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The following program is produced as a public service feature by the radio division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Honor with cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Illinois division of narcotic control. We present news. H is for joy. The thing with. Sure. Thanks. Thanks. Oh and this program's title H is for joy. The age is representative of the drug heroin but it's also representative of all the drugs that give to their user the indescribable effect the junkie calls joy. Reality teaches us that joy is not a permanent emotion. It's only fleeting and
doesn't last. Other emotions also interlace human experience such as sorrow elation depression and anger. They too don't last. It's the drug addict who seeks a sort of permanent joy as he attempts to obtain the euphoric effect of drugs. Time after time the average individual expect a variety of emotional stimuli and react accordingly. However a few individuals cannot adjust to the various emotional pressures of life and it's this person who may become addicted to drugs in the first three programs on this topic we talked about some of the drugs used by those who tend to become addicts. Marijuana cocaine and opium is a major derivative of heroin. Today we continue with heroin as our main topic and we'll briefly discuss other opiates. By way of recapitulation heroin horse Harry or H as it's called by Addicks is a white powder a byproduct of opium
opium itself is a product of a certain poppy plant in 1925 heroine who banned from the United States because of its dangerous addiction ability because heroin is so very potent. Only a very small quantity is needed by the addict to satisfy his craving. But that small amount is needed often as much as four to 13 times daily. Last week Dr. Raphael gammas overside Hospital in New York City said that to say all heroin addicts were once marijuana users is an oversimplification of the problem. However a number of heroin addicts did come in contact with heroin for the first time while they were smoking marijuana. How does this happen. Here's Joseph for Doro to tell why he believes marijuana smoking leads to heroin addiction from marijuana into the use of the heroin drug. What are the steps. How is the heroin drug introduced to the youth.
In arresting many of these youths and taking them to court we find that marijuana has been their initial venture in this field and they are entitled and they do receive probation in our courts. They will be placed under supervision for a period of a year with instructions to go back into the district where they're arrested and tell the arresting officers the entire story of how they were introduced to the marijuana cigarette. They all do because if they didn't they could be taken back to court and be sentenced to either the House of Correction of the county jail for years. Today they sent also the van data they will explain to us that it was introduced to them by a group of friends that they had a kik party at one of the homes where the parents were gone over the weekend. They will also explain to us that a young pusher had introduced this cigarette to them at perhaps
an ice cream parlor where they all congregate. And they all explained step by step what happened what transpired. They will be released from my district station and horrible they run right to the pushchair and warn him that the police will be out to arrest him but he's not a liar he's had many experiences with the police officers. I would say up until nineteen fifty six laws were very lenient on these pushers today. The laws are satisfactory but the young pusher will stay to the youth. Don't worry about the heat meaning the police officers. I know that you don't care for a reefer but come up to the flat we give you a jolt of something that would really send you. That is when the heroin
drug is introduced to the youth. Here is a container. Of capsules of heroin drug a small capsule in number 5 contains about a tenth of a grain of heroin. These capsules are sold at a dollar and a half apiece using four capsules a day. Where is any youth in school going to get $6 for this drug. You can see drug addiction education are not compatible. Education suffers they leave school and they begin to work for this filthy drug. He's big time now. He was just a marijuana smoker a habit that's not physically addicting but his push your friend has seen to it that he's graduated graduated to the most addicting and enslaving drug and use heroin in a short time he acquires his own kit. The junkies term for his equipment needed to inject a drug and first came out injected under his skin nor subcutaneously.
But the kick of heroin is somewhat less in this way. So his friend the pusher will suggest that he eliminate this wasteful method and shoot the drug directly into the vein and he's on this not only saves money but heightens the sensation and effect of the drug. Now he's reached his pushers goal. He's a mainlining and in a very short time he's hooked. His body requires increasing amounts of the drug in order that the same effect can be obtained. His body builds up a tolerance for the drug and as its joy producing effects wear off the addict feels uncomfortable to relieve this discomfort he'll go back for another shot. Then another and another. Each time increasing the amount he needs to feel good. This process may continue to such extremes as Mr federal describes here for us. I remember us I came in contact with the narcotic cord. The claim that before Judge Gibson Gorman that he was using 80 capsules of heroin daily. The cost to him was about a
hundred dollars a day. He went out and stole six to 12 cars daily stripped them took all of the articles out of the car sold them for just a fraction of their cost in order to keep himself supplied with the drug while in the process of stripping a car he would have to stop and prepare himself an injection of the drug. Perhaps six capsules at a time. Assuming this addict looted an average of six cars a day in the course of a year he's looted 2190 cars is $100 a day habit cost him a yearly total of thirty six thousand five hundred dollars. And in the course of one day using six capsules per fix he'd have to prepare individual fixes 13 times a day to use 80 caps 13 needle punctures in one day totals ninety one per week or seven thousand four hundred forty five per year. These figures merely point out the fact that behind the craving for drugs is a force so strong so powerful that certain persons are willing to
make the flesh of their body nothing more than a pain question. No this was not the average addict according to authorities in the field he was above average. We asked Mr football what the average addict might consume too. I would say 90 percent of the addicts that we have in the city. The minimum cost that is would be $10 daily. At one time I was told there was perhaps $200000 worth of the drugs sold daily in the city of Chicago depending upon the number of addicts in our city. A youth will commit any type of a crime to get money to buy the drug. They have no animosity or hatred for an individual. But when the craving sets then they must alleviate this craving every part of that body as demanding alleviation
from the roots of your hair to your toenails your nerves your intestinal tract the muscles of your body. Everything is crying for alleviation. So you will go out into the street with a weapon in your possession to get money. You have no hatred towards that individual. But he has the money that you need to buy the drug. Earlier in today's program we mentioned that other drugs in addition to heroin would be discussed. Again we turn to Dr. A field gammas all New York City's Riverside Hospital included in his discussion are other drugs manufactured from opium as well as synthetic drugs but we said buy heroin applies to opium morphine. Demerol. Hands upon and methadone. But these drugs are potent not caught IC's.
They all have medical. Uses loftiness use regulate pre-operative relate relieves pain really is anxiety. It prepares a person for Operation make it less likely for him to develop certain difficult difficulties in operations such as excess salivation. And these are things which happen when a person takes heroin by injection. First of all if taken by injection there is a media reaction which we don't see in the usual medical use and that is a basic dilatation it with flushing in the face and probably something nauseous at least the first time as sometimes. Bombing but then the other things happen which happen with the use of morphine. The degree of constipation a degree of dryness of the mouth a feeling of relaxation and. Lack of worry
a feeling of comfort and of course the point where often they fall asleep. And become drowsy go on the nod. Now as this wears off they start to get. Irritable. They start to get uncomfortable and if they have become addicted then they make a want to withdrawal symptoms if they don't get a fresh dose of the narcotic soon enough. Withdrawal symptoms would be the reverse of the norm for some logical effects with withdrawal symptoms or get excessive perspiration running the nose ring the our ears. Perk. Feeling of pain and all the muscles and joints crapping and spasms the muscle was. At a point where the musket kick out quite kicking the habit and may go on to diarrhea and vomiting. That may be very sick and very uncomfortable as a result of the withdrawal symptoms. Narcotic drugs permeate all parts of the body they affect
the nervous system primarily but they are transported to the bloodstream to a possibility. It must be recognized that if a woman is pregnant the narcotic drug will be transported to the Center for the unborn baby and that the unborn baby must also be addicted simultaneously. This has been reported many times and more frequently in the recent literature in which many obstetrical hospitals report the incidence of withdrawal symptoms among the newborn babies and in these cases fully half the infants die even though the symptoms may be recognized as so difficult to treat in those cases. We've briefly covered the most common drugs in use marijuana cocaine and the opiates such as heroin morphine dilaudid codeine and others. You've not heard all there is to hear though. As this series continues you'll learn more and more about narcotics and addiction. You'll hear many things. Even the
H is for joy
Heroin, morphine, and other opiates
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In this program, Joseph Fiedoral tells how use of marijuana often leads to use of heroin and other opiates. Dr. Rafael Gamso discusses other drugs made from opium.
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A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.
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