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Now. I mean it had to be said. That it was almost to the plain fomented to recount their particular duties off which.
You know we may need to have you come to America. I do. Fight if you know you any here are not of mine. No. I do not know what men dead do what men may do what men daily Do not knowing what they do. Stand by for a father. I will leave you with Korea and I'm constrained in Seoul. Give me this made your daughter as John knows God did give me and what have I to give you back. Who has worked to make counter-points this rich and precious nothing unless you render her again sweet prince you learn noble thankfulness.
Take half back under half give nothing this rock not into your friend. She's But the side and semblance of her own and behold how like a maid she blushes here oh what authority and show of truth could Cummings coveted so comes not that blood is modest evidence to witness simple but you would you not swear or you that see her that she were made by these exterior shows but she is not she knows that he developed a furious beds have blasted you to miss not modesty. What do you mean my daughter not to be mad. Not my soul to approve and want to let you know my lord. If you and your proof of my bank wish the resistance of our youth and made defeat of habit you know. I know what you would say if I have known how you would say she did embrace me as a husband and so extenuate before had really I'm not I'm never tempted we were too large. But as a brother to his sister showed bashful sincerity and comely love and seemed
I have are all wise to see me. And I will write against it you will see me as diet and are all as chaste as is the body. But you have put it in your blood the readers of those pampered animals of the range and Savage said throughout it is my nose. Then he just speaks so well sweet prince Why speak you know. Why should I speak. I stand this I want to go to back to Big my dear friends to a common stable of these things but oh do I but they spoken and these things are true that are not true. Oh oh stand by you. Is this the prince. Is this the prince's brother is this face hero. I was out of. All the issues. But what of this. My lord let me but move one question Do you know daughter and by that fatherly and kindly power that you have in my charge to do so.
I was not my child. Oh God defend me you know my B.S.. What kind of catechizing call you to make you I'm so true to your name did not you know who. Brought that name with anything just the primary that can hear a hero itself can block that hero's virtue. What man has he talked with us tonight. Now if you are I'm a dancer to this totally numb man I noted that I don't lie and then I you know. Oh sorry you mean here. Apartment owner myself my brother and this grief he had here at that last night talked with our refuge chamber window who had been most like a little villain confessed the violent contests they have had or thought I was untied since you can see they are not the names of my Lord not to be spoken of that is not just the language without offense.
Lots of them are. Pretty solid. Like much government hero hero had stuff with graces have been placed about my thoughts and comes off as a buyout. But that he was the most foul most fair. There were about pure impiety and imputes purity for the ol lock up all the gates of love and all my eyelids shall conjecture I had to turn all beauty to thoughts of harm and never shall it more be gracious. As no man's dagger had applied for me. Oh no cousin. Who think you don't know what would come out of her girls. Well you know. Let us go. When you think it's life.
How does a lady. Called you know. What I think. Yeah you know. Signor Benedick good. Oh great. Not her weight is I have a hand her guess is the pettish come of a shame that maybe with Pol Pot knocking you. Have come for Lady Josh sour look up you here. Well fortunately not one half will go. Wide off not everyone actually saying cry shame upon her face. My thought I was a wonder I don't know what to say. My cousin did not. Maybe you have lost I don't know. Although until this night I have this 12 month been have been confined
and. All that is strong comedy which was my fault with ribs of mine with the two princes live and Claudio liar who loved us through. That Speaking of our power in this market with years hence from. Now I die a little but I have only been silent so long and given way and to these costs a fortune by new team of the leaders I have mocked a thousand blushing apparitions to start into her face a thousand innocent she named your whiteness be to weigh those blushes and in heart I there has appeared a fire to burn the errors that these princes who ruled against her maiden truth much more than me who trust not my reading nor my observations which with experimental sealed of the tenure of my book. I trust not my age my Riverdance calling nor divinity. If this week lady ally not guiltless here under some writing ever.
It cannot be perceived that all the grace that you have leaped. Into it she would not add to her damnation assertion of perjury. She not denies it. Why is she just now then to cover with the excuse that which appears in court I make it to the to hear what man he is he accused of. They now do it. Susan. I know. If I know more of any man alive than that which maybe modesty doesn't warrant it all my sins. Oh my God. Prove you that any man with me can first of all isn't it all that I yesternight meant in the change of words with any creature. Refusing. To Talk To Me. There is some strange misprision in the princes. Two of them have a very bad development.
And if there was to be misled in this the practice of it lives enjoying the best of spirits toiling I know not if they speak the truth of these and we should try. If they are wrong or are not the proudest of them should well hear of it. Time has not yet so dried up this blood of mine nor age so we took my invention nor fortune made such havoc of my means nor my bad life wrecked me so much of praise as I shall find a way to such a kind most times of labor and policy of mind I'm going to begin means on charge of friends to quit my air bombs our lair halls of high and let my councils sway you in this case. Your daughter the princes left for dead let her while be secretly keep Dean and publish it the cheese did indeed maintain no mourning ostentation the non-European Billy's old monument hanging mournful if he tops and do all the rights that appertain done to have bearing on what shall become of this.
What will this do we have here these will carry on her behalf shame slander to divorce that is some good. She die as it best be so maintained upon the instant that she was a q should be limited. P.T. been excused of Avery here. So will you play with Claudia here an article. At the friar advise you. This is just. Life. The smallest line up. Maybe.
Just. Maybe you whipped all this world and I will weep a while longer. I will look desire that you have new reason. I do it for free. Johnny I do believe your fair cousin is wrong. Oh how much might the man deserve of me that would write. Is there any way to show such friendship. Nobody even knew such a man do it. It is a man's office but not you. I do love nothing in the world. So well as you. His not that strange. This is the thing I know not. What is possible for me to say I love nothing so well as you but believe me not.
And yet I know I know. I confessed nothing what you know I denied. I'm sorry but my son Beatrice now loves me too much and will swear by it that you love me and I will make you meet it that says what I love about love you. Will you not. But no souls are going to devise to it. I protest. I love thee. Why didn't God forgive me. But eventually Beatrice you would state me and I'm happy I was about but if I loved you I can do it with a whole lot of hugs. With so much of the nuns let. Me do anything.
But hey you know what. Not for the why you kill me. Didn't sleep yet. I am gone the way that Beatrice may I pray you let me go. We will be friends first and then I will go. Yeah yeah be friends with me you know part of my enemy is Claudio line enemy do you know who the heightened Dylan was longer this almost miking woman whom the family court her in hand until they come to take arms length then public accusation uncovered Salonga litigated Ringo. Oh God that I would I would be just caught in the market place. Every day I talk to the man of the window opposite but Beatrice.
She's wrong she's laundered. Don't don't they just princes County should be considered to be a good link out. Come come picked. This week gonna show him that I shall buy his. Well I had a new friend would be about my man. You know good value into company and you know I try and tell the truth. Do you know that you just heard Julie you would only tell the lie where. I cannot be mad there. For now I'll tell you right now you are wrong.
I swear. I think in your column I wrote. You know. I mean. I. Yes. No. Here comes the man we went to see. Now senor off what news.
We've been up and down to say we are high proof melancholy and would fain have it. No way. Well. It is in my skull but never any very many have been beside it. I will be the draw as we do the minstrels draw. Cause I am an honest man he looks pale. Go angry. Why not carry demanded the cat kill the cat. Now has metal enough indeed to kill. So I shouted again I pray you give him another stuff. This life was broken. Yeah I like you changes more. I think angry. God bless me for much as. You know.
I'm not very good. Yeah right right. Protest YOUR kind of yes. Yes. Let me hear from you. I'm looking at you my daughter for your many purchases I thank you. I must discontinue your company. OK. You have among you killed a sweet and innocent lady. But my lord there he and I shall meet until the end. Peace be within. My. Rights. And that's profound and I want you for the love of Beatrice. And children. Most Sincerely. What a pretty thing that is when he goes in his doublet and hose and leaves office which he
is then a giant Renee. But then isn't a productive. Aftermath just right. You'll never win. My brother's main office is one of these men committed false report. Moreover. They have their video. First I ask you what they have done. Thirdly I asked six lustily why they are committed. And to conclude what you later that division and by my troth is one meaning. Who are you offended must as the constable is too cunning to be understood. What's your defense.
I have even your very eyes. He's. Confessing to your brother here of. How you were brought up to the court. Margaret. Oh you disgraced her when you should marry her. Oh they have a court record. LADY. My most false accusation. The reward for not the speech like I got blood drunk was he upped my brother set the on to this. And paid me richly for the practice sweetie here. Now the image just appeared
in the wrist semblance that I loved it first way of the preventives. This time I was six to my happy place. I asked. Yes he had camera shake which is a pretty temporary. Let me see is higher than what I know of another man like him. I may avoid him. Which of these you would know you are wrong. Look around me down. Now let's say that with I've killed my need to some child. You know not so well I'm not a large fraction. Yeah stand up paddle honorable man. Johnny that had a hand in it and I thank you princess.
My daughter's death recorded with ya I know where the deed was bravely done. If you think you have it I know not how to pray your patients. Yet I must speak. To you is your revenge your self-imposed me to what penance your invention can lay upon my sin yet sin by not but in mistake by my soul and all I get to satisfy this good old man I would bend under any heavy weight that he'll enjoy me too. I cannot be your beard my daughter live with that not impossible. And I pray you both possess the people in this you know yet how innocent she died and if you could leave all options and invention upon to seeing it of. Seeing it right. Tomorrow morning I'm going to my eyes. And since you could not be my son in law. Yet be my nephew. My brother has a daughter out almost a copy of my
child is dead and she alone is at the birthers I think you have to have the right. You should have given her a question. So dies my noble so your overcard in his death wring tears from me. I do embrace your offer and dispose for him for the poor Claudio Abbado than I really expect I mean. I take my. Punishment and I thank the fly cat and
thank you praise God for you. And jobs and I thank. God. That the way I am. We'll talk with moderates how to create jobs grew up with this do you know if they were in mind or do you know we don't want you and you're not going to go to the moon when the Morning we're going no no no no.
Tonight mid morning. Or toward noon. God. He's.
Going to die by one. Moto torches look. A gentle day. Or the wheels of people riding above the driver's spot so great thanks to all. And leave us they were going to eat away. Yes heads. Oh and then you get off on hymen not with Lucky us. Them have for whom we
rented out this world. I. Oh. I think. I'd rather have my hands by helping me with the speech of this with you that not only didn't praise of my view take longer to come over come to visit to have no money coming home to me watching the news people are
sad and I which is the grounds I'm out to get you down to the fences but all of those many ways and so I pray they go there. I give it about give us the souls we have the boxes of all right. If you used of Margaret you must put in the blanks with a vice. They are bringing those weapons the way I will call Beatrice to you who want big happy legs. Room go to let me know only hope you pull through life. I mean in singing but in loving and they ended up going to Saunders the first employee of pan as I am not full of these quondam carpet mongers whose names yet run smoothly and even look at us from a
blank less than a one never so truly turn I'll run over as my poor self in love. Girl we come to you. No mandate I'm going to show it in rhyme. I have tried. I can find out no lie I'm too late but baby an innocent time for school or a hard drive I'm babbling or I'm very ominous endings. For. I was not born under a riding planet like an old woman festival. Of sweet bitches with stuck out when I call
they don't depart when you've made me stay but of that then you've spoken that you will not. And yet and I go let me go with that I came which is with knowing what had passed between you and Cody early fall was in that apartment I can still only found what I did but Father wind and follow wind has been followed. And these knowing them death thought I will depart until I was frighten the world out of his rights and so forcibly as I wait. But I must tell him plainly Claudio undergoes my challenge and I that I must shortly hear from him or I will subscribe in a crowd and I pray thee. Tell me what would you buy that I had thought that style first fall in love with me. Go over them all together. Which maintains the political state of evil that they would not admit any good part to intermingle with them but for which of my good prophets did you fess up or love for me suffer love a good epic that I do supper love indeed for I
love thee against my will in spite of your heart. At last poor heart if you spike it for my sake I will fight it for yours but I will never love that which my friend may doubt I are too wise to woo peaceably. It appears not in this confession. There's not one white man among 20 that hope raised himself and spirits that lived in the time of good neighbors. If a man do not a recognition age is owed to marry dies he shall live no longer in wonder when the bell rings and the widow waves and how long is that question in the room by an hour and clamor in a courtroom. Therefore it is most expedient for the wise if that were his conscience find every bit of it to the contrary to be the trumpet of his own virtues as I am to myself so much for praising myself who I myself will bear witness is present and not tell me. How does your cousin that he is owed to you.
God no I made. That when I leave you to where your guys want to taste this and. I'm. Proud of you must come to your school. Don't do it don't. Really know how it is proved to my lady Shadow have been falsely accused. The Prince and Claudio might be abused and don't join is the all through. Always glad I'm gone. When you come to present do you have this new within you will. Die. Did my that. In the eye. And moreover. Will go with the Atonement. You see that you believe you
know you look upon the other that you have repeated but Margaret watching some photos it will go against your will is it appears to you the true cost of all the questions and learned that all seeing saw it somewhere. Nobody knows but they both know you are right. Well daughter and you gentlewomen all over with drawing to a chamber by also lives. And when I said volume come March. Yes father. BEATRICE. The Pridgen Claudio promised by this hour to visit me. You know you want to help his brother. You must be all that to your brother's daughter and given to young Claudio which I will do with calm fine time to see in your home. All of us in your claims I think to do it divine or I'm doing a lot of them. As you know the other thing that is good Zedillo your nice regards me
you would have saved up for that I had my daughter just most cruel and I do with an eye of. Love requite the slightly out of I think you have for me from Claudio and the prince but watch all will go on cess enigmatical but for My Will My will ease your good will may stand without us this way to begin joy under the state of honorable marriage. In which good fried rice will desire your help my heart is really all I can and my will. Here comes the priest and pour you all over this assembly. It's not hard to produce good modern Claudio we got a candle and you know you know now you have determined to date to marry with my brother's daughter. I'll hold my mind wishing Ethiope call have cost. Yes he has the primary there motto that they. Say what's the matter that you have such a February face full of prostitutes the whole
club and I think he thinks of on the savage ball. Fear not man we have to buy homes with gold and all the rope we should rejoice in the as once Europe did a lusty job when he would play the noble beast in love. Old Joe had an amiable lover and some such strange boy leaped your father scouted out a cop in that same noble feat much like to you for you have just he's believed for this I owe you. Here comes another right. Which is the lady I must seize upon this same as she and I don't give your life she's mine.
Let me see you know that you shall not die. I swear dramatic before I am yours if you like of me. And when I knew I was yours and when you were not. I'm not here right. Now. I mean once he had done to file that I don't really want to show you as I live I am me all day. She died my lord but whilst that's longer live oh. Oh no this is a basement can I qualify. We know after the who live right sorry indeed I'll tell you who dodged the affair during his death. Meantime late wonders to the chapel that was present there.
Some have frightened my son. Which is a bit just how do you know when do you not love me but I know no more than reason why then your uncle and the prince and Claudio will be deceived. They swore you did not even if you did do you do you trough no more than reason why I didn't like having mother I don't guess you know how much. Good they did they swore you almost shit for me. What if you were well you know I did mean that such matter then you do not love me truly but fan book counts. I'm sure you're not the gentleman I'll be sworn about that he loves By Here's a paper written in his hand a hole to summit of his own great fashion
to be about me. Shall I compare the only thing my son comes. From how do you think. That. I may look cool. Yes our own evidence. OK. Oh I will have there. But by this life I think it's a pity. I would not deny you. But by these good I yield the boundary reflation. I thought because they got lucky but I was tell you what had great peaches. I will stop your MO. How does Benedict the Madad. College of which he had. The stuff think
IQ ever sat on an epic. The man will be beaten with brains as it were nothing answered about him to do purpose to matter. I will think nothing to any of the well can say against it and therefore never fathom what I have said against it or a man. Is a good thing. This is my complete thought here. But I but I like you like to be my kinsmen. Live on bruised and love my cousin. I had hoped I would have denied visitors that I might have cuz you'll be out of my single life to make me a double D. We just question now will be if my cousin. Oh God. We have friends. Let's have a Don said we are married. Everybody like all around oxen our wives. We have dodging up the word. Oh my word.
So Benedict. Get your wives. Get your wives. The business more revenue of the tip with. The US wealth. You know rather than take it in fly to men back to the sea. I think
I'll devise the brave bunnies now. Strike up. Lou a.
Whole. Lot of. That was much ado about nothing. By William Shakespeare. It was made by Ronald Allen. And
Benedict by. Leonato. Hero by Pliny to Nielsen. And Beatrice. By hand and comic. By Ralph Richardson. And. The music was composed by David Kane. And the play was adapted and produced. By John Powers. Then saw. The BBC World Theatre was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Its
broadcast was made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for invitation to or voyage by John Jock Bernard adapted and directed by Raymond breaks. These programmes are prepared for broadcast by WITF FM in Hershey Pennsylvania. This is the national educational radio network.
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