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The following program is produced as a public service feature by the radio division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. With cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Illinois division of narcotic control. WE PRESENT. Age issues for joy. If you listen to wages for joy you heard an addict tell you his story of addiction. And if you listen closely you might have received the impression that this addict sees no wrong in his addiction other than it's against existing laws. In fact he possibly seemed proud. However only one side of the story has been told there is more a drug
addict is both statistically and sociologically a member of a rather distinct and elite group. Or so he views it. To him anyone who does not use narcotics is a square. They're not hip they don't degree a living and addict is unique statistically for one simple reason they are relatively few in number compared to the squares in their own eyes this makes them an exclusive people sociologically. He has his own mores and his own system of values. His language is only understood by those in his circle. He finds a measure of pride in this exclusiveness he's Happ youre Square. Perhaps this is the reason why he may have left the impression that addiction to drugs is not as horrible as the square makes it seem. But listen and judge for yourself. As we've said you've only heard part of a story today who will tell you another part.
You talk about a fact that any addict would like to forget a fact that forces them to face the very reality they seek to avoid in their addiction. This fact is called withdrawal. Alone. Lonely. The addict sits in his room. Several hours ago he had his last fix. It felt good. He waited until he could wait no longer. And then once alone assured he wouldn't be disturbed. He prepared his fix and religious like
ceremony he cooked it drew it up into the syringe. Plunged the needle into his vein. Almost immediately he felt relaxed and soon the rigid reality of the world about him blurred and passed out of focus. But now now he sits on the edge of his bed. He's nervous. Unconsciously wrings his hands and notices. Stops and then starts again. He sweats. His body begins to itch. A young man's sneezes and wipes the tears from his eyes. The warmth is gone now. First he's cold then hot. And cold. Hot. And through it all he's conscious of reality once more for the effect of the drug has gone. And the fact of his addiction is sharply in focus.
He has no more heroin. He has no money to buy more. He's trapped and trapped alone. Now in the semi darkness of his room he shivers and knows he's come face to face with the reality of withdrawal. Left are sent and this will be their various of an office about what effects with withdrawal symptoms I get access surprise brazen right the nose ring the eye is that feeling of pain and all the muscles and joints cramping is as bad as the mess I was. At that point with a musket kick out by kicking the habit and the MEGO onto diarrhea and vomiting. That made me very sick and very uncomfortable as a result of the withdrawal symptoms. That was Dr. Raphael gamma saw a medical supervisor of Riverside Hospital in New York City. Withdrawal is not a pleasant experience to the junkie it's an experience he avoids at any cost. The physical manifestations of
withdrawal cannot be ignored. They prod in pain until they make themselves known in a hundred different ways each worse than the last. There is no one better qualified to describe withdrawal than an addict. Listen now and listen closely as he tell you what it's like. What happens when you are unable to turn anything around us. B of A. If you don't get what of what of a brain you know Harry I don't know that quote again it will aid in pain and if the band was one of the great is it willful and I don't I mean you get yes this man has got a one count have it if the figure that manage to get the one I don't have a believe it would mean I don't know if anybody's sister you know symptoms of the same of the world when you know I have a tendency to 8 0 0 0 my joints even my toenails and you know they went as if I hadn't
heard. I dash shared here in your dream and pain. Why growing pain. I saw you recently. Yep he had been busting their feet in jail for first then your two unleased and you didn't show too many of the symptoms of withdrawal. Seems to me that a few years ago and it was a lot more obvious when somebody had us like on them were there is a thing when you saw me I had all of the rest for quite the morning and you saw me at one of the next day. Yeah and just before I was arrested that had a fake and when you came out I was just beginning to get sick of you know I was
to you know get the cumulated saliva and the tears would come. But I was getting from those you know another hour I would have been what it takes It was about 8 hours to really get when it really depends on how much is in the system. I have did this. I have had my regular pool pushed. Winners will do 15 or 18 or 20 hours without getting actually stick. You know I mean the real down to the crawling stage. Yeah. Then again I have been with us for six hours and was in the crawler stage shooting you know
depending on how much I had to shoot them. In for very serious reasons that were three or four shots of twenty two hour period. I only get one share in that one and then I'm going to get sick of a lot of the loon who thinks true. Yeah I would have if I had got there for sure. There goes the system. You know look for that. Yes so it is with me. He's right. It seems that when all addicts experience similar symptoms of withdrawal the degree of discomfort varies with the amount of narcotics used by the addict but withdrawal isn't a one shot illness. It happens time and time again as the body begins to react as the drug wears off. Repeatedly it comes in
repeatedly he needs his fix. As we've said withdrawal varies. This addict was asked what discomfort seemed the most obvious to you right. Biggest trouble is diarrhea and contraction of the muscles say I you know on the muscle up on it and then it cramps in the out and I have to be decided in my mouth. And like if you know the bones ache and you stretch like that and I have to get somebody to beat my nose so I can put on I go to walk I get a charlie horse that I have to be there so I can hear the news. And if I don't get it out soon love and I will bother with that dream would be this which I want to get back here you know. Doctor told me.
I mean your Stoessel are just theirs to buy don't work as we are for both of them with you could be right could be wrong but I love it when I get sick. Oh yeah and in fact I vomit so this is a lousy guess they don't vomit they have diarrhea or if they vomit they don't have the whole know yeah I mean violently have a sense I have to go three days. Oh by the third day I have made myself physically sick. I can't walk Krauss in the way they read and took their toll and be a pretty helpless mess. I would be willing to drag it out.
I suppose you know there were life really good as I want through it was 19 6 or 7. I just assume we did go through that. Dad is that the only answer. No fortunately there's another alternative. The withdrawal just described is called cold turkey. This indicated the addict received no medical aid to ease his withdrawal symptoms. However there is available a method of treatment using the drug methadone properly administered. The symptoms of withdrawal are minimized and within a short time the body no longer craves the drug. The methadone treatment is currently in use at various hospitals authorized to give such treatment. This includes the two government hospitals one at Lexington Kentucky and the other at Fort Worth Texas. So medical treatment is available.
But once the addict is physically withdrawn from drugs is he then cured. No there's much more to it than that. But what this addict put it this way that I am going to Lex and I hope it reaches date now. I think whatever it is then run it rather than it would depress them. And they had good reason no. I will as well go and try to face it. And one of those days when you say trick or treat with. If the average to do cruising is dead to be created yet it was. Who knows where that go through. He has to go through the hood. He said he must have a screw loose somewhere. But if he goes to Lexington if he stays if he
learns listens and tries to understand. Perhaps the screw he calls loose will turn. Perhaps it will tighten. And some day maybe he can look back on an undesirable past. And forward to the reality of life. And know that no matter what anyone say Whose. Age is not for joy. You know. Transcribed it just for joy it was written by Edwin at her and produced by below Byrd. This is Ted Seeley speaking. The preceding program was made available to the station by the National Association of educational
broadcasters. This is the end Radio Network.
H is for joy
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This program focuses on what happens to an addict when he simply cannot get his 'stuff.' Dr. Rafael Gamso is a guest, followed by a junkie who tells what it feels like to go 'cold turkey.'
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A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.
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