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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcasts are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre part two of an epic for radio by Robert Graves. The anger over killing. Two thousand six hundred years ago. In a royal courtyard in Greece and audiences relaxing with wine cups of the elbows. Sat waiting for one of Homo's story telling the sun. Eco. Heat back to back.
Make money on a servant of the god Appollo let him enter the prison. I'm honest. Welcome again son of glorious hope. We are here assembled as you see hope of entertainment. But first is your wine cup filled to the brim. Thank you shepherd of your people. And Ana and his noble servant the Bard. Yes. I see things to the dogs. Turtle shell. Again from the tenth year 600 years ago Prince Paris of Troy by the St.. His wife of Sparta and King of
Troy refused to send her. I tell again young prince who had brought his myrmidons to fight the Trojans last had quarrelled with the Greek commander in chief. I sang before the angle of Achilles and told how it was a roused to a night of its crew implacability the and. The and. It was a rush to arms in Troy and soon the Trojan infantry poured out through the Gates yelling their war cries and on to the scum envy and great clouds of dust arose from the pain as the Trojan forces advanced at the double against the silent well-disciplined rings before battle could be joined by Prince. How does a boy darted between. The water and carried a bow and two bronze headed spear.
We challenge me you know how. How do except you eat this. Yeah I was already Luskin no spot on you go ahead and crummy my queen. My father's use crumpet I Sprott you know I am. What is this. Can it be that you think that I got caught and I want your run for shelter behind right. I am needed for some NGO here I am so this woman might go far enough. I wish she were not I mean not to die three young to the skies I was told you dared not face mentally and find out what sort of a husband you are the rock I had was why is a
bit of practice in either your life. Play know your pretty nor your profile will avail you much again to shop spear and sword shop would be a bit of a hectare coming from you. They cut like the X to be shipped Ike. He shapes the beam and every stroke. Yes but why you condemn up on these loving kindness to me. Should I be ungrateful for what he has so freely given to free. If you forbid me to withdraw my challenge then make your mean sit down ask the Greeks to follow their example and watch me fight to be unhappy mentally not with our sticks beheaded on her foot. This is not a bible to take both eyes if you want true to your word. But I went on court I threw bricks androgens dish. I'll hold your fire coverage Prince hectored of Troy had something to announce he's placing them in back with the spear shaft back pretty speculative.
The hiking economics don't. Accept this. Here is a message from my brother putting spotty talk to Rory. He invites you to ground sit down and watch while King middle son himself fight it out fairly between our eyes. The stakes are human and have fun. You only survive both single combat. What say you to that by going to a lez as the Chiefs suck it up from Prince Paris his treachery I hope that the end of these hot hot mortars had lost in sight. Right about whichever of us two may be doomed he must die and let the armies disengage without further fighting. First. Victim is. Black blonde. And King Priamus try to be Simon too but this. We cannot trust his son.
So why is the little bit of both obvious dismounted from the chariots of Troy sent to Harold's scurrying across the plain to summon King Priam and fetch the sacrificial lambs. And when King Priam presently drove up in his chariot Agamemnon treated him ceremoniously. A solemn sacrifice was performed and oaths consecrated with the victim's blood and with libations of wine poured by all the royal witnesses. Hear how Agamemnon announced it. How does follows if Prince Paris of Troy kills my brother King middle layers of Sparta. He was at liberty to keep Queen Helen with her entire fortune and we will sail peacefully home if contrariwise King millionaires of Sparta kills Prince Paris of Troy. You Trojans must surrender Queen Helen with her entire fortune as well as paying me an indemnity so large that it will become real. I turn. Short of
King Priam and his sons failed to pay me the aforesaid indemnity. I shall regard those truths and to fight the war to regain. The field of combat into a bronze helmet has to decide who should throw the first spear. Keeping his head shook the helmet prepared for the fight. Putting on a pair of green with silver clasps and bowing of course led from one of his brothers across this drink from which hung the scabbard of his silver studded sword a menacing crest embellished his helmet. Then he chose a strong shield and a top spear of
convenient weight. When US had also armed himself a deep hush fell on both armies as the opponents strode forward and stood brandishing their spears Paris made the first cast. Struck. But the point the. Shield side pierced took no hurt. How does this go with Preston swung around cops strangled by the avoid the chinstrap. How does could not help being dragged off towards the great line here the combat would have ended in many ways his triumphant death of this boy. But.
What happened. What happened what happened did you shake him stepbrother when ileus is holding an empty helmet with Paris. Did anyone see him go. Behind the battlements on the walls of Troy. So the group of aged Trojan counselors though too old to fight. Admirable talk with a persistent and shrill as the sick odd as that seen throughout a summer day perched on the branches of trees. As Helen approaches these graybeards mutter earnestly among themselves. And. Crying God cannot blame. Him for but presence here in dangers us
all. Of course a good idea disguised as a needed spot on the screen at home. How did you start him as per. My Lady Helen Prince Paris said me to fetch you. He is that home. Don't you stay out with when you find night and as and as ever I. Aphrodite. I see through your mortal disguise. How can you see me so Seaview nonjudgmental Les has killed Paris and I must go back to spatter. Are you trying to lead me elsewhere. Have you taken a fancy to some new prince who you want to reward with my A capacity as you were awarded Paddy so too. Why should I
own a mentor. Not not those couch nice Trojan Women would write. Because if they're out of it and I have trouble enough from them they provoke my and got nasty and I will do that too. But by my timely help Paris has escaped from the field. Now would you. Forgive me Aphrodite divine protectress to my house. Will you. Be. The. Soon. To disgraceful site. I almost wished my former husband had put you out of your misery. You used to boast right
from that. Go back and challenge him once more often they go they said Feeney had been to Laos to win some other day. I may be victorious whom you and I also have a go this evening. Come and let us me. I now have a passion for you since we have no time spot. That first night to get on the ice at the night. This is going to be a swan. I thank you gracious Halford tight. Oh. My. God. Meanwhile many layers went prowling through the enemy ranks like a wild beast seeking the prey
that has escaped it. And Paris was not to be found. And at last Agamemnon cried out. I did. And it was the immediate surrender of the entire fortune. That it will become. King Priam who had returned to his city of Troy would have felt obliged to make good so solemn an oath. But the Goddess is here and Athena was still bent on the Destruction of Troy as a desperate expedient. I think he decided to break the truce and flew down to the battlefield disguised as a Trojan. She appeared before us a trojan ally. Take my advice bandages I think up the flame. Think of Paddy. Great he can be counted upon to pay you. Quick. Take me
off I used to me and God of justice at once. You will sacrifice on his altar. Like a king Pandarus listens to Pallas Athene he drew his polished Audix hone both from its case a magnificent weapon eight foot long with golden tips noting this to the ground strung it with booze sinew but did so behind a screen and she opened his quiver fitted a brand new shaft to the bowstring bent the bow back to his chest until the iron bars were level with his bow hand. An instant later he let fly and string lined hurtled. Posted herself in front of M.S. and like a loving mother brushing a fly from her sleeping child guided the arrow to where it would do the least damage in his flank nipping the skin.
And I don't want to trick me. I fear this truth has proved your ruin the Trojans have broken the armistice and transfixed you with that. Now I am more than ever convinced the seal business should be most unhappy about there if you would have come to that out o the old F by removing the cause of this war might set my men clamoring for home and how ashamed I should be to find myself back in my senior having allowed the Trojans to make good their old boast of keeping Helen out of your. My brother would rock him Trojans and the proud Trojans capering on your tool would scoff and say we play the gods that Agamemnon has sailed away empty handed and noble many layers lies here beneath our feet his mission unaccomplished rather let the Earth's wonder me ally the new the Trojan should say such things. Do not say such things yourself. This auto stings but it does not mean any vital spots so why spread despondent by the minute.
I hope that you are right but pray for a surgeon at once to examine your healing. Where is my noble Harold. Tell CBS send the surgeon inform him with my compliments that some truth has unfortunately succeeded in wounding my brother keep him at once and now Greeks fight with your own. Thus the Goddess is here and my food was resumed. The armies met with a clatter. How do you get Spears make you feel a tremendous din the cries of agony felt as many here. Again intervene. He was the young and
she helped him by it was the God who guided one javelin but struck between nose and penetrated his upper jaw sliced his tongue and emerged near the crook of his jaw bone. And his horses jumped sideways in fright. Then one day found this and he knew that his mother to his rescue from. Many other Greek champions likewise distinguished themselves present everywhere giving the Greeks the upper hand. Even the aged king to fight about the battlefield in a chariot urging his comrades for one. Meanwhile the bright helmed tried to rally his disorganized soldiers but he
saw that only an immediate and some sacrifice to divert further disaster. B How did towards Troy to arrange this and as he went his enormous black bull's hide shield drummed against his powerful neck and ankles. He pushed through crowds of anxious women at the western gate of Troy. His mother. Was busy. She knew. Have you left the battlefield to invoke father's use was it to the human glory. Oh wait then why not put you wine for libation and for your own requests. Thank you mother but I want wine. Please assemble all the old women of Troy in Pallas Athene his temper. Yes my son then unlock the holy in the shrine. Cover the divine image with your grandest the robe and of
my software tried auction. If she would restrain Dyo midis terrible speak up. And save our city its the women and children in my cowardly butt out of Paris stories you win the battle of not mother earth would open and swallow him up the deal gently with the gifts brought nothing but degree from Father Priamus own grave. Mother of the gods. God did this I think. I pray God these lands let faith cause him to fall inside dead. I thought again. And he
said. A sacrifice of. Oxen which have never yet saw the road. Think I'm not. But when all his so who do you call on. You have a stock that you know is against this print. How did how does his house and best into the bedroom.
And he found her in among her women as they embroidered linen cloth powders sat nearby. My brother. Has some sort of good j against throat. Why not because of you that a lot of people are dying in defense of these award shows. You must of shock and scream shop words again but again. After my life I felt I wanted to have a good cry on the chair in this bedroom. Helen has just suggested that I should fight again and I am taking her advice as does one who will win the next round.
Wait while I go ahead I would sort of think you know my brother in law if a creature like myself may venture to claim kinship with you know how I wish the tempest had burst over me at birth and carried me off to my destruction at least that I had eloped with a better man than Paris. Someone who would not make you not to the content he deserves is a cottager play shameless and all your troubles have been caused by his being rocked. My dear those you so of course who punishes moves in the air. And long to do. But because dear arise if songs about me. But do die.
And why. I mean not to do that heading I must back the troops need me make my way. Yes yes. That's correct I was returning to the battlefield. He met his wife and John McHugh and the nurse maid carrying their 3 year old son the scum and me. Has this ridiculous cut it will be out and do we. Have to unspin Monday is gonna add to the battlefield again. So no wait that's the most difficult day you have enjoyed with me darling son.
I can you know well and that I'm a key. What about things weigh heavily on my heart. And surely you would not have me betray my honor I have always fought in the vanguard of my Father's glory and my own. But the artist and the high holy city of Troy is fated so long before. And though every man in Troy must die around King Priam their troubles me a little and I brood only agony that awaits you lead weeping into slavery by some clad conqueror. May I live. By think of the sound of your heart broken we. Stretched out his hand to those little scum and yes. We shrank away hugging his prettiness made. The bronze aamod terrified him and so did the toll of horse have plume that knotted fiercely from his father's helmet. And dramatist smiled amid her
tears. Picked us smiled too. Into movies and laid it shining on the ground. Talks come and rest in his arms kissing and bending him. And whispered a prayer to Zeus for his safety. Horse use. So a lot of the sky and all you I thought God's on high ground that my infant son may live together. But he's a of I beg you for this boy. A bold strong hot to government throw away and shy as one sees the shock made this whole city new was upon his feet. So I live in a war to cheer his mother's hobby one small. Then let all say see they can. He's father was the NSA man. Why did I stand on the cake. And you're back with us.
Hey. Dearest why restrain your grief. The Greek will kill me unless the gods but I'm eating. And then who can evade his fate. We go home now attend to your spinning and weaving. Keep your women that work there. What is a man's task about especially my nose come on that in chief. Leave that to me. Ekta picked up the pool helmet set it on his head again and made quickly for the gate. As endemic to climb the hill that led to the citadel. Glancing back off the. Great tears rolled down her cheeks. Then Paris came running past him.
I should have. I hope people come to believe he has brought on a normal course. The exhausted Trojans still fending off attacks once the two brothers came rushing back to me. Again with a crash and then after as a sign that the Trojans would be victorious that day. Behind the faucet. At the palace window a mother of the gods
her step daughter. Time on the point of massacre and nobody dares face the back or rage of one single man. Terrible casualties he has inflicted. Nothing would please me more than to watch his death agony but microbursts have been evil tempered Father Zeus continually upsets our plans. He is granting the Goddess just because she kissed his knees and caressed his beard and begged him to take pity on his son Achilles and help the Trojans tomorrow. Perhaps he is bright again but not today because Achilles is messing his anger against the Greeks fathers use will help the Trojans. Quick as your horse is a battle face when we come charging on the road in this will is great.
Dogs are steady. From his seat and saw what was afoot and indignantly summoned the golden winged iris of the gods by as fast as you can intercept those two got it is and warn them to keep out of this battle. Solemnly off and so the thing that no other must take me to have lost his legs and crushed chariot wheel and rough man from the cold and rain tossed them away you will not be by my Thunderbolt and bright I think the Iraqis will hear I am not so rather afraid of war with wife they are all laws by your.
Items to the fathers he was his message whereupon he had to and Athena turned that divine chariot about and drove back twenty six. That night picture of Troy left in possession of the battlefield. People act his men close to the Greek ramparts guarding their fleet within the Greek camp. After confusion reigned Agamemnon dazed by grief convened a Hadid council of war heads. Fathers You must have cursed me with blindness I never suspected so cool a trick. Despite his firm promise that I should not quit the shores before checking draw you know expect me to sail home dishonored by immense losses if such is your pleasure what can we do.
Venerable minister your advice was always voted the best in the old days. Give us more of a most noble son. Remember how you can. Do not propose to speak good links on a name to use Thomas. It seems not just fall and that somehow be prepared in a bank would spread as counselors. This is at once the hiking was due to air and privilege. And your How to Will's talked with why I couldn't fit it across from St.. Then let's be prepared. Oh but meanwhile give me all kinds of them a bonus card to be ringed around by the enemy's camp fires is no laughing matter. The fate of our expedition will be decided tonight. My lord Agamemnon I don't try to be yours full as possible and I doubt whether anyone here will speak wiser words than Mike. Indeed this thought has been floating in my head ever since the day when it was enjoyable to dig the slave girl breaks tears from Achilles art
not only without a heart of approval but against my express warning. In short you were a fool to let your proud heart betray you introduce honoring our hero whom the gods themselves or you were robbed or killed these prizes and still retain. Now he is not depriving us of these myrmidons yet he is not too late to think how we may we need renewed support by appeasing him. I need you and for a league if Your Venerableness to your animadversions I will do as I do not deny having acted like a fool I repent of my hasty passion and shall make amends in the form of a stupendous indemnity always offered up and secondly on the understanding that he yields to my entreaty and forgets his grudge of course and acceptable delegates to Achille years hot.
See here. If I choose the Myself will anyone raise of good should I name the venerable VDX graciousness of my own and two noble heroes will accompany the house at No. Pray my lord for water that we may wash our hands but beat and drink. Knowing that the.
Metropolis. Yes my lord. Well. I'm glad I am to see your faces again I've missed you all. Greetings Ajax. Greetings nix my beloved noble head drop strong to drink and bring cups for these friends of mine. So they sat and drank coffee and feasted them plentiful the on beef pork roasted over the five. Then Ajax
nodded to Phoenix who was to speak. Odysseus However intercepted the nod and spoke first. You know he's splendid. Not only in Agamemnon but also. By good food and drink by no means sole preoccupation of the moment. After a serious reverse lets you step into the breach we shall contrive to save the Trojans and their allies. Tonight a long line of fires just outside our defenses. Hector of Troy made it. He swears to assault the campe but fleet as your last chance to save the Greeks from massacre always regret it. Pray let your
anger cool the High King Agamemnon is anxious to conciliate you with gifts that match your achievements. This is no new money the treasure seven three legged bronze kettles ten talents of gold twenty shiny copper cauldron washers six pairs of race winning chariot horses and of the seven craft women marvelously beautiful chosen by himself from the booty you wanted. Also the pretty bride do the other day namely rise years of taking the oath that he has had no common knowledge at all. Prisoners will be delivered to you at once and if Zeus grants us the honor of sacking Troy then you may claim the additional right to select not only our whole shipload of gold and bronze but the twenty loveliest women found in the city. Queen Helen.
Alone except for the moment if we come safely back to the rich land of Greece king promises he will marry you to whichever obviously you royal daughters you prefer my lord it is serious prayer was no more than coaxing me to change my mind when I heard the man who conceals his true feelings as I read the gates of hell. I was 11 I make myself play since Agamemnon never showed mourners gratitude for the cut this week so I performed at his request. Neither he nor any Greek alive will persuade me to accept these belated advances no less than 12 successful CD Trojan times and 11 successful land raids. Probably everyone I brought back a huge roll of booty which the greedy High Kings shared amongst his closest friends but he kept most of it himself doling out of a few treasures only as prizes are now my fellow Britons are
kept as Agamemnon chose to rob me. Activities of my little slave girl. Pricey as is still in this part of my we can do with it what it pleases you no longer means anything to me. And since the hiking is cheated me of my prize I have learned to distrust him and he may as well abandon his attempt at flattery I told Jones over the past 7am for her to have joy in your back behind the rampart city. While I still took the feelie never ventured far from his walls however having no quarrel with a noble act shows sacrifice to his divine family at sunrise tomorrow. And those of you who watch my myrmidons pulling lustily at the all of those we say Laufer across the Hellespont is the royal indemnity not your hard bargain that Prince Achilles.
I'm going to send you here is delegates because the shameless dog did not dare to meet my eyes I reject this indemnity and would still reject it though he offered me ten or twenty times more. I cannot ask for the high teens that I would call my daughter appears even if she rivalled Aphrodite the golden in beauty and skill and you might as well advise him to raise the sea level in the whole world can see that. Protect those lofty wall. Nor do their defenders like us fellow killers or any other man accepts blood money even for the loss of a brother or son you alone are different than sitting you are proud and implacable gratin all because of a captive. Now the High King offers you seven others as well. The loveliest the most skilled in his possession. And so why then did I ask that
because the view from my host to his guests. Not only is the council. Brothers in Arms like. The ships of my people keep it a battle of good fortune. And whether or not he fought. That home.
Was already approaching the sheer walls of Troy. And seated himself on. Ice just ropes and shell that breaks right back and kill them without. I did as he was ordered and presently a spear point pinked Agamemnon's She shuddered but continued to ply his spear.
However. We like a woman in China mounted his chariot and headed despondently. As a lefty. Must. Some of Congress promise you. I'll show you fight like heroes. Then Heck I haven't been in smalltown many times over by the
media's counterattacked and gave the coverage a brief breathing space as when a couple of wild to break. His neck to despoil a trojan nobleman who killed Paris of Troy hidden behind a pillar that mocked an ancient tool fitted and I know to his bowstring and took a head transfixed the soul of the right foot and pinned him to the ground. But why did you not expose your growing and let me make it a war that would have been a great blessing to my people. You scanned them as a lion's share of mountain goat steam out of your little boat. We met in single combat you can probably weapons once with Joe Johns is me. This arrow is pinning my foot round coward yet it
means less to me than a slap from a woman or a punch from small boy. When I fight I fight. Yes once my spear reaches the man of whom it is his widow is soon tending her cheeks and the wailing of fatherless children and vultures lets women attend the funeral. I mean great pain. Keep God this is what I have for my fortune. Oh oh oh it is he's driving me off the field in the hotel yes. He. Was forced to quit and so was speared in the leg. It was indeed a maiming back.
From the high stern of his ship. I have taken another surgeon. I'm here prince but Drucker's welcome.
He can drink with my companion in my sort of idea I cannot spare the time a venerable Nestor. I have been sent by a man universally feared Achilles in fact he asked me to identify your wounded companion. I recognised Mackay on the surge and I must be off without delay. Dinner open a store you know the key is quick temper. Unless I return at once he will grow angry. Why should I when you are the wounded. He waiting for the fleet to go up in flames before it will help us. Does he anger compassion or drink. Most refreshing. Thank Your Venerableness to her. I repeat why is interested you know losses. Think only of these private. Do you repent your corpse. You know I believe that if you do have a truckload well to speak seriously to a kid he might listen. If I were to
speak of heroes heroes was no one like a friend would breaking down a stubborn spitted and why should he not send you out here to be his moment and let you borrow his own splendid shield Obama hope but I hated the Trojans would mistake you for Achilles and start fresh and vigorous troops as yours should have no trouble in defeating those exhausted army. Yes because you are her a gleam in your eye. Are you longing to do better. Farewell dinner of a Mr I shall keep your words in mind it may be that they will bear fruit. Will Will. The two should nobles have dismounted and one about to leap into the force that protected the Greek
ramparts. What a terrible portent they saw on the left hand clutched in his talons. But the serpent was still and subdued it darted its fangs into the eagle's breast. Released his prey and sailed off on a current of wind. This was good at what we have is a manifest warning. An eagle flies on the left hand clutching a serpent which he releases before the
heat on it. What misread the divine message. Thus even if you force the Greeks to retreat behind us continue. Reaching the fleet. Your troops will be driven off and back across the US. You are not joking Matt. How can you ask me to forget Zeus is promised spirit by his own messenger son confirmed with his divine nod. Instead I'm expected to study the habits of my own I mean nothing to me whether they fly east towards the dawn out of west towards mistimed darkness. I don't trust the Lord Almighty as you sticking out of Gods and Men. The message the divine message is defend your country. But one thing stands to reason that the rest of us die among the enemy ships you at
least have no need of cowards always a danger to hang back from this assault on the fuel for. The aid. How do you scale the ramparts down the parapet and Fort hand-to-hand against the great defenders of the targets climbing in a desperate struggle which we called peasants disputing the ownership of the fields not grow. But we tend how much use he says your greedy friend runs here in this so I have a measuring
rod and drive every scoring my own in the US. But isn't it from DNA between the opposing kind of pits of shields and spears took the place of measuring. 10 targets. Yet neither side could dislodge. If the fortunes of war remain no less delicately poised than that poor widows until he
and his company forced their way over the bridge. While his comrades scaled the parapet and stormed into the targets picked up the huge rock near the gateway. It was so enormous that the two strongest men living today could only just heave it from the ground. But the spirit of Zeus had come upon him. He lifted the boat out as easily as a shepherd with a sheepskin and ran towards the gates which were massive and reinforced by cross together planting himself a short distance away. Advancing one foot in order to assist his cost and aiming at the very center of the fly with a deafening crash the crossbars flew in pieces and the gates bust open glinted his eyes blazed yet he looked
suddenly night. No man alive could resist him. It would need a god. My old king my voice we had. Another night. I will sing more sweetly. Go to bed take. And good night to you. We've heard Part 2 of the anger of Achilles. An epic for radio by Robert
Graves from his translation of Homer's Iliad Agamemnon was played by Maurice Dunham Achilles by Robert Hardy and is used by John Slater Nestor by Norman Shelley Hector by Gabriel Wolfe. Paris by traitor Faulkner and Helen by Jane went to. The part of female yes was spoken and sung by Dennis Quilly. Roberto Gerhard composed the special music and Raymond Raikes directed the BBC World Theatre production which want to predict. These world theatre programmes are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for the final part of the anger of Achilles. This programme was prepared for broadcast by W. R. v r the FM
station of the Riverside Church in New York City. This is the national educational radio network.
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