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Document Deep South. Fields of cotton forests and factories in the heart of Dixie. A revealing story of progress by American spirit documented with on the spot recordings and produced by the radio broadcasting service extension division. University of Alabama. For the next 30 minutes he will make a transcribed trip through the Deep South. You will see the significance of a new industrial self changing self you will see how determined people are nature's plug into prosperity. That more than ever is making itself felt in our nation's economy.
Dog good lead and. DeSoto are Nando Desoto Explora extraordinary. Look down upon rich rolling valleys level his OD along the haze of a distant horizon and talked with the reverence of a goodly land. Barons we have followed in reverse their trip through the country and patch of a copper area. Looking for gold it had a gala Maddow and of course it turned out to be
right and not gold tall but that is. 15:00 brought in. We've come up here now to find out something about the story. Of this area. When did they start mining copper mining to start scratching around commercial mining started here about 18. You already had Centennial. That's right. There were over a hundred years of mining down basin. You're standing on a hill beside the tram modern administration building of the Tennessee copper company. You look down upon rich rolling valleys level your idea long haze of a distant horizon and think the thoughts of Desoto. While here high above teeming highways and car clustered railways spans a canyon to the copper plant across the way like a medieval castle it looks out over a domain where DAYBREAK takes on a copper glow and sunset signs another chapter in the
development of the new South. When did the really serious mining start I mean on a larger scale. Africa was small. There was extensive mining operations in the basin between the period of 1850 and the civil war. In fact during the great deal of great copper Matt was shipped down a river. Wagons mostly to Cleveland Tennessee. And a copper refinery was built at Cleveland Tennessee during the Civil War. But it was destroyed by federal troops before it ever operated following the seven or mining operations that were suspended for a number of years.
Progressing continuously since then and I now see their plaid over there on another hill. What does happen at that thing can we go over and have a look. Yes we are going to throw. Alright that's fine let's go and take a. Mining operation with Brennan. The area of deep deep beneath seven the soil there lies great wealth not in gold as Desoto had imagined but in copper and iron and aluminum and zinc and micro and graphite and feldspar and phosphate. These and other minerals of the fortune to be found in the Deep South of today.
Deep in a country called good. Ya. Ya. Ya. You've seen it. You've traveled Dixie from Carolina to Arkansas and southward and you've seen well show itself in the shop windows of Atlanta and the cattle country of Alabama in the fields and forest of the genuine Georgia. You've seen it in schools in modern schools with many windows and a watchful eye of a mental progress. You've seen it an opportunity and a good job. The eight hour day and over time. You've seen it in nice homes and pretty peaceful communities. The farm homes are the spacious lawn in front and a light bulb in the barn for early morning milking. DeSoto only scratched the surface. And still he called it the goodly land.
Am any manager you employ around the yard at mining. Lot of money right. Here in this adjoining corner of Tennessee North Carolina and Georgia stands evidence of an invincible South ivory surging south. A south to turn waste into wealth.
You know you are making Manus up there cat sulphuric acid once wasted in the production of copper is today the principal product of the Tennessee copper company. Right now you are standing in the largest led chamber plant in the world for manufacturing so if you eat ass it where to go to where your ship we ship better uses of course fertilizer and the way it's going to get us outside. You try to assess the value at tremendous worth of this one operation that makes Tennessee the sick state in the nation in the production of copper. But then you remember copper is only a byproduct now so if you're an acid that's the main item. So if you're an asset here in this plant the production per day is twenty five hundred tons.
And you remember the words of Mr. Burns your guy. The prosperity of a country he said can be measured by the amount and so if you're an assay it uses. Yeah. From Duck Town due south is Atlanta below Atlanta you find Georgia State Geologist Captain Garland Peyton visiting a granite choir in your Stockbridge. Where the dent of a stone crushing plant in the background. Doctor want to be Jones your traveling companion puts the question to Captain Pate Allen you have been you know all about God what is the most important granite
general are very important only to Caillat Kalen your confuser Dr. Jones and Captain Payton take it to a Karen plant to Macon Georgia kale and you'll find as a clay white clay is sometimes referred to as china clay. This fine clay is hauled from pit to plant in great lumps. You're standing in the plant now with its own and Mr. Mallory. The sound is from the great crushing machine that reduces the lumps to powder. Then the powdered Clay is packaged like cement floated in boxcars and shipped out. Where. I want to use. But I wanted your man a bag. My guess. Would be and like my leg that it was in a.
Magazine and I'm going to India and I would get a lot better at your recalled a vivid description of George's red clay fields and that outstanding saga of the old south Gone With The Wind and how after an era of unrest war of the ultimate ruin it form the lasting faith on which to build a future for even after facing the pain and poverty of what seemed to be an endless aftermath. Scarlett OHara could always look down on the water of red clay in her hand and say with consolation. Yes I've still got this yet clay to a scholar to Georgia to the south west but a symbol of wealth and land ownership. Today George's moral and red fields and deep rooted traditions it is in effect
the epitome of tomorrow's promise. And one of the best examples of economic independence lies in products of the goodly land the clay industry from about 10 counties south and southeast of make it more than 70 percent of all of the white plague mine and you are to me and I made an important bank with a naked eye on the thing about kind of your mom and a lot of your production and I can't make figures over 20 million dollars this represents one third of Georgia's mineral production and doesn't include the more common types of brick clay. Another outstanding clay product is fuller's earth. Your plate from a local Well this particular bleaching plate use plan made in the meeting in the planning and
vegetable man hours where the next day we went on the menu. Bet I am back to the. South would you go along Highway 41. Record deals through Valdosta and into Florida. This famed Peninsula has more to its credit than citrus and sightseeing attractions. And as you sit across a restaurant table I'm sixty seven year old Dr. Herman Gunter. You realize that his state geologist he represents a tremendous wealth and natural resources. And when Dr. Jones asked what Florida's most important mineral resource would be the answer is this. That would be the pathway that
they would back that up. Just and they were up about so of late. That would be land habbo rock you know that come back come back. I'm up to about 50 million dollars annually phosphate fertilizers was super phosphates and vas boric acid was discovered in Florida in 1888 South Carolina it was already a leader in the mining of this important mineral. But in 1894 Florida forged ahead. Today Florida annually produces more than 5 million tons of phosphate rock. About two thirds of the U.S. total world but blacks say that about blacks you know what. What about that. During the fall of Florida began the production of The Black Sam for so-called rat
arsed farm Coastal the. Your two companions being a long black sags are the so-called rare earth that ended and you little dreaming that they're talking about route to you. They are from making to Tiny I'm a miracle metal of the future. Man is. Almost as light as aluminum yet strong as steel resist high heat high pressure corrosion. Tanny m metal of the ages that this day is in the developmental stage that this day finds its early beginnings in the goodly land of the Deep South. Yet while the Ternium is but a decade old its or has been known for a hundred fifty years it's used in paint you are told. The United States however did not utilize its domestic deposits until 1939 and even then curbed mining activity until the war
production has climbed consistently sense. What does this mean to the south. You're told that both types have to tell me more. Ilmenite in the Rue tio a found in Florida in Virginia was some ilmenite in North Carolina. You cautioned however not to believe that Attorney Moore is confined to the South alone. It might be anywhere the largest ilmenite nine in the world for example is located in New York with other deposits being discovered in Canada but the South Florida in particular office at present the best commercial grade of ore. And that's important but the one big Waterloo in developing this wonder metal is the prohibitive cost to Ternium cost of $5 a pound as compared to about 20 cents per pound for aluminum. But perhaps someday this metal of the future will answer the call will meet the demand of industry of the armed forces at a reasonable rate for after
all there was a day when aluminum also was selling for $5 a pound. In this moment you're watching the first step in the manufacture of aluminum. The mining of bauxite you know with Dr. Jones are overlooking an Alcoa on an operation near Block site Arkansas Yahoo. Cool. To. Kill and kill. Load it. Up with and without the a common
generic learning process. They can and they are united with you. But you're standing and they will. And you. The. Automat in and out of common some lucking material down toward the bottom your box side and underneath that is. They call it strip mine the top sawyer skimmed off and the oxide is dug out by bulldozers a huge shovel then loads the waiting truck.
That's the operation you're walking now not deep in the box. Yeah right you mind it out but to keep my mind up and better writers art attempt to create a product that I'm moving out. I have rather a carrying will restructure. I want our plant which is about three and a half miles and all of your production go to that aluminum. What do you do with it now to extract the element around which I ship the ship from after our production rocks Texas. Want a state of Washington. Now what can be happening down there. Name the
Arabs. Madeleine made you. Think maybe maybe we could be that. Not far away from this busy mining scene is Little Rock state capital of Arkansas. There you talk with NF Williams state geologist who says minerals. We're always there. You know. Crazy. Thing here in Arkansas and they have gotten to the point that there are more and more important in the state of hockey. I feel a very bad man over in the state as they are too good only about a hundred and thirty million dollars a year.
So you see states like Arkansas and Alabama produce more than cotton and this goodly land minerals worth millions produced wages and workers homes and a higher standard of living a better South find a more secure nation. And as far as the eye can see across the rolling valleys to the haze of the distant horizon and beyond an almost endless list. The miles tick away like the minutes of a clock. As you travel from Central Time to east and through Tennessee through Kentucky into Genya and down into North Carolina. In Raleigh you meet Jasper Stuckey another State Geologist. It tells you and Dr. Jones when we get back that we have an opportunity
let's put it this way as a result of this. Some programs of Investigation war we now know a lot of times in the past the time that you didn't steal my car and as a good model out of Lima. And we also develop the largest deposits of Spawn you mean no more than off our land get in plain English. What is that what you mean is control the lithium. Woman So the common option that would do whether it's viable for its lithium batteries used in part in ceramic industry cleaned up and grounded used in traffic bodies in the same way but the big news is to extract the letter contained about 80 percent let them off their truck that lithium and use that in a wide variety of lithium chemicals. And I don't know all of them or I've developed on a large scale in a
parking lot. So we feel that with all the programming my single is very important you know roughly what we're concerned with getting some people were getting a spec map and we believe that when that's done that we'll have a lot of lines of communism in this spot you mean and and I've been all right Dr. crackers lethally know why they are you know why they are the bike you want to get out and drive that way where where am I right I've got a program and we're making some progress they're making progress in North Carolina. They're mapping out a geologic future which means also a future for the tow headed youngster catches is killed by a spent hour after the mailbox. A future tool for the housewife or ridge is hard to hang out the Monday wash. It may well mean the future of a business man in Boston a truck driver and a leader or a cashier in
Corpus Christi. Well the minerals and metals mined in made in the Deep South today figured prominently in the prosperity convenience and safety. Many people in many sections of the country. You are now sitting by your radio you're listening to this program the sounds of progress in the Deep South. You're not aware that the South is contributing
more than the subject of this feat. The sound you hear right now at this minute originates in a building and many minerals line from Tennessee perhaps or brick clay from Georgia originates in a studio where Southern vermiculite might be used as a sound insulator where Mississippi San made the glass for the control booth window originates by means of a microphone out of aluminum from Arkansas is transmitted over Tennessee copper to a console that is complex with Southern minerals tungsten from North Carolina graphite from Alabama Columbia am from Virginia. The song goes to the transmitter where asbestos and asphalt magnesium and Mica even petroleum from Louisiana sends it up a tower of steel from Alabama tubes a tantalum from Carolina of Virginia. Welcome this sound into your home.
The sight that greeted this Soto's eyes must've been a beautiful one but the dream the realization utilization of that site the fabulous future forged out of hidden mineral reserves. That was the thing that lay dormant before Desoto. Today an inventory of our existence reveals the vital importance of mineral production in the deep south an area that produces a wide variety each year valued at more than a billion and a half dollars. And yet in many ways you find yourself standing where Desoto stood looking out over the rich rolling valleys of the haze of a distant future who can foretell the secrets that are hidden beneath the crust of this good lady.
This has been program 11 of the document Deep South a series of actuality documentaries depicting the increasing importance of the South and the economic development of our nation. This week the goodly land a study of mineral wealth in the south. Your narrator was avant Whitaker document Deep South is written and produced by Learoyd BANNERMAN As Dr. Walter B Jones as senior consultant.
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When Hernando DeSoto referred to the South as the "goodly land", he had not the slightest idea of the wealth below its scenic wonder. Today's new industrial Dixie is the source of many minerals-- among these, rutile, the ore for making titanium.
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A series of documentaries depicting the increasing importance of the South in the economic development of the United States. Narrated by Walt Whitaker, written and produced by Leroy Bannerman, with Dr. Walter B. Jones as senior consultant.
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