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Transcribe the minds of men. Situation 5 ball long and I think. Each of us has an undeveloped unrealized capacities for effective living. They await our true understanding of the mental and emotional forces at work within US forces which we share with the minds of men everywhere. It is toward a clear picture of what goes on in our minds and our emotions that we work in these programs. Not that picture as it appears on the broad canvas of all humankind. But as it is revealed in the small dimensions of everyday. In the lives of. Much.
Thank. The police. My mother says I'm sick but I'm not sick not in the way my mother means. She says I'll get better here but I will get no better for all the rest and the home cooked meals and the lovely view. My mother says it's cool and pleasant that the air is pure. But she has brought with us the same old musty shreds of heat. We feed as we've always fed on business and I have started playing with the weed which is why you need one you don't.
Radio television the University of Texas presents the minds of men. A series of explorations into effective living. Written by the Durham twins and directed by R. C. Norris. These programs are prepared by the assistance and counsel of the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene and produced under a special grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Their aim. A keener understanding of the forces universally at work in the minds of men. Did in the minds of men deep channeled in their bodies action patterns is anger. Call it emotion call it energy call it impulse and anger is man's oldest and strongest guardian of his own survival from
primitive times when tooth and claw a menace to his very existence to the present when his security prestige and value is often hanging precariously in the balance. Man has felt his anger surge against the forces that oppose him threaten his life do him hurt or block his past deny his needs and you face an angry man. Where his anger can be used constructively to remove the frustration of void the hurt fulfill the needs he is an effective man. But sometimes anger is not so efficiently discharged then it remains an insistent enduring residue of resentment bitterness hostility. Every human relationship may be called upon to pacify its never ending demands and other lives can be unconsciously and tragically sacrificed as hostages to the long anger.
My. Good man in the same link added so soon oh yes Mrs. Abbott I like to start when it's cruel in French. My hand seems steadier then and the stitches are fine are you ok. I just don't feel alive. Well exactly I was like you got here just in time. Paul Roos Good morning. Missed you at breakfast Good morning Mrs. Hurtle Mr. Cheney. Mrs. Goodwin good morning. You shouldn't start the day you know with our food. I had mine before any of you were awake. My aren't we the early bird. Well I had so many things to do. He's coming today are you that sweet boy. Always glad when it's his time of this earth now he is my son Mrs. Goodwin. Oh you have a bowing I thought Leslie was your only child she's here with me all the time that's why I have an idea he's going to find it more exciting this trip. Now that you've got something more to offer besides us get the old ladies as
Miss Emily. Oh you mean the girl upstairs. Andrea Andrea what is your callers. Cassie we always said because Sandra BENNETT Well she looks pretty exciting to me. What little I've seen of her own pass is an attractive girl in the brilliant when Leslie was in school with her. Oh I didn't know that. But of course she's not too well just now and and well she'll probably get better fast. When a new good looking man shows and that's very true it makes Parker arrival up. It would me i know wait that age well that she and kids aren't exactly strangers Keith and Cassi were pretty good friends that you have now. Before. Well that's lovely to renew an old acquaintance. You keep saying Kesey rude. I'd swear I heard her mother called her. She did. I guess Cassie went out with school days we haven't seen her since probably not highfalutin enough the work she's in. She's a writer or publisher or something like an editor I believe.
Oh yes that's it. Yes with one of the book companies. I remember now. Well whoever it was found it lonely. Come on join us. Now we have this own thank you I will be in it. You'd be surprised happy place and it is then I need to see about Ambre and we've been talking about your daughter's name Mrs. Bennett. Yes I did remark you know how unusual and Ruth was telling. Us. See the names our whole name you know cause sound. I've always liked the ring up. I liked it too. At one time fortune teller was in something like that I indeed know the queen's daughter in Greek epic poetry so beautiful that Apollo fell in love with her and gave her power to foretell the future. I'd call out a letter and tell her she refused his law refuse that pollo just imagine so. And why he took his selfish an unreasonable revenge ordered that no one should ever believe
her prophecy. How thrilling for a chad to carry a name Lisette just to worry behind. Much better than Edna or say yes or mauled. That's mine. How do you ever bring yourself to shorten it MS has been too omg. Well that wasn't difficult in the least. Not under the circumstances. Her father's name was cast. Oh do you mean I mean how is she feeling better this morning. Restless very restless and impatient to be back at her job and was such a perfectionist about her work she has such responsibilities so many demands and it's not like some run of the mill job or just anybody else could take over. I'm sure she worries it's only natural she's got to be made to put those things out of her mind just to surrender herself to complete we know how much that's hard to do. He's really my age. I simply have to keep my hands busy at the ONLY Yes. That depends I should say on the circumstances. And I know what's best but
I have always known what was best. For you dear just another spoonful. Mother I can't stand so spoonful of course you can. It's good and hot. Brought it all the way up myself up those punishing stairs just so well you should. Well I don't mind. Your health means a great deal more to me dear than my own comfort. Goodness knows I had run up and down the day but now it's here dear I do think you might take just a. There that wasn't so bad was it. There my good girl. Now how about the rest of you Orange. I know where I
will put it back til later. Now let me fluff up the pillows. They are all right but you look some minutes I'm just tired of this bed. There is no earthly reason. Please dear you promise. I know and you're not really a very good judge of what there is or isn't a reason for your health's concerned are you or we wouldn't be here. It's certainly not the place I'd pick to spend the summer. Under ordinary circumstances but it was your idea. You had my idea because my little girl was sick and my one thought my one concern on this earth was to get her where I am not sick. You camp where headaches all the time nightmares tears and those pills those tranquilizing things Dr. Morse had to give you. I was tired under a strain that was just for a while can't you understand and temper. You never used to show temper.
You're so cross all races. I am not cross. You see contradicting me. I can remember when you never contradicted me I draw so close. Never a cross word. That was one of my joys do you. One of my few joys. It made everything else all the other terrible things I had to bear those fry for years with your father. It made them easier somehow. And now I'm sorry another. Of course you are dear mother understands her babies just not well. Now let me fluff up your pillows darling make you comfy and then let's finish the rest of our orange juice shall we. Say a letter. Coming to meet me like this. You look great last thank you kindly sir she said no you really are.
How's mom. Tiptop running hard I'll bet all the girls here this summer. The purple and the Cheney and Miss Emily Of course lesser she's indestructible. And there's a new one and this is a good one and the second Peter Schiff will be along next week. Sounds like a full house good for mom. It's fuller than you know the Bennetts here who Cassie Bennett and her mother the girl iceberg. Good lord I would have thought of her for $500 What are they doing here. I don't know. They really have a house may be a paradise for those on the far side of 50 but it's hardly the spot for a vibrant young lady. Well Cassie is hardly a vibrant young lady. Her mother's got her stashed away like Rapunzel. But from the glimpse I got she doesn't look so good. No real fan intense you know that drawn low circles in your eyes. The gals got problems. Probably frost in the pipes. I know Mrs B she's getting a real bang out of all
this hovering over Cassie and breathing for only now it's not Cassie it's Andrea. She's changed her name. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. So they finally erased old Cass Bennett right out of the picture. Poor man poor man nothing he's going to tell him from what I hear. Married again Unhappily this time making money hand over fist. That's a bitter pill. Makes you wonder doesn't it. If he really was the uncouth insensitive brutal Luvox I know that know him also is a pretty nice guy. But according to Katz according to Cassie all men are brutes. Even your charming and irreproachable brought me here. No I mean it. Maybe you never knew it but there for a brief time I was already smitten with that young lady. She was pretty somethin good looking brains that kind of great lady qualities she has and then I made a mistake. I tried to tell her about it too ardent no no just tell her and I never got such a phrase out in all my life. The only girl I ever saw that could repose in advance when there wasn't any advantage.
Well for future reference you weren't a threat you were just trivia boys in romance were in the same class with clothes and dances and football games. Flighty and frivolous and beneath the notice of a high minded strong women maybe so maybe so all I know is she left me feeling like a sex maniac and I hadn't even held her hand. Well Cassie had a gift for making a lot of people feel like a lot of things. None of them good. Now you take me. Yeah. How did she make you feel like a little girl who's supposed to be practicing Beethoven and gets caught playing chopsticks between you and me angel for you so I'd say chopsticks flatterer. And also between you and me I plan to give Beethoven in the person of Mr. Bennett of a very wide berth. Wow. Let me go my dear. You can just sit here in the dark where all
the letters can wait. I had wanted to get a note up to Mrs. cubby. She'll never remember to have the floor furnaces cleaned and it's time to confirm our concert ticket if we're going to keep our regular seats. But if it means the difference between your sleeping and not sleep I'm not sleepy mother where you're not reading dear and I thought there's nothing to read nothing to read. When I went all the way to the book wrote for those books they're trash I can't read trash. I found them in the one or two I read quite diverting not taxing of course. You shouldn't read anything taxing but their drivel the purest drivel. Clearly I don't understand you these days. I try but I simply do not understand you. If I say something's black you say it's white. If I say it's white you're bound and determined to make it black. It isn't as if I didn't try every way I know to please you to make your life pleasant and happy. I just wish somebody had tried half as hard to make
mine that way. But instead of gratitude for my little girl or even common current mother. I am difficult I know. I try not to be but look why don't you go down and visit a while down stairs play bridge they keep asking you with those women are there and not all of them Mrs. Abbott QIs not r Leslie and Keith here. You knew that. Yes I heard them talking on the porch this morning. Why don't you go and leave my little girl up here all alone sick and out of sorts. Feeling guilty because she's quarrelled with her mother. I wouldn't dream up it but we're lonely quarrelsome or not high on drugs. I had enough quarrelling with your father to last me a lifetime. That's why I was always so glad that you and I. We were so congenial and we have been darling such a beautiful relationship.
That's the one thing that made it possible sometimes for me to go on our beautiful relationship. Just you and I against the world. But that's not right not right. Of course it's right mother and daughter loving each other living for each other. Nothing between them no selfish barriers no hateful be seats. Why it's a wonderful thing baby and so rare so rare. But not against the world. You can listen to me. The world is a cruel and vicious place my darling I learned that learned to my cost in weakness and selfish indulgence in a common brutish and irresponsible man wrecked my life. That's what the world does what it would have done to you too if I'd let it. But I wouldn't let it. Not the world of the men in it. Get to my baby and ruin her life the way mine was ruin
against the world of course I'm against the world and for your sake as much as for mine. If you're not. Then you are against me and I can't bear that my baby not from you not you hope Mother please please I didn't mean to upset you are but the worst thing to say the dreadful thing. I didn't mean them I just I'm tired mother tired of this room in this place in my cell sleep. That's what you need darling a good night's sleep but I can now knock out another word. We've had too many words. You get a good warm bath and get into a fresh nightie and mother's going to run right downstairs for a glass of warm milk. Mother. Mother knows what's best for a little girl when shoes worn out and not for sale. What it is see is myself my own true self.
You would would like mother you wouldn't like me if you knew the cause. This is the self that despises what you are and what I am and what we are together. It's tired of and grown older we're really hate and this nightmare of a life of western thinking is a sin and feeling is a danger and I cannot sleep or dream of a warm meal mother no warm milk please because you would like the dreams it brings. They are dreadful and wonderful dreams mother. You wouldn't let me dream that if you knew. And I can't thank you but I. Can't fight the world either not any longer even for you. Even for what it's done to you I'm all for you that's all I can tell you. I'm afraid because there's no not to be the one I could trust. I don't know I don't know what I must.
Do. Thank you. I'm now speaking from Topeka Kansas. Here are Dr. Wilmut Ingur of the Menninger foundation and Dr. Wayne Holtz mom assistant director for research on publications the Haag foundation for Mental Hygiene. The University of Texas. Well Dr. M. Jersey plot has thickened with we have no solution to Cassandras problem it's a problem which plagues many of us. In her case she is under the domination of a mother who has little understanding of the natural emotions which her daughter experiences
or which she experiences herself. And I think probably this is typical of many of us I know in my own experiences and I'm sure this is true of all our listeners today. We express anger at times should we be afraid of expressing anger in this way. What's likely to happen to us if we do get into a situation like a centrist. Of course you know you're asking for a very big question is going to take a long time to try to answer all of that and I won't even attempt I think it is perhaps interesting to speculate what to be the outcome in this situation here's a girl who has very mixed feelings Cassandra towards her mother Mrs. Bennett to the extent it's even made her sick. She's already an invalid. She's already mentally ill in some respects isn't she. And if she doesn't get out of this clutches She's a lost soul what'll happen and mother goodness knows when she finds that she can't dominate she isn't as necessary as she thinks she is.
But she's got a blind spot that's a mile across in her shoe and the slightest understanding of what the girl's real problem is very girl's real feeling. So them are very much it seems to me in need of some professional help. And it's interesting that we have a setting here in which neither one of them even considering the possibility of a lawyer friend seemed to know that it is a queer kind of relationship between the two. It's easy to see someone else who has no insight into their hostility and anger and what this is doing to them is really an unconscious manifestation in many of us isn't it. And it is this way. Yes it is unconscious in the sense that the person doesn't recognize the real facts of what he's doing to himself or to the other people. That's a kind of an example I think of what I've always called smothering love. It's very much like very much often more often seen as a matter of fact in a mother towards a son or a father towards a daughter this is a little unusual. I think unusual because here the mother
obviously hated casts her husband so much that now she just transfer all this hate unknowingly to the daughter even had to change her name yet said to leave off the cast which again is kind of a kind of a binding love the CI think she has but the love is so polluted with hate here that there really it's obvious even to the listener there isn't much love in the scene which Mrs. Bennett can't recognize within herself she has no I don't think she has any recognition of it and is obviously getting great satisfaction in this hovering process over the daughter trying to commandeer and control the daughter's whole existence. I think it's interesting to see the Doctor's reaction that part of this hate that she has for her mother which she can't quite admit she does kind of admit it doesn't know how to tell him she has a generalized hate toward the place where he is but she's also taken it out on herself which I think is is significant. One of the problems I'm sure and in seeing sick people one becomes aware of is that we can
express hate towards ourselves as well as towards the environmental situation or people in it and always in the severe depression as some of the chief psychological problem as you well know is the hate for oneself so it depreciates in so few but little himself and almost as if he had a whip beating himself. The hey just turned inward. And the result is of course the depression. This is part of a natural sequence of events when we can't express our anger toward the object this source of of our resentment and attention. In the case of Cassandra probably in her childhood if she did talk back to her mother or expressed hostility toward her mother her mother would cut off what love she was expressing for Cassandra which would make it difficult for Cassandra to continue so that the only way Cassandra could survive within the family
was to repress these feelings of hostility toward her mother and appear somewhat at least placid in relationship to her mother so that she could gain what love her mother was giving even though it was smothering love it was perhaps in her eyes at the time better than nothing. Well I would guess you're right though I was. I think we both admit this is kind of speculating on the material that you know. I think maybe it's helpful all in and to the listeners. In any case discussion of this mental health business to point out the basic principle let me know about personality now that all of us do have an instinctive drive of hostility which is in the emotionally mature person neutralized by the capacity to love. So that the aggressive drive can be changed into an issue. It can be changed from being a forceful person to at the same time can be gentle. The considerate person who at the same time can be firm and changed
in a in a socially acceptable way. And yet it is present in all of us. The competitive spirit which we have in the American way of life is a destructive outlet for anger. I think it's a very good one. I think we should miss the point too that all of us in having this hostile drive perhaps the most important lesson for us to get out of this. How do you and I each handle our own hostile instincts are we aware of them. Can we recognize it. And I'm sure that it is helpful to just point out that in your life and my life I know there are times when we blame it on thoughtlessness or forgetting or something else that we do a kind of a dirty trick to somebody we love very much. Sometimes we're aware of it sometimes we're not. It's so conspicuous in the photo of the protest so strongly how much he loves his wife and then a victor at a party in Syria when the party's over. Or she neglects her and goes to the club four nights a
week or as a child and is so busy with his business that he has no time for his family. He justifies all of this but we must assume that it is a kind of an expression of the hostile feelings the mixed feelings that one has and try and perhaps try to do too much. And in the title of this program long anger we see this exemplified a a hostile imposts a resentment which has to be suppressed within one even denying awareness in many instances where the continuing source of hostility is present. But there are but the there is no way of dealing constructively with it person doesn't recognise it and as a result it may go on for years as in the case of this unfortunate family situation. It certainly is a long anger as it's called here. Hostility on my terms is a basic problem in the world. It's a cause of mental illness it's a cause of wars to cause a divorce and it's a cause of crime.
There we understand it or else they were likely to come along anger one of a series of explorations into effective living titled the minds of men. A presentation of radio television at the University of Texas taking part in the discussion in today's broadcast. Dr. Will Menninger of the Menninger foundation and Dr. Wayne Holtzman assistant director for research on publications the Hogg foundation for Mental Hygiene the University of Texas. These programs were prepared for broadcast under the supervision of Robert F. shank a. Special Music by Eleanor K.. Going hard and Helen Morton were heard as Cassandra and Mrs Bennett. The series narrator lives on laws. And a cook speaking. This program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters.
Minds of men
The long anger
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Anger as a destructive, insidious, and permeating force.
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A series of explorations into effective living, combining dramatizations with commentary.
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