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70 75 80 there yes. Boy look at him come up. Oh no. I don't think Danny Turner. Cooperation with the University of Iowa broadcasters present. Good morning Bob. How do you feel.
Oh morning Mr. CLARK. Not too good. I've got an awful headache hangover I guess. Try one of these tablets. It'll be a little later was my question. I don't think I get it. I don't think I'll eat til I feel better. Do you remember anything about last night Bob. Oh most things. I didn't drink that much beer and you know who I am you know the the the juvenile officer do my parents know I'm in jail Mr. Clark we notified them right after your arrest. They didn't come down here. We advised them not to come until this morning. I was in a very good shape to see anyone last night I guess. Did I make any sense Mr. CLARK. There were a few things you didn't tell us but we'll let them go for now. I'd like to know what started all this Bob. I've been thinking about that myself Mr. CLARK. I've never been in any kind of trouble before. I only thought that other people got arrested. It doesn't seem real yet. So how old are you Bob. Sixteen. What will happen to me Mr. CLARK. What am I charged with let's not think about that now. I just can't believe
it. Here's a cell and bars on the window. And here I am sitting right in the middle of it. I can't believe it. Things like this don't happen Mr. Clark at least not back in Mercer ville. You want to talk about it Bob. Yesterday morning of somebody told me I'd be in jail now. I would have laughed in his face. Oh I don't know where to begin. I didn't start any place I guess just happened. I remember one night when I was working in my dad's grocery store. It was two weeks ago. Dad had just come back from a county grocers meeting. If yes you lose. What's that then. Oh it's a slogan I heard of the kind of grocers convention last week.
A good display will save the day. What's so funny. Nothing. Well don't laugh at things you don't understand. You got that media majority yet. Just finishing when you're through you can start on the breakfast food pretty late to start something new tonight. If you hadn't spent half the night running to the telephone would be almost done. Who you trying to call. Drawers Randall. There's a picnic coming up. I told you about it. I just want to ask Taurus friend what she'd go with me. Bill Randall's daughter over and Bellamy. Well now that's a coincidence. Bill and I sat together during most of the convention. Why are you interested in Doris all of a sudden I don't know. We just ran into each other a few weeks ago which is gone. A couple of times I remember when Bill Randall and I used to work together and how shocked we haven't time to reminisce now why it's almost ten o'clock. It's a quarter past and that late. Well what's the difference. We got a lot of work to do around here. By golly if I don't win our Dodge county's best growth of the title this year
I'll know the reason why. I know said Old Man Peterson put a parking lot behind his place. Where have you ben boy. Said that lot now for several weeks and I don't get to keep an eye on your competitors Bob. Don't let him get ahead of you. There's a rule for any kind of business to stay out of the red Don't let em get ahead. Wait till Peterson sees my new self packaged meat department that old pop is I sure hope it speeds up the humans. Think I'll tear down that old double garage next door to and have a parking lot of my own. I've been thinking Bob a lot of the grocers in the city keep their places open every night till nine. I've just about decided to try that out here when the contest is over. Are you going to hire help or hire a helper one for we can manage it. Just the two of us certain way. But I'm working after school and all day Saturday as it is dead that's the way it should be if you want to learn the business. I'm not complaining about that but. Well I want a little time all else but the time you can work Tuesday and I've got to go into the city those nights start
class. Then you work Monday and Wednesday nights it doesn't make any difference to me. When will I have time for anything else. That's up to you. You've been going to those classes for what about two months. I just bored with them yet. No I sure haven't learned much. You could draw just as good posters to me before you started to understand. I think it's a good thing to have a hobby Bob but it's not wise to let it get out of hand when it starts interfering with your regular school and work. Then I think it's time to put it off until you have more time. Let's not in a frame Besides wasting time air come on over here and I'll show you what to do. From the story around midnight I take it you aren't too happy working in your dad's store. It's it's alright Mr Clark I ironed pocket money. There is nothing else much to do in Mercer villany hell. It's it's a pretty small town. How about
your painting. Well Dad's right. I'm not very good at it. Maybe I should never have started those classes if it wasn't for them. Guess I can't say that either. Well how about your friends Bob. Maybe maybe all this trouble started with him. You see you see Mr. Clark I belong to sort of a gang and I quit because well I don't know I just was much for his kids to do. Then there were my art classes and work in the store and in everything. Of course a couple of guys did that. He should be around or something. Hey Bob where are you.
Let's not hang around here too long I got to meet Joe down by the drugstore this afternoon a lot of them big swell apples over there Don. Yeah they're five cents apiece. That's your money I put them back in the bed. Ah your old man can afford to give a couple of good customer some apples. We look for you after school to take off to in such a hurry. I work after school remember. What's wrong with you. He's just sore because he can't get another day with Doris Randolph said. Say what I tell you I'll go peddle your papers now is that the way to talk to a couple of pals old pals of mine. We were good pals from a while back. Sure but I'll go when you get to watch you go on high Hatter So he's trying to impress Doris Randall and leave her out of this. I hear she's pretty stuck up it's just that some girls don't like to go with guys who hang around St.. Well how do you like that he has a couple of dates with a girl and he gets goody goody. You guys are still a bunch of kids. Let's play like it's Halloween every night. Well you gotta do some around this time. Not everybody can go into the big city and learn to draw you know. What do you say you want to join up with us again. I told you before no we're not good enough for you ha. Just because our dads don't own their own business they're
talking header. Someday you'll find out who your real friends are Bob. I just got other things to do and all that saw oh maybe if your old man would let us kids make use of that garage next door we'd have some to do too. I hear he's planning to tear it down and put in a parking lot. He just can't let old man Peterson get ahead of him oh I watch it watch it. Oh hello Mr. Knox. Hi Dan.. Well they'll be here first part of next week to put in my new meat counter meat counter. What's wrong with the one you got Mr. Knox self-service meat counter being packaged meat. That's what we're doing for our customers. We sure are given old man Peterson a run for his money. If yes New Yeah Lou why slogan. Dad just came back from a convention. We got to go. We'll see you tomorrow in school. Ok done so long. What's wrong with Donald Baba. He didn't look very happy. Oh I guess he just heard that you're going to tear down the garage. Well what's that got to do with him. Well he was hoping that you'd let the kids in Tom
make a recreation club out of it. I thought we'd settled that he was just trying to. That's the trouble with young people today they want everything done just to suit themselves. Oh before I forget I've got to drive over to Bellamy tonight. I've got my art class tonight den my oh I guess you'll have to take a bus. What's wrong with the trunk. It's not in too good a shape. You Knox in it. They got taken over the garage tomorrow. Couldn't I drive you to Bellamy in the car and then and then pick up on the way back when I left be 9 News. I'll be ready to come home long before then. I want her to take the bus once I have time to talk about it now there's some stuff about the car you can bring in and put it on the shelves. Here Sergeant. Yes sir. I don't think you can eat anything yet Mr. CLARK. Well I'll just set it on the bunk here beside you. You mention the recreation club. Is there any place in Mercer over the young people your age can get
together. Well there's a there's a gym up at the school but all but most of the little kids hang out around there. There's a drugstore but but people can dance or play ping pong or do much in a drug store. We should go to our own house but then a bunch of city kids took that over. I gather some of you have tried to get your folks to help out and didn't do much good none of them had any ideas. How about that garage next to your dad store you're talking about. Well Dad wasn't sure he could spare that. He used it sometimes for storage and then like I said a couple of weeks ago decided to put in a parking lot. How about your mother Bob. Couldn't she help you out. Well mom's kind of funny Mr. Clark have a hard time figure out sometimes and I dad told me I had to take a bus into the city. Well she kind of got upset. I was in a bus back to most of midnight. And I remember she didn't like the idea too much. I won't hear of your coming home with that all on the box but I'm old enough I'm 16
it's enough that your father not let you take the car. Can I go Dad your mother won't hear of it. What could happen to me. Oh many things. Like what for instance never mind what you have to get up to Off to school for one thing. When I worked in the store last night till past midnight my mind's made up Robert. Well then Dad why can't I take the car and pick you up after class we settled that. I'll be home long before you come back. Then I'll take the truck. You'll do no such thing. It isn't in very good shape. You might just walk. Get ready for your school work. Well I don't have any tonight. Then go do what you want. I want to go. Oh well I'm going out in the porch and paint well and change clothes then I don't want to have to scrub paint off those trousers again. That's right operator and all those doors there please.
No I'll call later. Thank you. Who are you calling this time Bob. Nobody mom. Since when is Doris Randall a nobody. What's wrong when she go out with you. And she wasn't home. That's a good excuse. I wasn't home to boys I didn't want to go out with either. Well how do you know she doesn't want to go out with me. Well you must have called her a dozen times in the last two days. You're exaggerating again. Anyway she's been out every time you've called. She does know it's me who's calling. Why don't you have her call you when she comes in because. Well because boys should be boys should call girls. I guess Doris knows better than to have dates with boys who don't live in Bellamy. Plenty of girls have dates with kids who don't live in their town. Nice girls don't go out with out of town boy. Well for Pete's sake ma can we argue about something else. Well you are the one that brought it up I did. All I did was make a phone call. Well I have some selling to do. You should get out more Bob. It's not good for you to stay cooped up with those smelly paints all the time. They don't smell all your clothes just reek of
paint. It's not that been for a boy I was becoming interested in girls you certainly don't care about your appearance. You know you should have a way of building up my confidence mom you're always nagging me about something. That's the thanks I get for doing things for you. Let's forget it. You don't remember how many times I went without things so that you could have a pair of new shoes or crying oh my. Well times haven't always been good for us. I'm sorry I mentioned it. Oh you've been in the house so much you're getting stale. Now last month you told me I was running around too much. Now you want me to get out. Why don't you make up your mind. You should get out with some nice boys for a change. Why do you have to associate with riffraff. Let me worry about that because I'm old enough now to know what I'm doing. Oh. Time you showed up high didn't leave a jacket on Bob I want you to drive over to Bellamy this
afternoon and pick up a few things I left there last night. OK did you get the car keys take the truck. Is it fixed. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's running alright today but there was nothing the matter with the last night. Listen here young man. Trucks are not for pleasure joints. Your mother complained about how sexy you're getting. You better snap out of it if you know what's good for you. I'll get going and hurry back. I've got this contest. I bet my dad is just as worried about that contest as yours. I sure can't see any sense does working like mad to become county's best grocer. Sort of like being voted the student most likely to succeed some official is even coming down from the state capitol to present the award this year. Did you did you really call me up all those times. Sure must have been
expensive. Did you want to talk to me about something special. Well that's that's what I thought I'd drive out this afternoon and see you Doris. I thought you said you came to pick up some things for your dad. Well yeah I thought I might just as well all as long as I was coming to Bellamy I. I thought I might come and see you too. Fact is Doris. Well a bunch of us kids from our class are going to have a picnic a week from tonight and well I was wondering if you'd go along with me. Oh that sounds like fun. Let's see a week from tonight. We're going to that new park up by the airport. It's real nice a week from tonight. I don't think I'm busy. You know me all kinds of interesting people. My teacher will be there and I will take with mom and dad first back. What for. They know me. It isn't as if I came from a different town altogether. Oh it isn't that I've gone out with boys who don't live in Bellamy you have. I mean. Why do you have to check with your parents that they may have something already planned
for the family to do that night. When will you know if you can go right after dinner tonight. You won't mind calling me long distance again will you by me I'll call you right after dinner. Don't eat so fast and you get your face off your dish. I'm going to hurry Mom. Honestly. Why don't we go to the movies tonight laughs. You know I have to get back to the story. Just one night. Can't you stay home just one night. Not this week rose after next Wednesday things are slacking up and I doubt it you'll always have some excuse for working. We haven't gone out of this house together for almost a year. What are you talking about Rose. Why. We just visit the daughter last Sunday.
I don't count visiting my own daughter and son in law is going out. Bill Randall manages to enjoy things with his family. Excuse me what are you doing tonight Bob. No place I'm not doing anything. I have to make a phone call. What's this about Bill Randall. Well he doesn't work in his grocery all the time and you don't see him winning any awards either. He's come closer than you ever have. I've never tried before oh no Lester. I wish you'd stop nagging at me all the time. I'm just trying to talk to you. You're as bad as Robert. Sometimes I don't see how I can put up with the two of you under the same roof. Let's change the subject rose just so the subject applies to the store and growth. What are you talking about. Oh not a thing you wouldn't understand anyway. Oh you're just upset about tonight. I'm sorry we can't go to the movies but you just wait a week from tomorrow night when there is a week from tomorrow night. Well that's when the fella from the state capital is coming down to name the winner of the contest. I told you about that. Yes I imagine if this little get together is anything like the one lives I can still take the car a week from tonight can I.
What's this I talked about a couple of days ago. You said I could take the car in this picnic we're having. Well if I said you could have it you can have it. Now look here Rose. I don't like you always running down things I enjoy doing. Maybe a little bit for snow Mr. CLARK. Go ahead Bob. I'm sure you'll feel better. You can finish your story when you're through eating normally. I better finish now. Mom and Dad will be here soon and I don't imagine dad want to stay around here very long. OK what happened next Bob. Well when when Doris said she'd go to that picnic with me I was really sitting on top of the world. She was something special. Even even my friends stop pestering me about joining up with the gang again. Everybody that is except Don Anyhow yesterday afternoon I managed to slip out of school about 10 minutes early. I thought I'd pass up the car real good for the picnic last night. I got to the store and I found Dad and kind of a dither
loader. How should I know. You can't tell why these officials have to run to Washington. All I know Bobbie will be in the city to make the awards tonight instead of tomorrow. Why can't you drive in with old man Peterson then. Since when do I have to ask you if I can use my own car. What did you promise me I could have it tonight. Then playing all week on taking dogs to this picnic. Tell you what I'll make an exception tonight. You can take the truck. Ted do you think I'd take my grocery truck. She's special. Do you think you can always have your own way. Forget it. I don't care what you do. I'm driving. That's that I couldn't do that in the writing of the city was on the other grocers because he said it wouldn't look right. He wouldn't take the truck because that would look right either. Did you try borrowing someone
else's car. I tried Mr. Card but everybody I asked had some excuse. Finally I just gave up. I couldn't take a girl like Doris out in a truck. I phoned doors but she was busy dressing was just as well I didn't want to talk to her anyhow. I told her mother I couldn't take dogs to the picnic and then just hung up indoors wouldn't go out with me again after that. Well then what happened Bob. Oh I don't know why. I felt awfully disappointed. So I just decided look at the gang I met Don are down by the drug store. We decide to go for a ride. We didn't have a car so I had sort of had to borrow one of the neighbors. We went out to a roadhouse. We stayed there for a couple hours and then he said to drive into the city. I guess I had too many beers because I felt kind of funny when we left. I don't think I was really drunk though. Anyway we piled in the car and. Say you know fellows I feel kind of sick. You're a sissy you're you know in the
car. Let's go Bob you know this is a pretty flashy little car your neighbors got. I wonder if he misses it. Is it all clear back there. Joanne I read that you guys look at. I just drove in the parking lot where he was. Back. To. What happened back in the side of a convertible. He watched that comps coming over here let's get out of here Don come on the fellows wait a minute. Well how's that for a couple of pals. I better get out here myself. What seems to be the trouble young fellow. Oh nothing officer where you didn't bang into a very good thing you were going slow. Do you have a driver's license. Yeah that's your car. My dad's has my license so you've been drinking a little bit in that road up there I suppose. Yeah. Says here you're only 16. This isn't your car is it. While we got a call tonight telling us
this car was reported stolen. I found it here and we've been sitting across the street waiting for you. Well I come on your fellow you better come along down town with me. There's a few things we have to get straight. Here I guess the other police close the road on us right after that. Hey Clark the boy's parents will be right out. I'm ashamed to face them Mr. CLARK. Come on Bob. They'll understand. How could you do this to your mother and me. You've never been in any trouble before look at what you've done to our reputation. You've always been such a good boy Robert. Now if you had hung round one of the people you think maybe we can keep it out of the papers like if we do you know how fast news travels in a small community. Are you satisfied Bob. I'm sorry dad he's sorry did you hear that
rose. Mr. Clark he's sorry. Here's Mr. Knox genuinely sorry. How about stepping into the next room for a minute Bob. All right Mr. CLARK. I suppose you have seen so many boys like you have become immune to one hardly. And you're wrong I haven't seen many boys like Bob most of the youngsters who come in here a lot more confused and better than he is and it's easy for you to sit back and twiddle your thumbs if you policemen are doing your job. This wouldn't happen anyway. I might say the same about parents like you Mr Knox. Look here ever since you came have done nothing but shout Bob needs understanding now not harsh word Next thing you'll say it's the fault of my wife and me he got in trouble. We know this much Mr Knox parental love and understanding and honesty have never hurt any child. Fact is such things have been lacking to most youngsters who get in trouble. It's evident Bob has been without them to come along as we don't have to listen to this is Robert free to go. Yes there'll be no formal charges brought. Your neighbor has been very understanding however Bob will be on mandatory probation for a while.
He'll act on that. Come on we're late. Come along Bob your father's waiting I'm coming mom just a minute. I'll be right there. Sorry my dad talk like that Mr. Clark. I heard by now I'm used to angry parents Bob. Mom said Mr. Randall when the grocer's contests last night dad just had a couple of big disappointments that's all you know. I admire you in spite of everything you're a pretty remarkable young man. I think he is too. What Doris what are you doing here. Dad No I came down to see if there was anything we could do to help. How did you know about me when your folks called last night to see if I was in jail too. Well they thought you tried to car to take me out. I thought of that but I couldn't take the chance of getting you in trouble. You're not mad are you Doris. I'm not I'm just sorry you didn't take your dad's truck like you offered. I've ridden in worse things. I couldn't do that I'm not going out with you because your father has a nice car you know. Oh you must be Mr. CLARK. You seem to know quite a bit young lady.
Bob's father nearly ran us down on his way out he was mumbling your name. I imagine he was what's going to happen. I'm on probation. What's that mean Mr Clark and you're too much right I won't mean a thing. Bob and I had a long talk this morning. I have a lot of faith in him and I think when his father calms down I'll have a talk with him too. We might even get around to talking about the new clubhouse. I hate to said Mr. Clark but I don't think it will do much good. Maybe not Bob but I think it's worth a try. I think we can get your parents to see that your problems count too. Meantime we can try to understand some of theirs. The important thing is to try to see your parents as they are and not to let them get you down. I want to see you here young again young man. Don't worry I'll keep. I'd like to help too Doris that is purely and professionally. Now here to comment on today's program is Dr. Frank Coburn senior psychiatrist of the State University of Iowa the adolescent is trying to undo a lot of things at once. He's trying to grow up from a child to an adult often adult behavior is
expected of him and yet he still controlled by his family as though a child. This results in rebellious behavior which can be reduced by parents understanding of his need for freedom and by their trust in his ability to make wise choices. He's trying to become a person with his own interests and activities. These may appear trivial to his parents as it says in the program. You're always running down the things I enjoy. We can't expect our children to enjoy all the things we do or fit into our personality mold. Our adolescent is trying to get to know the opposite sex. This is a serious matter for him and must not be made a matter of fun or too much getting at home. Finally our adolescent has a lot of energy to use up. If there are good outlets for his energy he'd prefer that. But in their absence he gets into mischief. As parents we must see to it that our community promotes acceptable outlets for this. One of these is a teenage club run by the children with a minimum of adult direction.
House the families produced by WIC wife for the National Association of educational broadcasters under a grant from the educational radio and television center. The I-Ching is in charge of the production consultants for the series are members of the faculty of the State University of Iowa scripts are written by Fred cedar home in consultation with Dr. Herb and joy James Ware is director. This is the ne B network.
How's the family
Adolescents on the loose
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