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The following tape recorded program is a presentation of the National Association of educational broadcasters. The Literary Society of the University of Massachusetts presents New England anthology and expression and poetry of the American concept of the free man by writers who make use of the New England scene background or heritage. This program the third in our series will present Mr. Wallace Stevens Mr. Stevens will be interviewed by Mr. Richard Haven Mr. haven. Mr. Stevens first book harmonium was published in 1923. But the point if you feel like you to read this evening are drawn from later volumes. Over the years at fairly regular intervals. He has published his polished and artful poems until now the precision as well as the amount of his verse assure us that we have the productions of a major poet. Mr. Stevens is concerned himself with the margin between factual reality. The world of things that they are an imaginative reality and in the second only is man able to create preserve and enlarge his freedom. Would it be fair to
famous just even when you have been particularly concerned with imaginative freedom rather than with political freedom. Yes. There is the matter I thought about it. It is this life that the you. And the new news. You know kind of radiant and productive that most where it is not a bad atmosphere. Now the master is an alien. The pleasure that Capote has there is a pleasure of agreement with the radiant and productive well in which he lives. It is an agreement that matter are many found in the sound of. Nothing. Let me grab. A look over your Dewey and Hopkins found in the kind of the purple I'm going to see me. Gloomy
outlook on that indirect compass or perhaps even the doctor to say invented effect of some liquid in hell and the most celestial power and in a general sense of where music played on the terraces of the audiences of the moon. Seems to be produced in agreement with reality it is the wonder of the imagination in which an imaginative man like and not to grant when I will have a reason. Pleasure is the pleasure of patterns that create a truth. That cannot be arrived at. By reason of love. And truth that the poet recognises by sensation. The morality of the poet's radiant and productive atmosphere.
Is the morality. Of the right sensation. Let me read. A poem from transport to summer. To illustrate what I've just said. That's drawn. Primarily. In the last year of her range. Having attained. A present blessedness. She said. Poetry. And about the answers are right. This is the administration the GI years. If I may have been quite into this ball. I may have been an immense activity. In which everything becomes moaning. So much. The
hero. The enraptured woman. The sequestered Knight. The man that suffered writing there that he. Will have to spend years paying in Baba here in my. Favorable transformations of the wind. And Sun in general being. A human universe. There was my ministration. In which to do things. Compared. That tight resemblance here. Huge matter has only May. In that which it can see. Another problem. I might related. To this there. Is the idea about OK it can us.
She's trying. The i'm the genius of the sea. The way I don't have a plan armed to my mind or body. I can babble. Well nobody. Plastering its empty sleeve. And yet. It's mimic mention made constant cry. Where that comes to play. A pride it was not our. Ally we understood. The Newman. Of the veritable ocean. Sunni. Was not a master. No more of which she. Was. And whether or not meddling sound. Even a threat she saying was watching her. Gentle what she sang was uttered word by where.
It may be. That you know crazy is just. A grinding rattle in the gasping wind but it was she. And not the scene. We had. Because she was the maker of the songs she sang. The I don't hooded tragic gestured scene. Was merely a place by which she was to sing. Whose spirit is this. We said. Because we knew it was the spirit that we saw. And knew. That we should ask this afternoon. As she sang. It was going to drive right and see. The rows are even colored by many waves. If it was only two hours of brush and sky and a cloud.
Of the sunken Cairo was not well I would agree that. It would have been deep there. Hearing speech of. Some asylum and repeated. In the summer without end and sound of the. But it was Martin that. Might even then have a voice and are. Among the numerous plunging use of water and we and. The electrical distances. Brownlee's shadows on high on the rise and. Mountainous atmosphere of sky and sea. It was her voice. That made this guy beautician. At the vanishing. She measured to the hour. Its solitude. She was
missing the larger percentage of the well in which she sang. And when she sang. The sea rather started had. The game stopped it was her song. Because she was the maker. Then we as we beheld her striding there alone. Knew that there never was a way out for her except the one she sang. And singing. Made. Ramon Fernando's time there. If you know. When the singing ended and we turned 12 the town. Wired it lashing right. Right to the fishing boats at anchor there. As the night descended jumping in the air.
Master of the night. And portioned out to see the. Big Scene emblazoned zones and fiery polo. Arranging. Deepening. And chanting and I. O Blood Rage for Order. They all Romo. The makers raged around a road of the. Well into the fragrant portals. Dimly starred. And of ourselves and of rock our edge and. Engulfed the. Demarcation. As our own. Next. I serene. Pretenses of summer.
Now. In mid summer calm. And all pools and watered. And Springs in pure reactions over and over to the place all time low. Inundation. Young brood. I regret. The roses that have been the weight of pregnant. And mine lays by its trouble. Now mind they use my trouble. And considers. It good to remember and come to this. This is the last day of a certain year. Beyond which there is nothing left to die. It comes to this and imaginations like. There's not a moment's
ground. Not thought not thought. And this must come to the hard core. Against its point of. Disaster. These barbers standing around. These Mother Earth touching speaking. Being on their. Knees and lovers. Waiting in the soft. Dry. Grass. Too. But spelling the anatomy of summer. And the physical part and the metaphysical by. Let's see you know very thing and nothing else. Let's see into the hottest. I'm sorry but I'm not getting no part of it. To ASH. Trace the goes on about the white in the sky. Without
occasion by single metaphor. Look at it. In its essential barrenness. And so you know. This is the center of that icy. Exit. In an eternal allegiance. And you know the polluted with the rest in peace. Joy is not permanent. Right ignorance of change still possible. Exam desire for what is not. This. Is the barrenness of the present being. That can attain no more. 3. It is the natural top of all. The point of strawberry. Greens green energy. But it may be precious in the view beyond.
The point of said oh you're squawking like a crow. Axis of everything. Being. Apogee unhappiest folk that. Motion marriage here is the mountain on which the tower stand. It is the final about them. I say I'm. Sleepless. You know hails his proper air. And rest. This is the refuse at the end. Create. Is the only man. Standing on the Torah. Reads no book. Is reading ancient and absorbed at the ready summit and is a peace. By understanding that to those who say. By printing capable.
Of nothing more. Well. One of the limits of reality. Presented stuff you know lay. In the hay bake too long day. In the house. It is around to write the enigma. To serene. There on the distant. Day old. The gravity. And secondary senses of the ear. Not with secondary sounds but. Not emigration. But left at last with nothing of compounding. Pro. Quo rhetoric of a language with outward. Things stop in that
direction. And since they stop the direction stop. We accept what is as good. The upmost must be good and dear. And is rotten. And when I hired in the trees. And mingling of poverty at a festival. One day in riches here. One woman makes the rest look down. One man becomes a race not to like him. Like him but Petro. Or do the other day and reach the bottom. And is the queen as she seems to be. The Jacobin magisteria. Oh in. The British wings where the
puck. Is in the sunshine it at the elbow. And one of the man's children using the bow on. Its left up question. The man in casual blue. Container to hear another year and him and people without Through been there. Day in Rich's day here not as intelligent. Stripped of remembering it displays its strength. That you. Invited on. The heroic. So. The Rock. Cannot be broken. Is that true. Drowsy from land and sea. And covered. It is a mountain halfway green.
And then the other immeasurable have. Such rapid placid there become. But it is not the hermits Drew not similarly inhabited it is the visible rock the audible. Brilliant mush they have a sure oppose this president about. The need to destroy. Things certain sustaining us. Instead. It is the rock of some of the extreme amount of human is half way in blue. And then half way in the extremist right. Lashing from the central guy. As if 12 princes. That. Parking seven. Firing were they saying there aren't real
secure. It was difficult to sing in place of the object. Missing those led to a boat comes out. Or after but the object deep in the woods. They sang of summer. In the common field. They sang desiring an object it was near. In place of which I no longer move. Nor made of itself that which it could not by. The retirement of the consent itself takes hold. And we try to minister the thrice consented south having possessed the object grips it in savage scrutiny. One. To make captive. Once to subjugate don't yield to subjugation. Once to Graeme the meaning of the captor. His heart cried. Pulling
married but the apparent bullet by. The trumpet of moaning. Blows in the grounds into his garden. It is the visible and that. It may have been visible. The man had been shot. Investors seeing. The trap and. This. Is the successor of the invisible. This is its substitute instructed humans of the Spirit. This insight and memory must take its place. As widely as possible replaces what is not. Resigning priorities like 10000 time LURD coming down to share the day. The trumpets opposers. The minute he hears. A way of division. Well it's crowded crowded and
it's addiction's way. It's not a question age in about it you. May hands my own venerable. In the on rail. Line. No come right here and stop on the beam go. But Joe Brown grass. Reading while you wait to walk. With. When I watched the widow motion. The Goddess cat he's dead. God no ground. And nasty as garden grow so lation we'd. Come to like that emotion was prone to pop. In an abandoned spot. SAMPLER civil military that you recall. Of the readings and of the spirit of the
raid. Do some good. To test. The friend of man and. Swap the show published. This context was off. And. On your being public maybe. You detect. Another complex of other emotion. Not some thought. So civil. And you make a sound which is not part. Of the listener as old. Said. The persone of summer. Play the characters of an inhuman author. Who meditates with the go broke. Into Meadows late at night. He does not hear his characters talk. He sees them muffled in
movie is costume a blue and yellow. Scar and song. Belted and knotted. Sash and seam and heels of Red Hat hailed him greeting appropriate habit. The unions declare him. The manner of the dying. Part of the metal to move to some of the oh in which the characters speak. Because they want to speak. The roseate character. Grieve for a moment from malice and sudden cry. Completed in a completed seeing. Speaking their part. As you know you will. Happiness.
Mr. Stevens you referred to the limits of reality. You seem to limit your sense of reality to rocks don't trees and so forth. Is that what you intend. No. After all. The theory of poetry is. That it's a total of the dairies it but it. Often seems to become entirely mystical ology. Or IMO simply a mystique. The reason for this must by now be clear. Reason is the same reason why the pictures in the Museum of Modern Art. Often seem to be coming time and mystical aesthetic. And prodigious that should appear as if to find a way of saying at establishing. That all things. Whether below or above appear
are one. And that it is only through reality. In which they are applied to it or it may be joined together. And we can reach them. Under such stress. Reality changes from substance. To subtlety. Subtlety in which it was natural was his and. I see playing this is dragging each other. And sometimes straight right and. Seem to me to fall. It isn't really a point of view of another site would it be good right. But he is one chosen that today he comes to New York to seek places where original authors all evolution. And one artist would not establish himself at the Organic Center war movement in time and space.
Which he calls the mind or heart of creation. Determines every function. This reality. Is also. The momenta as well poetry. Its stand in the it is our milieu are intelligent about it. Although it has been the intelligence of another time. Modern we have it it. Is a reality. Of d creation. In which our revelations are not the revelations of belief. But precious portent about. The greatest truth we could hope to discover in what other people really discovered it. Is that man's truth. Is the right to know. Resolution. Of everything.
The problem that took place of the mountain there. Where it will work. The poem that took place of a mountain. In breeding to Dr jean. You know when the book lady turned in the dust of the stable. It reminded him. I would need a place to go to in his own direction. He had recomposed the pie and shifted the rock. And picked his way among the crowd. But the outlook that would be right. Where he would be complete in the unexplained completion. The exact rock. Where using exactness is we discover at last. The beauty toward which they had a. Where you could lie in gazing down to see. Recognize. These unique.
And solitary. Crime did I have any one know where. They can see in the park. Someone has walked across. Someone looking clearly knows not what. It is like a boat that had pulled away from the shore at night and this. Is like a good tide left on the table by women who's forgotten it. He's likely to move the men to come back to see it and have. Probably a blow to the rustic Arbor. Under its mattress is. A buy. Thank you Mr. Stevens. This program was presented by the threat to society of the University of Massachusetts. It was produced by the National Association of educational broadcasters under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio
Center. This is the third in a series of programs and titled New England anthology and expression and poetry of the American concept of the free man by writers who make use of the Newington scene background or heritage project supervisor with Robert Tucker production director was at Sydney's ates technical assistance for W was to Smith and William Alford. The script was written by Richard haven the Cleveland Valley editorial assistants where Leon Barron David Clarke and Robert Tucker. This programme was produced on the campus of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Your narrator was Arthur knew Dick. This is the ne e b network.
New England anthology
Wallace Stevens
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This program focuses on the poetry of Wallace Stevens, who is present to read some of his works.
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A series featuring New England poets who read and discuss their own works.
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New England--Poetry.
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