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And now transcribe the minds of men. Situation 3 the masqueraders. Each of us has undeveloped unrealized capacities for effective living. They await our true understanding of the mental and emotional forces at work within US forces which we share with the minds of men everywhere. It is toward a clear picture of what goes on in our minds and our emotions that we work in these programs. Not that picture as it appears on the broad canvas of all humankind. But as it is revealed in the small dimensions of everyday in the lives of those very much like. US A. Man's. Leg. By the table and spoke to me and you know what that nod from Mrs. Grover
Bridgland is practically a guarantee of membership in Brooklyn. Once we get a lucky snap it up a little Can't you we're like my time is go to one or two more. But yeah nothing nobody. Just a couple of Babbitt's from Middletown USA. You know the type. She's a cat who flatters a poor man's brain. Why do we always draw though. Yeah. Now how do I get enough of the warmish is let's go. Did you say when I did a show of warmish and wholesalers that choke Oklahoma get a whole evening up to choke. What about a whole life. Oh I don't let myself think you know something caught
Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Cameron War of the third. Two very nice people. Who wants to be just two very nice people who aren't anybody much. What. Life is that. No I mean us two people who know where we want to go and how to get there and who do something about it instead of yeah something or other just because circumstances put you. Right the old television the University of. Explorations into effect. Written by the Durham director Norris. These programs are special educational television and radio.
The National Association of educational broadcasters. Are understanding of the forces of work minds of men. Fear is a universal fact shared by every living creature man or mouse lion or lizard. Fear is a universal feeling. A priceless too given by nature of a divine in danger for avoiding destruction for ensuring survival. This is fear and its most effective form at its simple recognizable best. But in the minds of men. Fear can be far from simple less than effective and not recognizable at all among our emotions. Fear is the one which lends itself most. Handle it to camouflage and disguise all
too often. Behind the Mask of over confidence of self sufficiency yes even of superiority. Their masquerade as the fearful man. Then fear can become a folly. In his defensive coloration designed to protect him from threat. The human deceiver may deceive not only his enemies but his friends. Those who wish him well together with those who wish him ill. And then man alone among all living creatures we find those masqueraders most surely doomed to life defeat the deceivers who deny that fear exists who with their camouflage of fearlessness to deceive even themselves. Well gentleman that's it. If we move to the coast and shift Bradford to the
regional spot that leaves our bill without an assistant manager and Cummings up for retirement in a year. So how about hopped up. No no I don't think so too valuable here. He's no fireball. Nobody sounded dependable as the interests of the company at heart. A real member of the team. All of which brings us to someone who's not a real member of the court Warner. That Courtney Warner is a real disappointment to me. I never saw anybody come in here with more promise and deliver less on the long haul. I don't know Arnold. He keeps a visiting fireman happy and he goes over big with a lot of the stuff they fall for the window dressing thing. DAVIS We need more in that job of course Wuornos than just raw as old as drinking are. We need a constructive interpretation of the company. A perceptive promotion of its character and policies and Courtney Warner motes Courtney want precisely the problem has been of course that it's a question of
limitations. You can't fire a man for being a lightweight and certainly not for your own errors of judgment. Let's face it Gentleman this is a difficulty of my own making. I sell court water in three dimensions. Unfortunately he turns out to have only two. I don't know the light after the fifth and last time. I don't know how coarse This is just ridiculous. What do we tell people he must of said something always had something all right important key position that's what he said. Big opportunity for great things in a small package packages right. Arbor Vale who ever even heard of Arbor but you're going to be an assistant branch manager that means that yes in company lingo it means Rest in
peace some being buried alive light I get that through your head kicked into a hole in the dirt shoveled over me but what i caught. Where are you. That's a good question. Then they owe you an answer that's the very least we could have gotten you. Given your life's blood to that company maybe the liquor content was too high. Wombat I don't know maybe I've played it too gay boy. Maybe I should've spent my time like Hopkins compiling their lists and linking their statistics drawing up their stinking charts and graphs and nonsense Korth that clerk stop anybody could do that and confound it all I did that's not my line I'm not a grabber I couldn't go three rounds with a statistic human impact. That's what I've got to offer if that's not enough of course it is it's bound to be. I know it and you know it's only real if we all take off these hair shirts and look
at what's really happened. I am lucky Courtney Cameron Warner gets the old heave ho. Not at all Courtney Cameron Warner has finally been recognised for what he is not just a charm boy but a man big enough to hold down a key position and executive post all by himself. This year the promotion caught how are you going to sell other people on that unless you believe it yourself. But I don't know you're not going to be the top dog. Mr. WARNER What about Cummins. Oh forget it. Come and use that yourself he's on his life. Playing List in court we're going to take that town like Grant to Richmond where of course we are why shouldn't we. They've never seen anything like us. Oh I'm your confederate money. Warners will rock again raise again my foot we don't have to rise again. That's the beauty of this thing my pet in our Reveal we're going to start out right on top of the heap.
I am. And I have called on you sooner my dear except that I simply couldn't find you. The hotel just never even occurred to me. We have to be quite frank it never occurred to me either Mrs. Cummins stillborn you have no alternative we are understanding you we're taking the Bensons place but we drove by Wednesday Albert and I and there was no one they own we had planned to move straight in. But one look and we realized the whole place had to be redecorated from and hadn't the bench and just done all that. I'm Hugh a Neti tome with a head it was clean enough but from a decorative standpoint it was simply. Possible I think one setting I feel is so important especially in new surroundings. Now naturally with courts work we've always done a great deal of entertaining and I daresay we want to meet people Mrs Warner of course and that's one reason I was so eager to
find you. Yes our study group the Hawthorne club we're having our monthly meeting on Thursday and I'd be so pleased to have you join us as my guest where that's sweet of you but just a small group. We prefer it that way. Most others I must confess are a good many years your senior but we do include our daughters. My own daughter Anna Anna Bradford is one of us and you would meet a lot of our friends that way. I'm sorry Mrs Cummins Thursday is all planned. It's kind of you to ask. Perhaps I can meet your friend some other time but to be perfectly truthful I'm not a joy to say this psychological explanation for it. But people in groups organizations whatever they're just not my cup of tea so convey my regrets to the whole phone club wasn't it. Yeah I'll do that Mrs Warren. I'm sure they'll understand. Oh yes I think I can promise you they will Mrs Warner without any question.
And this is Mr. Crockett Mr. WARNER Mr. Crockett Here is our bookkeeper end up fine one I didn't catch that first name. Oh John John Crockett. Glad to meet you Mr. Warren of course hair if we're going to be working cheek by jowl in the same office. Last Names are a luxury we can't afford right now. Of course as I said out here this semi private office routine has got to go and nothing personal John old boy. But I'm afraid we're going to have to find out a spot for you. I've been showing Mr. Warner around the office giving him a bird's eye view of our set up. What do you think of Mr. Warner or is it too soon to tell and doesn't take long to size up an operation at this level old man when you've seen one.
Sorry I've got to cut our tour short this morning Mr. Warner. I have two of our salesmen coming and Wilson and Kramer these men have a peculiar territory some real difficulties that we know. Tell me did you fall for that old chestnut out let's just malarkey Varda lying down on the job I've never known a salesman yet that couldn't translate hung over this morning into a recalcitrant then. Salesman may come as a revelation to you Mr. Warner. There are hardworking men who take their job seriously and when they do have problems and uncertainties they are not ashamed to come right out and say so. A very laudable attitude Mr. McKenna salesman. You think so. Fraid I can't go along with that. Well you rap on in and strike them out I'll be rooting for you. Thank you Mr. Warner. I'll do my best. But all the rust is certainly on the pumpkin hard venerable manager
Izzy always so hard to get along with John Boy. I wouldn't worry about Mr. Cummings Mr. Will. He didn't mean anything. He just kind of stepped on his toes. If you ask me they're too close to the end of his shoes but don't get the impression I'm worried my friend I can get along with old frostbite Cummings I want to. The question is do I want to. Them. Ever get in one of you much less both together and when you couldn't come for bridge on Thursday and Thursday that's always out for on a Thursday is a big deal. Say the baby's crying the husbands die on the vine. The whole Club cos I forget. Thursday is such a bright day for me.
I keep telling light as she ought to get out and spark up some of these local organizations bring in the message from the frontiers of progress club now I'll bet they could use some up to the minute talks on theatre in our fashion and whatnot from somebody who's been there and now that I have. That would be lovely but programs are pretty well set for the rest of this year. Tell you what why don't you just spend all your time fixing up food like we had tonight. Oh yes we haven't had anything so exotic since our honeymoon. Oh did you like it. I'm afraid I was a little disappointed myself disappointed I guess. Just that it wasn't what I'd planned but there's no use spinning you the said Story of my shopping disappointment a lot is almost psychotic about the stores here and it's so frustrating when you come to take such things for granted. Oh you'll get used to it lighter the day will come when you'll make out and watch here just like the rest of us and never know the difference. Well not very likely. Hi Dr. Tara long enough to adopt any strictly local
entity. But but I thought I understood their need to say no. Just long enough to get things straightened out and running smoothly and then the company has other plans. Courts too valuable to waste on Arbre veil is that it. I wouldn't put it that way but you must confess it's a little restrictive Mustang. I don't think so we like it here Jim and we like to put down roots. I think it would be awful to go jumping from place to place starting over and over again never really belonging any place when it's simply a question of being malleable not getting trapped trapped. You call it trapped in your life to want long time friends and acquaintances. Well if the friends are any friendlier than the acquaintances I'm not sure I could face it. We had been in this house today when the person next door came calling in through the back door in her gown and housecoat
something creature we never saw. For a lot of nearly Oh my goodness Janie was just being neighborly trying to make you feel at home. You're lucky to have the Marstons for neighbors and is right they don't make money. I suppose if you're used to it that kind of neighborliness has a certain quaint appeal. For my part I feel that people who offer themselves so readily often turn out to have not too much to offer don't you. They say. You know the funniest but I am obviously been the way to the studio. I was cross. And that's anough of that where really caught you know
want to see some more of that mishmash. Not particularly if you have any better suggestion about a drink. Oh that's good. Well do you want to drink or don't you know my art be crotchety. All right I'll have a drink. There we go. A young modern day can you get. It's not that isn't it. You don't hang around those dreadful little house all day every day doing nothing seeing nobody. I haven't been out that front door in today. Well why not you're not bedridden. Well where would I go. The Hawthorne club. Now listen. Not funny now but you've got to admit it's talented not everybody's wife can cut our whole social throat in one fell swoop. Hawthorn club Study Group How was I to know it's the inner sanctum of odd reveal the aging arbiters of risk for Vista and their daughter
all right. But I've done everything I could do. I practically threw myself at Anna come in Bradford's hated and she wasn't having any I know I was there. Well it's bound to be something going on besides the Hawthorne club and its members of various pursuits. Something in a lower echelon maybe there is but I never hear of it. I'm caught. Bored to Death. I can't go on the rest of my life with just the refrigerator on the clock for company. Well I beat what I have to listen to day in and day out over a holier than thou Cummins and his never ending sermons for young executives. If I hear one more diatribe on shouldering responsibilities and facing up to duties all in capitals Why do you listen that the crypto has been. Why don't you tell him what to shoulder and face. We'll never get anywhere in this town if you don't. If I don't what about if you don't. If I remember correctly we were going to take this little metropolis like Grant took Richmond.
We're taking it all right. I can't beg borrow or steal to other people even to come to dinner. What can I help it if the Myerson have everybody's dog showed up for their big wingding at the country thought you could help the fact that we're not sewed up with the rest of them if you haven't upstaged Janie Meyerson and then finish her off in front of the Bradford's. Let's just say if you had made enough of an impression for anybody to remember your name. And while we're reminiscing heart I seem to remember something else a touching little fable about how do they put it in the important key position key position in the well darling. If you want my opinion and I'm sure you do. You succeeded at one thing without any question. Well a for me. What's that. You've done a truly impressive job of losing the key. Yeah.
Thus the thankless masquerade goes on with too lonely and uncertain people posturing behind the camouflage of condescension and disdain. In securing their presence fearful of their future. They cling desperately to their protective masks wearing the painted faces over confident subs of periodicity to deceive those who might threaten them and those who quote help them as well. Using the same masks to fire the most unrewarding deception of all the masquerade in which they find it impossible even to know themselves. Us. All speaking from
Chicago. Here are Dr Carl R. Rogers professor of psychology and executive secretary of the counseling center University of Chicago and Dr. Ali Bell assistant director of the testing and guidance Bureau of the University of Texas. I can't help but respond to this program just at first glance Dr. Rogers with the feeling that cord unlighted are really rather aggressive offensive not very likable people certainly toward the end of the program that we've just heard Court particularly seems to soften up a little bit. And yet I would wonder if anybody could really respond to them with very much sympathy or understanding or anything of that kind. Well I feel that too I think that's a very natural reaction. But I must say I certainly can sense the fear behind what they do because as a counselor I work with people like this who have grown pretty tired of their
masks and they're really coming for help in order to try to change and I think I am sensitive to the sort of thing that lies behind this this front that they're putting up. Well of course I think court particularly was probably demonstrating a little of that particularly toward the end of this dramatization. He seemed to be recognizing some of his own limitations some of the ways that maybe he'd been the saving himself and so on. Well I I couldn't help but in my mind go through the sort of process that he would encounter if he were to change. I could sort of see how it might go I think that if he were to talk to a counselor or to a friend about some of his problems it would start out with the kind of thing he was saying there that I have been badly treated nobody appreciates me. But then if that were met
with understanding and acceptance I think there would come some realisation of the faults in his own behavior. As you say that it was certainly apparent that he he seemed almost to be trying to do that with his wife and yet every time that he mentioned the possibility of his responsibility and what was happening she quickly bridged the gap and claimed that it couldn't possibly be he that it was somebody else that was doing it. That's right and that's why I think that it would take a good deal of acceptance for him to face the fact that well perhaps I didn't handle Cummins right. Perhaps I didn't deal properly with Crockett and ideas like that. And I suppose that if he began to really sense some of those things in himself then gradually he would come to the question. But if I am not a boy I wonder if I am not a big shot. If I am not a really smooth executive who am I and I suspect that would be of a
crucial kind of question where gradually he might come to the realisation that well I am really a frightened little boy trying to act as I think a big competent executive would act. I couldn't help but feel that he was coming very close to that at the end of the programme when things had really gone against him and yet it seemed to come out more as a feeling of bitterness a sense of self defeat. Certainly not the kind of thing that you're talking about in terms of a recognition of his responsibility. A discovery of possibly different ways of moving ahead. Well I think that's true I suppose that one of the really sad things about a frightened person is that he can only think of himself. He's he's so busy repairing the fences that surround him so that others can't get a real square look at him. But he
can't take the time to look out and to understand others so he seems to be and often is selfish snobbish because he is so busy within himself. And I think perhaps that accounts for the kind of thing you were mentioning. Yes I suppose a good many of us are really rather attracted to people like this. Initially at least in the sense that they seemed to be rather different sophisticated. They are often striving very hard in some way or another to gain the guy I suppose the kind of satisfaction which they feel that they just basically don't deserve. I can't help but think when we look at this a conglomeration of two thangs two things make it so Interview later together the Thayer and the cover up. I keep wishing that somewhere here someone might have responded more honest Les to one aspect of it or the other. I think that if court
superiors when they consigned him to our veil had been more honest with them and told them why they felt the way they did about him. That this might have given him an opportunity to face up to what was going on to recognize some of the fears that he was recognizing in himself this might have been one thing that that would have helped to resolve the situation without it. Going into this situation which was pretty desperate at the end. Yes and I think that both Jim and Anna Bradford their prince and even Mrs. Cummins tried to help both court and Lyda in ways that were sound they were offering warmth and security but they were repelled by the defensive front and perhaps if they'd had just a trifle more understanding that they were dealing with frightened people they wouldn't have withdrawn so quickly they could have been more patient in extending their understanding to do kirtan lie to a sufficient degree of understanding that those young people might have been able to drop
their role of masqueraders the masqueraders. One of a series of explorations into effective living titled the minds of men. A presentation of radio television at the University of Texas. Taking part in the discussion in today's broadcast Dr. Carr Rodger professor of psychology and executive secretary of the counseling center University of Chicago and Dr Ali Bacher assistant director of testing and guidance Bureau of the University of Texas. These programs were prepared for broadcast and the supervision of Robert F.. Music by Eleanor Paige the series narrator and the cooks making this program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. Radio Network.
Minds of men
The masqueraders
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The denial of fear.
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A series of explorations into effective living, combining dramatizations with commentary.
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