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Welcome to bluegrass and program of American music. Thank you. Today's program is composed of a group of old time songs on religious theme. From listening to the words of the song as one gets a strong impression that religion pervaded most aspects of rural American life several generations ago two religious themes in particular are stressed in the songs we're going to hear. Those of salvation and afterlife. The first song we hear stresses the rewards of salvation. Among the lyrics are the words how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. The song is called Amazing Grace and is probably one of the oldest songs will hear it sung completely without a company made by John Ritchie Doc Watson and Roger sprung.
How do we. Live. But. We do.
Thing. With with well over with load the with. The particular concern of another old religious song when I die almost certainly him is life after death. The refrain of the song is when I die I'll live again. The performance we're about to hear is a fine example of traditional old time singing style
the rudimentary accompaniment is provided by one big guitar and rhythmic foot stomping. The music itself is so simple that there are no transitions between phrases in the melody so that when one verse and the music simply stops waits awhile then starts up again from the beginning. As is typical in this rough and simple style of him singing the words frequently end at the first or second beat of a measure and there is some attempt made to supply some simple melodic or rhythmic interest in. When I die a pure imitation is used for this purpose. As one singer or another will repeat or echo a phrase while the others are holding a note to the end of the measure. When I die is performed now by several generations of the Watson family he leaves. With him they take it in. And.
A. Band. That rape is rape her and her. Soul. A. Parent. That. Cares with.
Her. Soul. Say. The song. Life is like a mountain railway. It shows that religion was a real enough concern of people to be thought of in every day terms. The song is a hymn whose tune has been borrowed for any number of purposes. Most recently for union songs in contrast to the simple vocal style and when I die the Greenbriar Boys have recorded a polished and lyrical version of life is like a mountain railway which features a wonderfully sentimental
Oh oh oh. Oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. This. Is very. Well. Said Fleda.
We'd play as low gold chain coming up and not as good lead Boulder and mole. Crossed old Jordan stream as another song on a religious topic as a general propaganda song including the words Thank god I got religion and I do believe with no particular message or theological doctrine to convey the instruments played by the new last the Ramblers included Dubrow guitar and mandolin. The old lady was gone gone gone.
Religion and the do really believe thing. Thank god I really didn't speak. To the. Good ole Mother. Church. Street. To street. Christian.
Bluegrass and mountains
Old time religious music
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University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program focuses on the various types of religious music that are a part of old time music.
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Recordings of and talk about a wide variety of old time American music.
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