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Were the following program was originally released in 1956. Were these were the valiant from the four corners of the earth. University of Michigan brings you tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. I am tales of the value I transcribe series of historic adventures but it was by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of Jose Rizal national hero of the Filipinos.
Today we call the Philippine island that corner of the Far East which has been the crucible for merging four great cultures native Filipino Spanish Oriental and American long under the protection of the United States. The Philippines obtained complete independence on July 4th 1946 the last of the Philippine Islands for the story of one of their greatest heroes. To begin here is a phone call to Doctor of president of the University of the Philippines. In case you're overseas Operator please. This is Professor Russell Fyfield at the University of Michigan where you place that called out to Dr. Goodall turned president of the University of the Philippines in the Philippines. Yes hello Dr. Towne. Yes this
is than speaking. It's good to hear your voice again. Louis is Professor Fyfield at the University of Michigan. I am calling about our radio series on the national heroes of the room. What do you people little teens consider your greatest hero. Yes I think there can be little question that the service is the man. How is it resolved. I have heard it referred to as the George Washington of the Philippines. Yes he was in a sense by that of our country but he was not the military man that Washington was as a doctor a scholar and the theory is his dream was an independent country. But he was afraid of the dangers involved in armed rebellion. Instead he concentrated on reforms. He felt that our people must be deterred to action through a lawful and peaceful process of government.
In his writings especially in his great book no limit down. Result pointed the way to national dignity and unity. He sought to lift people from despair of the moment to a whole great things to come that result was executed by the Spanish government. Nevertheless yes because a writer may be especially dangerous to tyranny and perhaps this blame is a government that was right in fearing him because within two years of results that the Philippines had declared themselves free of Spain. Then by all means let us go back to those days of the struggle for Philippine independence. Two tones and a 19th century and historical seat resign. I am father happy as I was with him at the end it was
the morning of December 30th 1896 bhagam by and field near Manila. He was baptized was a prototype of the CADO Elam's all day long but now out of the stunned crowds watching our progress toward the Place of Death to the thousands of his friends and admirers all over the world who were with him in spirit at that moment. One name was enough resolve of the Philippines. This is holy ground father of the year. Yes my son on this same spot 24 years ago. Just with father's blue ghosts go missing some or I mean death for defying tyranny. Think not of the past but of the future marches on past present future are bound into one. I did it you did my book to those three martyrs I have dedicated my life to the cause they love.
It was a beautiful morning routines if you noticed it is very clear I can see the ships in the bay go to get to the mountains in the morning to be is still more beautiful by Saddam this way. God let me face the rifles. My orders say shoot you in the back. But that's for traitors and I have never betrayed my country. I've got my orders. Shoot me as you please. Aim at the heart not the head. Granted. And let me stand not me. Granted I have no resentment against anyone. Look the same town I look to see if they owed him some distortion he got out of the way up here said break we'll make ten dollars. He was my son. He was quiet when that boy liked his books and
studied he did file and there was violence all about him couldn't escape it. The power of Spain ruled us. We were just poor Indios Filipinos said nothing. Even I went to prison for two years while I and Savi. I remember once when you was a young man just out of school who took your mother. Here's my poem in the reviews to see the film a pin you can't see very well as must be getting worse. Yes a little turn up the lamp there. This is the poem they don't like. The authorities don't like it. We called the island's fatherland I Fatherland it says this is what annoys them. Spain is the father. This is our fatherland How does that make me seditious or revolutionary.
Does that make me a traitor to the church and the government. Because I write a poem. They think you are capable of anything. I know I went to prison for less. Your eyes will be all right mother. It's this ghastly lamp we're almost out of kerosene time to go to bed anyway. Oh I've got work to do before that. I'll just run next door and borrow a few ounces. Watch my step Doc is right. You know if the government would just give us decent illumination. Who the devil is that. Is there someone there. Oh oh oh excuse me I didn't see it's so young it was horrible. I know you're blind. Salute an officer of the Civil Guard when he passes you and I have to cut you down. Yeah just so you know what I am alright.
It's covered with blood. Who was it. A simple God. I didn't see him struck you with his sword. Yeah I'm alright. It's just a scratch. Q How did it happen. I didn't know the room but it was too dark to see him. All right all right. We'll have the blood stopped in a minute. Then I'll run for the dog. No don't go out when you need to. Don't leave me. I'll be all right. Oh he called me. That's miserable Indios because we don't bow down to the might of Spain. I want to be a doctor a teacher. But how can I learn in this place under these conditions. It would be better for you to go away and get this fatherland or get it. Oh no mother that's not what I mean at all. We've got to show the world that even the poor Indio can learn and build for freedom if you go
to Europe you'll never want to come back. You don't know me mother in Europe even in Spain. There was freedom to breathe and learn and think I can do more for my country there than I can here. Lie down it's bleeding again and let it bleed. There was my friend. We were students together in Spain. My name is Fernando were in many classes together in Madrid until he received his degree first in medicine then in philosophy and letters a group of us including Maximo VO and I used to meet in the cafe in the evening.
Mostly students from the Philippines Rezai came rarely but one evening. It must have been about 1885 you know. Jack and if I'm not much mistaken. Good good fun and I can see your mind is not on your game tonight. It must be a girl every play I have no time for. If I didn't value your friendship so much I wouldn't be wasting my time here but you can study you forever. But the more I study the sooner I can return to teach our people. Look you to why I came here to enjoy myself. Are you taught about it. Is there a way to act now besides just studying. This might be a way. What the devil's that. A book you have the nerve to smuggle a book into this abode of pleasure. Let me see.
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Oh no. Granted it's not great literature but this little book did wonders in America to arouse people to the horrors of slavery. Why shouldn't we do something like this for the Philippines. Uncle Pedro is cabin by Harriet. I'm serious. Jose you know conditions and home as well as anyone. I'm not a novelist. I thought it might be a cooperative effort. Right. As it got to be fiction more people will read it. The authorities are not so likely to stop a novel but everyone will know the truth. It sounds like a lot of what I might risk distributing it but write it down I won't get much help from you. It's not that hard. In another week it'll be too late. I'm leaving Spain back to the Filipino Paris. I have a chance to study with the great Oculus divot and after that perhaps with how in Berlin We'll miss you Jose goes up in the world.
I would go anywhere if I could write that book with you. I guess it's hopeless but I toast the book we might have written if any of us could write. It'll Yes I Dr Rudolph airco knows if his son was a student of mine in Berkeley and in a world first at Heidelberg then at Leipzig then here and barely and already he was becoming one of the great scientists of the world. An excellent physician an expert in languages employ apology entomology. But why go on. You made marvelous sketches he was a fine sculptor and to get on publishing his poetry and then I went to his lodgings one day in Berlin.
It was the middle of winter coat not enough wood for a good fire. No not really you know. Come in care are you. Yeah. What if I had been a black African with none of you are welcome is the same in all languages professor. Oh I manage. You have been avoiding me lately I thought you were. I've been busy professors writing everywhere I see papers not only writing professors but helping to set my own type. I'm going to publish a book of this book on the Philippines and I may start dying with fiction because only in this way can I appeal to my own people. And at the same time strike a blow at tyranny. In this book I deal with corrupt governors the cruel civil guards all of plundering swaggering brutal greedy vampires who suck the life blood of my people.
No you preach revolution. I hate violence. I don't want bloodshed but you do want independence for the Philippines eventually of course. How can I explain it. My people are ignorant. Now they must be taught the nature about oppression. They must be taught the nature of freedom before they are ready for it. That scholars stalker's out experience can teach the proper use of freedom. And you must get them first. This means revolution and then God help my country get this. He mocks come in oh this is a surprise doctor this is Maximo an old friend from the University of Madrid and a Philippine patriot as well I would say that you know it's great to see you Maximo and how many hearts have you broken in Germany already enough.
And how's the chess. Mon it's cold in here. Do you live like this. Cheap. You would never want to be reckless with a peso. All the honors in the world but no money. Why don't you try to get a little fun out of life. Excuse me Doctor but that's my reason for being here. I've come to offer our friend a way out of his misery. A walking trip through Austria the Alps and Italy they tell me the girls in Italy. You must come I was a walking trip a real vacation. You needed to have been working. I'm afraid it's out of the question. In Heaven's name why are you just gave the money. But don't worry about money. It's more than that. You see I decided to write that book after all. I'm trying to publish it myself. I work at odd jobs to raise the money and set much of the type myself. Can't go with you. Not until the book's finished. Is this the title page. Don't look at it. Touch me not.
A book about the Philippines about us. I'd almost forgotten say this is the book we said couldn't be written. But now you've written it it's not very good. I would say when I left Madrid I decided to do Europe as they say. I've been living the life of a prince throwing my money away in every fancy and resort on the continent. I didn't want to go home. I wanted to forget home women and wine can do that to a man. I consider you lucky and you are stuck in this cold room fighting for money to print a book something to bring freedom and light to my people. It means everything to me. Well what are you doing taking my coat off. You need a proofreader don't you. I'm going to work. Now how much do we need to pay this printer. Ten twenty fifty I'm going to put your money you know you're going to take it home I can't accept charity maxim charity. We're going to do this job together. If he wants to help your country as much as you do even the greatest idealist
sometimes needs cash. This won't be Uncle Pedro's cabin. It will be a declaration of independence for the Philippines. Lieutenant posts a day I'm not a commissioned officer in the Philippine forces of His Majesty the King of Spain. I was his captor. I had my orders from the governor general himself pred. from the islands the treasonable document titled No Name a certain criminal elements and smuggle the book through our ports in no time at all it had spread like a plague of flies. Then one day I received new orders. I had returned I was to follow him spy on him catch him in some treasonable
act and arrest him. Those were my orders then and I met. Yes yes. Don't stand there in the doorway blocking the light come in. You are Jose Rizal. Yes I see you are a soldier. I almost forgot to salute that won't be necessary. I am Lieutenant. Are you in a hurry to Tennant. You see I'm waiting to finish a most delicate operation what sort of an operation on the eyes of a tenant. I'm an oculist or didn't you know. I know you better as a journalist. Thank you for that word. It shows fine literary discrimination. So your doctor if you don't mind I'd like to see for myself certainly. Who is the patient. My mother. Mother. Yes this is her house. For many years now she has been troubled by cataracts brought on. One is led to believe by her long imprisonment. She was nearly blind and there are no doctors in this part of the world capable of performing the necessary surgery. You came back to the Philippines
to save your mother's vision. You don't believe me again. No. Pardieu Yes I don't. Yes mother. Come into the next room with me Lieutenant. In just a moment someone with you. Yes a friend now. Now hold still. We must be very careful. You've been very brave mother very brave. I say supposed if the other you know if I am totally blind you have faith in God mother and a little faith in me. I didn't study all those long years for nothing. Easy there one by one they're coming off. It's like you're Jose. Yes of course. Quietly now.
The last one is off. Give me your hand. Everything is. I can see that they're not not too excited mother I can see the way it's clearing up in there. I can see the old couch that I can see your face. I can't get it you know so what's the matter mother. There's a soldier in here I know he's in uniform. Did he hurt you did he hit you with you so you go back. What's she talking about now lie down Mother I'm perfectly alright. Don't be frightened. The lieutenant is my food and I don't want soldiers in my house or going right now. But I want you to sleep. You must rest those good eyes as much as you can. Then you'll be strong again. Rest mother. I'll be back soon.
Come on attendant. Well Lieutenant she won't hear is now. Result I owe you an apology. Officers of Spain do not apologize lieutenant. A gentleman should. I'm a Filipino and Indio. You want a fine man. You didn't come here to tell me that. No I came to arrest you in the name of the governor general on suspicion of treason. Posse on already is the name he was is my brother after his arrest he was exiled to Petone on the island of Mindanao. The charred sacrilege and sedition because of a book and a few poems he was not imprisoned but Lieutenant on drafty and his soldiers kept an eye on him never the less it was there on Mindanao one day that I phoned to see it and it was my idea
that water could be brought to the bottom without too great an effort. I'm not much of an engineer and we had no explosives to blast the rock. Get your hands up to me and say this pistols loaded What's the salute of a man's up I said not you jose posts you better not cry out soldier I'm quick on the trigger. Put down that gun POS ya know Lieutenant and drop it. This is my brother Lieutenant is my friend please you are no friend of mine and you know what I've just been brother in a prison camp and I've just escaped or see why I take no chances. Yes for practicing liberty and not just writing about it. Keep your hands up Teniente. But why do you come here to get you afraid. I've a boat waiting by the river I'll take you to one if I see oh only fussy old the guerrilla leader. That man bought a fossil was a terrorist he's a patriot and he'll have your neck in and you will soon enough Spaniard to know what's come over you. You know I do not believe the rebellion. We must first obtain reforms from the Spanish government by peaceful means.
We must work for freedom and justice in the courts to live by the bullet will only bring misery. Europe no Lee didn't you know only as one of Bonifacio Bibles. It's the text book of the new Philippine revolution and you are the figurehead. Don't argue with me about justice. This has still is our only justice. I won't go with you. I have given my word your word brother wake up. We evolved live the old codes of scholars and gentlemen. You are something more than just a man you are a symbol the symbol must remain alive and free. What will happen to lieutenant in the drafty if I go he comes with us as a prisoner or I shoot him. Either way he will not last long. You are so hot and bitter. How could this happen. I should ask you why you've grown so soft. You know about our family. Patiala Has anything happened to mother. No she's safe. But brother in law had Dago has been deported our two sisters are in prison and father is what happened to father he ruined wiped out his lands his earnings
destroyed. He objected to unjust taxes. He went to the courts of justice. You know that just to see got the governor general sent militia to drive out all the people they burned all the houses to the ground and poor people. We don't blame you for this. We worship you it's the climax of all you wrote the beginning of the end. Tomorrow will be free and you must lead us as I am not a leader. I'll take you to Bunny fussy Oh by force if I have to. It wouldn't change my mind. I'm sorry I'm old fashioned. My word my honest still means something to me. Rizal do you know what this means for you if the rebels start an uprising. You will be blamed. It will be your death. You want me to escape. I want you to live. And perhaps your presence among the insurgents would save the whole country from disaster. Go Rizal go no I will not go. Nor will I stand between my people and their freedom.
If they are ready to fight then May they fight gloriously. As for myself I'm not afraid to die. Go back to your lead up Ossy I know that I stay here. In the days to come they will have no need of a poor Oculus. The eyes of the people are already open. This is Fernando. We have come a long way since those bright days in Madrid. We are all men and all the rest. Even fun loving Max and Fiona. We hide in the humans. We gather arms. Every day letters poured in from the great men of Europe and America save resolve save resign but we cannot save you. No one can not even know
who defended him. Yesterday the courts pronounced sentence that convicted a rebellion through seditious works. This man who cried out for moderation and patience who refused to take arms with us this morning. He will die before the Spanish firing squad. But tomorrow or the day after we will rise up from the Philippines where we were. Let's see how to yodel made a song just to assure me you're special to me as you please. Aim at the heart and not the head. Granted I have no resentment against anyone step away five ready loads.
Nothing the University of Michigan has presented tales of the Valiant. Another of the transcribed series of great national heroes throughout the world. The story of Jose Rizal national hero of the Philippines was written by Edwin Berle and produced by the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center. Heard on the program where at Burroughs Mary Jane guy but
Jacobson he forgot her Bob Reinhard Dale Stephens and Don street and Morton's Arkell consultants for the programmer Professor Russell Fyfield University of Michigan and president of the University of the Philippines editorial supervision by William Andrew Hail to the flag and is directed by Edward stuff for the broadcasting service at the University of Michigan. Feels like it's making this program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasting originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard is from the program library of National Public Radio.
Tales of the valiant
Jose Rizel
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Jose Rizal, hero of the Philippines, sets the theme of Philippine independence and is martyred by the Spaniards.
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Dramatic stories of great national heroes outside the English-speaking world.
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Philippines--History--19th century.
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