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You're not going on this bus ride. You didn't think you could go alone I'm sick of people I'll take this trip alone solid by myself in toto. Not without me you can't be a loved one if you were alone you wouldn't exist as long as you exist. There are crowds riding with you. What crowds crowds you created and crowds that created you. Is that where this bus ride will take us. That's where it goes and how it goes for Pete's sake. Stay with me I might get lost. Let's go. You are not alone. A study in group a program on the serious ways of mankind present under the supervision of Walter Goldsmith anthropologist at the University of California Los Angeles by the National Association of educational
broadcasters a series designed to show how human beings live together in different times and places. A study in groups. You are not alone. Now just look around at the people on this bus with all their invisible crowd. I'm busy busy looking at the plan and the next a very nice I want to come. She's only 18. What do you mean alone. I'm here man. We're all here with her in this bus. A bunch in a box riding through the streets but we haven't been introduced. Nevertheless we have something in common here our relationship enjoyed by no one else but you know that we are the only people in the world riding on this particular bus
practically society and we have crowds riding with us. You have crowds riding with you and she has crowd riding with her to what drugs I don't see any crowds. Invisible groups crowded in with you. Here I am only trying to look at a pretty girl hey you want to get me tangled up in invisible groups. You try to be mysterious explain yourself. Alright alright calm down. I put it to you simple simply. In every social system the people are divided into entities or units which we may call groups. These groups are formed for the purpose of taking the necessary significant actions for the maintenance of the social system. These entities or groups may be defined as any number of individuals who share certain common interests and who recognize themselves as forming a social entity with respect to some kind of action and which distinguishes them from nonmembers.
Each individual belongs to many groups and to each group he has a specific responsibility and his relation to the group will define his Rose Law position. The individual acquires his attitudes and values through the group. Different groups may communicate conflicting values of as the group tends to set the individual's behavior and support him in his actions. Oh yes and very important to us all. The group has structure. Does the Blind know that. Well you see what I mean. Oh sure. Only only only what you mean by all this about groups in every social system the people are divided into entities. Oh never mind that. Let's get back to us on this bus. That's a group well not a group now. Those of course were all in this thing together. But let something happen.
And we will be a group. Suppose that Dr I made a U-turn and started back. We'd form a protest group and somebody would take a lead. How this would help and we'd all back each other up. We'd be a pretty effective group pretty quick and I'd be on speaking terms with the little blind. It's that feeling of common interests that is necessary for real unity of action. Oh you said it but that isn't the group after all and the little papers alone know she's not alone. Besides the people on this bus. There are other important groups of people riding with her in her thoughts feelings at it use reaction she's avoiding my eye when what she's thinking if you see her thoughts you will see some of the people with her. Last night.
Was. Even exist. What a crowd of indeterminate people sliding along the street. But not so indeterminate either. There's an invisible arrangement of all this humanity. Pardon me mister. Was it arranged to keep to the right over there news boys talking members of a group. There's two lovers.
They're all alone anyway. Little group of two look a couple of clergyman talking together by the cafeteria members of two drunks looking for a taxi to get them home. They've taken on a lot in common. Endless little groups in the mass and all interwoven with other kinds of groups. The girl there has something in common with all of them and with all people throughout all time and space all people in all times and places are the members the creator and the products of groups. They all act as members of a group or combination of groups. They can act in no other way. Obviously it's a fact pervading all human life with vital consequences to both society and the individual. Neither of us can exist without it neither of society nor the individual. Can they exist without I'm telling you. Groups. Let's get out of this mob.
I can't hear you think for I can't see you laid on his butt and tell me it isn't good to be alone. It wouldn't be if you could. But since all men are affiliated with groups you go again. Maybe we better follow that young lady home much better. All right. Yes she is helping her mother to set the table. Now examine her. You don't have to twist my arm don't you see that she's not a separate entity floating in space. It walks as if she was. Please concentrate. The old fashioned All of a sudden it was only a goodnight kiss was getting old fashioned but kissing a boy you don't even like simply because you're afraid of what he will tell the other boys. It seems to me that's a reason for not kissing him rather than fork over simplify. It's not right to kiss people for
political reasons. It should be a personal thing and an expression of genuine affection. Other than here's an expression of affection for you. Now what about that new dress. I simply have to have it. You know the girls would say if I turn up at the dance and you do Livy and read or write but just don't tell your father you're not supposed to have more new clothes right now. He noticed you know he is about Khloe. What am I supposed to make of this girl is a member of a group. Sure if you mean a family. Yes but there's another group within the family a mother and daughter who have things in common like new clothes and father is outside this little subgroup and probably feels good top. Oh don't worry about him he's down at the corner lot pitching ball to his young son. Another subgroup. By the way did you notice the family group through mother communicating and values to daughter took care not to kiss for just a minute.
There aren't many scamming So you have to give me your room dear mother you don't even know. You have to stay now dear. Blood is thicker than water. You wouldn't want to go to a hotel. Well. Well what. After all it is a family. Even if it is full of little subgroups there is a feeling of family and those who are not family are outside. Even if sometimes preferable there's a kind of structure here too. The little groups work together individually but they gather together and work in another way as the total family with the head man at the top. A captain the father and I don't worry about the dress. I'll handle your kid pressure group detail depending on the particular society in which you live. If you're a Hopi Indian The mother runs the household. If you're a modern american white fashion then the boss is.
Merely a detail. Let's let's have a look at the young lady talking to her friends. You know disgusted when he kissed me. What do you do. I just don't like him That's why do I have to kiss every Tom Dick and Harry just because he takes me out. He's clean isn't he washes it should be a personal thing because you like somebody not kissing sure but that kind of thing. That's just it's just something you do like wearing your hat in church. How do you like that. Interesting. The girl's a member of a group with some attitudes that conflict with those of her own family group.
Let's go to church. Last Church here we are. Watching. This Sunday. Here. They lined up with all its little subgroups. Acting in unison as a family for the play. But you'd go allowance. Here's a little subgroup conflicts go on the budget and not the budget. But that's now secondary to the role of family in church membership. In fact the family has become something else. And each member is acting differently for the occasion. They are now members of another group the congregation and that's a group full of subgroups families and just got it done that dying out.
Mary thinks she's good just because she's cute. I do believe she has to be stuff that she into her past. Maybe I can read. Did you hear that the super sub groups get more complicated. Male against female female against female members of the choir. Members and close friends and a minister members of the Society for criticizing the close friends of the minister. You have groups here all right. Yes and each group has its members and nonmembers with psychological barriers existing between member and nonmember. But look over the congregation. There are other kinds of groups at work here as inspect the class unify squad Hemant church and there's Bill MacIntyre The
union business agent Mike billings from a shoe store. He's on the Board of Trade and members of innumerable groups groups that divide the work of society and provide the machinery to get the work done as no individual could hope to do it. He said that before in the past. Groups formed for the purpose of taking the necessary significant actions for the maintenance of the social system. Yes I think that's what you said. Just as these family members are not only family but become congregation acting thinking and feeling not only as family but also as congregation just as the subgroups within the congregation acting as bricks that construct the whole church membership work together as one to accomplish the work of the church. We have a letter of thanks here from the hospital for children. I know that we all rejoice in the opportunity our church has given to help build a new way.
Do each of us must come some feeling of gratitude that we have been able to assist the affected line groups within families families sometimes divided among subgroups within a congregation. The individual is reacting now according to one group now according to another as mother and daughter versus father or as a family together to supply the collection or as member of the choir or again as members of the large group the congregation with the work of the church like the work of society as a whole divided creating differences among individuals but thereby achieving the work and accomplishments of the whole inclusive social unit. The service is over. Shall we go. Say I get what you're after. You mean nobody is an isolated
individual Exactly. Everybody is attached to some kind of group right. And these groups I part of a larger group quite. And furthermore everyone is involved in several groups of different kinds definitely Why don't you say so you didn't die. And what does it get us. Well I it's through these groups that we actually contact to say and from which we acquire I had to choose we not only acquire them but express them as we are expected to by the group in question. What do you mean. I don't change my ideas for this select group. Let's look at this girl's father. Look how many people he is according to his group affiliations. How many people here he is at the taxpayers association their city is rapidly going to the dogs. Scandalous inefficiency on the part of the Civic. 30s now he's at the Chamber of Commerce. We are the fastest growing city in America. The enlightened on progressive outlook energetic civic
authorities but now see him as a member of the executive at work in a big department store. I don't know what we're coming to the demands of the employees are going to put us right out of business yet here he is again presenting a watch at the stores 25 year club. I have always said the employee who makes this business what it is and we shall all go forward together. Well that's how one man the member and product of several groups not to mention his church. The schools he went to the gangs he played with as a kid or groups to which he belonged through no choice of his own free country such as the descendents of Scottish immigrants. I have always said and I'll say it again. The greatest writer in the history of the world is Bonnie Roberts. All these very groups contributing to his thoughts feelings attitudes actions and reactions according to the group in question. That's
no man that's a crowd and that's what I said on the bus. There are crowds riding with you. I also said each individual belongs to many groups and to each group he has a specific responsibility and his relation to the group will define his role or position. But there's more to this like a cup of coffee. Let's go in here. The joint. In the corner street corner this is one of their regular lives in the same position that's stuck in the corner. He's the leader. So why is it the state of mind. Because what's this about
your own island. I don't know what ruins me. That's Bill Bennett the tenant groups my boy I have struck up to ruin a song and a match to one of the talking about bowling. It's religion with them much. Of course next time you go take a nice like it would not take it if they want. Next time you'll take it who's They sound like they're talking about. He's down at the bottom of the structure and he's been beating the lieutenant in private matches so it's a team match tomorrow. He'll have the whole gang to contend with. They won't let him beat the lieutenant in a group situation. Willett do break his wrists so Freeman up. If he gets out in front will steam him all right. He'll get plenty of noise and argument I have a feeling Alec won't be able to win no matter how hard he
tries. He'll be going against the group. Attention will tighten his muscles and wreckers. But how about this other fellow who has to be done. He'll have group support it will be the right thing. The accepted thing for him to win. The rise to the occasion. After all the group has structure and knows how to maintain it. Those boys all play a different game when they're together and as individuals away from this particular group it's a Sunnah level certainly I don't like it when I know it's in the group that the individual finds not only his attitudes but his strength and support and this fact is important to our whole society. I don't like this joint. Let's go. All right let's go visit some tickets. Come on. Some what. I think it's what I think it's Indians Alaskan Indians. All right let's go Indians. Sure.
This whole business of group responsibility is so important that a man will sacrifice his life for it. There's a kit now ready to do just that. Looks to me as if it was going to battle what dress is going to get himself killed. So aside you know he has to pay for a murder. Oh execution. I mean just think it. Murderer gets all dressed up for his execution. He's not a murderer. And why do you execution a member of his clan did it. Since the Klan is his most important group he gives his life to even the score with the other clan. Hold on why don't they give it to the real killer. He's not important enough and important guy takes the rap. It was an important man who was killed by think it Indian law. Our Indian is just right to pay the score and avoid a major war. So he gives his life for the sake of his group.
Going into mock battle fully on but letting himself be killed for the safety of the clan. That's a savage custom. Savage. Come on out. On a modern battlefield. Glad to get away from you. Why does it keep the battlefield keep your head down. Real bullets are bad too. We're losing you know fall back on the new line. How did I get into this. The enemies come here behind those kind of boys they're going to boys of the gun crew. They were separated in the battle lost their parent outfit but they're still together as a crew a group a group. Look how they sit into that line like a rock. It's all very well but who's next to the stragglers in the mix up. They lost their outfits. Now they've gone into the line as individuals really without their own groups was a difference of soldiers I think. Good ones too. What are you worried about that straggler over there side by side with strangers. I'm worried about his
thoughts about his thoughts. This is I don't know any of them fellows. I was gunna say OK I don't even know the name game. Like the old bunch when it was together. A real fighting bunch stood by other men worth fighting for. I don't mind taking it so long as I knew it was either me or Joe or Pete I'd be dead too if I had tossed that live grenade away. It keep guys who are they. They wouldn't put themselves out for me. I'm gettin outta here. Let somebody else fight this war it's me for cover and keep get down by the weakness of a group the individual may lose his ideals of honor and courage by the strength of a group or a nation. Maybe save all those gun owners are going to stay and die if they have that skill.
Sure glad to be out. And what did we prove that all men affiliate with groups and this is a life and death matter of survival to both individual and society. The individual gains his strength and attitudes from these groups. Groups are the units the building blocks that create the structure of society and from them society like the individual gains its strength and its attitude. Witnesses something to think about isn't it. There's a bus back to this bus again. All aboard. Is that along. Except for a crowd of guys whether or not this pass this little ephemeral temporary collection of travelers. And this girl who is never alone involved with countless groups groups that keep the bus moving the traffic flowing the good fed and clothed and
dreaming the dream and avoiding strange men like me. That's not a conglomerate mob out there on the sidewalks. It's a kaleidoscope of groups. Groups of men. Women children dividing the work of the nations of the world providing the faith and carry the individual a massive in this simple interplay. Even if you are isolated hidden on some lonely Northern Island you are not. Perhaps you wonder if the matter of groups is good or bad for people. My answer is that it is like asking if gravity is good or bad or
gravity is bad when you drop a piece of china. But if you want to cling to our spinning planet you have to have it for groups are necessary to the business of getting things done from rearing a family to building a dam so you find them in all societies groups are like gravity in another way too. The fact that we live our lives is a member of one or more of groups is obvious as the fact that apples fall from trees. But it is taken the scientific analysis of group behavior to appreciate what groups mean in the organization of human life. First there is the obvious fact of cooperation. The family the church or even the street corner gang are doing the jobs of the society needs or wants to have done. Then there's the support that we get from the groups to which we belong. It helps us if we know that those who are close to us feel what we are doing is right and proper. Whether it's kissing or writing a sonnet. Also
there's the more direct model support. As with Doc's branch and on the battlefield these were scenes drawn from studies of real situations often certain groups are so important to us that we will willingly lay down our life for them as a plink opinion was doing. Furthermore our groups not only support us in behavior but give us our general attitudes. More intimate groups. Sociologists call them primary groups have greater influence over half feelings so naturally the family has the greatest influence in our societies. You know a society we are often members of many different groups with conflicting attitudes. I like the girl's father for that matter the girl herself. This makes it more important and more difficult to steer a clear path of action of course groups then are the building blocks of society. Through them we get our
attitudes our culture from them we get support and with them we do the work of our society. So it is in all cultures. Dr. Walter Goldsmith associate professor of anthropology and sociology at the University of California Los Angeles has concluded you are not alone. A study in groups a program in the series ways of mankind produced in the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Toronto by Andrew Allen script by George Silversun original music composed and conducted by. These programs are presented by the National Association of educational broadcasters and are made possible under a grant from the fund for adult education an independent organization established by the Ford Foundation.
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This program, "You're Not Alone," discusses how humans form into groups and the various types of groups that can exist.
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