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You're listening to a concert by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Following intermission we'll hear the Concerto Number one in D minor for piano and orchestra for 15 by Brahms with Lauren Hollander as a soloist. This young artist has appeared with orchestras all over the United States in well over 500 concert. Was performed for the other night. Bock society. And the Mozart Haydn festival. And at the Philharmonic Hall. Is a summer festival appearances included concerts at the Hollywood Bowl Tanglewood Grant Park and the Rivonia festival. In 1066 Mr. Hollander began his European career when he travelled with Max Rudolph and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on their two and a half months World Tour. Since then he's made his Paris debut with the order t f and his debut in Amsterdam with the concert about Orchestra. He's actively involved in experimental educational programs in the public school system. His work is based on the belief that communication with
young people is crucial to the future of the arts. Stronger is also conducting college seminars which explore man's capacity for sensitivity and awareness. The second half of this program begins with Brahms First Piano Concerto played in 1850. The germ of this composition was three movements for two piano sonata. Which Brahms wrote in 1853 at the age of 20. Encouraged by friends who saw him as a talented symphony as he turned the Sonata into sketches for three movements of a symphony even orchestrated the first movement but wasn't at all satisfied when the work was played in its original two piano form by chorus Joumana and Julius Otto grim grim suggested its proper form. A piano concerto by Brahms continued to make revisions until eight hundred fifty eight when at
last he felt ready to perform the work as a soloist. The Premier was not successful for the public was far from ready to accept the work and not until the turn of the century was the concerto recognized in this country as a work of genius or an Hollander appeared on stage on music hall followed by. My father every consul who will conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in the future from number 1 in the minor for piano and orchestra Opus 15 by Brahms. Ya. Ya.
Ya. Ya. Ya. Ya ya. Ya but. I must. N't. And.
To. The. Man. Thing.
You're willing.
To let. Loose. A little. It.
It it. Hand in.
Hand. Or and. Hand in. Hand here. What. To him. Mean.
Way. Way. Way. Way.
Way. Thank you in general number one in the minor Opus 15 by Ron played by Warren Hollander and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under every French conductor at the concertos premiere was the famous violinist us a few Joachim. It was specifically for this artist that Brahms wrote his violin concerto. Probably again critics reacted so unfavorably to the D-minor Journal
famous publishing house of bright copper. Circle actually turned it down. It was finally published by another company in 1861. The selections were today where the variations and few theme of personal history or biography The American from the era of music for the sufferers of the new book. I heard the noise German and the Concerto Number one in D minor for piano and orchestra Opus 15 by Brahms. With bar in Holland or as a soloist. The conductor for this concert was very consoling. And so we conclude another concert of the seventy fifth season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This concert was recorded during a performance at Cincinnati music hall by W.G.
U.S. the radio station of the University of Cincinnati. These programs are made possible through the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. The recording engineer for the series is Myron Bennett. Production by Bob Stephenson and continuity by Carol Richardson. This is George Bryant inviting you to be with us for the next program and a series. By the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This is the national educational radio network.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1970
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#11 (Reel 2)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This series features live performances from the 1970 season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .
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Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
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University of Maryland
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