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You're listening to music by Don Gillis and because it's Christmas time my personal Christmas card to you will be 28 minutes and 45 seconds of music. And we'll begin the celebration of the holiday season as Ralph Hunter conducts the Gothic choir and David Wayne narrates. Norman Vincent Peale story of the Nativity the coming of the King.
Joseph was a carpenter fire across the seas in a small country at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. There is a little hill town. Set among all the little towns of Galilee called Nazareth. Where some 2000 years ago Joseph had his carpenter shop in a room of his house. They say he was a fine craftsman. Surely he was a good man. And the townspeople were proud to have his work. The shop was always full of children watching the clean shavings as they fell away from his night. Trying to bring it on their heads absorbed in making something with the wood to let them know what a clean fresh smell would hit. It was like incense. There was an especial kindness about this man and about Mary his wife. The children you know the
Joseph and Mary and enjoyed their company and their chatter. Even when Joseph did not say anything. Even when Mary just smiled. In the cool of the house the bird footage. This seemed to repeat. Not a sparrow show for a novice. There. Light in this place. Mary said more quietly now. She'd always like having the children there as much as Joseph. These days were eyes and everyone knew that very soon she was to have a child of her as she watched these other little ones Mary pondered the message of the shining age that she should be the Son of God. On a day that began like any other the children playing outside heard the iron wheels of a Roman chariot and the beat of horses hoofs up
the roll pounded the soldier messengers of the conqueror. Roll. Not a boy or girl that understood the silent anxiety and terror conquered people are always a fright people in those days. The Romans ruled not only the Jewish but all the world they knew. Starting up scattering like sparrows the children took shelter in Dorset elementary. To mark a place to hear the word from their room. Caesar Augustus. Joseph brought back the news to me of. A decree from CS that all the world should be taxed. And there by a census taken. Each man was ordered to own. The town his family had come from the rich. Now both Mary and Joseph although they were humble folk like most of the men and women on earth. Were descended from Jewish families who had done great things for their people. Joseph was descended from the shepherd King David who slew Goliath.
The city of David Joseph's ancestral home was Bethlehem. To Bethlehem he must go at once therefore even though Mary was about to have a child. It was less than 70 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem. But Joseph was wary and as any good husband would be. The road lay through the valleys and over mountainous the way would be dusty and difficult. Mary prepared an untroubled quiet. She made ready her house so that she could leave. She collected the swaddling clothes the bands of which newborn babies were closely wrapped. Her smile was. In Bethleham it will be there. She's. A good husband did what he could to make her comfortable. And all Joseph had to help him was one small donkey. Warning was still far away from taking home to let the donkey out
on to the long road. Mary patted the little animals. You take it to. The heavens were full of tears and in their light the carpenter and his wife glimpsed the vast procession they were joining. Many make this journey. Mary raised the heavens declare the glory of God. Joseph responded reverently and the firmament showed. His hand. Suddenly like magic. It was day. Hour after hour Mary and Joseph traveled toiling up hills descending. Glittering dust around the shimmering clouds drifted everywhere. Tired. Of people. How. To bring you here. Will they help Joseph settle Evans You must rest.
And the children played merry hours. As they neared Bethlehem the people began to hurry. And most of the travellers must go to the caravan shelter in. All hope to reach there before the others. In pity they were careful as they passed. Mary and Joseph and the donkey. But know. About it. Joseph is. Wearing. The donkey's large dark eyes fixed on those of his master. The long ears twitched forward and back. How gently put down those dainty hooves. Joseph urged the donkey to run. The gates of Bethlehem at last. They came to the caves that were the hand. With all the people guessed from his public rooms storerooms hummed like a bee. The innkeeper wave Mary and Joseph away. There's no room for you in the end it's really just me to turn.
It. Was as. Mary leaned toward the innkeeper. I am to have a child. Lady the innkeeper distracted with all the things you must see to pulled his beard. You have only to look. I tell you there is no real. Him to have a baby this. Whispered. Joseph. The innkeeper was a tender hearted man. He stood looking after to be born tonight. That's why every cranny and corner was taken very good a go there was no room anywhere. We had to do the innkeeper ran down the hill after. He seized the halter and Joseph ashamed Niamh to offer it. But if you can find no place else there is the stable among the enemy. Well you can sleep there the donkey spoke to
the other and says he into the stable again. Inside the catalyst or. Otherwise. There was. Why is less fine in all of this land. This was the place with still less. After the heat. The nag of the dust the thrust of the people their own urgency. Here was the. Merry move slowly very slowly getting out the swaddling bands and the Precious. As yet answered the Angel. So now she repeats. Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to thy word. Joseph works swiftly. With straw he prepared a bed. He brought food and water. He prayed. And Mary was as comfortable as he could make it. He gave the donkey boy Joseph look. The thing was. It was during that night and in a corner of that stable it Mary's
baby was born because there was no other place to put him down. Joseph cleared out the cattle ZT and filled it with fresh straw. The infant lay in the names of. The cattle. Their heavy heads carefully. Snipped. Some time before. An angel appeared to Joseph and told him anything. Now Joseph picked up the baby. And placed him in his mother's arms. We will call the child Jesus. Brighteyes considered the baby. The donkey the parading pigeon. The eyes of shy things no one saw. Mary and Joseph smiled on the child. The animal's calm acceptance of life. The bird loved by. A comforting. And soul in a humble place even for. The son of. God.
It. Seemed like any other night to all but a few people in the world. Who were chosen to No. Wonder for a thousand years and would for thousands of years to come. The country where Jesus was born was to. Sheep herding. And these were a pastoral people. The good shepherd must stay awake through the night. A lamb might stray away to become lost from its mother. Or be carried away by a shadow. Simple brave men lived close to the earth in the simple things of. Patience. And above. The shepherds. For the men. Who followed God's will. From among them had come. To whom even with. This. Other man wishing to lead holy lives without to
live as they do. Lord Is My Shepherd but the shepherd boy who became king. Already the symbolism of the Good Shepherd had a deep meaning in this country. So upon the hills that night the glorious news was given to shepherd. The savior for whom the world had waited so long had been born in the town lying peacefully asleep. Could it be a little better than that this glorious thing had happened. The shepherds did not doubt it. Rapturous. They were willing to leave everything and do it. The scriptures tell their story. Was a. Dish. You eat you. You won't
allow. Eat they. WILL EAT YOU DO AND. You will hand a rib. A At leat you. Yeah yeah.
Yeah they. Do screw out. OK. It.
Was was a.
No. And the shepherds returned in praising God for all the things they had heard and seen as it was told. And even as the shepherd stood in manger bed with. Other Strangers were on their way to see the baby in the world of 2000 years ago. Man was great. They were made king over there people. To the east. Three such wise men each in his own country. Had seen a great. Into the world. A great king. Who would save his people and rule over them.
When suddenly the new star appeared. They perceived that the time had come. For their own king and god and so they might worship him. Riding Upon their camel obeyed the beckoning of the Eastern Star. Did one king come from Persia one from India one from crossing mountains and desert the heavenly land to their paths measured last and they came together to Jerusalem. It was not long before the children of Bethlehem discovered the newborn baby in the stable. It was more fascinating than any toy they move. Inside they found Mary's wonderful smile. And the kindness of Joseph. For the little man. She'd. Go and done. The children brought the baby
gifts a flower supply store. He curled his little fingers around something in his look around them doing. The children stayed. Outside in the street. The people here was a shining in a mile. Had the children seen the next visitors arriving. They could have run away. Strangers came with. By the time the children knew they were there the three kings were kneeling beside. The young ones stared at the gorgeous major. The arms that went around the children were crying for all the wise men had eyes bent to Earth is they knelt before the Lord of the King.
Three kings of the in all their glittering glowing splendor in their state and were proud to worship him in the King of Kings. Will this the gifts of the Christ child are the most rare and costly kind. Gifts such as only kings can offer. It is said that one to stand for the things of the world. That one gave him frankincense precious and wonderfully fragrant spice. Perhaps to symbolize the thoughts men think. And that a third gift was a better guy called nerve to represent the sorrows of all men in this way. Even. With the star which they saw in the east went before they. Came. And stood
over where the young child was. When they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And when they would come into the house they saw the young child with Mary his mother. And fell down and worshipped him. And when they had opened their treasures they presented under him frankincense. And. There under us a child is born. Unto us. Given that the government shall be upon his show. And his name shall be called. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah
yeah. Yeah OK. I am. A yellow in the. Oh OK. Oh eat eat eat us. Yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. A week. Yeah.
A week the week the week week leak. A week the week Will. Meet.
The coming of the king with words by Norman Vincent Peale and music by Daniel Rose. David Wayne was a narrator. Rob Hunter the conductor and actually Miller the organist music still in the Yuletide mood the night before Christmas. Ha. Ha ha. Holding them out is not a major story. It was done in the. Same. Thing. With. The children were messing. With. Her and my cat had just settled down a. Lot. When. One would go out of. Her. Shoulders.
The moon. On the breast. While the snow. Hit last. May bring. You up to. What one minute. The little old driver so lively and I knew in a moment it must be why the back of the knee goes his course if they fell and he whistled and shouted and called them by name. The time. To talk. While we're on the. Line. When I meet with an honorable man this guy is a one of the house type of course with a. Slave. State like. That of which I heard on the way. But at some point he Little took her side.
He was dressed all in. One. They looked. Like that. But with. Its highest. Numbers now that her cheeks were. Like it. Has grown little about grown up like a boy. You know Donny. I. Never had my. Head. Like a real you had a dog face a little belly laugh. That was me on the end. Right. Well. When I saw him in spite of myself. A wink as I said Did you know I think to break.
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The music of Don Gillis
Christmas special, part one
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Christmas Special #1. The Night Before Christmas; The Coming of the King.
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This series features the works of Don Gillis; hosted by the composer himself. Most of the performances are conducted by the composer.
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Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
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