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And they meet in groups and they talk and they walk together and child. It's it I'm out. We take care of these to say cut off set odds. In out of sensuality we'll see. And you'll fucked out of which has until. Now. Which doesn't that allow people to be in the middle of this debate and that a fault of the people are squeezed. We had a very much a concern in a physics about the atoms and the molecules and the data distances when the distances change. We have no problems right. Sure do not begin being unsound about ourselves our own homes and
molecules we change the structure of the city. We stop being able to see we don't see the outside of the state because we have the big buses in between and the high speed to cart us wedded to was of great to value for anyone to have their window on the street. Now it is of great value not to have a window on the street who can walk. We've got speed outside and past that to walk in that heat even if it has is bad. Which is crossed continuously by the statue itself looks like it but AFAIK by the east man because you can see the head of the statue above the tops of the cuts in this way I think we are forced to say that we have of the impact of technological progress on
the S.A.T. we have them in the big scale we have lost in the smallest cave as long as we can know to walk in the streets as long as our children cannot study in this that it will. Don't know how many of the phobias of modern man due to the fact that for the first time in his 30 he is not in his cities. We are entitled to say that the conclusion of diagnoses is that the battle is lost. At that moment we have to ask ourselves whether the VC is necessary whether this is a boy whether we should sit back with cans and see the change which leads to the disaster or the S.A.T. and of such considerations
made me back to the small piece of clay on which I head to my will and that I do it again. And there's anybody on this call bell. This also could be had in two ways. It all depends where you put the full stop prospects full stop. No death this was the old game of the article. It allowed you to make any conclusion about what it said. Let us now see whether there is such a chance. So divided by love. Man Not death of the city. Let this go back to the year 2000. 67. Let this go back to the belfry and try to come to it by now. I go back to my hotel and I say that my destination is what
I am told that the plastic bottle but you know which I'm going to put out of it is going to be in 10 minutes in my own Wheaties but I'll be in I had it I hang them I caught I see it in the album chav. I bought on the street which say made it to be Saturday at 1:00. Getting by I am not interested in the studies of the steel out of I don't want to be this. And from then on. I don't feel anything because he's taken my Candy Crowley it is going into an underground system it is transferred to the jet. It is transferred to the docket it is through oh no that was the plan to take to Chicago would take again into that again after water and fed to the building of the students union. I then
opened my dog and stepped out. This looks so but I wish but that is the nature of our solution technologically. By now we are convinced that highways there will not be lead to any solution and tell you some studies by the amp got a partition published in 65 and by the absence of Technological Institute came to the same conclusion that in the seventies it will be cheaper to construct than the adults and the big cities and on the highways there is Arny's that they landed by us in the days and the value from the buildings in the US and modern technology. We could easily as the cost of panel construction if in the 70s it will be
cheap out of pocket panels instead of highways in the big cities in the 80s and the 90s and beyond it will be much cheaper to construct that ground and that the water man is going to lay out in a very simple model for which nature has them. Thousands millions billions of years ago that the Napa waters are never on the surface the networks always underground in your own body your which is full of networks. The speeds of the blood clot example are equal to one of the people he had a lot of fingers in the copyeditors then this bit just stopped 10 times smaller. Twenty fifty. It kind of it. Five foot seven a condom a tiny small is the speed of sound a lot of that but because of the speed that the pedal we go we have to invent a stat
that man is going to do any shaping of the side effects of the app as a natural phenomenon and that we would have to have a period to what nature has done because this is the only way to have it be propped up on a spot a patient it's on that is an ability to have jobs. We've not thought of sidelining got the hand that it might stand out and took it outside of cities up tonight miles an hour. In this way we have for you the status of the AB thought of mine. And thought it meant shot out of phenomena and will have to be possible to Speed's any proper analysis shows that the VC is what we can do NOT founded technologically but also economically. The great diffidence between my two types to order by now. The good. And the better. Lice on whether we believe
the next but I play shown over in Saudi expel a polish from the tents and setting goals of the greatest weaknesses of planning for the future is that the people of the plains. They say way way out in point a we are in point B and put up at a stud to obey the laws of this evolution on the shoals that will go to point C this is all a right where you MUST BE A to B. We must be our way out of wedded to needs but even this is not the white man needs. We must have the have the need to set a goal of B and C will change the present. Think what would have happened if I said this some believe in the population of parents. We still would have been we had it with all the Lambs it be to bet that all your lamps
were all going to us is not achieved by those who believe the next time a politician often ends by those who spotted the extrapolation often ends on changing them when they don't meet with man's interest and this is what we have to understand this is what we have to achieve setting goals for a man's interest. Man is in Paradise that who gave the copy and say. If you want to build the VCP of man and not the machines we have to understand these and we have to start up by setting the proper goals what can be the proper goals. I was startled to find that happiness and safety. But if we had remained to these general tabs we may confuse others and ourselves we may even cheat society and humanity we have
if we want to be practical to express to these vague the atoms of happiness and safety in tatters. Let us tell you one method our most important commodity is time. We have 24 hours a day of which we spend eight hours sleeping eight hours in the Water King to our sleeping Washington set up and we are left with six hours the six to atoms which make the grade defendants between man and the mode during which we enjoy ourselves we have the lights we think we create and then we implemented these ideas which we got during the office hours. Now why do we do today in our city. There is some study in the Detroit area has put over that
we spend the average man spends out of commuting in the modding community to give the optimum two hours of commuting that a day out of the six hours one thetan allowed a life buying is with us. If we make a proper analysis we lend the stand that we are a leading man to an impasse because 335 years that's possible we had 10 minutes to out of commuting. This is not that is a number we can start of we think it budget which can be translated into a city and then we can qualify the time restraint because we need full satisfaction. Have we better caps on so the question whether it is better to walk for 10 minutes to walk to drive 20 minutes by a fall or two hours by all of
us. What makes model sends in the atoms of human values. We need to the cause of that a big distance. Do we need them about a small distances can we not establishing some systematic chatter going to help people said elect of the cars they want inside there in the area they believe this is and they say city and we have to do it in order to achieve it. We have to understand that they both of the other sciences. Or you must set a new one. The science of man as it was named by his being giddy and then being called to account for optics. The science of force of man which will do him as a whole and will help him to set goals and then forum his habitat are
calling. It was very fashionable when I was a student to speak up cities and to buddies and them as buildings of the goal that the five years ago almost all books about CDs read full of pictures of buildings. Then they bought in the Olds was lost and many people thought about the problem of CDs was a problem off the topic and the eat all of the highways but of late that it became apparent that this was not the solution. And people stop that talking much more about the CD as a social problem. And lately and especially in the United States is an actual problem. But all of these of you was out of it what you had on because B C or C is just a 5 and that means
have presented them and I want to show them yet again the nature of man. Society in the shadows. And the networks. But this sight impaired a connectivity in many ways a chemist would call them would call the piece a molecule in my thumb at the shop would call it a system how we call it it does not matter whether we have a print of stand is that we have a building we want to go and meet the human settlements and nobody can any model. But I say it because for me to be done so vs mediums conduct itself thousands and tens of thousands and that its of yes we have been added to the system. We cannot now sort of
vibe outside over the season and any alimentary change has an impact on the other. That afforded any efforts to solve social problems in the city today established by your CNBC today. Do real physical you have bet out of safety to save the city. I don't want to complicate a failure unless we study the system and we see the EMA part of the change of one on the other and we want to see Milt honestly because this is an imperative necessity to end the stand the complex situation with each we are dealing and to water for a system which forms the saw around doing The Hobbit that our only life. How can we do it we have to use your methods.
Setting goals is not enough. Setting goals gives the directive. But it was a completely new methodology will fail completely. On this point I was at their loss for many years until I finally manage to end how we feel when we try to create something if I have a very simple case. I'm invited to every lodge and I'm told how these should go all way and after studying the situation I say these should go along with the valley. I don't say that because I know that of these is the right
situation. I say that because I know that we are that so Russians are excluded because there are steep hills on both sides. The only solution beyond that of the evil which is possible is to go down the valley. I am pause it when I have been able to exclude that methods gradually I have stood that the vase pedicabs was opening was that old form. The selection of the best solution which we need that guy to at the end of support that the best solution could not be defined by me was defined by facts and my soul look at all of them as they pick up as the expert was to find the butt up out of solution.
This begins to work against the idea of being young that we need to people we need MY G nation out of that. We need people who will have to be great ideas about our cities we don't need to people who have been great ideas. We need people who will be very careful. Water cabs and who will be systematically not. To let the best sort of out of order possible of solutions in such complex situations of media and points of view of any such system any analysis of full analysis in the city will prove that we always deal with Media Matters it is something we carry out now thought of the
other seven and a half a million people has put it that if we want the all possible that we have to deal with 9 million of them. Which means product even if we did B.K. to one page of study to have everyone thought in one thousand volumes of 1000 pages. We understand that it is impossible that a photo we have to stop thinking how can we really mean a thought of the night and many of the 49 million solutions the only way these two are getting on because I haven't got that we want to you was and this week on food on a second axis here because I hear ya. And if we present we have all the product in either medium solutions and we stop walking away because I thought of them. We begin to eat me
mate. Such an attempt has led to 500000 solutions. Which forced to as to proceed on a second darts is really 500000. Developing your criteria much more perfect than the previous one and we had a lead down to 11000 and then from that we kind of go to a third boxes of 11000. I looked at my papers and developed a new cutie can I give you even more static to once we went down with her you can put it under water and this has continued until from studies out that and the thieves we have a lead to in the process. We head.
Up. To Today in our own mind to onset of the basic questions of the future. Example. And here we come back to the book confusing the point of the unknown future. When we started working with all the transportation experts who are walking for the big corporations we found that we had dead range of opinions about the speeds of other ways in the hours and they were ranging from Condit to miles an hour to 600 miles an hour. So where did we stop this. And there we found that it was not up to the side it was up to the seat to set it and we put here at speeds that it miles to get to 15 up to 600 that so many of the South throughout a built on all of these assumptions of speeds
and then when we started walking on our system we found that several sets of speeds that you would see. The sets of speeds with more than that 50 miles sound good by themselves because it would take so much time. Man 20 out of these high speed systems that it would not be a waterfall to use them within the right that we think that it was not of that to use these beats man. So they were not speeds. We've been there yes but speeds connecting us in the same way where you fall you fall into that. If we continue with speeds of weaknesses and we came to the conclusion that these speeds which would provide solutions part of the year 2000 for such big got a sweater between two handed down to
kind of 50 miles. Thinking in the same ways we see that with all sets of bodies on number the densities from the very high densities to the very low ones. And by combining the density of the speeds with the maximum time with the city we found that we cannot continue with a very low density is because then we are having an upset of us will never have enough buses to help the school children are going to be in very weak position to reach the schools the community is not going to be able to put part of this system. He needs maintenance. He says it would be completely related to the incomes of the people and therefore we came through economic and social considerations to conclusions about the view densities and many other factors. What the system provides is the following. Even if we
are wrong in many of our assumptions and the City Fathers those who are in charge of the comeback to say you forgot. One possibility south of Detroit you have selected only seven locations on it then we can insert a factor into the system and in 22 minutes of computer we can show the impact of this new factor on a very other factor so every part can be unsettled that and can be judged in this way. We begin on the road off a systematic object of the city and its problems. We begin to take out the likes and dislikes which are valued in aesthetics in space. As far as man can see
and feel but we are not the body to wed a man cannot see the forest much more of technology before the march modern economic and geographic. In this way by developing kept up that have ceased to matter about our cities we don't solve any problems but we have to solve them. Because the all of the experts is not to make the decisions for humanity and the community. These decisions have to be taken by on Saturday in a democracy the all of the expenses for me to unite the pattern at the hips and allow those who decide about our future to take the proper decisions in full knowledge of what they mean with such concede that we can be led to a better system for the city of the future. This city of the future
has to be built to be built in the U.S. it's this obligation. Tonight you had it out in your stand in front of the media and you've got to sell because you are out of the generation which will have to make it wake on the beat in Attic organizing the problem and opening it is you've got a generation that is going to sort of buy these violent cops off they're going to the media after asking this question. You may come back to me and say but it is difficult. It is a difficult task and then the only thing that Ican unself through that these two quote to you the critic something that the critic that I have a new course as on Zachary's has been before the dying that each way I
March of medicine
The story of hospitals
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