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From the Great Hall of the Cooper Union in New York City. National Educational radio presents the Cooper Union forum series on peace love and creativity the hope of mankind. These programs are recorded by station WNYC. Here now is the chairman of the Cooper Union forum Dr. Johnson yfere child. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to your new forum. We are continuing with our program on. Peace love creativity hope will come and go and you know subject of discussion at the moment it has to do with a creative professor I don't want for his life. Thank guest is our guest of the moment to talk about this subject because he has a great
feeling. We'll use the professor of our pace coverage. And he has a tremendous background or to fly I mentioned to you it was to do with college a fine art. That's when you're kind of made a fine art is exhibited in and are now several doozies the basic facts of our history. Asia and to place call a chairman of the art of war there but never mind. He was a very and telegenic and very nice for us. And I'm very happy to welcome him to the Cooper Union.
Our destruction is on the creative theater of Frankenstein. Ladies and gentleman friend and immediate detractors critics very hard to compete with the voice of my predecessor the Michael Steele a great well I like to read from the Gospel of Peter. In the beginning was the creative part. But it can be interpreted both logically as well as humanly both may mean of course the same. William of Ockham whom I adore and who has successfully disproved the theory of universals and in spite of him.
I am convinced that creativity is a universal that is to say creativity reverberated throughout the cosmos. And start a ball and start dying and occur a new matter being created at all times and it seems to me as if the cosmos is in a state of me of eternal creation and this planet of cause which is somewhat more modest. There if they are to WITI and I would say it seems to me as if on the human level vessel and the meat on the animal level there is no creativity at all none whatsoever. That is by my definition of creativity of course. There is some creativity on a sub human know a modicum of divinity contrails care to WITI is possible only at the human level and it is possible
that a possible Super human level will be entirely consciously created. Creativity it seems to me is the expert of free choice. Creativity is a symbol of freedom. Creativity is inattention the ultimate self. A man becomes a man when he clears and has a game can be interpreted in many ways. Don't go topless. Man defines himself by his goals and it seems to me as if the supreme goal of man is of cause creativity the artist in a sense is the ideal of humanity. The artist attained the highest level self expression attainment. An artist in a sense immediately or would you know creative are
the greatest outer outlook. Hunt said Creativity is the only freedom there is perhaps none other. You know because many great artists have been honored by humanity. In a very particular and very touching centers a few years ago as we all know and I'm one painting was bought by the Metropolitan for two million three hundred thousand dollars very American to cite a figure like that. But to me this is a time how we honor our great men. There is no money to pay for a LEO now on making money or actually any artist. Michelangelo when Michelangelo was about 60 he
was accorded religious ventilation by a contemporary He was called even know all divine for very good reason. The 19th century. On Monday claimed by artist the divine right to express themselves deeply alarmed at the Asian belonged to all men not only to vote. I think that the mystery of human creation. We wonder why we created our water project it into the sky. And God was conceived as a sculptor a potter an architect and an engineer. The Old Testament God forms a clay cooling and after he was finished he blew into it the breath of life. The God of the Old Testament was a
sculptor and he conceptually needin creative God God. Back to ancient prehistoric. In the Gilgamesh epic which is of course 2000 years earlier than the Old Testament a beard and from clay and the blood of a slain God in Egypt there's a god called gnome who created man on a pottery wheel and it is played a role called got the great architect. It's interesting that there is a common identification between man and God and what man and not happen. Come on ladies and gentlemen is their duty. I was startled. Man is a political animal. He was right. Far as politicians are concerned this
statement does not apply to our office on our political. Discussion ladies and gentleman. Maybe a deviated form of cavity and I bought it on Saturday. It is the creativity of the untalented. I think destruction is to creativity what hate is to love the dark side of a calling. It is also interesting as I live alone and somewhat larger circles that if you think of the circumstances in which we live it must have come to your attention has to mind that women do not fight was indeed a gate was kill children and prosecute. That is because women are not usually related to a woman Claire typically comes
joyfully and naturally. It sort of falls out of it is possible that sculpt and paint to compensate for their lack of natural hair to WITI. Because an artist cannot create a life being he creates an other kind of being. If that is so then women who create imitate men who imitate women in the first place. That may be the reason why so many male artists are slightly feminine and female painters masculine. On the other hand it may be possible that he did it in a neat how you leave then let our men begin Society for the go to
creativity. You must realize that war is a creative reign which requires tremendous intelligence and cunning. It is similar to ours excepting was destructive and ours comes out it leave built constantly was a right and what the politicians and generals destroyed. You see to me he is an idiot. I could keep you there for much. Never beat out by itself. I witnessed a really unfortunate spectacle some years ago on the artist colony Cole of Provincetown where I have spoken.
I don't speak to anymore I won't be invited back to push or to leave. I'll tell you the first one. That's how the second one the real one. We had a panel on modern art and after the discussion and my defense of Modern Art this gentleman got up and very aggressively said Can you explain modern art to me. I said yes I can explain it but not to you. After the story I won't go so we had kind of some years ago in problems down. And this is the response of the year before I was seen the first fright at the BNR in Venice. No mean feat for an American. So the panel consisted of the hour. You know I've been out. A young painter not really bothered by them but Hopkins a
poet standing units very well-known and some LADY KITTY. I think your name was Mr. boat. And the panel was arranged in such a way that I've been. How was the first because I was always up in Texas to be the last speaker. When you can are talking to sources and I can answer so the first speaker de-friended pop art and let me get myself out. And the poet and the painter and the Outrigger acting visionary don't know out as ridiculous as bored as are not contrary to the bourgeoisie of this lovely country. Now you had to be absolutely fat and ridiculous spectacle of seemingly talented and intelligent people are talking hours and Shanny unit came with a very erudite historical footnote. He was only shocked because my footnotes were so much better than yours.
I always pull these esoteric people like Negroes of whos up and run from. But it seems to me that if you had had one style are you at all. You do not know how they are to me. I don't care what you do and how you do it the panel on it was a flop. Just four weeks ago Patti today I was invited by a very fine and elegant finishing school on Fifth Avenue whose names remain anonymous. It's exactly opposite the Metropolitan news. I was invited me to give a lecture on an up who'd subject the subject was Piet Mondrian. And I by the powers
out my ideas how I lecture on Monley on one of the greatest artists of our time a lot of without are a writer of uncanny and of course a genius and they don't need me to tell him that Monday and was a genius. So I sailed into a culture selection for the Peter Green mystery of the life the Nirvana infinite spaces the children where and in anything that's all you enter these days and delivered with an accent a smile which I did have through my lecture. One of the prim sweet young sisters got up and interrupted my talk. And let the children use what these speakers psychosis all nice
and good and he can talk about upside out but you have to learn how to draw. I was stuck there. I was interrupted. Which never happens to me interrupted in a colony unknowledgeable tactless manner and drawing is the sort of thing we take for granted. I made some silly remark about yes you have to know the scales first before you play a piece of music and then I told him the story I will be in Stein. I was Mrs. Scales about the only thing I got out of the talk is that this good sister Stipe will think they are typically of her students. My creativity cannot be stifled it's too late for that as my enemies know I'm too far gone.
So ladies and gentleman the creator of I. It's the eye of an artist who looks out at whatever there is and he sees it as if he has never seen it before. We are going to you know and you see me in an almost superhuman task. Because most people do not see visually. They see her belly. That is to say you see with the eyes of your culture you he went mental concept. It is like people who buy a record of Beethoven termed the jacket over and read the story never get around to play. He who he what do you see the secret of life. The fog lights make the phenomena
tick. Abstract nonobjective rewired the experiment done today on nothing else than insight into the mystery of phenomena and phenomena have infinite possibilities. We do not see what's there. This is impossible. We see what the out is in to it visually. The intuition of the eye is a particular intuition our eyes are endowed with and the intuition of the ear is the intuition of the musician and certain verbal intuitions.
Right but I are who are you that the eye is a separate organism that has tactile capability while Robel capability. And last but not least the eye can leach out and into you know. The reason I don't say nature is because I hate nature with cash. If there's anything in it is nature. For the following the movie artificial a work of art is the truer it is to itself. Our And Asia model and the more how artificial lead what
to itself. If you are you that he turned out to depict night year then you are not to nature to be obvious superior order to man. You also are human nature to be already perfect. A German poet said it is the skin disease of this earth. Really that is not wrong. Ladies and gentlemen the Morkel and the crew are to itself because our is a man made. What the verse out is to be the creativity I think is the ultimate potential of man. And as you know nature is not self nature it is not consciously creative player. Kitty must be a conscious part.
Otherwise it is simply using more sell out is superior to nature. Not for sure. And we are their problem not dish. Troia nature visually and alleviate his own karma and thereby his own mythology. Great I have a private mythology the more privately mythology the greater the our little brother the moon one nature the greater the out the more all in you know the greater the out. And you don't need me to tell you that I just tellers are nice but everybody knows that. Do you think for one minute that the sounds in Beethoven symphony are current in nature. Don't you think that Iraq in LEO now does Madonna of the about more
precious than any stone. Holler out more name more beauty fall and the seasons in turn as paintings more exquisite.
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
The creative eye, part one
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This program presents the first part of a lecture by Peter Fingesten, Professor of Art, Pace College.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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