind to occupy a poor little thing. He was feeble minded live I see. Course it's a different thing with your baby. I expect he's had some kind of illness or something. Nothing sets a kid back a spell a sick Mommy hasn't had any serious illness misses wish or his job or sick could be he's got worms. That makes him act clear sometimes. You have had your baby checked for worms mate I'm sure if there were anything like that Mrs Swisher the doctor would let us know where you think so. But sometimes I don't know. If it's something that can't be helped or cured
like this lady I stepped far out in Riverdale. Her little boy she kind of suspicion there was something wrong with him. Only she didn't know what. Come to think of it he reminded me a lot of your little tad You know candle lamp light not much get up and go to him. I didn't do things quite when I like you'd expect. Of course he was older than your baby but the doctor said I think he knew all along but he just kept saying Just give him time that's what he'd say. Just give him time. So her not knowing any better she just kept going along and going along and you know what they come to find out about that. I think that your text misses her should reckon so I didn't hear nothing. Where they come to find out the why they couldn't have seen it before me is something I'll never know. Everybody else good but parents is always the last. Seems like sometimes they don't want to know when they come to find I'm sure that's your taxi Mrs swisher. Thank you very much for coming and good night.
I was glad to help out me is when you need me again you know how to find me. Yes isn't everybody you know can handle babies like that but I'm used to it and I don't mind it. So you know you just call me. See no evil hear no evil speak no evil stifle the doubt ignore the evidence. Pretend there's nothing wrong until you can pretend no longer for such a day will come. Ben and Nancy. When a suppressed doubt becomes an open question what is wrong with our child. And then it begins the search for truth. For help. Or comfort or cure. The search the parents of exceptional children know so well. Right this way Mr. or Mrs. Crawford. Dr. lash will say you know. Dr. Amos has no record of your son's case I believe. So your name. Mrs. Crawford. Yes talk to her. Mrs. Crawford you say your son didn't sit up right until he
was eighteen months of age didn't walk until three years one month. And for some time now Mr. and Mrs. Crawford as you tell me you've been concerned about your son's progress. Yes Dr. doner. That is we wondered why he wasn't doing things faster. Actually Doctor it was Nancy who's been really upset about this thing. She just kind of hit on the fact that there's something wrong with our boy. It's just that when I see other children and what they can do your boy is 8. Yes he's small freezing. Let me ask you this Mrs. Culver. Mr. CRAWFORD. As you see Loni at home in the neighborhood play groups at school. If you were not your child if you didn't know is age how old would you judge him to be. Well gosh. That's kind of hard I mean knowing he's 8. Mrs. Kaufman. Well I'd say I mean judging from the others he's sort of preschool if you know what I mean.
He's more like a 5 year old or maybe a 5 and a half. Come on Nancy give him some credit. I think Mrs. Crawford is giving him credit. Perhaps a little too much credit. Now it's true that children develop at different ages. Some forge ahead a little. Others like behind a bit. And we know to look for those differences. But where the difference is too great where the child is too far out of line. We begin to look for the reason and learn his case. I think we've found that reason. Then there is since we've had Loni here with us we've tested him very thoroughly very carefully. I want you to know that. And our findings all point to one thing as you yourselves have seen a lot and his abilities tend to run behind his actual age. It is our opinion carefully considered. It is our best judgment that Loni will continue to progress physically a little more slowly than is usual but he
will still continue to grow in body. In his mind Loni will not grow not appreciably. He will continue to be a child. We think a child of about four and a half years perhaps five. No more than I thought I was looking. Dr Gone are those tests. Oh I know they're scientific and all that but maybe he wasn't feeling well that day or maybe he was scared. Do you know how little kids sometime know how you feel Mr. Crawford. Believe me I do understand those things you mention. They are taken into consideration. But our findings are pretty conclusive. I believe without question your son is mentally retarded. That fact is hard to face. But it's still on his best interest that you do face it. That we work with what Loni actually is and
has rather than what we wish he were or might have had with those other two years. Why weren't we. Why didn't. That's right Doctor if this is true I say if this is true why didn't some of the others. Why do they just keep saying let's wait and see. Wait didn't see. Why is this the first time a doctor has come right out and said to us Your son is mentally retarded. If these things can any minute instance is Mr. Crawford mental retardation becomes only very slowly and gradually evident in a baby in a very small child it's difficult often impossible to diagnose. To be sure. Lonnie is at an age now where we can be sure I say where we can be sure you and Mrs. Crawford may not want to accept our opinion unsupported. You may still wish to consult another doctor. Our group of doctors many of our parents do or you may want to go home with
talk this thing over and and come back when the idea is not so new. When you had time to think and when you feel like talking about what we can do for Lani for that's the important thing now. Mr. Mrs. Crawford That's what we do. What you do makes a constructive contribution to Lani's welfare that we work together to help Loni become his his own best self. Well thank you Dr. Garner. Thank you very much Wade. We'll have to see Nancy and I will. We'll just have to see. The search can go on and on. The exhausting spirit wrenching purr straining search the wistful desperate shopping around for a verdict that carries more conviction a prophecy that offers more hope a remedy that promises more dramatic results for the fact when it is found your child
is mentally retarded. That fact is hard to bear. Harder still to face and accept and work with. This is your child name Prentiss Crawford. Fix him a chronological age eight mental age four years two months. His welfare and his keeping or his faith in his future are in your hands. How do you know the answer when you will find it. When can you in all conscience stop looking on where is sound and significant help to be had. These are haunting questions that torment every parent of a mentally retarded child or a blind child a deaf child a child who has cerebral palsy of any child with a mental or physical defect of greater or lesser degree. They are valid questions for the resolution we must look to parents who have already worked toward some answers for themselves. We must look also to trained men and women who have made the search for these answers the basis of their professional
lives only through this joint effort of the heart and the head. Can we lead them to acceptance and effective action. Those parents of exceptional children who in their shock and deep distress waste valuable time money and emotional energy in their human but very vain attempt to hear no evil see no evil speak no evil. Here again is our series commentator Dr. William G Wolfe professor of educational psychology at the University of Texas and a well-known lecturer in the areas of concern for the exceptional child and his family discussing with Dr. Wolfe the aspects of seeking help for the exceptional child.
A physician Dr. Cliff price an elder Newton the father of a mentally retarded child. I wish to welcome you gentlemen to this series as consultants. I think I'll start with you Dr. Primus and ask you your reaction as a physician to these scenes you just heard. Do you think they're typical doctor. I do I think so Dr. Ben and Nancy's problem are typical of many many hundreds and thousands of other parents who are searching for the answer. Is there something wrong with my child and what is it. The answer to that question is exceedingly complex in that it takes time to be sure about a diagnosis and then it is difficult many times to say exactly what is wrong. You know and then as parents are always a little reluctant to to accept a diagnosis that is a little strange to them is not right. Certainly Mr. Newton you are the parent of a mentally retarded child and I certainly know that you have much valuable information on this particular problem you've faced.
What's your reaction to this thing. Dr. Wolfe we were fortunate enough in our own particular case to have found a Dr. Garner shall we say that helped us to accept our problem of a mentally retarded child a great deal more easily than perhaps some parents have been able to know how to do it. The illustration which he gave us is one that made it easier for us to accept the fact that we mustn't spend all of our lives just looking around for the answer. His illustration was one of a farmer who had on his place a rocky heel in a fertile valley. Certainly that farmer would not spend all of his time and efforts trying to work the rocky heel. It's been the greater majority of the time in working with the fertile valley to raise his crops. Very interesting in our case we had also a normal child and our Dr. Garner cautioned us not to spend all of our time and money trying to find some answer that just wasn't there but to accept the fact that our child is mentally retarded and do for him that we could imagine by accepting that to Mr. Newton you you
saved yourself a lot of time a lot of money. You actually sat down now and you're trying to apply your Know How To this list. That's about right doctor. I got a prize back to you if I may. What. What do you think the answer is to this problem. How can parents know really know when they have found the right answer. Well first and foremost I think they need to consult Doctor Who who they have great faith in and who is they know is interested in their job and interested in their problem then that doctor with thorough painstaking medical examination and as needed psychological testing and calling in other consultants perhaps hearing perhaps a vision may have to be checked and other words this complete diagnosis is possible. Seymour's the growth team or just helps in in these diagnoses and it
and the family deserves to have every point covered then when every point has been covered it is much more acceptable to the family. In my experience you feel that the doctor too has a very important role in the counseling of the parent too don't you sir. Yes that's that's right enough. I think that the family needs to know early as early as possible if the doctor has definite evidence I think he should go ahead and present it. Even though the truth hurts I think it should be presented to the family in a tactful manner and all the facts it's a doctor knows and then all investigations carried out so that there is no doubt. As Dr. Graham pointed up after you do this many parents continue to shop around for the answer they want to hear. I don't think we'll ever be able to stop that wouldn't be wonderful if we could reach out here in this audience and just stop these parents and have them have faith in their
in their physicians and accept the problem as you have done Mr. Newton and work with those cuties in the remaining few seconds Mr. Newton could you summarize for parents. Some things that you feel to be really important things they can do. Yes very definitely because today we have in many localities and Austin Council for retarded children a Dallas Council for Exceptional Children. Places where the parents themselves can come together not to crowd on each other's shoulders but to really work together. I'm glad you learned a lot of this teamwork approach. That's a most important organization in this country and I have done such wonderful things and and they can get these parents together. Well it certainly is a young and growing organization they can do something for all children. They thereby will help their own child when they're helping mentally retarded children. How about literature. There is quite a bit available and they certainly can obtain it through their local councils for retarded children.
Wonderful Dr. Price. Could you summarize in a couple of sentences something that would be of value to these parents to help them out. I think again we can say that the teamwork approach is the important thing in arriving at a diagnosis and in counseling the parents and learning about not what handicap the child has but learning about the child with a handycam learning helping him and learning and then being able to help him and his adjustment to in the family adjustment in the neighborhood vocationally working with all of various factors. I'm glad you brought that up because this series of programs is devoted to many of these problems you just brought out. You see we have 13 in the series and each one is devoted to one of these different problems you see. I'm sure glad you pointed that out. I certainly want to thank you for coming down and being our consultants on this program you have done a noble job. Thank you Dr. Price. Thank you Mr. Newton.
Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil was brought to you by radio House the University of Texas the fifth of a special series of programs titled. Child beyond these recorded broadcasts are devoted to the exceptional children and also the problems areas of difficulty and the avenues of just. Discussing the aspects of seeking help from the exceptional child physician Dr. Rice. Mr. Elder the father of a mentally retarded child. And our series commentator Dr. William T won't. Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil prepared for broadcast by Jackie Summerfield from a script by the door by Eleanor page with project coordinator will carry. The child be on was produced by Radio hosts of the University of Texas under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center. This program is distributed by
the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the end network.
Child beyond
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
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