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It. Is not so difficult to understand if we you know why do we wear the hair to do in our own United States. If our Government of fate is to call with a crime and violence in the cities in that event the odds of us. Way ahead. To arm ourselves for our protection. Protection allowing of the ones who will have to teach our show that in the how to shoot how to kill will have a better time to teach them how to come close to killing him so we're not going to lower the music. Therefore ladies and gentlemen. I honestly believe. There are great powers especially the super states have not only had them order up the league ation. But our bounden duty to look our humanity to forget their differences and work together for their common security and survive until I want to go any state or like the United Nations or some similar organisation
instead of trying to kill each other off and destroy the entire world. But I would like to say that the war in south of anomaly had come to an end a one way way or another. It's a long ass and we have to live in this state of international Anarky where there's a nothing to protect us. The war in solitude when mom won't be there lest the roar there will have felt already the good Lord knows how many wars and we'll have to fight. Because in the state of anarchy Internet is an anarchy where there isn't nothing to protect us. Really is no way over life. Where we live it is a no more of all we know than the correlation of automobile use on the highways where there are no traffic who are stopped so they go and fall. Most. Then the question is how can we prevent a future wars. Lasting peace.
I spent 25 years of my precious life. For the study of this subject. Following my regulation from hot. As a result I would own up book entitled white mans peas which is long out of print but still may be found in some of the old university libraries or city lights. I set forth in this a volume. That allows to load in the subject. To my knowledge in North Scala has yet been repudiated. So I would like to say just a few words on this point with a good deal of confidence in myself. I think of course the best way to banish you will create peace. But that. Does not do with. Make good diagnosis of the disease and then to prod the Met. Is just same principle. You know to banish the war create peace and we must a knowledge of fundamental recall a simple rule and how to move it. Sim pressure back.
Then is the fundamental cause of war. Well I know many would say communists not achieve warmongers or there will be no appeased on Twitter. Communism is a complete that it is Charlie. There are many common is no believe that capitalism is to achieve causal war therefore there will be no peace on to Captain ism is a company that it is joy. Communism triumphs over a capitalist I think a board of them og did the new Rome of all things. Even you know we had all of that communism. All should I say democratic nations. We would have still ahead Will us so long as we happen to live in a state of inter-national an act. Which is the UN to make call all the rule which it breeds are warlike ideas of men and institutions.
Well then. Let me explain why their state of anarchy is to lie to me because of all of these rules. It is simple in a state of international Anarky where there's nothing to protect us when we feel it is secure. Therefore we could do together and we bloody the start of a nationalism if we lose our nationalism and patriotism with Greece if we start killing each other off. We had a decision table and pish in a state of the Internet here and on TV where they said nothing to protect us. Where my stom always show it was a fall protection. Against our troops we should have failed to arm ourselves. Riyadh defeated and I did. Therefore we have to presume the military has some way of undecided in a state of internet or an anarchy where there's nothing to protect those
as it is today. We must a constant to be strong to make our side stronger than the other side. The communist would have to do the same day. So all we present a picture of him Peter what are some. Communistic kept the list in the world are going to be impeded unless a minute head of cement nationalism really is no whaler life. No Moir we don't leave them no pollution over the automobiles on the highways when all traffic rules stop so go and fall. Therefore our attempt at banishing war creating PS. Without destroying a state of anarchy is sound is a very much like trying to get up with the evils of the most good orse. Without draining the swamps with you then.
Nothing shot of a hotel employee am I a nation of the state a state of international anarchy is so good you breed suspicion fear and suspicion. Would you breed all of these the warlike ideas. And men any institution necessary for the self. Nothing short of that will ensure. Peace and Security. How can we then banish the state into measure and. There is only one way that is. To create and develop a strong all. Effective instrument devil predictable security. Analysts and call on. The community of pop strong enough to protect the nations against a branch. Strong enough to protect the United States they can still be unique and twice first strong you know have to uphold the prince personal Fair Play a
mission. When there emerges as such it instrument democratic to be justice already then the nations of the world would be free to beat their swords into plowshares their spears into pruning hooks. Not before that and then. You will wonder. As filming them my thesis is sound. My my so we do. Why should it be the guide of all actions all policies. Well instead of a demonstrating against a rule wasting time that away instead on going in protest mat marches in front of the arms are manufactured from us or used to dry and trying to destroy kept those commies.
Only instead of cramming fault days our moment which you cannot be a success rate cut it out into a state of anarchy where we have to defend ourselves for so much. We are unwise to use all our energy time. We saw it in promoting and strengthening our straw on center other powerful you know up to banish their state of anarchy and protecting our nation's second step. Question then not. Why shall we. Nessie. Let's come down to some of the specific cases with the string that in our string getting our United States. Help the cause of peace. I would say yes. Because our United States has been the chief promoter of international cooperation.
She didn't really help Russia Communist Russia had grown more profitable would that help. Not until she stops trying to conquer and dominate the world and stop school operating with other nations for common security. No. What is serving in the Peace Corps for example or. Help the cause of promoting. Such an organisation. Yes because that would help create better understand. What is joining the hippies have. No I would say no just joining pesticides to disintegrate a society. We must be strong and weak to help the cause of water peace we can do it too much when we are caught up. Unproductive. And decade. That's going line. Ladies and gentlemen I believe deep down in my heart that our modern technology has a good
distance. Made a hole in the oceans. Me a pug owners made a whole load smaller than a one horse town today in our nation however of power for However fortunately located. Can haul to find peace and security without such an auto Tippi for connectivity. Justice then. Can we hope to find a peace and security in our cities without them one Hispanic government without the police. Without the color wheel. I wish I could say much more about it. But that is not really what I wanted to tell you. This morning you know what I really wanted to tell you. Idealistic energetic young people are even there isn't an Tommy
is something else. That is when my order Professor Thomas Nixon Kaba one of the greatest American economist told me he and other members of his of class when I washed it and Holland at that time he was teaching our homeless and social reform which was competitive a study of capitalism and communism. He started out by saying that before we did this Charlie capitalism and add up the communists we musta stood Ebor the system's a Caffre and then when done. Look joining up about the advantages and disadvantages that kept us from a communism for the rest of the year. Nah I have neither the time nor the wish them to discuss the subject this Professor Cobb would
dig and hollow. But I would like to explain to you some of these differences ease of use. In prayer and simpler times in terms of Col.. This is so simple that even the Congress can understand. These are some of the differences that I want to present to you. Now I associate myself if you have two collars. The government sticks around. And gives it to your neighbor. In a communism. If you happen to Carlos. You will be brought to the government. The government gives you some milk in fasces some. If you have two columns you keep the cows give the milk to the government which you then sends you some of the mint. In not
just some. If you have two columns the government shorts you and keeps the car. In Mali is someone if you have to calm the government issue which you Will Schuester collars Schuster consumers. In a new state to some. If you have to cause. You sure one. Mic the other. Poor the milk a talented drained you kept at it some. If you have to calm yourself around and buy a pool. I the key to the world. Thank you. If you think now you really think you can do
with the. Car was on a different system. Well of course. We'll have to end up there but until then I suppose we'll have to stream it all with the captives. Because if we destroy it destroyed it without our knowing that there are better substitutes then we would have we would have added afterwards. You remember I remember the woman who hated her first husband. So much of the Norseman I had a husband pass away then she would be married. Then shortly after her second marriage she began to wear morning Colonel and so France asked her if her second husband too had passed away. She replied No but her second husband was so bad that she began to moan for the first time span. I also remember another. Remember not total lock all the way and many people hated to John Guy Sheykh of the Nationalist China so much that
they helped his enemies to destroy him. After that Sean John Nash we got models that don't they didn't say anything to get to stop. Now we've got questions now we cannot afford to repeat those stupid mistakes. With our CD is the consequences. I realized that that outraged many people in this country today who are bent on destroying our United States. So dissatisfied with the conditions actually sitting here. But to a man like me who was born and weird up in order and expediency. Pawlick a mystery to Tinian despite some. Ol United States is an a little iPad a guy he's. Playing to would supply to mock him. We need a lot of stories to build a stance into the UN for film. Nor have I but if not I don't want snow on the.
Latter one mob or four floors nor the seat of one of the men doorman's in motel dreams. Here we have it every day. The stuff of. Pet divers. Which will make everybody happy on the success. Unfortunately millions of people are so it does satisfied with their life and it's a wonderful country and the it we don't want to destroy this country. I couldn't understand it first but now I think I can explain this change of pen abouts at least pocked. By telling us a well-known Chinese success story of a man. Who wars from a wrecked story to switch of it is seldom happens outside our United States. His name is on. That museum Mr tun up top. Gun a Papias bodies eaten in southern states in China is made into soup. When miss the tun up top was a wandering about the countryside.
In search for food and shelter. When you was home wouldn't. He stop. For a Chinese in the innkeeper served him up on top top top so. It was delicious. He had never tasted anything like. It. So years made a fortune and came to some way. Now he became very rich and prosperous he could eat the best food in the land. But. Nothing tasted as good as that. Turnip stop top soup that he had. So he sent for it in keep ahead and brew up all kind of pop soup just some like. But he didn't now taste a sin. So he complained by saying that it was not the same as soup. When a pundit innkeeper said to him. My buddy you are not to say when you are poor or whatever hungry my tastes are to go to your banal you are rich and the fact
that nothing in the rugged taste too good to you are packed. In plain language. In Cuba Tony Mr. tun up top that he was saw spoiled by conference on looks orange that he is satisfied with a nothing. In life. Ladies and gentlemen I believe that dad in keep torah at least a pot. Bar you sum up all people living in those or whatever kind is solid. These satisfied with their lives and want to discharge it is a country. Born with a silver spoon in them alts they have enjoyed a comfort and an exodus some much on song. That they have forgotten the meaning of poverty and misery. Therefore they cannot appreciate or enjoy the good things of life found in this affluent society they were born in freedom. We had in freedom. Have taken freedom from what ended dishonor lawless so much
that they have forgotten the meaning of that today and despotism. Therefore they cannot enjoy all the blessings of freedom. Just like a fish that has an evergreen outside on what. They darn near nofollow live isn't like. In this United States the land of the free. You know as I call it the country lecturing listing different universities and colleges. Not too often. But out. She surely I would run into some people. Not all of them were students. Who tell me something like this don't you're not up to par we don't have. Any more freedom you know United States. Then then it isn't the Soviet Union. You know a name I meet this kind of people where I wish I had the natural power. To round up all of these I'm nuts and
as well as all those who are bent on destroying this a country and giving them a free trip to China or to Russia. And let them find out how much of freedom is. I think of that is one reason they don't know why we got here. Therefore they cannot appreciate much. I was born and weird in Manchuria. Of Cody and pet and teach at the age of 13 I would and away from home. I own an hour way from home because my father told me that I was to marry on my head and thereby see. I told my father that I didn't want to marry him because I hated all the girls. I actually hated him all of that time of course and now I love them all. But my father paid no attention to what I had to say and he went on ahead with that arrangement of what a
wedding. Well not just a day before the wedding I had an hour earlier from home that was the first and last time that I ran away from our good. Now of course I make them wait on you instead. Ever since I became a mom and all for. A man without a country. Roaming all over the world. Fortunately I stumbled into the United States and that part since my and I realize I was a teddy bear in hand it kept. Buying it that teddy bear arms be company image and language. Then too I was a. Put on that totally if it disadvantageous by the horrible lesion or put in a dish 10 times worse then what is today. And in fact today major prejudice to separating so fast with that. Well before long there won't be much upgraders NFTA NSD extremist on both
sides spoiled. In spite of all these handed camps the discrimination and prejudice I look a hot dog and I finished my doctor's degree at Harvard the grade to City University in the world. Except in part helps our Sunday were state college. Now am I going to do it at all. All of those could do it. If there are only willing to work as hard as I did instead of bringing somebody else. I say this because opportunities on so it went and it provided for everybody now and I do state that today it is a practice get it impossible for anyone to fade in life. Because some lack of opportunities. I have seen much less slums but I can tell
you from the bottom of my hot despite all the propaganda to the contrary I want to see a conferee didn't tell me that. Even the humblest a child. The poorest of family in the worst slums in our United States and as so much opportunity to get an education to prepare for success in life. As are the other kids. In the rest of the world accepting the most a privilege to defeat you. I wish I could have gone and tell you some of the things that I saw and I know in my travels throughout the country. But. My time is up though or so you want to know more about my. My views on my America. My view is a philosophy of life. My view is of the word instead of listening to me. You can read my book. My name is supposed entitled Long time no
see. That's about the only book which I have written which is a not get out of print. Before I call us I know my time is up but breezy if Jim is to say the last word if I don't do this I won't have a Chinaman's chance to do it again. Thanks George. I want to say just one word a moment while I travel about the country. I often meet young people who like to do stuff and would need it that I was stupid all the generation might grow up to Holroyd with the nuclear bombs and there won't be any future worth preparing for. But I maintain that our new pretty age. Instead of being more dangerous might be safer say five and are the other ages which have passed into history despite.
Our stupid politicians and departments. Just one example. But for the fear of the nuclear bomb Norden Tempero right or whatever happened over the boom in prices over the missile crisis in Cuba of the rule in the solid when. All the lorry in the Middle-East auto plant were no prices. But the very fact that none of these crises as yet escalated into a major world war is almost the end. Tali due to the restraining Pollard of the nuclear bomb. That alone makes me believe that our new pretty AG may not be as dangerous as most people feel. Because as long as we have to live in the state are we in to measure and on TV. We may have to continue to fight some real core wars here are nothing. As we are doing in South Vietnam today. But I told him the war. Was something in an isolation are millions of human beings as in the past World War sees an
unthinkable in this and you pretty you know my guess is that when many more of you young people might get killed in the automobile accidents by lung cancer then all of the loss of what you may have to fight. I don't know what happen in the future. I have no crystal ball but I believe the heart of our problem going to happen in our future world would be similar to what was happening in China for centuries. In China when the barbarians and Chinese were thrown together into the same Chinese the world as we are in today's. 100. Bobbitt insteps some of the Chinese and Chinese too took some from the barbarians in the end of the month didn't do one one civilization. Was always a man. Need the Chinese know about the Indian. But a combination of
both. That's what the Chinese stock today. Similarly the common use water bottle are some features of all kept in the same as the Soviet Union you're stewing right now in the field of economics kept in distant countries there are some features of. Communism. As we are doing today in promoting a welfare state only Great Society. Eventually there will rise a new will cut you a new civilization A new ways a man would be neither communists nor capitalised but I sinned this is a battle. And there are no rewarding them killing murdering in the name of a captain is a mole communism. Would seem as a silly and stupid as are are the horrible crimes committed. In the name and for the sake of Allah most full of God in past history. That isn't my face. Fade in.
Why would I want to know all that well you know which went all. OK. And we have had. The old Dr. No young Park speaking at the twenty sixth annual Institute on world affairs. His topic in keeping with this institute central theme of revolution was multiple revolutions in the Far East. This is James H Mason speaking inviting you to join us next week on the series for another presentation from the Institute on world affairs. This program was produced by the Department of Telecommunications and film. At Sunday it goes State
College this is the national educational radio network.
Revolution: 20th century phenomenon
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