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NDE are the national educational radio network presents special of the Week this week from WGN you will see the University of Cincinnati on June 12th 1963 Medgar Evers Mississippi State field director for the NWA Sepi and nationally known civil rights leader was shot to death in the front yard of his home. He was succeeded as field director by his older brother Charles who served in that position until 1969 when he was elected mayor of Fayette Mississippi a town of seventeen hundred some 70 percent of them black. Evers first became the first black mayor of a deep south city since Reconstruction days. Charles Evers was invited to speak recently at the NEA ball civic celebration in Lincoln Heights Ohio a predominantly black inhabited satellite city of Cincinnati on the platform with him where the mayor of Lincoln Heights and officials of several other neighboring communities are now is the Honorable Charles Evers the mayor of Fayette
Mississippi. Thank you very much for just of I want to say to all my brothers are here. I may or may yet have friends. Both black and white rich and poor. Have and the have nots. Is such an honor for me to be invited up to. Spend a few hours in this. Northern metropolis. Land of the Free and Home of the brave. I was just honored to know that you care enough to invite. And homework here. There's another down what will slip away by night came up and down the board of a council here participant. And. It is indeed an honor for me to come and associate. With men who have the same problem you have at the same time. Oh they are liars as we haven't for years. And you come and try to
share some of the. Problems and maybe some of the. Suggestions to my brothers and sisters that. Somehow we've got to overcome. And then somehow to convey to our white brothers and sisters. That they have a part in. Making this country appear a country and a safe country. And then again I'm leadin member I can tell. The Northern Lights here that. I'm. In a much different. Life was color functioning or whatever we may be in this years. Having a basically the same. And I come because many would want me to do this. You're going to come and tell them Charlie that. We've got to keep going. We're going to come because he knew a lot of you have friends in the Senate has. Been a friend a laugh and many times over the years. And the mill you have been members of. We've. Run into in. Conventions and other places.
You just are like coming home I see Ali here. Just makes us feel good. But then we have. To know again that. Now that we are the mayor of the town and. Being with three other mayors. We know more than anyone else I think that. The struggle that black America has to. Contend with. And the suffering that we have to go through. Not only for white folks. But my own brothers and black sisters. Because my record on one plate of a bonus. They have taught us. My young Chinese and Japanese friends all reckons Indians. And we just ain't good enough. To be mayor. For a black man to be the head of a town. So white folks. In the hard part of it is not a myth about blacks believe this. They are a
long ways to go with the mayor. Well I can tell you don't give up here. We gotta fight harder to prove that we can be mayor. And thereby Brochu we can be. Because they had everything going for them we got nothing. Without. Us. Now determination. And our desire to win. And by God we don't win this thing. Completely. So. Young people. Having this beautiful day today. And I don't understand. How we talk about we said. We've come a long way. Because your mom and your dad and your grandma and grandpa. Paid a terrible price to get us to. Even Get Lincoln Heights incorporated. Must take a lot of work to me here. Sure it took a lot of us.
Put another strain. Because what you want. Black folks ain't never had a. Good nowhere in this country. We've been mistreated all over this country. Not only in Mississippi. But in New York. In Cincinnati. I'm going to cost us and the Germantown. Black folks and is proud to be. Jewish people they supposed to be not. Chinese and Japanese thanks. Only been. Somehow a million we told look our white folks. You came from Germany and we came after. U.S. your countries our country. You can go ahead and buy yourself no more. Young Blacks a say in this instance and they're. All better standing here in in just our status and. That you may have all the riches you want just over the land the account. Will get together
only when we go unite. We go and make some men take part of our wealth. And included into the mainstream for black folks can be in charge of some. The government that we have to you we can get together here and get you would ask Are you already with us and we team up it was all about. Get them good white folks the plenum around here like most what used to be. Let's get a hold together. With the placard let's team up and go and do what's right. I was Japanese not Chinese they've been denied it like we have. With young blacks let me tell you some. And all blacks too don't get tricked. Don't get sick with their hate. That's why folks been heinous. They made us more determined to win and have. My president understand. What's wrong with black folks. It's very simple. We just. We tired of being mistreated.
We tired of being the last man the first. Time. No school. We're tired of the White Christmas and a few blacks Niccolo here in classrooms. Whites need our homes right chere pardons which have only Union about rights. Oh and to the White House being a throwback right. Which kind of the point of Probyn about rights which will control all economy in downtown Cincinnati in downtown as a country we just my brothers. We're going to have. Here. We. Didn't we mean. We may well let's join hands and I said you know 10 11 years. We ain't talkin Black Power white out on my plane green power. And political power that had our share dismissed. And black folks don't get confused about. That's a big shot black in the live shot that we all just chance. I mean nothing. Nothing normal way one step. Probably not a prank in a small room here in
this town. When you may own down including me. We come. From the cotton fields of Mississippi. Where the road was so lonely people want to date. You stealing a penny and. We didn't give an. Invite folks in this town. GMR be just a ram jam and pride not call charge that was coming. But of course concern about the conditions. You concern about them shacks that grow to sort of step in and. You concern about most streets most of the last thought is that the. Thought of being here. Got no all purpose building in this town. And that's your money sure. We shouldn't you know Weston around pointing at the mayor and the board of oh I'm on the board of the. Council. Should be up and joining with us and that's all power together it would make a mistake.
Let's take him in a car and tell us about it. Don't get lambasted. The way. I MISSED IT was speaking when I meant Talk to write speeches but I just know what blackness I'm going through. And we got to where we got to do just change just things. Got changed. Black folk to learn to respect each other place. Because white folk respect back of the bed put respect and you gotta understand that. No white man respect the baton was happening hand. No white man respect a pregnant was going to scratch me doesn't it. They're kind of standing. In the room. All right Mom I'll write one respect the man who the she he man. Running around with someone whose pinnacle of power was how to jump he jumped around with Iran one of the men mayors. In the ME and I mean men behind a podium but a man they say is this is my home. And I really saw but him
who now provide to make it possible to live here. And we blacks to get elected that would take some black folks. When they get elected don't turn right on us. They're going to remember that. White folks remember back to remain black but fair and just. That's what we're going to have you know many of us get elected we forget about the poor blacks in which we come. Go out and begin so well not that man. Let him get her as he get hears. Just like to get her let's get up a status down and quick. An upright man who forget what. The need is sir. Charles I was in America. The last. Word. We got to understand black and white elected officials. You ain't no boss. You are certain. You elected to serve the people of your community. And of your state. And whenever you cease to be a servant and become a poet you're no more
good than. Harm and. The. Our government has been the right folks a mistake. If we ever get the chance to get messy. We don't change things. We want change and not for bright folks. But for the many many poor white folks we never have a chance to in the many many poor Indians and Chinese and Japanese and Filipino the rest of the minorities will never have a chance. We're going to make it a town with a community of justice and equality. White poor break the rules and have them look upon what is quite the long hair and fun. But the moment he was speeding in a 10 mile zone and was doing sick tomorrow he ought to be charged for that. But we know what it's been like black folks. For a black man to be stopped. Racist. Yes because he was black. And tan. He didn't pay for me because he was black. We can't be elected officials. We've got to change we can become that kind of
official. We have to make sure. That because young black boy didn't have swimming pools and we were just our last person. And the white boys had this moment right when someone had. Spent enough time with you again. Now that we have become the power of our communities we can't do the white men. Who are little white boys but they did our black boys. Just got to make damn sure they don't never have that chance. To do it. I. Can becoming a hate monger. Because men get when the last thing women to do is become a hater. He said many times with two different kind of persons. Many with a nice sweet soft talking. Do everything they could to please folks. Hate him took him away from here.
And made become a kind of here and took him. I me just as good as the hero who killed him. So we got to do is black people in this area and white people. The guy destroyed a dozen murders. Not physically. But economically and politically. The take away from them then weapons. Gives them the power to destroy us. Republican or Democrat doesn't matter. No ban discussion no more confused than the Vice President Agnew's hoping for you know we're going to plan. We got to really have a kind of people I had known. Most of my time. I thought the president was a pretty good fella but he got confused with Agnew now. Now I'm going to give it to him in 72 and get somebody else. Because you see we don't need no kind of extremes. With all
respect to those black boys who know how to shoot hookers and shoot pigs. They're on. Their own accord a white man a pig. They like it's wrong to call me anything. You know. Past the name calling and the name of the game. The name of the game in a full participant. In a country that's big enough for all of us. Have the same rights as any other person. And no one should deny him that by then right. So young blacks have a you don't like something that's able to take something. We've been losing too long. And you can't win with guns even when I take. White America the greatest murderers in the world. And they have no qualms about just crawling back from Chinese and Japanese That's one. And the point Indians. Were now late you think about it. Let me just go at the way we've been going these five 10 years later when I tell young folks when.
Government was killed in 1963. That was 20 pounds of lights and I heard speak register. And want to sing a black man elected to nothing. Thank God the night many are there two hundred and sixty thousand likes but it's. Even. Better that. How you change the system. You know think we're missing to change Come on. Are the same all races and because you have to become a folks. To wear white shirts on the streets there's a preacher teacher. Let's say Morrison right now. Has to walk into that sit at home. And put his head on. And pay a tax like anybody else. And you've got no hope our cause if I even look around. Those molten tect I'm in the also arrest.
And not be the only arrest him but make him stand before to justice barbers have me the mayor the judge. When the mayor frantically. The proud of justin you are going to do my things to do us. Take the neck in the back end of the B know. That my band generates charged with. Them to some black brothers and sisters just to make. Me white folk do right. There's enough. Just to make me black folk can write is enough. To know you're telling. When you make a new right to whip him with everything he needs. Because 90 percent of the bigots in this country be black and white. Don't want to is right. And then top all that. Black power. Nothing wrong with that. Act. Please tell me I'm. A Muslim brother Mark and I mightn't come back and let them take to one thing when I quit. I'm gone from white slavery to black slaves.
Themselves. Yeah. I think going from white slavery scared to say what I please. To black spray my skin to say what I mean. When I come home there are some of us in Mississippi. Hatred in racism is wrong. And black folks get so mad. That you go out and organize everything black on your street. Ever back in the neighborhood and grand important kick them out. You don't do it that way. And economically we're going to in this country believe in attack. You can win all the way in this country but political economic and education. Will pay the price for getting. We got a question tonight I was. Reading somewhere I read about you have an office I never read to my killing. But I time I read about gang killings back and get it back again.
What is it what are you talking about. Then when I hear about somebody running down some homes just back postponed I'm back home. Come on black folks. Come on now. They're going to have around I see all my friends an hour west of mine that's going to serve the national. When I'm around that you know when I go and buy the groceries. No races in the St.. You know want to go America does not do that but I doubt she command my man that white guy she can still downtown speak speak in Chicago. No snow to might have kept track of. Down. There poor Tommy. Rag mag I have a grocery store dashing to rent here 10 not passing any good enough. For black folks. Let's stop checking ourselves. The most touching part of it is. White men scare the platinum cause of these beautiful white women even have. Classes many times over by white women. Who
got some the most affectionate sweetest woman in the world. Only back when. The whole world. A man has a right to get who you want who he can she have the right to choose if you want to man. That's not the issue. The issue is. The rights of human beings to be respected. And then to have like our boys I don't have time to understand you can't win away. In the same place when a boy like him gave me a hard time. And the pig this and the pig. And I know where you live. You want him you know you're going to get killed. So I live center who believe you live in. Well if I said he would be living at home where some of them and I live in has been a record of what has been. Then I saw this beautiful run.
Will look good to me and I have five and five dogs you look good to me. Sin where sin where back in the corner he said Wrap me just give me a hard time. And when the meeting was over guess what. She hoped when I went up there to get what you saw you see. In the same old kind of talk. There. So always staying upright princess and asked me what we say and say it. Let's stop shopping. This time out for that. Let's stop fooling each other. Let's join hands with those who want to go with us. Be they black or white or. Brown or. Blue. Richer. And let's make this country great. Let's make em a community I mean well met again and mind India and. Let's make sure that. Let's make sure that every community can have. Good schools. We have a boy and girl have a chance to get an education. Let's don't sell out to nobody. Again
black elected officials. Downturn why don't. We beg. Beg you to get in and fight for the rights of everybody. But you gotta fight for the rights of black folks periscope we ain't got nothing. You got to understand. Now I'm the mayor financier. And I'm by no bones about it. I'm going to be the mayor of all the people. Of my people so far behind. Oh I can do is hold my white friends together until I catch up with. My black friends. Some paved streets. Some source. Some power protection you gotta stand by folks. Don't blame him for that. Just got to keep my folks. They never had nothing. Against the playground. We got to get some anomalies to Kemah poor sick folks to the hospital. To get them back to the doctor. You gotta understand this. There are going to be replanted and feel a part of house and home. Come on in here let's have meetings and I'll see the whole of black folks here that they can be a part that have been abused and denied the right to come into our lives.
So I'm asking mayors in the future me which are sent to the what have you maybe. The number was a plus. When you go in and demand that our folks have equal representation. And to have one share. Maybe Hammel will never understand that I want to go in there. And get some more on. TV and television and all you folks wanted and then. One camera man enough. Break it down some more. Radio station no photos. Myself One man I don't have a whole lot of. This Jacqueline technician announces and sportscasters and I have it. TV in America and the rest of you don't know the number of black beautiful gather chance to walk down the mile supposed freedom back into them. Give him a chance. Blacks gotta keep saying that of white Americans. You can't have a price when you hear. The price gotta be freed of all of our focus. And equal opportunity for all our folks. Levitating and black folks white folk
respect black folks. Who black folk respect. Don't forget their rightful respect black folks that have some backbone we got to tell the truth. And stand for it. And we start taking handouts. You through. We started leaving on the table mayors. You threw waste I will and you know when why didn't you threw. Away the pearls poorest county in the nation. You can agree you can write this. And I would rather be there than here three times. Before I go calling to the next administration fund than. To send my folks up to. Me when I take. The money. None of the Nixon administration. Nor the administration. But we got to stand for our folks. And we got to stand with them. Where we can and we don't get it. And as mayor of this town it's our job. To take all the punishment. And the abuse my
folks. And teach in regards to what they say about us. That we've got to do what's right. And we've done what's right Mr. Mayor. Mr. Powers have no fear here. Of course no one including Christ. Has not been amusing to abuse. You get willing to pay the price. And you become a public official. I don't like too much about her from what I can remember and never get O'Hara said and what his sick days. And it was. Some as a mystery much more say about my ass if you can't stand the heat. Get out the kitchen. So I selected the question if you can't stand the gossip and the turf and abuse about you then resign and go back to private life. Let's make some money you have to weigh the same as get in because a lot of what you have to have a whole lot of folks. Will be talked about is gone it will be lateral sometime and talk to him sometime. Also Van about to do something. We gotta
do is as black snow when I hear it. Again. We don't lose our cool. Let's make America. What you should be. Because white America. Has lost a man. Has gone so wrapped up in murdering and killing. She has invested so much in destruction. And I want to pray and black working hard. Vicious dynamic courageous back folks. And brown folks are going to save this country. And the whites who want to join us. Because whenever you find whites in leadership. Class in their own young whites going to where. They're losing. And you find whites in top leadership. Blasting blacks and I want to go to school together. The losing. Thing guilelessness as we close. In this segment that I went to a one room country Shanks. Walked in with
the best the roadies to grab bags. It almost. Was a Sunday my folks. We want change that. Some day we're going to get to go to the school let you go to school. So I'm going to be around a person. That you rather only want to make a move that others. Can Kill out there. You can rape our mamas and our sisters. You're one of us. Who keep coming at you. We got some you ain't got. No soul and determination to win. The record reporting method allowed us to down. Those same mean white folks. Who used to travel on the spit on us. Who have those good schools in the western system. Down in Mississippi in particular. Bigger than the kid we grew up. Kept on stand with us. We kept fighting racism and hatred. Something we believe so strongly that you sent to a lab or others with something coming into your
own. And to meditate this past Monday morning. Without the Blackhawks firing a shot. White folk decide when going to school is no more. You black folks can have. So now we're going to the big fine brick schools misstep and. Again I am a mathematician and we never got our limbic shine a bunch of metal we only just ride on No. We travel. Then. Because man let me in my name John had enough and others. To give are only to make this country for as long as God gives me breath in my body. I would never change. I'm gonna make it not only me but black folks. Thank you very much. We've heard the Honorable Charles Evers mayor of Fayette Mississippi and brother of Medgar Evers nationally known civil rights leader who was slain in
1963. Mayor Evers was the featured speaker at this year's annual civic day in Lincoln Heights Ohio a suburb of Cincinnati. This program was prepared at the University of Cincinnati radio station WG U.S. in cooperation with the office of mayor Penn Ziegler of Lincoln Heights. This is Bob Stevenson speaking this has been special of the week from ennui are the national educational radio network.
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