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Were the following program was originally released in 1956. These were the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth. The University of Michigan PRESENTS True Tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. I am. Males of a volume of transcribed series of historic adventures but it was by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the educational TV and radio center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of course will be much like again a national hero of Japan. Japan in the year 13 31. For 150 years Japan
has been dominated by iron fisted dictators known as a region. But now the young emperor go die go is trying to win back the power of the throne. His first attempt is met with disaster and the destruction of the Imperial army and. With a handful of nobles. All that remain he is forced to flee southward into the mountains. Traveling in disguise the party is under the protecting forests of the province of collage. These horses need to rest your Majesty. They've ridden hard. What's keeping Tommy he said. How far did he have to go. He's making sure the way is clear ahead your Majesty. Force is a dangerous place not calling the majesty. I warned you of that. Excuse me. Spies of the hotel may be anywhere. We shall never be safe it seems so if you are safe. We need audacity not safety to win back the power of the throne. If we are destined to win it back. I never for a moment doubt that. I wish I had your magic. Your convictions. That's because you have not shared my dreams Baron Yara time after time.
This one dream has recurred. I'm in a forest such as this and come to a huge tree guarded by a mighty warrior. The warrior beckons to me and together we walk around this monarch of the wilds and there on the south side of the tree is the throne of Japan my throne always on the south side of the tree. There's been no time for such dreaming since we left Kyoto. On the contrary last night when we slept by the roadside the dream returned stronger than ever before. Look there's Tom he said. What did you find Tom he said we must hurry beyond this hill is the road from nodded to Zick I want to get across. We may be safe. Come. What took you so long. The scouting party just passed down the road. They're looking for us. Look from here you can see our destination that large group to marry a tree in the distance marked the entrance to the mountains. Once we get there we are to be seen. But. Here we are this is our landmark.
This crypt to marry a tree. Now if we follow around to the mirror what's the matter with His Majesty the night. Sire sire are you all right. This dreamy you know it's the one from my dreams the exact one who want what you imagine to him go but that who patrol it may return any instant. What's this about a tree he had some dream about a large tree and it will hold up your sword. Sorry. Look it's a warrior Tom he said but on the other way get behind you. Don't any of you make a move. I say I'm sure I have the best archers in Japan. They drop you before he gets back so I'm you're right I don't see any. They can see you draw your sword whoever you are. Should I do that better and my sword would draw blood and I have no desire to fight my Emperor. You know forgive this rude welcome your Majesty. But how how do you know me. The leaf in the forest always knows when the sun is shining you know and still meet us with an army in ambush on me.
Oh yes. Come here these men. Father Here it is. Place your ball on the ground. Make proper base and to the Emperor go die go to no good die go. I saw this guy my son. He has much to learn about a good family he will be all right here. Put up your sides. Shit. How old are you boy. I have seven years your Majesty. Almost eight. And can you read and write as well as be your father's trusted Samurai. I can write my family name and its two characters. Let me see. Write it on the ground here. The first stroke so then here and there was a marquis. Very nice you just look what the boy is written. Is this your family name or your LOT of Kawachi gnocchi.
Yes but there is another way to read these characters. South of the tree. Do you understand me you are so full of the tree. If your Majesty wishes I would be honored to have you remain. Regretfully I cannot. My plans call for an early return to. The show have won only a single battle. I shall win the next His Majesty is inevitably optimistic. And you are not better. Dictators have two powerful armies at their. One and a general. The other at headquarters under General. I see nothing there to arouse optimism I don't know Imperial forces loyal to your Majesty. They are widely scattered unorganized. Each time we try to assemble strength the
whole don't crush us. That's what happened. Before we were ready. If only we had time to get men assembled and you said oh I didn't. Guests of the most distinguished guests. Your Majesty allow me to present my younger brother his expression his Majesty. He wants to organize an army to fight against the hotel. How much time would you require at least three months. Four would be better. If we were. Not squandering a single moment. We use the speediest couriers to carry word throughout the. Pleasures. Can be ready. By the next full moon or single month impossible. There is never enough time for anything. One could be sufficient. I believe I can give you that if you will be forever grateful.
Gen u also has 30000 troops. How many fighting men can you muster here in Karachi. Fifteen hundred perhaps more or less. I would cut you down like a typhoon going through a field of young rice more than a typhoon to blow down the walls of a castle. They won't come here you'll have to go after them. Which goes best made by the rice cake maker. You are a cork. It shall be my business to make them remember that they once defeated the Mongol hordes of The Divine Wind The Kamikaze destroyed. This time your Majesty the whole job will have to fight. One of my sentries pardon your Majesty while I look into the company your brother must remain with us.
This is a bold thing your brother offers to keep the whole Joe army occupied for a month. It is typical of him. I remember as children we played a game in which the ancient Fujiwara conquered the Emperor always refused to play the role of Fujiwara he insisted he would rather keep on the losing side than even pretend to oppose the imperial family. He has much to lose this time. He would not care about an Euro if he is fighting for the Emperor. He is doing what he knows is right. So long as he lives he will not change. Do you really think you can hold out here for a month. I know only that he has given his word that he will try. And the castle is cleverly built to withstand a siege. Still General us in the hotel army might neglect it altogether. What's to keep them here as I said not my problem. What was the detachment of mounted men are coming up the valley. They are carrying the banner of POJO already. There is no need to fear this is only a small scouting party. We must move into the mountains close an alky to begin our work we shall get
you there safely and you will go through with this terrible task. I will I shall want reports. I shall want to know how you fared against the hotel in case events call for a change in plans. My brother is good with brush and ink. You would prepare an account of our adventures and I have couriers sell you they said they could walk through a lake without getting themselves wet. You shall have your reports My lord my lord Cousineau OK. Yes the hotel Patrol has stopped at the outer shrine gate three men are coming towards the castle where your soldier Your Majesty. It would be well to leave now. My brother will show you a way out of the castle by a hidden passage so you can proceed unmolested into the mountains. We shall go immediately so I doubt our course on our side. Your Majesty about and so you are not here not now soldier. You say just three men of the hotel are coming. So it is my lord. Three years not enough. We must attract their whole army. Let the three men enter. Spare the third.
Give him the heads of the first two and send him back to General. By courier Corps and period not just go to the second general Yuasa has attacked a classical castle with twenty thousand men. Masashi had constructed a false wall around the castle. And. The hotel swarmed toward. Helping them but her cries. We severed the ropes that held up. Tons of stone casket upon. The sward two thousand of their troops put to death. And we have lost fourteen men. This is the beginning. Today General Yuasa offered to meet my older brother in a conference Masashi get put on his finest uniform the armor of shaded purple the scarlet tawny and a helmet surmounted by golden horns. He met
on horseback a short distance from the north Sally. Person OK you wrote What do you mean by this barbarous and treasonable insurgency. I did not come out to hear him sobs genuine Yuasa. I want to know what provokes this corrupt rebellion against a whole joke. Are you sheltering the Emperor and are you attacking Diago the second door in my castle I demand to know if the emperor is in your castle the only way you will find out how general is to capture the castle which I propose to do. Then there is no need for talk. I declare this poly ended you will declare you declare. Understand me Kusanagi. You're like a fly on the back of a tiger. You are nothing less than nothing. I will declare when the poly is ended then and did not close on. And I am empowered by the whole job to offer you a great fee for an income of thousands of Koku of
rice perhaps perhaps a title. Simply deliver the Emperor to go die go to me. I am willing to fight for him. Why aren't you. Because I have other plans. You could share in those plans because I know you know Japan is on the verge of an internal revolt and a man who establishes the right alliances and are unhappy then could gain unlimited power. You want me to join the whole joke not the whole Joe my blind friend join me. You are going on with the whole Joe. Only for the moment one side you have the emperor. Go die go in my hands I become Shogun of all Japan those who help me will be richly rewarded and those who hinder it will die. Perhaps you can make justification for such a plan but time is perfect to me. You are nothing but a contemptible scoundrel a corrupt and pitiful beast too much will be my pleasure to destroy you drawl that sought you out you will
not live to see that again return to your camp. You should be Shogun attacked my castle again and let me crumble your army so the world will know you for the incompetent road that you are my horse would make a better show. The 15th day of the siege the hotel mounted the strongest attack yet seen to obtain the Sollie needed arrows we placed our dead along the ramparts in full sight of the whole Georges. Such a withering hail flew at them. We have already plucked three thousand shafts from their breasts and once more our Boma not on. Each day we prayed to Amida Buddha to give us the wit and strength necessary to hold the castle until the appointed day. There has yet been no sign of General Ashley kata. No word of your Majesty's own success or failure. To night the moon is full and our task is accomplished. After thirty days of siege
a classical yet stands a symbol of determination and defiance. The outer walls a crumbling the main gate has been breached Vast sections within have been burned out from enemy fire us. Tonight those of us still alive will attempt to escape into the mountains. Yes the fortune of Christ smiled upon us that night. So you did manage to escape your son and brother too so I guess most fortunate and as you can see it has taken us only these few months to succeed. Tell me what brings you to Kyoto. I had hoped that is now that he has won back the throne for His Majesty the Emperor. Why. A reward perhaps. I had not intended to seek reward but in your what and why are you here. I came simply to pay my
respects. Of course you placed me in an awkward position. Now that we have overthrown the whole Joe the whole country lies at the Emperor's doorstep. Delegations from sets come across the habit from the priests of the temple of sword makers and architects. You have seen how badly Kyoto was destroyed in the campaign. Then there are other I understand. The Emperor is too busy. Please understand that we appreciate the providence of watch he is significant. What helps Japan helps go watch it. If you ever wonder why General Ashikaga failed to appear at your castle with the other half of the army. Yes we wondered about that. Now Chicago is here a prisoner an ally he turned against the whole Jew at a crucial moment brought his entire army to serve Diago second. Does that displease you. If the Chicago change sides once they may do so again never their loyalty like yours yes but to whom the Emperor Diago are loyal only to the
Ashikaga tell the emperor if the day comes when the scaly dragon of war again fired on Japan send a courier to come watch you know. And on the very day he arrives my Army will begin to mark your warming days are over with a rain of Diago. Japan begins many years of peaceful harmony once the Emperor had a dream which came true. I also have dreams and in none of them do I die peacefully nor do you know I shall be waiting at Kodachi. Why do you enjoy this place so much honorable father. You always come here when we walk together. It is as near perfection as I shall ever find my son. Look at the
Grace of the long bamboo. And over there the pine trees symbol of life itself above us the towering trip to marry a firm and ageless. Sometime I shall instruct you about zen and meditation. But but you will always come here once you have found perfection of what need to seek further. There are other nice places around the castle but in none of those others did I meet the Emperor. Do you remember when you rode over that hill a fugitive from the hotel. That was three years ago when you were only seven. Now Diago rules Japan and we have helped him even this huge trip to merely a tree stand more proudly than its fellows because he dreamed about it. I wonder if the emperor is coming back perhaps some year. I mean right now. Now why now much on someone's writing toward us very fast. I saw where he was hidden behind the bamboo grove. No. Yes.
But not being emperor. But your uncle must assume he was driving that horse to a lather I don't think I'd like that. That's a theory. Let's again let's see what's the matter. If it has happened watch what happened on a blanket. I left Kyoto this morning before dawn where it had just arrived. I killed one horse get in here and this one's almost dead. I want to get the news to you as fast as I could. What news what's going on exactly what you predicted. All Kyoto is trembling with fear. Do I have to shake it out of you. What happened to the Ashikaga. They've turned against the emperor. They're attacking up from Kioto with an army of 70000. I warn them of this. Half the army comes on foot the other half sails up the inland sea in hundreds of ships the ships will arrive first then thirty forty thousand troops I think yes general and Chicago will probably land as you know go and strike immediately for the capital. Very probably we could never hope to stop him on the coast. We'll have to move our troops to Kyoto itself now we must actually get the Emperor didn't request aid. The word just came through. He hasn't had time to think of
a jet by the time he does think of it. I want our troops in position ready to fight. Well you have to make. Again Father is in danger my son. The other Chicago have large number of soldiers and she is so small. He's right. Don't fear my son nor your brother. The heroes of children make the best battleground in Japan. There if we arrive soon enough. Every man is worth twenty of the attacking enemy should guard our fears and very dangerous. Yeah yes. But mine must John. So am I. Was. A and. Your Majesty. And old acquaintances here who song I know you've heard of the Chicago May it please Your Majesty I have brought the army of Kawachi here here in Kioto I have ordered them to take up
defensive positions in the hills and to await your command. Chicago is bringing 70000 men all 70000 could attack at once they could sweep over us. But they can't. Thought I'm going to make them attack me in the hills in some places no more than 30 men can fight shoulder to shoulder. But we cannot fight so it's the only place to fight better and the right course the gnocchi since yesterday I've had 10 delegations pleading with me not to allow another great battle near the city. So. I have agreed. Unless you can muster seventy thousand men there is no other place to stop the Chicago save here perhaps as they disembark from their ships as they will be cramped and tired from the voyage. Half of them may be seasick. I must make them fight in the hills. Would you have me deny my own pledge Kusanagi. I would have you retain the throne your Majesty. But I cannot sacrifice our beautiful city for our treasures sculpture paintings or temples and artisans. You know General LA Chicago would burn all Kyoto to gain our
victory and I would do the same to serve you. I know you would and it frightens me. It forces me to decide between my throne and the national welfare they are one and the same not entirely. Just as you have proven your loyalty to me so must I prove my loyalty to your plan and the decision is a hard one. The Chicago will be military dictators like the whole show. You cannot surrender nor in good conscience can I allow Kyoto to be destroyed. My troops will fight wherever you command. Yes I know. Then take them out of the hills Kusanagi out of the hills very well and return the Kawachi that I shall not do wot I too have made a pledge your majesty and it shall not be broken. Where are you going to remove my army from Giotto your Majesty. What pledge is he talking about. Do you not remember what I ask if I did when you
first met. You value should never fear for your throne not so long as he was alive. Go after him. Tell him I release him from his pledge and gladly tell him I want him to live. It is not in his court to accept release from your Majesty. He is going to die. Nothing will prevent him. Father you're taking the army. Why can't I go with you. Are you agree with me as far as this bridge just you know let me come with you to the sea won't you. Not this time. I'm such a child. Why do you leave your door at all. It is the Emperor's order my son. But you said it would be good to fight the guard at the city. Just stop that
was your last. This will be my last battle much of today I shall be killed. Japan will come under the rule of The Chicago. But despite my death you must always be loyal to the unhappy Emperor. When you grow up you must fight for the Emperor. You know that filial piety is the prime virtue of a gentleman. The basis of all is human relations. From now on your loyalty to the Emperor will be your piety for me. Stay here at the bridge of Sakurai. Down there where the road bends out of sight. I will pause and wave to you for the last time. Let us find the ostrich caucus.
This is Professor John Hall at the University of Michigan. Died in battle against the. EMPEROR. Go die go. For a brief day he had won back the power of the Empire. Lost it again. And was forced into exile. That was 600 years ago. But today in the heart of modern Tokyo. The heroic statue of Cusa gnocchi Japan's great symbol of loyalty and self-sacrifice where the Emperor. Solemnly faces the main entrance of the Imperial Palace. And throughout the
cities and rural villages of Japan wherever children gather. You may still hear them sing of the true warrior of Kawachi. Oh you know me so you know in the even tide that sock guy you know and. The trees are full of moist green leaves. There under the tree he stopped his horse to think of the future of the emperor's reign. I wonder is it do or tears falling on the sleeves of his armor. You know. We have in our studio now Dr. Yuzu Okada professor of sociology and anthropology at the Tokyo University of education in Japan. Professor Okada has served as content advisor for this program and we know like you to hear from him directly. Would you add some comment to the story we've just heard Professor Okada.
Yes I should be glad to do the soul. I think it may be deep godfather of Adi Da American to understand us you get complete 30 days. You also understanding the age in the Philippines think well it's a PDA although great body to call an immortal keyless in that day which eat all the called all the Family Guy and Lord small often done not the awful lords of the standing because he wold it be being example all all of the big points of which you don't. We've been given to understand though the Japan's military heroes lost all their popularity after the end of World War 2. Is this interest in cruise an alkie a change in that trend. No not at all. Military Heroes have not become popular God again. You seem to know either method body figure. But remember this symbol of thought in Poso not of qualities Chief among these is
heated only on not only of all of heat but also oil. He's brains he has subordinates and Strangely enough to the he's enemies he was a devoted man and he had enough promise which gave hiim to strings to the dick the moral weakness of his age. Thank you very much Dr. Okada Our guest has been Dr. you zero a kata professor of sociology and anthropology at the Tokyo University of education. Japan. The University of Michigan has presented tales of the valiant and other in the transcribe series of great national heroes throughout the world. The story of a national hero of Japan was written by William Bender Jr. and produced under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center. Heard on the program where Don St. Stephen Nelson Neil Stevens and Paul hurling or Bob Reinhardt non-weight or Bill Bender Don Wiley and Jerry Hoxton.
Tales of the Valiant is directed by Edward S.. For the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan. Bill Stegman speaking. This program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcast. News. Originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard is from the program library of National Public Radio.
Tales of the valiant
Kusunoki Masashige
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Kusunoki Masashige, hero of Japan, prototype of loyalty and military skill, destroys the Hojo armies and sets the true Emperor upon the throne.
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Dramatic stories of great national heroes outside the English-speaking world.
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Japan--History--14th century.
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