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Will you now dear listeners a moment for reflection. The two self-exiled friends from Athens you went pretty pissed the terrorists have come a long way towards their hope of founding a world of the goods by the birds and for the birds. With the help of their wounded friend the hobo the birds have been convinced by the new leaders that they can be the lords of all mankind that they can found their own city and rule instead of merely being the subjects of the gods. When we last left our heroes they were about to join the world of birds in their new kingdom. Oh here they come now. Let's listen. Here we are God in all my days I never seen a steely outside. Do you want those baby ways they take me. You know what you look like you look like an abstraction of a ghoul. Yeah well if you're supposed to be a black butt boy somebody's botched the job.
You know more than the choice to give these barbs their bite. Remember the poor birds in that Escalus play what was it shot down by chefs of their own father. What's the next move. First give our city some highfalutin name then a sacrifice to our new go to a special sacrifice ya me about. How do you propose to name the city. How about Sparta. That's a grand or name with a pretentious ring great hair. Please call my city spy. I wouldn't sell my mattress by given a name like splatters What do you suggest instead something big smack into the clouds. A pinch of fluff in rare in a swollen so I've got. One clue who knew a little bit about me and it's a big kid and imaginations happy have these bills castles in the air becomes a millionaire.
Do we have the brain from agree on that windy battlefield of blah blah. Put the gabbling dogs all brag the were the giant most were blended but which dog should we designate as patron protect and why not Athena it's bound to seem a bit odd isn't it. I mean a female God is protecting our walls with a spear while men like heist unease it home with her knitting and you come to think of it. God off store carry one of us through their terrible scrappers and Famous Five little chicks of still cool for cock. He's that perfect that for protecting too much Manhattan to me yes you man up the river you know they're really now supervises workers on the Hill for a line run the rubble up and rapidly Quick lets them. What a man using up the ladder with your heart. Them all down the centuries. The furnace you know the watchman's round ride Ketch to
now send your hero's off I'm going to the gods above the ones of the Lord was below and there's a story that I'd just tell you I can I help you obey your oldest friend unless you do your share we can get done. Now let me see. Priest priest supervisors like replace but don't touch me a priest. And when you're finished bring me a basket. The
God. Of the priest arrived. No not sacrifice. I have a house in the news. Yeah as in the sacrifices and sevens. Of nests to the house holding area hawk to all the Olympian cocks and cook it to the talk to the Phoebe virgins here who would pick a pan to die. Mother of mortals and God killed your queen great mother of health and length of life.
They protect us for the kid and don't like the way he talks. Come here come the gallon you look calm trust Bill and bunting on to pop die Bob Dylan Finch. Come on parents come out of the library just where you want to be deaf man. Inviting both yours and eagles and suchlike to our feast. Or were you aware one single beak could talk at all the way out the figure blasted ribbons with it. So help me I'll finish the sacrifice myself. That few. Do. Was it.
Was he one. Was he a hot sun. Let us look at one of the tripe of those
who is from your close friend your muses must be bankrupt. Tell me what popped you here. So long has your little grinding out this chair. But that's impossible. Maybe I just gave birth. I just sweep the Muses sweep didn't steal the galloping use of the new. Great hero of the.
Little I think we better ride this big before we die of dog you. I'm not the one your overcoat or dress. Or what you're shivering with cold or my new steps this might is. Never leave. Who
knew. You catch my drift. I catch your drift. You want some underwear for the bullets to freeze and no clear out look through. Home was on the Golden Rule. Oh Muse with the chattering teeth. You mean seeing this capital of cool these vehicles. We have rows and we are
off. I have to wear the 0 0 0. Mike how do you like that griping about the cold after making off with a new winter outfit in the name of Heaven that plate discovery is so fast to work again. Take up your labor and circle the altar boy and we resume our inaugural sacrifice once again for a bit and I say let no on thoughts the blazes are you may I ask. I am the prof. But we mustn't scoff. Friends I have brought you an article of the prophet to break us down I'm spent and Lee alluding to the city of cloud cuckooland Why did you wait till after I found my city before
disgorging this revelation that I could not come in the voice. Yeah I suppose we'll have to hear you expound your own law in that they live Wolf and the crew do for God and compain you on the air. At that point where Corey keys of C he r care what his current got to do with me. Diets are ambiguous of Scott and signifies as a breeze and I say every white sheep to Pandora. But do they see who brings by B has even the previous Avon Vinter coat plus a pair of sandals. They back his best sandals look in the book I did it go up a little vial and I dip a blip of good judgement it says Gyp Lundahl look in the book. If all glassy view Dahl does as I enjoy a legal eagle beings these very day out of Dine not so much as
regional Vavi of Tao the Ikhwan really says that there are look in the book you know your oracle somehow don't mesh with mine and I got these from Apollo's mouth this low if the chance that some fake intruder troubling my worship and skill rounding for food let his ribs be bashed and his other parts smack. But your bluff you know. Look in the book smite on I say a penny profit should come. Yea the only songs like this one for the greater the baker the harder his bum should be better. Good luck. Signed a public list. It's thought you look in the book. Oh take there. Let's go somewhere else take your business stranger what your racket What a tragic error brings you here. Who are you. Yes of course. Who else
could I be. Special appointment Colonus and go to the speaker walked by the convection principle much faster. Interesting the kind of calibrating the arc already. You know I don't value it by turning the light on the vector deft I designate as the center of cloud cuckoo Astro right. For me this man's a regular.
Meet me. I've taken quite a shine to you. My advice for him. There's still time UN just a fake the kind of danger when meeting spot you know nasty little things. Why do you mean the expression. I certainly hope not. And then what is the trouble. You know fraud is not punishable by thrashing. So you're just throwing out oh oh you're so bright oh ard you're gone so are they some other place will you show me a man. This specter general of clock local and county invested I might add on who is a thought out why the powers vested in me by virtue of this piddling pays the paper he signed I want to ask.
Let me propose a little deal right now provided you leave the capital suggests as it happens my presence is urgently needed. There have been one of the prices you send I'll pay you off right. No harm done. What does this outrage me off. Round one of the great debate bunch This is mutiny. Gentlemen now I call on you to bammy what this man will follow us home. Can an inspector on the one check your ballot boxes with you when you go when I'm down my Top and Conquer all sitting in one of their inspectors before we finish the inaugural service. See it is. Proof I did that if any cloud cuckoo land me in jail all wrong it is citizen of gods now not another
board with a book of laws and statues at your service for a shipment of by a special sale for only better demonstrate your wares on a custom design. Public speaking and sure however be it to here power provided by law that from the date specified. All the weights and measures of the car owner to be adjusted to. You don't live here not just last year when your laws are on a car of mine on the skin of your trailer I must summon the defendant Tyrone's to stand trial on charges of assault and battery. Not little neighborhood. No one saw you back tonight. If any man in the prosecution of you do welcome
him with the cut is prescribed by you back here to. Have you. I'm so in you that 2000 bucks is what's up. Remember that evenin when you want to rest up. There's times when you nuff said. No peace. Yes we.
Really. Do. Really. The. Witness was. You're no gentleman but proclamation looks posted everywhere in town. Wanted to meet. One challenge for a war for any man who caters to the tyrant. We bad have published our own proclamation. Oh yeah wanted dead already dead or alive.
One talent dad for ten inch if taken live but proceed with great quarter on us. Oh I wanted for murder and cruelty to budge on the following counts so yeah yeah. But you know I think Jews tend to ask you a. Little bit more disfiguring Prussianism I mean you're in for a fun time putting soften up $10 in black bags Nostra. It was a tender in the picture and intended to ensure mourning and keeping in captivity. Well we suggest that.
You just now. Really keep the seat.
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Classical drama
The birds, part 4
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents part 4 of The Birds by Aristophanes, in a new translation by William Arrowsmith.
Series Description
This series presents full-length productions of Greek and Roman plays of antiquity in modern English translation with original music especially composed for this series. Each play is introduced by William Arrowsmith of the University of Texas.
Broadcast Date
Comic drama
Media type
Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Speaker: Arrowsmith, William, 1924-1992
Speaker: Arnott, Peter
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 61-58-2 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:22:54
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