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National Educational radio in cooperation with the Institute on man and science presents a series of talks drawn from the institute's annual conference held recently in Rensselaer Ville New York the Institute on man and Sciences a nonprofit educational institution chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The annual assembly of the institute is designed to focus attention on 20th century technology and human relationships resulting from its application. The speaker for this program is professor at DC Joe Michigan Technological University. His topic is China's contributions to science. Here now is Professor Joel. That is a gentleman. My topic today is the China's contribution to now the first part I want to tell you least feel China is unique in keeping that the continuous rate cuts. Most of the modern science at that period prefer to
refer that topics to Chinese history such as water wheels submarines and so forth. I think they are. He's taller correct she says several notes to speak oh seen this institute how going to specialize on some interest in a subject that China we have to need to house our stuff you catch your remarks here. However just as well as well to keep in mind that though some are well prepared in the devote all of us such as yourself and that you grant and the professor else who will write States and be quaint a lot of useful information from China it may be just a fact pot off an ice
book ball for the water that they received that direct quote East to us and a scattered told match it to a period for well qualified and equipped posts now to see if the call from the Haast to you last. These points are few if you were only example side here. In the period off 400 to 300 B.C.. The coast of steel manufacturing that's used to you manufacturing the salts. Spare us hundred by net. IT'S THE MOST lot but work was that half the Metro that you could capo. Yeah. Connie Chung and the more yeah. In the period off 300 B.C.. We Stephane Kong
steel you could see if you're going down there. Now the next thing this whole recent research they practically though was popular in the period up to 149 to 237. Now we talk about Iraq the first Iraq. We saw some wanted to fuel the pride in the defense wall off in the year off. Now these so-called racial Pai was caught crate to the present Fiegel in the century half five. Besides these points which the more for future reference. Their families face each hole. The
period off 142 walking tour de ship was too important. Post how to call and that company and the second top try next fact for soldiery operation. That's how very much by site called in the head. But a very efficient career. On the current wall it wastes capital punishment. Why and he refused to chow in the last the face of this impure out to us in Iraq. Operation on the wall warm general show was
performed that was such an unmarked car to the track have such amazing effect that the whole period of operation generally dropped at his course of conversation. Hydrodynamic. They presuppose that afro to body weight and that which you close to the weight of the unique weight he's praised was rediscovered by its how independent they are about four hundred years after our king meet. But more bring in two way with you for you. The prime used to fatherless House how I received an elephant from a center and he was curious as to the weight of the animal. The six year old
proposed to his father called patient puts on a logical that marked the water level. Then we have things and put them on the boat you know there are sinks to the same level. Compare the two. You have called it. Young parent thinks we started when he rushed out from a topic if we thought at the shelter you know the way. Ha that is our fun of it and you will find we can sense the difference of their curricle and active methods too. Now.
IMO gulped all New Mexico airing the morning off Fife on July 16 1945. Their fellows to taste the so-called atomic age and the recall vote the power off understanding and manipulating the activity by human beings at that temperature the power will be full now just before that. In the off 54 8 D. They owe us in effect more dramatic and the more unique you coast no more kill it after that. If Prost the sky. I take the stance of three to five thousand tonight. You know so we just care for UPS and recall to Chinese that are the most you know how you form
the whole nonprofits. They tiny set and long tradition of keeping it grown stronger most near the capital charge that was to duty off and recall with enough time to become a fan. That to us to purity in this the West needs prodding at the point because the choice or step that's trying to most could concentrate their efforts. Studies are wrong for 10 54. They weather was fine along the year by sweeping off of the sky. They discovered a new star was bright an ace from there to day. They were amazed at the call to new star guest star. In a few days they guessed this thaw out every stock. I didn't bring it. The interest of the
exact than Iraq hold off base with the other guy so that Martin could be construct. This is more than astronomy. Whew. LOL And that piece. Do both. And that this is only one whom I recall recalled. Police can't pick what he left after that unique location. These are the crap crap of the. Crop which you can see nowadays. With modern power cop off different makes including the radio ones we can find of such phenomena from time to Mojave in far Way galaxy but nothing in the
whole show reached us. From the SATs that our fairy stepped out to 1000 years back we are now to formulate and check some fear it like Fade Away snuff Stoss back into space. Thanks to a Chinese astronomers now they point out here few of the old farts now more than that chief right after the establishment of their public form of government. 911. Slow but steady progress. Hosty may be in sonnets in spite off obstruction by civil law forming inflation's party to current rates. However after commerce conquest of the main There are two different kinds of amount of HIV. This well know that communist up
and proud off their skill in propaganda. Now they speak with try to get up golf. Such a fall from it. In the younger set fair a fair description of the back quadrant should be made in order to have a correct perspective off the courses off the fence. Scientific foundation was laid down in the period off in 1930 by establishing great high school after Iraq. Colleges and Universities and not see gays. Oh so take your faith Paul and equipment captive group took it that the real prosperity period of the last nine hundred twenty eight to thirty six just before coming is that the Japanese are faced
in the war period off 1936 to 1945 if there was a gross honkey deterioration in the quality of their period of 1945 to 40. Not what I say. By communist operation. And everything was done and nothing was done. After the comms to call for the main event there was a period of consolidation off party to call gangs and the FOTA was concentrated on the construction of the rest of us all. After 1956 the communists took the stage for weaponry improvement and a great stride of us made nine thousand fifty second 90 64 for the quiet sure enough to be fair to say
that your nationalistic read tried very hard to do something in the Philippines songs about this. Rest park for real. They come and talk they weare prepared to pray in the organizations and the mess their fresh talk. Nineteen fifty six. But they mean three. However Wright had their group stacked the chance people made and women educated to what I wanted to create. How these went long. For the known enough new area of science that there they are. They have done quite a bit. You've chances of the equipment they're fed up. I think it's Chinese train and the current
scientific work in the family in summer highlight that China's contribution will be out for popular youth. How interested friends make go to any special comprehensive treaty for those deep care. Now they set a few off. They all recent accomplishment photos that tell you something. The archaeological area and they are three outstanding that concrete man. It's crazy at first. None of the Chinese as an exploration party in 1936. I did so hope a profit and an arrow and
fair price. Aw if you send us. Thanks to bake about 400000 euros and also for the evolution off home in the Far East area. Then perhaps interesting to see these fossils. Unfortunately there is some story about these for some time. Nine thousand seven. Japanese authorities in Peking Constanta key command to an American but on their way for a Japanese sect at the falso
by the Japanese after the wall not definite tongue. Well I think we can see just the cop car stuff. Not next to a lot about discovery. The whole law. I ranked ninety nine hundred families district funked their first ball and the total which was used by the people in the song. Sixty six total twenty two took a poem and stuck ferment by coughing subsequent all parties collected
thousands of pieces and the Chinese language was fun. For you and then fed up of poverty. Yes. Now they fare you well enough. Discoveries that the Czech Fareway always thought kept handed down from generation to generation. They see very strong support. Some moment that's history. They're high. Just a few years after as another tongue at Talk about 200 B.C.. Oh that
Pepco before I did that's another thing. But now they are. This area only in the last 50 euros the Chinese call accused archaeologist the attention from the historical records right. Scroll to the field and they have discovered quite a few important things. For instance the old palaces of conked in this day and he said how do story for Chinese archaeology. Now the next thing I am to talk about used to speak. They have special problems and also because there happened
area and there are those China Aster the largest see among Korea their highest upright and their largest are awful funny ways they largest their POS if you're wrong. Most l o s s. He's a special kind of sort. A very fine particles or power which I call he's chief force. When they draw a red you solve the water except by product. He's not popular us and they are our only for area stuff their posts at home. Why Europe along the Danube River to your right States. At first I was a lawyer and now China you have the largest
posse stuff there and very confident territory off about a hundred thousand. I've yet to come pick their pocket have they and their Chinese solar all sent Chinese. The hydrological studies that a thousand years back. But he'll propose an accident. Get used to ferry the 19 20 successful operation has been continue the F.O. Sands was defunct though some of the local interest has spare out the money Minuit the posse before among the hundred yards of fabric. I own to Cole Kang see
how it all more exciting problems to be solved by the Chinese. I just have a hydraulic Ste. And the reason I said Ace is that you know that keep petrol occupied territory but it's geological structural steel remain current Now that one of the most challenging problem for Chinese geologist. I think so. If erotic. Physiological. The future you men and the high one specially operate yourselves format and the reports of speciality
among the old method of treatment for hearing. Thank you note for its effect. Spring forth. Q You added that scientists the world at this kind of treatment very special on the heart and if you've got a neck to stay there for a minute and you'll find it all cool. Now the. I used to have treatment first practiced up about 200 B.C.. I know some tar and the interest off that did
not last. Then after Hope didn't last but the new reports indicate she's useful in Africa and in some of the nervous system and all good. I hope it's not a witch craft. US somehow create a brand new mask Oedipal. However it will be non interest in research to half its a function that explain it to you more weight and fall of some faith. Next three Chinese books. And otherwise to rocks and a photo knocked up
rocks. Now these three pastas generation to generation found out still useful but the high one and the man and trying to find a scientific top what these pro I come I come. But no report has been made yet. Now. They're strong enough to stand their child properly. Mathematical scientists This seems to be a high potential future because the interest and aptitude of the people and the song the foundation built in the last 50 years. I just say one thing. Young opera hype just passed about two years back. He was cursing at best at USD. Man you chopped off
the atomic research. He once said to me he saved the best sort of snuff some of which the problems come from some of the Chinese classics especially commissioned a classic. Scott asked. And I didn't have time to check how much he knew. Apparently he had a copy that said that. Now the last thing I want to tell you yes I would say that it will be a fairy imposed curfew Bhushan off the chart studies integration of my Chinese philosophy. I would say this is the last ended not the nice stuff. China's contribution to science. That is the connection of the scientists keep humanity upon it for last. This is a part of Confucius doctrine and the price. While
the sun has these the infestations to first is take it from letter loss you can have a song and a third just tape the phone won't be the formulation of your behavior. If the first three stapes are well organized you can carry on the responsibility to have a happy family and that they are come to the successful carrier they use. Kewl what they preach. John there set up a century path that we call it where right in hand speak and then the next morning we don't know where we are. Also
I think that's the point of signs talking to you among us fellow. You heard Professor TC Joe of Michigan Technological University as he spoke on the topic. China's contributions to science. Professor Joe spoke at the annual conference of the Institute on man and science held in Rensselaer Vale New York. The speaker on our next program will be professor of Chinese culture at the New School for Social Research in New York City. Professor Gys subject will be. Change and continuity in modern China. These lectures are recorded by the Institute on man and science. The programs are prepared for broadcast and distributed by the national educational radio network.
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