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Were the following program was originally released in 1956. These were the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth. University of Michigan PRESENTS True Tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. Tales of a volume of transcribed series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the educational TV and radio center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of Darius the great Emperor of ancient Persia and hero of modern Iraq. Our story takes place 500 years before Christ the Empire of the Persians
has achieved what Kurian Oriental grandeur. Indeed it was the first empire the world has ever known. Even so it was sometimes necessary for the Emperor to leave the splendor of his court for more rugged life in the field a royal encampment has been established in the foothills near the Colorado River. And the hunt is in progress. Darius himself awaits with our chief priest of the new god a hood or a Mazda while in the distance beaters attempt to flush a boar from the thickets and drive it toward the king. I'm shocked. Keep your eye on the beaters. They're driving the boat up this ravine shall we mount so I don't know stay away from the horses you'll frighten the chording with such an army of Bowman could the board be frightened further. Our party is large for a hunting expedition. Yes isn't it. Even in the mountains of the Bakhtiari the Queen must have her attendants. Poor tosser. I think she would rather be dead than give up the luxuries of Persepolis. It does seem odd sire to bring the queen so far from home.
I ordered it. Yes Majesty. Time shot in a moment the bore will be ours. I think I you up. Hand me the bow the arrow is knocked. Steady. Steady. Pull back a horse you fool don't press me like that. I'm trying. Annoys the horses right. I'm following you. Their eyes. Told that. Oh. Oh. Are you all right sire. Who let you M-C fool you ruin the hunt. That noise my horse shot I'd have your head if I thought you did that on purpose accident Majesty I assure you what accident. Give me a little I can't get up I move is the wind. But it was an accident just an accident. Your Majesty I tossed my tongue and shot the Gods there in the
King's tent. The walls of a tent and made of stone walk this way with me. Keep your head down. How easy. Darius his leg is broken that's all. How could you have failed him Shar. I promise to make you lord of all Persia if you would with me of this man. I toss a daughter of the great Cyrus deserve a better fate than to be chained this military upstart his life was in your hand the hunting party came up too quickly. Besides the man is a strong as a lion. I couldn't do more and still make it look like an accident. Do you think you suspect. Course he suspects. Darius where suspicion that is good will like a knife but this accident of the Kings may be just what we need. Do you know why you really dragged all of us into these mountains. I tried to find out. He wants to build a day a day I'm yes to divert the Karine river and irrigate the plains. Whatever for. Just more of his madness to benefit the people in
the plane he says. Their crops are drying up. Why should he worry about those people. He'd better worry about the hill tribes instead. These lands belong to the Bakhtiari that's why he's brought half the court and all of his royal gods to impress the calm with Persian Letters. Clever not clever enough. No on me no man controls the Bakhtiari. And where is the great king of kings at the moment flat on his back with a broken leg in the Kung Pao and now here comes a god. Your Majesty Darius request the presence of the Queen in his turn. Go tell the King I am on my way. He's gone. Don't you see M. Shah how all this fits in with our plans. We feed Darius to the top octave if all else fails. But I have a plan. Go quickly to my tent and send the slave Democrates to the king. Don't ask me why. There's no time to be lost.
But. No no no you're blundering idiot. Oh you're pushing and pulling and pumping you're only making the leg worse. Back to horses and sheep all of you. Is there none among you who knows how to cure a man who's out there. The queen sire. Send it in. Gracious my husband I swear if you had been a tosser highlights again I'm going to. Never mind give me your hand your hand thievery. I've cheated death from the banks of the Nile halfway to India. But this is the first time I've been downed by such a stupid thing as a broken leg in action pains you more than the leg does. It's intolerable. There's so much to be done to get that dam erected and I want it built this year. Haven't you forgotten the back to make the condescend to reason that I can't do all of it with this broken leg. Perhaps I can help not only more horse
doctors. You remember the swelling in my side. One of your slaves cured me and Egyptian. No a Greek. They said he was a great physician in the Greek islands before he was captured. His name is Democrates Greek. You think you can set me on my feet again. I am sure of it. Bring the slaves here. I am here your Majesty has a sizable specimen Isn't he a tosser. You practiced medicine among the barbarians I have some talent. Can you set a broken leg. A man's leg. Well I needn't be afraid of the King. You can cure him can't you. Yes your Majesty. Then get to work. I've lost too much time already. With. You. Good. You are comfortable now. Yes yes that's much better.
I trust your splints will not keep me from the saddle. You must not ride your majesty you may be a good doctor but you know nothing about running an empire. How can I find the backyard and confined to a bed. I have a solution to that problem. Who's that. God and the blessings of my tribe upon your people most esteemed long ago. God I have that little joke of mine that's all. The gods are watching a most fascinating exhibition of cavalry maneuvers. I would not wish anyone to lose his head. Not in my country. What do you mean your country. I am the calm of the jewel. Leave us Democrates I will call for you shortly. Yes your Majesty it grieves me to find a visitor to my country incapacitated. I trust the injury so you are mysterious in any other man I would have called your words insolence. The mountains of the Bakhtiari lie almost within bowshot of my capital city. And you welcomed me as a
guest. Independent people we love freedom. The Empire exists to serve its separate states. If the states are loyal to the Empire each benefits the other. We have no need of your protection. The mountains are all the shield we need. But we have had reports of a dam about the dam. I had underestimated you. A dam requires workmen engineers overseers soldiers. We graze our flocks in that valley. My people will not tolerate interference. It is a problem. But one we must discuss soberly without losing our heads. I was sure you would wish to do so. Therefore we will transport you and your entire party across the mountain to my house there to remain until such time as you all shall we say your leg is here. With the Enemy. The EU.
IMF. Sent for me your Majesty. Sit down Democrates. There isn't even a decent chair. What a horrible this is and the cat calls himself a lord. My hair has been arranged properly since we left Persepolis this horrible place is upset me so oh my side there's that pain again. Put your hand here. Yes your Majesty not Majesty. A tussle. Put your arms around me. There that's much better. I begin to feel well again. Yes. There's nothing wrong with you we're as healthy as the air you. Have you forgotten I am a queen and you are a slave. I am seldom allowed to forget. Then I don't have to mince words with you. How long has it been since you've seen your home and family a long time. Longer than I like to think about.
You are a slave and who keeps you a slave. Darius. And who is this master who holds your life in bondage and upstart military conspirator fall with the smell of the camp he has destroyed the old religion and prays to this new god out of Mazda. He has a ravager of women and children. He is not fit to determine the destiny of Persia Tulsa. Yes a tosser is the real ruler of Persia. I am the daughter of Cyrus the daughter of a king. But to this man Darius I am nothing more than a nurse and housekeeper. He is more concerned with his stupid roads and canals than he is with me or with you Democrates. Why do you think I sent you to Darius. He needed a doctor. It was not what he needed it was what I needed. A man of skill and courage with no roots in the Persian Empire a man with whom Darius could relax his eternal vigilance. You are that man.
How badly do you want your freedom more than anything else in the world and rid me of the King. I am nobody. Just like I'm sure you are a doctor with knowledge of herbs and poisons. And if the king dies then I will place them Sharr on the throne and reign as his queen. And you you will go free. You must give me time. Now is the time. Now what is crippled now while the con broods over him like a hen with a chick. The longer you hesitate the less chance you will have to see your home again. If you hate the King as you should you will do what must be done and quickly. Will move the pillows a little Democrates. That's better.
And now bring me a glass of wine. Good for the heart of a physician. Oh you do not object to the presence of this Greek my host. Not a dollar a year is your slave slave. Yes but he is an excellent healer. I hardly think of him as a slave but he is your slave nevertheless. Yes. Any man who stands in your way becomes your slave. Any man who owns something you want if you will not give it to you for nothing you make him your slave. You malign me. Do you see the marks of a lash on this man's back. No. The shackles on his feet. No he has everything you could want don't you Democrates. No your Majesty. And what do you lack my freedom. I need you here is my position and why should this amuse the chief of the Bakhtiari. Because we value our freedom to is freedom. Everything a man is free to call his neighbors throat. But the law says he will be punished. There can be no real freedom without authority.
Authority may be deceitful and treacherous but when authority is exercised for the good of all then it is right. When you speak well of us but we are a stubborn people why should we bother you. For a thousand years we have lived secure in these mountains without the benefits of empire. I come from a people like yours for centuries we people of Persia were nomads sheepherders out of this we have built an empire. We are no longer merely Persians or Meads or Kurds all we are united against all enemies who would destroy us from within and without. Then you are not so blind as to believe you have no enemies from within. No I am not. A glass of wine you are drinking. Suppose it were poison poison. No my friend my physician here who is helped to cure me would not put poison in the cup.
You are too confident. What if I called you a prisoner and not guessed your empire would crumble to pieces. Consider that I will not consider it your guest star your prisoner my duty is first to the Empire not to myself. I'm the least free of all of your empire demands that sacrifice I accept it. But whether I live or die the Empire must not crumble. But dam must be built. The river must flow into the dry plain. You are a brave man Darius but I am not yet convinced. And only when I am convinced with your project to your Empire perhaps even your life be spared. I. Am shocked. I can't see in this doc and I'm here. So what do you do in praying. I heard a Mazda is a God of light. I was not praying to him. This is my God put away that image you fool.
But if you were seen with that in your position you were the chief priest of the new religion because this was my god before our Mazda and will always be like the god of light protect Darius the powers of darkness will destroy him if we have our way. But I've waited long enough. What's happened to your plan. Don't you trust me. I've been called a fool too many times of late to toss and it doesn't sound well in the mouth of one who has vowed to become my queen. I always speak too hastily I'm sure. You do love me of course but why is Darius still alive I would speak to Democrates. He has bundled do more than speak Greek is taken as likely half of these coming slave Greek come here. Bah when you speak to me. Yes my lord and wipe the smile from your face. Slave. What is the condition of the King. He is better
why the leg is healing. As I predicted and one of your order please I am sure this is not the way you stand aside of Tosca. One of your promise to the Queen I made no promise. I offered him his freedom in return and you accepted of course. I said I would consider the idea. You insolent upstart. It's not for you to consider you know never a baby with you wee quiet and shy. How could you talk to me that way. I said Hold your tongue. I'll handle this my own way. Well slave is that Darius life or yours. You guarantee my freedom. Yes yes how many times give me a day not a day tonight. You understand very well tonight. I know what must be done. Was.
There more wine for the cotton. Look my host. You are still my host not my jailer. Isn't that so. Look. The leg is nearly he would help me. There I'm standing. What do you think of that. I could almost do one of your wild mountain dances right merely proves you are healing and therefore alive and you'll soon be in the field again. How does our old saying go teach him to ride the chute and tell the truth. That is the mark of a man. When have I not told you the truth. My friend you have dealt with me honestly. And the answer of the Bakhtiari. They have left the decision to me and my engineers arrive tomorrow. I must have your answer on the dam. Surely you will allow us to proceed. Most excellent line from the vineyards in the valley. Well out of all that they have told me before you still keep
me dangling one further duty demands my attention. I must offer sacrifice to my gods. Does this offend you any man's religion. I've even permitted the Jews to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem. Pray to whom you like Darius praise to our Lord of Light. The one God above all others. Tomorrow I shall go myself to worship at sunrise on the mountaintop and ask for guidance and your good will. Your Majesty let me God. Excuse me I my just my good physician. Don't be so alarmed the leg is almost well I won't hurt it. That's not what I came about. Help me to my chair. Now what is so urgent. Your life is in danger. My life is always in danger. You are marked for assassination. It will happen soon. The current is my friend I trust him not the Khan closer to you than that. So you decided not to poison me Greek poison.
Oh no no no steak on Democrates has mended my leg. He's been honest with me as I have tried to be with him. But you were considering poison at one time correct. I had been ordered to consider it. I suspected that but why do you warn me now Democrates. Because because I finally believe in your sincerity because I believe in your greatness and because now I fear the plans for assassination will be successful. Democrates your life will be worth nothing if you stay here. I expect nothing less than death no. Tomorrow I'm sending a scouting party to the Greek islands. Six men no more trusted soldiers. You will go with them to Ionia you want to visit your home and relatives again. I would send a fine cargo of presents with you. The gift of Darius to your people. I don't know how to throw nevermind find scuttles immediately. He would instruct you and protect you until you are safely beyond the mountains.
Excuse me I had forgotten. We must have our host's permission. Yes. Naturally you have my permission. Go Be off with your Democrates and don't forget to come back. Well your majesty you are letting this criminal go free. There is no criminal. He was going to poison you he was considering it. What is important is that he rejected the thought. If you send him off with only six men he has every chance to escape. Do not expect him to return. God send I'm sure the chief priest here you plan to pardon the other conspirators too. I know the queen and I can control her back in Persepolis but I am shot as chief priest. If I expose him publicly I will bring dishonor upon my deity. I must deal with him privately. Don't be foolhardy Darius you are still half a cripple I am strong enough as I am sure to see your Majesty. Send him in.
Well where is the Greek. He's not here. Does that concern you. Forgive me. I was in doubt about Shaw health. My health was never better. I'm shot tomorrow at sunrise you will perform the ceremony of worship to honor a Mazda on the mountaintop. You will be their majesty you and I and no one else. You understand. Yes your Majesty. Darius I cannot permit this I will worship as I please. Go I'm shy. Make the preparations. Your Majesty God it lacks but an hour of sunrise so soon. Even a king may lose in one thousand dreams and it's hit me up.
That. There's a rock a prominence up the mountain trail that overlooks the valley you know the place. Yes they're good. Give me or shall I. Some of the later say no no. With your aid I will walk to the place of worship. This is the place. Believe me now God the sun is almost up. You're out of breath sire. I lean on this rock you will be safe here sire alone. Yes yes leave me and return in an hour. What happens now is in the hands of a what amounts to yes my lord. Beautiful country the mountains of the Bakhtiari are most been effaced and spirit maker of the material world make known my purpose. Give me the proper knowledge of life through just to say that my soul may arrive at Die a good reward I
am assured. What is the meaning of this. You would add SEC relig to your other crimes crimes my lord. Perhaps I lack proof but you forget I am sure the Emperor does not need proof to be had a conspirator if he remains Emperor of the Persians. You propose to dethrone me you I failed once in the hunt. I failed again using that treacherous Greek This time I shall not favor the rawest form our King of the Persians will be found crushed and mangled up thousand feet down this gawd do you care for any mis speak no we will be your last. You have never planned carefully. That is your weakness. I will make no mistake this time will if you lose that battle. No amount of falling down the precipice will conceal a stab wound. Thank you Majesty that could have been an unfortunate mistake. It could also be a mistake to let the current of the bucket Yahoo CEO perfidious de de Kombi stands
with an arrow aimed at your back I'm sure I look behind you it's a trickle. Where did you come from the mountains. This is my home and the king is my guess. Can I kill him. No no great khan this traitor is mine your treachery is it and I'm sure you won't leave this peak alive nor will you cripple my ass watch I know you. Don't throw me over the cliff when you. Know. I'm falling. For you all right. Dryas No no no I can stand by myself. Why did you leave him to me. Schreiber just as I was a traitor to his career and to his God. Vengeance was mine not yours Khan as your host I could allow no harm to come to you. So whoever it was that the only reason last night your gift of freedom to a slave
convinced me that your people and mine could travel the same road. I followed you here to save your life and to pledge to the destiny of Persia. Give me your hand then. The sun is up and we have work to do. There is the measure of a dam to be built. Ella 000 AOL. AOL. We wish to acknowledge with appreciation the aid of Dr S our chef attack of the university ROM in preparation of this broadcast and now here is the red box graduate student at the University of Michigan from Iran speaking on behalf of Dr. Shafik. In looking for the man the people of Iran can see their great his hero we have
turned back to the ancient world. We have looked to the Ottoman Empire the first world empire in history. Why have the chosen nation you noting the heroes of modern Iran and why have you chosen their lives during this period of my country's history. Never many other outstanding leaders one thinks of Cyrus Khan business but it was Di's who best represented those ideals which the people of Iran hold closest to their hearts outside his own country defame of their eyes rests in his great ability as an administrator and in his military genius. Yet we often forget the day when administrate or must have courage and an understanding of people. Now I said give the people of his empire and you call the loss a measure of local autonomy. Roads and other improvements among them was a Dan I
which we have had today. The Persian Empire needed a man of courage and diplomacy physical prowess and intelligence brute force was not enough. Needed they need a leader on the rise. Was that man. Blowing law at. The University of Michigan has presented tales of the budget and other of the transcribed series about great national heroes throughout the world. The story of Darius national hero of Iran was written by e.g. Burroughs and R. Jacobson and produced under a grant from the Educational Television Radio Center heard on the program were when Arthur Norman Hardway Big Jerry Hawks did Gordon Mars naif catarrh John Sergeant Dale Stevenson and Don Wiley. Our consultants were Professor Herbert paper of the University of Michigan at Dr S. R. Shafiq of the University of Teheran Iran. Editorial supervision by William Bender
joined. Tales of the Valiant is directed by Edward starship. For the broadcasting service at the University of Michigan. Feels like it's making this program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasting. GLUG. GLUG. GLUG. Originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard from the program library of National Public Radio.
Tales of the valiant
Darius the Great
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Darius the Great, Emperor of ancient Persia and hero of Iran, wins over the Khan of the Bahktiari to forge the first world empire.
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Dramatic stories of great national heroes outside the English-speaking world.
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Darius I, King of Persia, 548 B.C.-485 B.C.
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