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National Educational radio in cooperation with the Institute on man and science presents a series of talks drawn from the institute's annual conference held recently in Rensselaer Vale New York. The Institute on man and science is a nonprofit educational institution chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The annual assembly of the institute is designed to focus attention on 20th century technology and human relationships resulting from its application. The speaker for this program is William Holm research professor in history at the Harvard Yang Ching Institute. Mr. Holmes topic is China in the world drama here now is Professor home of China. Yes. Developed this 19 20 and I delivered it rough. Five hundred fifty
three and it's mostly a mixture up the past the present and the future in my purview. Those days between my career and career as a school pedagogue. What do I mean by drama. I can see the most interesting part of the study of history. It is a dramatic espec the peak up the
income of concrete and leisure. A mouse nation raises religions and culture. Such interaction such comfort eat and have fun eat Furbish international state run. Around You know the. Sort of inland body of water a kind of a large lake at all. But in those days the mind of the day called the great sea. Now we called it the beer but the resist they need you around.
The rest of the brings up that Mediterranean you found what you find. Well the four nation the Greeks the Romans because the is the Egypt and Asia Minor. Most of our literature science and religion is the flower that blossomed out of that interaction. But while the world drama when I was on the plane is much deeper and follow the stays because of all this soul the dramatic companies so to speak. Moved to a larger stage
immediately by saying that people moved to the L.A. as a state and that stage you find them there. The play is emerging out of what we now we got as the evil is you find the start all amount to hate the prison ball. Pretty Yeah this capitalism process is intense. Yes I'm sorry years nationalism. And with those wonderful carriages moving up out I presume mole a dish dream of
international interracial and into a card. Conflict and simulation falls again. And as matter of fact shortly after the heart of America the American called the Spanish water at the close of the last century one of the great Americans already prophesied that the next day in world politics is going to be round about the great Pacific that's the word of Theodore Roosevelt and how true we don't know that as we entered into the 20th century just watch the Americans coming to the Far East particularly not only after the adventure in the Philippines.
Then the annexation of how why and the great you need the expansion of the American men. Kind trade across the Pacific and you can go all those who happen to be in New England be well to visit let's say the Salem and you see the way it is brought back by the clipper ship. But then when they do we just merely the McKinney beginning the opening up of Japan last night. William was a talking to we were talking about the wonderful recall of Commodore Perry opening up Japan and the modernization of China doing away with some 30 centuries of monarchical form of government and plays a
republic with a political philosophy. Baby the doctor sign your son who as I said last night presumably the inspiration from Abraham Lincoln. And then maybe the fashioning of the Japanese army after the efficiency of. The precision. Of the Depression. And the the the in the introduction of the new system of jurisprudence by China of taking up I'm late from the freeze line. Well I just barely mention some of the topics to show that the stage and the much larger stage but of course as I always did in history we have to clean
it. We're doing the research work. We had a microscope. But if we're the general understanding of it to help to formulate a historical perspective as a playground of every man's own philosophy of light as to all his own conduct we have to telescope that in which we were all meet. The confusing element is the minute less of that. In my lecture those days. I emphasize the SRI main characters. The rest of them and the stage. We're the members of the supporting cast who were the three.
Principal up players and the stage. I called it. It's really a contest. Sheree Mame. What we called it. For us a phase of life. Well cosmologist but I think the best. Well I look that's the word. You see. The basis. These are the three I call it an ism which is typical AA represented by the Japanese military command as I call it to the signal while both you could you will present crazy but late very
shallow I'm all for listening and trust. I call it the third Republican ism you find the best instrument in the American Constitution. That is a philosophical background in the writings of. Jefferson and Lincoln. It is this truly free. These are the three main ways of thought word and spins. And this new stage in any dramatic action. You all we have some tense situation. The problem the problem is who will get the brains to follow. And that was the gigantic China.
Well without going we would have. It was it was then a lecture. Lasting for more than an hour. Only the general picture. At this stage when I was giving the lecture in the early 1920s China was than me picked by its neighbor. You can never find anything in Chinese. Government all economic without the hand up the Japanese military that Kenny goes going and be at that time. I feel that there WERE have to be a stage by stage of. The stage oppose you isn't.
Taking control of China. Unfortunately that prophecy has. Turned out to be true. I realize to be in the future. And this is what the the world is going to be completely reduced to ashes and we all made a very tiny little hope as one of my colleagues one time pictured to me only two little monkeys found in Africa. Ah the male and female monkey. After the great atomic destruction though where all the monkey and the male monkey said to the female monkeys the Among. Unfortunately probably we had to be in.
The world can do that. The only hope Republican rebuttal had made. D. And some say it isn't dangerous in China. I only barely touch upon that last night we had no time to go into further details today but as I said it is one of the and realize that utopia is. But I must go today with a few minutes ago talk about the feel that came to me during the 100 41 days I was in the Japanese military. There were 11 of us college teachers. She's a fish. They tried what the Japanese wanted to collaborate with the Chinese
traitor. We are if you do have anything to do with it. So it will put together and a very strait jacket system. But first the power of it. We were in one room and. Cold winter freezing all the time. Eleven of us together. Well we were not. They impose upon us hunger cold and uncertainty as to future because every now and then would be threatened with getting it taken out and shot. As a matter of fact after I came back in 1946 to Cambridge Professor Robinson had already retired.
An old friend of mine met me on the street. Thank you Mr. I think yes. Robinson Don't you recognise me. What is it I thought the Japanese shot. You know I told him the exaggerated difference. However. In this in this system over there we've found consolation mutual support by even a system we're not supposed to talk to each other because if we could talk to each other the Japanese got to come and beat us in the system of communication because we all could use English so well and most of the Japanese even some of the best of them. May speak if you were German and knew very little be English so I wish by the use of the hand to write.
I scratched here at that time we do scratch all the time because after a little while without the changes we all crows are full of very mean anything. So we then my friend realize that's that's a Adam's apple and I like this one. You realize there's a P. S. This brow I never see. And then there's the immediate dimple of course when they come to be long time find they do you know the final word. Final word for is it. Then I had to do this right clear across. Then my friend realized that zebra. So we visited the 11 of us keep scratching our heads and watch as you know they don't realize and this is going to be scratching with themselves too. But then they related what to do with this bunch of these incorrigible college
professors of course. Very soon they found a way. They put us into close up because a sordid story of firemen and the first few hours our leading man one of the PROFESSOR JOHN SHEWAN when leaving for absolute values for the US. I could hear the way of his sail and he was counting what happened they took him out. The team was going to be down there then put him into it into a strait jacket and he couldn't move a muscle. But Evan was he was that baby in Japan in his early days but have to return him to China I realize how the Japanese lady chatted so much and he hated everything Japanese as the Japanese language he spoke a lot about it but when we put him in solitary he felt so real and he just had American core with of these being sold a fake but stream of when you were you when the wimp is that all of these Japanese came
back but not the good Japanese all the swears this really was in Japanese. So each has a pool right now and there are so they do it here and why hoodies. I almost went out of my memory is really very funny in my experience. So I came with some boys it was speaking to me. Why here my dear man all your life you've been complaining about telephones and telegrams come princes and class is to let you all appointment to meet. And you complain that I have been drained. Do you realize now. I mean well you do have to make the best use of it. What happened as I said now is my best time. I use the time the balance of the time I
wrote out. And later on I had. Completely typed out and taken to this country and when it was circulating around among the palette the publishers I suddenly I read a book called Speaking frankly bicycle at the rate of the secretary of state and he woke me up and led to one of the books of mine that didn't get published but otherwise I would have to do all the apologies. Why was it in that now I made up a basis of aid. I realize that the whole. The legal nation has failed and I say it out over the wall it was had wasn't the slightest doubt in my mind that the allies will
win out of the war. But as a result of it there will be a new international organisation. What should be that kind of international organisation was the main theme of my little novel last night. I'm asian about the DRI I saw it had to begin here. Of the over the cooperation between the two main giants in the world. I will say I say meep an ism will be eliminated and this thing that kind of modus vivendi would have to be worked out between Soviet Russia and the America. And then why China is concerned it would have to take all of that rainfall and the most important thing is the way internally is to have a cooperation. What to reduce to the extreme simplicity is a cooperation between.
My obligation to speak. That was my degree but I didn't realize these the. It's that the boast that come in this even China and the Communist out of China. As you remember those will be who I read. He is speaking frankly. Remember that the main themes. Those who have not read it I will still consider it one of the most important books in my life. I remember I sit up all night holy night reading through what to sum up a new sentence the Secretary Burns on. Even I know why. The Russian leaders were really intending to do and them ways of carrying out. I could use at any stage I could have saved numerous trips I
made to London to meet together with them. Well the. Book bays and the possibility of cooperation those days and later on I found out. What the remodeling company went there with the German company and the jumpin days not at all eyeball a blame about the the situation was such it was impossible. I'm glad I withdrew the book. But however I steeled nearly killed the United Nations is going to going to be a real they are world body that will guarantee for the rest of the world our new world order without structure and destruction and atomic complete play up to the ration. Then I still sing some of the general principles which I
in my solitary confinement work out the night exactly in the same details probably along certain of the lines would have to do but it will decide the main thing that is there in all of. World Cup and the question is a question of representation. The system will represent Tejan according to the chattel of the United Nation is not realistic. You can have a huge. And reach. Every man's country like the United States America having one vote. And then did a tiny nowadays little Taiwan also have a. One vote. You can have a. Division of almost feel tie or you feel fair but with the very
reason it needs East crisis. No I believe it had to do you have a representational realistic it according what they are representing. Magazine has either had to be first of all. That come so for the prevention of war. It would be that if I did the interview to Section One said to me is a council for compulsory arbitration and in this section what I called the National Fire extinguisher is to plays most ever by the way. The first stage of the. Method of conveying it in that I wold polies body any avoid that they've been framed. Bush don't fire extinguisher immediately be upright right there and dig the Mandans of SAC is dubious sis and the nation
in reverse ratio according to the military budget. I know in direct proportion to did it very much if those who had the biggest meter to budget will contribute the most. But they have the least to say and the governing control of that direction will that made it dramatic. Well I had to go to next one is the the world comes up with economics because after all it is the problem between the haves and have now. Then there is the World Bank and the world of labor. A bad day. And the idea is industrial concerns but it's rivers in taser had to be realistic not merely one nation one. One voice but the most important to me in the air that never reached its full fledge
efficiency and the other third time saw. I have a few a number of years of functioning. That is the the coming saw of international and light them on the Internet going to light them in the representation scheme as I do dream that those days was simply somewhere this way. Not that the Chinese will put out their most prominent politician or diplomat into the party. All the friends people I quite know. All the other nations other than China will let the Chinese do it all over the nation other than America. Wait let the American to it. You see this is just the opposite the way it so is good be sure it is the one who is most into nation really
really now. A major study who revues in the wold not be zoning nation. And this body should be the main educating a body they have no compelling voice. Back. I quoted is that the the international call of the feedback I would call it at that time we had to be not by direct wire connections but rather by the process of OSS MOSIS them but when the end of this is done then the world would have. Peace. I caught it early. I was having the Chinese because our sheer number probably we were having at that time in the word drama after taking off the blindfold didn't really happen is I'm going to miss you can we chain you when
released and then moron it has come to just two most important these free from selfishness. You heard William hone research professor of history at the Harvard yen Jing Institute. As he spoke on the topic China in the world drama Mr Hong's spoke at the annual conference of the Institute on man and science held in Rensselaer bill New York on our next program the speaker will be El Carrington Goodrich research professor in Chinese history at Columbia University. His subject will be some of China's contributions to world culture. These lectures are recorded by the Institute on man and science. The programs are prepared for broadcast and distributed by the national educational radio network.
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