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Exploring the child's world. The end. Was. Eat Eat Eat was the boy with the imaginary mouse. Timmy does not know who he is. He thinks he must be a little orphan. He wants someone to stay with so he invents a mouse to keep him company. His mother or whoever she was stabbed his father or whoever the man was. Those of us who have cars don't think much about the idler arm and the tie rod. Mostly because these are not visible and normally they are in operating condition. They happen to become disconnected or wear through or break. The driver would have no control whatever of the two front wheels. To most people who are adult in Outlook
Nothing is more terrifying than to lose control of one's destiny one's freedom one's powers one's self determination. Many people drink in moderation because they do not want to lose control. Many refuse to be hypnotized because they do not want to lose control. Many choose death over a life sentence or paralysis or insanity because they do not want to lose control. We all want to know what we are saying. We all want to know what we are doing what is going on. We don't want to know who we are. If you can imagine not knowing your real father and mother and if you can imagine never having established control you can sympathize with the child in the interview that follows. And here to preview the features of this interesting child story is Father Duffy a professor of sociology at Duquesne University. Father Duffy. To get love one has to give it. He also has to make himself lovable. This
14 year old child has not learned how to give love. He is not a lovable child. And yet he was surprised and disappointed at the way the world treats him. He has not withdrawn from people as so many children do. But people have withdrawn from him so that he will not be utterly alone he's created an imaginary mouse. He plays with him feeds him and puts him to bed. His emotional hunger for affection and attention has turned to economic greed. He places great importance on having people show that they notice him and like him by giving him things to meet his needs. He tries to maneuver and manipulate adults. He hints and suggests how they might help him. On occasion he makes outrageous demands for material things. When one of these operations is successful everything makes him feel bad he feels that nobody likes him. Meantime he drives people to dislike him by his behavior and his complaints. If we were to define adjustment in simple terms as the ability to get along comfortably in one's actual environment or the ability to come to
terms with real situations then this child has not adjusted in the variety of a placements arranged for him. Other children have been placed in these identical homes and they have done fine. The only common factor in Tim's upset seems to be Tim. Perhaps this suggested some psychological testing be done to answer specific questions that arise in connection with this boy. It may be that psychiatric evaluation would be helpful if this boy gets his own way he makes outrageous demands for more and more. If more he becomes verbal assault of tells lies informs other children bullies him and shows signs of extreme jealousy. What are you playing. The victim how do you know that is Benny. I step back and you. Have come. Back to Mexico. What is in there is saying someone like you was out on the back of his bike.
Yeah you know me. To get a look at your whiskers and what happened after I told you we would not. He said Don't worry you won't die I don't care. You know you know you get taken care of and I still want to keep my quit. So it took almost certainly So I just slept. Every time I see you're in trouble. You know you got a tooth broke. I mean look for you. All we hear is getting all swallowed up in your face here. So I want to cruise was political but as of Monday night 30. Then as he got up in the train to let us know
it was trains and you have to go back two more if you're going to say on that sun to suppression selfie game. David OK. Do you feel you'd be more comfortable here. You were before you were kind of upset and excited and nasty you can feel good. You're mad at everybody which I feel will make you feel better. Everything you meet people will be cured. Actually I think. People don't like you. That's one of the good things you've been thinking for quite a while. Yes. How about the people at home with a nice for. You. Do you have anybody to whom all
these things. Took 18. You know a lot of fans at home so quick to say no one ever friend like God. But. One day I will walk to with the boy to school. Whenever I go along at night. Time with them in my grandma's shit I don't want to go if that kid in a movie looks too much like a gangster. Every kid. I like. There were. Nicer stuff she didn't like to know my kids like I did what she liked. So well. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't make any friends. Whenever I made friends I lost to my grandmother. She lives with you. Here. Because her husband did. I need her to Muslims where she had a couple hundred bucks. For a book that you know what kind of places are homes at night. It's OK to live you.
Know listen. To your parents you know my mother my mother does but my father's insured. With hers whether. It was his mother. When you're here with him with your mother's mother you know. But my my really my These down the street she does he's a little you know she's a little block away from us so you kind of have two homes or three homes and no home. You know we have a home and has so much you know. I don't know which one is really mine. You get mixed up here. I don't. I've been so many false alarms or so many institutions stuff I only read Luther's mom was if. You don't know who you are in other words you know. Who you think you're. A little orphan. How does that make you feel you want to let me feel that I want someone. To want someone to want to stay with. You want somebody to stay with you.
It's not a very nice feeling is it. You ever cry about it. Was she was too cool. Oh so convert him into I think when you misbehave they put you by yourself which is why we don't want to do we just put you by yourself. Well flows of Children's Hospital right out of the news and we get more attention because we're moving or you know all this look to you get attention where you get some serious damage and you don't get the things you would like puppets and you don't get out there you see down here they're scared to give you things but up there they don't know a skilled doc is illegal somewhere is there you can see where their security is because they don't want you there or they don't like you know this is warm up there they can take naked to get to a doctor if I get sick or so every I'm on I was going to should you get not a good glass fill no ginger Roll
Jordan ice cream stuffing with them. Whoever loves you. More. Than a boy or girl cry. She loves you. People know you are is also what I do. Whenever I was a little boy when I was 3 years old we went out to the hospital to zoom in there anymore. She saw me one day talked to a little wee shooters you know she was she worked in the lead and then she went home the next day she came to us and puzzles and stuff down there as we could make and she was just like a mother to me. But does whenever I didn't when there's a there's a new mortgage every month or more. Yes I believe. There are two Sure.
Every time I quote I don't know what major think good thing but one little cry next Michigan removed my boilers. Then if I cried again. Just come judgment you know never backed up for me if I were you where were you dad. Was me who was there too and I also remember I was getting a beating that night when you came in and he was mad because he was trying to get some sleep in the car. Had he been drinking you know it's true. If you drink a lot. Because you seem to get along better by yourself don't you. Why do you say because people really get close to you when you really get close to hurt they hurt you. They always want to frighten
stuff with me. And if they don't. You. Are. Standard every almost every way I know they're always you know wanting to fight and stuff for me. I don't want to faint somewhere for you know more of a religious boy and. Faith and stuff but whenever I have to I do because there's nothing else to do. Well to truly understand you start some of that to some of the to do God's will know sometimes talk about my mother's stuff even though I don't know if I have a mother. Whenever someone talks about it then I do stories. And when you're out of here you live in a foster home. They're nice to hear. You understand we talk to you. Because you would like to know. Laugh or think. Would you like to be good. You will like as not too.
Well you know what I will I will live this way you can. Wherever they were. But my sister lived here for a stage. Living downstairs to the kitchen. Back. To home. Right. And. A place. Where I could play pool and stuff. Im a dancer. But when you want people unless. You're a model for. Good that's pretty. Impossible isn't your fault it's pretty long. But it's also proving impossible. You know your father's pretty far away and you don't know whether this other woman your mother in. The. You know.
If she was nice to you the only. Girl that came in here as well as drunk as drunk could be he came to her to cry because I was stuck in the back of the pen. My mother left a safety drill in the better open by actually surgical and. Stored Value for my home. Was it what it was. She loved me very much but she love my father too but the big trunk was to her and the little she had no choice. Bob stored after her and
she picked up a knife and told him to leave the room and leave me with me. He still came after her so we know what happened after that. Just bought fuel in the fuel. What did you see what happened. No no she no doubt to know if she did you know she's really no young man can you vote for me from that day on he has been treating that girl do good but not me. Is what he is and whether he's alive or not and who isn't is down in Florida knees I was sending my brother badgers affairs collision Naomi Sojourners. Coat and stuff. But. Never me. Is your brother older or younger. He's 16 so. Maybe he doesn't whether you're his or he already goes want you he
just doesn't. How come he wouldn't know whether you are his or her. Well does that bother you or do you worry about that or you really want. Oh just. If you something about. To make you feel good just show a little. Well. You know we're wishing will more than four. But I had one because I don't know if they're still in a world where it. Was when you have a hard time getting along with the other kids do you think. What would it take to make you happier and you'd be nicer with. It. Someone to understand me. A newsman can be so itchy. So for I can understand because people told
me you can understand Hebrew if you don't want to. Who. Cares to know this is a stone. But like you they act like they do but they don't understand when it goes wrong. Listen to your side of the globe though listen to the other person coming the whole or a couple days later the Aleutian money and that makes you know. Just as. Many do when you get mad. I just want to be looking. Into like you know. You're in a cooler now. This is for cool you know. I think so. We got straightened out. Who might you know who you like. You have people in the world that you like. I just one person. But you don't need. One person
going to know. That you know that's I mean you know if you look at you know when you got to. Italy in a way where you know you do your own you look. Whenever he says something like just you know you want to talk too little. If someone comes and talks to you. And I think it's a good joke. Look in a lot of times if they tell me I have time to talk Eastern Time. But the money in a single evening. This is the only one deployed from St..
Let doctors discovered there. Yeah. You know I'm close and happy about summer don't you know I want to marry you so mean to meet you and I won't. So I'll talk to my mommy tell the world from climbers were mad outside I'm happy inside. Closer come outside. For you someone who you are. Wondered if you are what you are.
I just wonder if. You know where you were for far too long. Do you also wonder whether I like you. Who does like. You know and a little how can you tell that by the way. But he was in Congress are often still do not know you were trying a little mostly. Really nothing new lingo to literally just bang together see stars. A lot of people you know like you know like you know she's 15 and. You know what they want they want someone to moment stuff til. You know or don't want a friend per se and I always try to pick a fight and stuff you know you don't want to have enemies instead of friends. There were 22 or so.
So when you feel comfortable with maybe you know if you want some other people's I still. Want you for Libby. Even you can come in here with her can and must own will security climate and know the human shields you astray from. Your home. This is with the nurses. I don't care too much for them when they were when I was younger it was here it was just released. Conclusions. All right. So cheers for Asian Union as a baby and say OK we're going to put him up and choked only it will be a ruse left over I'd get him taken up and I start that Rush I like doing things like why are you
here. I was thinking more in addition to some I need you maybe you need to millions. Baby you're the one you need. You must need someone were not delivered to me. That's one thing I'm thankful for the work for you know the roof of my head. What else. When I was on board. So I'm going to. Call the place and ensure that you are helpful. It's like saying. You were sick. You were just famous let me listen and I will come out just like
you started to cry because. You have flaws and I wanted to. Make you mad and want to lash out at people he says unworldly. You know a little. New found your joy Don't you want to cry. Then I just said the little things like that. Well I think my brother started trouble and maybe take on some of. The anger the rest of your life doing here right now Carol. So. Sad mad at my mother. Maybe she threatened will start losing my sister
and I blew mad. Well not that I don't like you know I was mentally ill. I wonder I want to take that only what you had to take that out on my mother and tell I'm going to move my little daughter. Yeah but your mother is not available. Whatever you're angry at her for she's. Become a thing if you take on an album from a who. Well there's Metro who. Could make you more popular. And people like you more when you do. A large file. I'm trying to make friends by me and you make it work. Looking couple. Only thousand years ago or have I. One is when is it about you.
People. Just. Land I'm second in well thinking your well mannered and question is more about what's wrong with you. But when there was something wrong with than anything is somebody. That will come to a Human Torch and came after you. Looking to the skies for I with them are a rare moment when I want them. What you're saying is if you're somebody and think especially what between a bathroom person nothing. Well quite a lot to say. So you have the fact that I could upset the apple only so far as you want for them to spill. But. A fan right got loud. As well. I want laws about what's wrong with them. I'll just say like. Several songs.
Here a little bounce back. As a little planet would just like to get married. But why can't I feel a sense that I will. I will climb I had someplace else. But more generally I think you are long in a band that you. I need someone like you. And your family are many. Everything to maybe there's something in you that rebels got home at. Last My son made me feel that. I am. I right. Laying them down I'm going to run a little and I would like to live in. The NOW. If I were there. I asked preliminary think this is a good one lousy change.
Just. Once a lot haven't. Because. I don't know. Why I was so close I killed Dr. Drew you know his own cause it always hurt me he said. Back here. With me are you kidding. It's there someplace like you know like when you can feel the ending you just where you will. Hear the boom you changed when you feel like that. And. The. First night when I was lying here. That noon I woke up. I thought Look I'll flow again. Bratton with the new front cover she changed that. It will happen again a little happened again I was glad it did. You have been listening. To exploring the child's world had a program in which the child speaks. Father Francis Duff a professor of sociology at Duquesne University has
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This program focuses on Timmy and the issue of the unloved child.
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Interviews with delinquent and disturbed young people who are encouraged to discuss their experiences and express feelings. To protect individuals, each program is a re-creation of an actual interview using different names and places.
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