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They fought alone. True Stories of the men who fought for our freedom to know. Their areas you're getting on well one side please get a sexy side. Let us through here. I grant it was like rounders years and I wrote some from the journal How about est and I have nothing on President enders thank you when I call you out of the corps premiss What's the meaning of this. OH MY GOD HIS calling for blood Haven't you heard them you're just going to hope something about a bomb give us right away I want to let some people I am able to recall his NO NO NO NOT YET is not to come with me will step behind a building here and avoid the cross and we made it clear what I had hardly expected this kind of a reception committee is well maybe we can keep them at bay until I talk to you right from the common criminal of his every whim. The university corporation has they've all but demanded your resignation. They should get it in a
media player but you can't do that Dr. Andrews there's more at stake here than a clash of personalities. Censor Jamieson my mind is made up and nothing you can say can change but academic freedom has been attacked we've got to fight back. Mulaney fate if you like Jamieson. But I warn you know the powers against you are too strong you'll end up by fighting alone. The National Association of educational broadcasters and the University of Michigan present they flock alone to stories of men who fought for our freedom to know today the story of Professor prank when Jamison of Brown University and his defense of the right to hold views contrary to the opinions of the community. On June 30th 1897 in Providence Rhode Island President Benjamin Andrews returned from sabbatical leave to find that a storm had broken in his eye.
Oh it's you Henry. There's a reporter out here already from the Journal says his name's Russell the president can't see anyone yet. You brought the president here to your house. Yes. Come in come in. I thought the news hound wouldn't find him so quickly. Dr. Andrews you remember Henry Gardner. Good to see you again Professor. I'm glad you're in good hands. Great to get home as soon as possible. I can see your point sir. Frank the press won't like your high handed method to be hanged. Let them try to make something out of this model. I hope you know what you're doing. You would having me Jamieson about the corporation meeting. Yes just as the corporation was concluding its last session. Congressman Walker got it. He hasn't been to meetings for some time. Not since he had that run in with me about textbooks after you refused to fire me. He stayed rather quiet. I think he took this opportunity while you were in Europe to strike bad pitiful coward. You're speaking of a congressman Jamieson and also a member of the governing
body of the corporation tried to stab you in the backside. He claimed because of your outrageous views on free trade and free silver. Large sums have been withheld from the university that might otherwise have been donated by leading businessman. Mind you let me finish sir. He implied that you were spreading pernicious Bryon doctrines ideas that were roundly defeated by the gold standard Republicans in last year's election that you were teaching them in the classroom. But I teach philosophy I know so and that if you didn't seize promulgating your views Henry get rid of those reporters I'll do my best. Brown University would go quickly to the dogs. We would have no money to operate. We would be ostracized by financiers and all right thinking Americans etc. etc.. A committee was appointed to to reason with you and make you admit the error of your ways. Oh no this is worse than I expected. I have never advocated free trade as for free silver. Why I considered an international monetary system based by methyl ism to be
advisable but Jamieson Have you ever heard me openly announce myself for Brian and free soup. But I wasn't even in the country during the election. My sympathies like those of Henry Adams lie in that direction. But I have never by word or deed done anything to prejudice this university in the eyes of the world. Of course not that's obvious right. For heaven's sake I can't hold off the walls much longer. I've got to tell them something we haven't finished. My faculties support this congressman's measure. I'm ashamed to say some did. But that's not the worst of it. This might have all been glossed over without a word of it reaching the public. I'm sure Walker would have been repudiated the minute you returned but someone someone mind you released the news of that private meeting and Walker's accusations to the press. I think Walker did it himself out of spite. Your leaping to conclude know I'm convinced of it. That's why the press is here now and in a few short days they they've built this into a month front page story that's going to rock the university
to its room. I would love that to happen professor. I knew you would fight back. I told you before I'm going to resign quietly without any fuss. That show when the reports are I refuse. Are you out of your mind Frank. Our concept of academic freedom our whole way of life is under fire. You're only asking for trouble if you fake walk my friend. I'll fight him to preserve what I believe in. Dr. Andrews at least talked to the faculty committee appointed to see they may write to me if they like. I don't want to see any of them. Whatever you do James never forget you are a teacher. Teachers like prophets. And. There's me. Oh you started me here is a nice day to sit on a park bench and just
relax. Mrs. Jamieson I do believe I am Russell of the journal own a newspaper and I understand residents come out against the university corporation I don't wish to be interviewed Mr Ross I can see why you wouldn't. You're in a tough spot. I don't read the papers most of them. Listen to this from Chicago. Andrews is either a hopeless crank or a creature without a conscience and without the least perception of the deference between right and wrong. Early on here from my own paper. And these very practical days the first test of a college president is his ability to draw funds toward the treasury of the institution over which he presides. Judged from this point of view Dr. Andrews has been a distinct failure and it would be absurd for him to retain his present position. Did you write that as a matter of fact I did.
How can you be so callous. You know Dr. Andrews has already resigned. Your husband is circulating a petition among the faculty urging the corporation to reinstate him. Yes those with them those behind the plot who sign him I don't know but what else are they doing. I won't stay in being interrogated like this. Your husband has plot and secret lated announced the authority of the corporation. If he continues they'll have every paper in the country against him when the papers control public opinion. The university will their own. I really can't. Tell you what his fabrications discord. You thrive on it. Ma'am my paper is run by money and your university is run by money making money is the only important thing to me and I need to be on the other side. You go away if you will suffer as a jammers in your but I think it over you know what do you get any more out of it. Oh by the way if your husband changes his mind tell him to get in touch with me. Russell remember.
It's all like Joe Walker who got put on board of trustees simply because they're rich both inside and outside the college. Moderator speech this way your eloquence Nor is this a three ring circus for politicians it is a place for scholarship. I regret that the call for action to emphasize it even though I regret Dr. Andrew is introducing politics into academic. Dr. Andrews has not done so. It is only the press that has accused him of it. I submit this business between the president and the corporation the president wasn't supposed to give us and the fence closed it would be folly to sign any petition supporting it all right here and let the
riot police please listen. Professor Carstairs I too am opposed to the political views of real or assumed a president and what I cannot agree with my colleague Doug and that they are called for repudiating him. Very briefly it is our privilege however. Oh I believe I am important and we are courting disaster if we presume to intimidate our own corporation. Who are we to decide what is best for our institution. Professor James you when you say would you like about Congressman Walker. But I for one do not believe the entire corporation is dishonest. Their public utterance was introduced rectifiable the press is just distorted their opinion and who spilled the beans to the press. I am not a detective so I say only that the corporation will undoubtedly clear up the matter to the satisfaction of the world while we lose a good president and petition so loudly a spouse will only degrade us in the eyes of the public. I will not sign followed by happenstance. Gentlemen let's hear from
Professor Gardner. Gentleman harming our cause by such rancor. The issue here is not whether President Andrews is a good president or not the issue is not whether the doctrine of free silver is a healthy or pernicious doctrine. The issue is this. Are we free to express opinions adverse to those of the most influential members of the community. I say that from Milton's data this experience has shown that the attempt to suppress doctrines has only given them added strength. Moreover it is not the proper function of the university to represent or to advocate any favored set of Politico any more than of religious doctrines but rather to inspire young men with a love of truth and knowledge and with freedom and openness of mind to teach how these are to be updating. I have.
One. Son now I'm sure. I wouldn't be too sure. Look who is coming as the president let him speak for himself. Dr. Andrew calm. I only have a few words to say. Your attention please. President. I. Credible educators. I don't know what you've done Nuna hot about to do. Doesn't matter. But I appreciate your thinking of me. The press has labeled me is raw dishonest a swindler and a nail polish. Yes yes they have and I'm way it's summer and I'm leaving town. I would advise all of you to take a vacation and come back in the fall forgetting that you ever knew me. Dr. Henderson Please Professor Jamieson believes that academic liberty has been denied. He is youthful so I envy him his ideals. But from now on I wish to be dissociated from any
struggle. I have resigned my position. I would not reconsider. Good night Dr. Andrews. Well Jamison of the me joining the petition is here on the table before me. I invite all of you to sign. But even if none of you sign I will go on fighting this battle. The lifeblood of this university is not money but freedom. You know Henry Garner will be here any moment now. Don't worry. Perk up. You look so depressed. Of course I'm depressed. I've never been so humiliated. I think it's rather amusing amusing for five years the faculty Woman's Club is met
in this house the second Thursday of each month for five years. Today is Thursday. Everyone knew this it couldn't have been a mistake but not one of them turned up. I've been sitting here all afternoon waiting for just one. You realize what that means you've been spared the agony of entertaining a covey of chattering females. They're my friends. Their husbands are your friends. I still have friends. Well you may not very long. Yes yes I am afraid. Most of all I'm afraid of what's happening to you. You are an almost harsh in the past. Good heavens it isn't easy to fight a battle like this. I'm sorry if I don't want you to go back on your ideals but. But what is it worth it frame is it worth all the trouble is that what your friend Russell says. My brain you've been meeting in a park haven't you. You don't think for one moment.
Oh please let's not be old fashioned I assure you I'm not you know I trust you personally. It's not that you were meeting a man in a pocket but a newspaper man. Why did you keep it a secret. I didn't think it was important. All newspaper men are important right now terribly important what did you tell him. Nothing brain all come out Sara I told him the truth. I told him how deeply you felt about the principles of academic freedom. I told him you were doing all this for yourself or even for Dr. Andrews. You were doing it for the good of your profession. I I didn't mean to snap at you I'm sorry. But you you've grown strangely cool to my activities of late I was sure Russell's poison pen had had a lot to do with it. How do you know my talking to him didn't do some good. I doubt it. You don't know these hard boiled journalists as I do. I'm afraid he's had more effect on you than you want him. You think I fell into a trap by acting foolishly. Would you. You'd be far better off without my medleys.
It was I go to mainframe to your mother's. Yes alone we planned to go anyway this summer. But. Henry is due here any minute now. We can't have him bursting in on us like this. We're both nervous and upset. We need a little time to think we can do that best away from each other. I would have to worry about faculty wives and you would have to worry about my indiscretion. I need you here I don't distrust you. There's Mr God you know all. Right. I've got great news. It's all over. Don't keep me in suspense. Look at this petition. Yes and look at the signatures. Twenty four out of thirty seven members of the faculty with the rank of Associate are full professors good excellent. Only nine refused to sign. I haven't reached the others yet but I'm not going to wait. This goes to the press tomorrow. Our job's done and you can't be
serious truly. That's why it's so wonderful to be able to come over here this evening and relax Henry. We can't stop with this petition. Well suppose we postpone this discussion till after dinner. Everything is right wait Sara. 24 names aren't enough though they're an excellent start. Have you seen the letters that have been pouring in from all over the country. We've got to capitalize on the sympathy our cause is aroused. Just what did you have in mind. Two more petitions one to the alumni one of the educators and all the leading universities. Such a thing as carrying on protest too far. We have made our point. Let's stop there I'm not convinced the corporation will be swayed by this petition alone. Well I don't approve of dragging outsiders into the Joe Walker when the press can't be whipped so easily. I say leave well enough alone. Good for you professor. He's right Frank can't you see that I was trying to tell you the same thing before but now you have an opportunity to stop while I'm still safe. Well I don't want to be safe and fail. Will you help me draft the petitions Henry.
Well you don't have to apologize. Yes or no. I've already bought a ticket on the train leaving for Boston tomorrow. I'm going to Maine for a vacation perhaps to be on the same train I'm leaving tomorrow so to visit my mother. I see President Andrews my wife. And now you had me at someone say the hemlock. Over a fence a lot of us are down. Nope I'm Russell of the joint I know good and some others fine summers day. Maybe it's a good place in August. I said this trolley go to the beach does it. What's the trouble Jamieson. It looked like you'd been through the mill.
Not on the academic problems of dagoes frozen your brow. I don't want to talk a come on now as the old fighting spirit. I've been pretty rough when you pry off all the papers have. That's no reason to run on the reefs. Maybe you take yourself too seriously. Know. Where to get off the next corner and grab a beer. I don't want to make a statement. Who said anything about statements. What you need is a drink. Look prof I promise not to say a thing about about this. It's strictly off the record now about it. All right. Oh c'mon. Here this place looks deserted Let's go in there. You look like a scarecrow man. You've got papers sticking out of your pockets like straws Titian's letters all bad no good university presidents professors teachers even a few businessmen and politicians. What are you worried about a few important ones who turned me down.
They're the ones that hurt. This is more than people. It's a principle you can't forget the people involved. It's the devil that nods at me inside. That's the thing that drives me crazy how can I benefit the total welfare of my profession without hurting those I want most to protect. How can I fight for an ideal without throwing aside individuals. President Andrews didn't really want me to support him and now I've created a situation that makes it almost impossible for him to return and resume his former position. Well there's one thing you have done Jamieson You haven't been scared of all the money stacked against you. You never seem to worry about what might happen to you. I like a man that can't be bought what do you know about me. I get paid for what I write and I'm told what to write and I write it. My bosses think you're a stinker so I write what they say but I don't have to like it. Maybe Well just maybe I'm a little tired. I thought was pretty funny when I first heard that a buncha long nosed fogeys were trying to buck the powers that
be. I thought you had been bought like all the rest and was a budgie. You were one of those boys who are just doing what you were told and then I'd talk to your wife my wife. Yeah I used to talk her out of the park trying to get something out of her that would put you on the spot. Didn't work. Instead you gave me a new slant on things and I just don't see Sarah selling you an academic freedom. I don't give a hoot in Hades about academic freedom. I don't even know what the words mean but well you know something I've been reading up lately about the state of ice in about two hundred sixty years ago a guy named Roger Williams came here first to late in the game or because well they would let him say what he believed back in Massachusetts. The bosses tried to make him knuckle under and he wouldn't. He believed in free speech and hold on ideas that weren't popular with the big waves. Yes the ghost of Roger one of the still hanging around these parts. Fact is I think his last and his best home is in that university is up on a hill. What can we do that we
haven't already done. I thought I'd be given you advice but you can keep after those petitions. The corporation meets again next week and there isn't much time. Me. Well just for once I'm going to write what I think not what I'm told all right I'll do it if they fire me. Charlie wanted to go home this morning. Good grief we've seen you here already. Right nearly there you must be feeling telegrams. We should all go to him day to day just like that. The corporation meets at 10 o'clock. Hold on here's another dead blasted where money get you all over the place. Hello Russell. I haven't seen you in days what do you got there. Telegram supporting Andrew's Cornell Harvard Dartmouth Yale. All presidents. Here's a stack more from alumni.
I've got signatures from every class back to 1838. You don't need a good secretary. I'll say what you mean while I'm at liberty as they say. Sacked that editorial was never printed. I wrote it all right. Never got past the desk to pick up my hat. Very sorry I feel I'm to blame. Get that out of your head I made up my own mind I wanted you to cover the corporation meeting this morning wild horses couldn't keep me away and I know I've got to get these telegrams together with all the other papers and petitions. Charlie if any more come in in the next hour young man you would think you had six rooms and four legs and I'm trying to run a telegraph. While that piles more than a foot high. You mean you're going to plant all of those in front of the corporation was more in the closet. Look in there for me when you're ok now. Come in. I've got an old pair of shoes sitting on top of the cardboard box that's right. Oh right. Well what brings you here Henry. This is the day
I see you want to be in on the kill Mr. Russell this is Professor Gardner. Mr. Russell was formerly with The Journal or I didn't know Frank forgot one campaign's over. I changed my mind when I got to Maine the weather must be nice up there. I couldn't face myself in the mirror. I backed out on you when the going got tough. Let's go to wait here's something the way you got there. I went on the road Frank. I visited every summer resort along the coast of Maine. I tackled bankers railroad presidents manufacturer but those are the people whose names will mean something to Joe Walker. There's a list right. Two hundred names. Did you see Sarah in Maine. She's here she's up in the hole waiting outside the committee room. It's it's almost 9:30. Let's go.
What are they doing no. So they are already in the documents. Are they all there every Bowman member of the corporation and the squatter reporters besides. It seems Joe Walker got big hearted and decided to let the press and I've still got my press. Let us know as soon as anything happens. Look who's your paper actually how about a statement no statement. See you later. He's just joking. He's not on the journal anymore. Dr Anders It's wonderful to see you sir. You're looking fit as well as a man could be. Jamieson I've been keeping an eye on this. I want to thank you for keeping my name out of this controversy as much as possible. You did right in emphasizing the issues rather than personalities. I think you may have something from all this. I shouldn't admit it but I did have you on my faculty. You mean Dr. Andrews if they vote to reinstate you. You'll stay. Taken me a long time to make up my mind on
that point. The damage has been done. And with the tensions that existed but if they stay for one more year if only to prove that you were right. It's all over. Tell us what they say. I said they never wanted to dispense with the services of the Doctor and Rose. It was all a regrettable misunderstanding. And they're asking you to withdraw your resignation go in and tell them so gladly. Jamieson you've won your case. We've all been vindicated sir. Not just you and I but every teacher everywhere. This is Professor collards and I have asked J Philip were net professor of business administration at the University of Michigan to round out the story
of Franklin James you have been listening to a dramatization of events that occurred in 1997. Fifty six years ago it may seem that this story is merely a bit of old time history. Interesting perhaps but of no significance in today's troubled times. But the cause for which Franklin Jamieson fought freedom to think and to speak is more important now than it was an eighteen hundred ninety seven and more in danger. Hear what Paul G Hoffman distinguished businessman and public servant said recently quote Never since the day of the Alien and Sedition laws of seventeen hundred ninety eight Has there been a time when freedom to think freedom to inquire and freedom to speak were in greater jeopardy unquote. Colleges and Universities are dedicated to truth. They seek to discover it and they undertake to
teach it. Opinions may differ about what is the truth and more evidence and further study may be required to determine it but it is study and evidence that should guide not pressure and censorship. This has been the story of cracklin Jamison the University of Michigan series. They fought alone. Today's program featured Stephen Nelson as Professor Jamison and others in the cast where Lois by John Cottrell Todd Jones and James Lynch Dan Mullen and Dick Dean the music was arranged and played by Anita bus. Today's script was written by Gigi Burroughs and directed by Edward Saatchi editorial supervision by Professor Claude egrets M and William Bender Jr.. This is Bill Gross and speaking. The
They fought alone
Franklin Jameson
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Franklin Jameson declares teachers must have the rights of all free citizens and be permitted to hold beliefs that run contrary to ones prevalent in their communities.
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Drama series on pioneering individuals produced at University of Michigan
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Intellectual freedom.
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