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So you have the floor one small proceed with your explanation until all power is restored life means less than nothing to the bad. My plaque. Right there and just is this for the birds and grooves in them partially include the atmosphere of the world within their circuit but I think there was a brick like Babel and then there's what I love to jumbo sized city. The instant your walls are built reclaim your scepter from Zeus he shilly shally is or pubs you off with a lot of excuses proclaim a holy war are a great crusade against the gods. Then slap in Bargo is on their last forbidding any gods to travel through your sky on amatory errands down to earth to their similes I mean isn't so. Then if they attempt to ignore your warning place they're often doing things under bum this country banded to seal them shut. That the stuff that I think second a point.
And your official and I salute the men and serve them formal notice that the birds demand priority and all their sacrifices the leftovers of course would go to the gods. But for the future. Even when they offer sacrifices to the gods each bird must be paired with a god whichever one seems most apt. Thus Aphrodite is offered a cake the way a tail would get one to one side and gets a sheep the Saeco must have the sweet greedy however cliche I'll eat when the glutton J is bad. And as for Zeus Why is Zeus of his wages until the King lets a lot of all the birds receives his sacrificial. Not. That Nance only has been the use going to Rome where we were a bit worried should men be gods and not just shabby beds they have grown wings out of giveaway rubbish Hermes is a god isn't. But he goes flapping around on wings and so do loads of gods. There's victory on
gilded wings and don't forget the God of love and Homer says that Iris looks like a dove with the Jetta and I mean to that's got wings. Hey what if. Lightning fell not and what if men are blind and go on to impose and refuse to worship then swarms of starving sparrows shall descend on their fields in millions and gobble up their seeds. They'll darn well go hungry. We'll see then if the meter will feed to me fine now that Demi Titian have plenty of excuses Ray will muster the crows and ravens and send them down in droves to pick out the eyes of the oxen and make the sheep go blind. Dr Apollo can cure them but I'd hate to pay the fee. Give me the nod when you're ready. I'd like to lead my ox if only other hand mankind accept you as their guards or men of first post so I didn't. They're prudes simple of life. Showed through for instance. Why in the enormous plagues of locusts would not invest there by
a single regiment of our own White the locusts out to them and the call fly the mites will no longer blight their things since will send down troops of thrushes to annihilate the black but what about money. Money is man's dominant passion for you who what you or I cause will tell them what they want. The fear of heights of the riches mind when the market is right to make a killing and so forth and no more shipwrecks either noble or ship wreck new ship wrecks. You take your own when you see some bird pipes up. Bad weather brewing. Our forecast. Where. Are the bad guys ship for me I'm off to sea. Sure can bury treasure you tell them where to find goon birds know all the answers are so the saying goes a little bird told me that people you see on this see us shouting for me to dig a little bit. Give them hell if they're really much the same you know when that's a fact. The man who's sick is only he's doing bad and longevity you know what do you do also lie in the
hands of the gods. How do men grow out of the God refuse him older child. I heard what I had was like three centuries at least but have run their own lives of course. What is the point of five lives of now. The cawing Crow out little know them. Only. Your words just don't wash it was was for the oh oh oh oh. We have 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 homes.
Oh it was upbeat. 0 0 0 homes they leave in the woods and has plenty of strikes for them. The soul still registers very top to the. Hundred we already know. Oh it's too doggone weird the book. Oh no last year saw was oh it was the way they were gone. Whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa.
Oh road. Use. Won't be the only thing they eat is a couple of bags of is that the. Whole load of loads of oh about it oh no radio look for almost them with food.
Oh over it God. Oh oh loads from. All over it God over all over Russell. The best for him to think through. Well most young men. A script what you will it should be Don. Yeah yeah I was pissed the system was.
To was. Was. Where you wake. Tasks that need male brawling muscle we can do the complicated mental stuff we'll leave to you Kiran Donny Jack. That's what we need. Spike Well the arms come from the let's all right. No gloating around like slowpoke Nikias. Yeah I guess he forgot you just like sticks and stroll and stuff. We hit his the tires here this gentleman and you and a fan and
I'm sure he's cut me off to me. Look. What sort of partnership is this supposed to be if you start taking off when we can't even fly. Does it matter who well remember what the result tells us it is cable the ego and the fox in business who couldn't get along. The fox got swindled by the eagle had the net. I know Lou when the phone met the man he nibbled on it and he would spread to say supply and then let's go with you guys and this method or us bring the letters inside the house one moment please when you go inside. Yes by all means take your human guests and fish them with but do one letter favor for the callers. Please bring up your wife your lovely NIGHTINGALE The honeyed tongue the Muses love and let the Cornish play with why add
by entreaty to theirs in the name of heaven from the bed of rushes where as you know for these peas do bring the pre-TV 80 yards. I've never met tonight in game before real life I didn't like broccoli. Please God I'll go a little bird will go just like you got to have a mind to kissing your lips you did not treat her like an egg and he has lived a little.
Good fortune with us. They. Told were living.
During. The day. Yes this was a feat. Lol. Run the. Fish bowl.
Say. Less. Let. Me. Know when you eat it.
Doing. The. Writing. Thing thing was. Speaking.
Why. Oh. None of this was. Coming to meet us followed it was awful. Oh. We feel. He's done the Sanjay with a spray or shot that hit
me. The. Last one we do every single solo his song. Posterity on the. Beat. Week was a rough week. Wasn't it.
We. Told. You. Pangs of conscience this jumpy. You mean you got a little problem every man we understand your problems with the best in all the land. You may come in feeling draggy but you leave. That's right. But.
You need to hide out from them or some cozy place to pass time. Step right up friend will get you off with the budgets we do things differently up to what your role is condemn the things you would think they would. Consider the case for instance of a boy who reads up his dad admitted but we call it God's When somebody. Took your spouse and fight for you to run away but I'm going to stray. Back. Come on up and live with Oh you're a hip joint you for something. Come on up you. Wouldn't be in it if you had to pinch force a perjurer slave breed like a friend to actually get to record your little book no one put on your wall was pies you asked them Are you a future traitor to your mic like a cloud storage than madmen John data dead and who are we to
fuss it shamming heart and rage. And said I was on through Los Lobos and to be teaching within you than busting them up close and then beat Bush 0 0 0 0. Feet in the races. Lovely. Friend you just haven't lived until you've tried a pair of wings made out of genuine. You got a little
problem in your job and live where you're well know you just did as you did surrender to the sky. Where has that been. This Nash just think magine your fellows with the pad of the wings in the shed joy of it. Not having to sit there's a tragedy about getting bored. You merely. Let. You have a snack. Make it back in time to kick the. Board again. Suppose you're overtaken by up. A sudden need to do it all or don't you know. With with just. Take care of your heart's content and then. Who resists right back. Or perhaps with the second leg day. I won't mention any names but the lady's husband attending some rooting around us
up your song your wings through the wind. Then by and by you fly back to your seat your say. On tweens just the most wonderful thing. Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh love. You don't know what you're missing if you're down. You say. You got sometime to listen anymore. Than you when I'm going down just dead a movin friend I'm going to the store.
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Classical drama
The birds, part 3
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents part 3 of The Birds by Aristophanes, in a new translation by William Arrowsmith.
Other Description
This series presents full-length productions of Greek and Roman plays of antiquity in modern English translation with original music especially composed for this series. Each play is introduced by William Arrowsmith of the University of Texas.
Broadcast Date
Comic drama
Media type
Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Speaker: Arrowsmith, William, 1924-1992
Speaker: Arnott, Peter
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 61-58-2 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:24:38
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