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Are Good Lord. How do you know. Stop and. Pay no attention father Ruiz or to you know I don't see anyone but where NE. Seems to be coming from behind. Stop I say whoever you are I just must have his way. No one is possibly. Matter what with no child all of us have. When I was young I was a. Does a pit bull. Oh great. Doesn't see some
path to heaven. What was flight between us and everybody like the skylights words and if not to what I think you better I get. What have you then follow me away something precious to add to my bad. Silence as not to not silence is no gift. You don't believe what I tell you I don't think I have no right then take this. Money. Whatever Yes you know the wall it's a bumble bee and tomorrow I know to come away. I know all about this. Just want to see my call I know to break you I know what everyone on this island is wet so pay up. Till next time. Look you know the well water and it I do my bucket down up down.
I. Said yeah it's my lot to love a kiss but I was too quick for you know. Silver and all night and I was less than you can afford to pay for the rock it can't find new but look at it and hear it this is my own mind to go by. Savings are Windows and all. How long would it take an old beggar like your friend head to collect that year but have a very successful beggar. Not in my character I dare say. How much did the young lot here give you much less then what about that new Well my pretty man but just not oh I'm coming to get them. Is that the only word you have for Iris. The shop slipped away. My masters will be displeased when they get to hear of it. Dad tell them lies and I hear your you know way younger so
what's that you say. Go away I said. Friends got impatient for your oh here it is the right hand you can for me for right. Oh no you haven't. Nothing further to ask of you. I shall be my few Maton has it to bed for the night Joan looking for I'll get it yet but the nights and nights must as perhaps I could be use for what you call it and I will take the commission and pay for my rope. Tell women to get in law tell em I guess we meet again. Just here was a picture of him drawn they say by the Lady Penelope
has self. I see nothing. Oh it was only the other day as I must as he and I don't want people reminded you know it just you wait here and there till I come back. Well you got to see how the lead guys don't move. You can have my bed to sit on the head trust for you. It's my last caress alone before the end of final poll of the fight on a. Little. For me. My house.
My home rising up to like a lifted face against the evening's Violet. This. Slender pillow was crowned with the sunset. Out of stone from my love that Amy just safety from my god ha. Said Grady. And that's a ship afloat in its own CEO of Cyprus like. I said you like. How we see the trend is in my eye. He's like dude we're neighbors to you. You know I think that face of stone looks only as much a part of me. Ah so you want to. Go with cheeks of a woman who was WAY to long for her husband. Dying in his daily damn. Apollo shape. He's not done the
broad steps across the columns will turn the abacus. Poors he's scholarly enough of any door. That. Says. I should have restored to the God the blood he gave the stream when I flowed back through the lofty door of my house. Leaking three cars. I could not. Come they are day. By. Day. And. The rescue. Door open wide enough for a film with the stench of meat and burning fact.
Just. Before his boss among the two with shadows waving flags from the roof of the stormy sea. Ships of Maine scramble and somehow or shake their batons and one another across the long table paying only doing Juki sprayed a coating of Mike text me that. You go. What. That's great. Plunging out of the shadow towards me pausing in the song Ray on the steps his club. Is not an enemy but preoccupied talking to himself as usual does not even see me when I sit upon this bomb by the lead.
So I cannot wait. Night how can we you know fellow You look as patient as I practice but you have no weapons. And who said your dilemma because I address what's his name. I guess you keep strange company and stranger than you keep going back. But you can't know you can't even imagine. You should see I never pay into limiters I just left him drunk with the illusion each gives a hand in hand gazing gaze. They are wrapped in a dream. They are more like lovers and mother and son. She hands him with love. He is all she has left. Perhaps but I can't talk to him by giving in so easily now with that very last moment when he and I together we could at
least start enduring hollow use the illusion. Only there was me me yes you here. Why are you inside with them inventing a heroic past for each in turn to fill your lying mouth with stolen bread. Because I've not yet been caught today. And who is this a man of. A bank. As you can see for yourself beggars are not the most lucky in Ithaca today. Oh I am a poet so I'm never unlucky. Listen to me. I've seen and done too much to need your words. If you want inspiration look in my eye and tell them what you see. It will make your song for tonight. I'm always ready to take a hit. Look up then. You're no use you stubborn old fool. The gods have indeed made you
bloody well you bring this friend of yours into the hole. There will be did more right. And now I must go and sing for my supper. But not the song they expect. Take care you don't miss it. If you want to but if you mean me. Never mind what you meant. Someone is coming up this way through the trees who are going to wear those smart clothes not the older one with a graying around his nose. So I'm here by these He's great but his tongue can sway the rest as he pleases. Younger with a filip in this area you're going to cause some of part of us. He's a sad case sad and bad. One of those who think they can help the weak aside by pretending friendship for the stronger never works until just lately
because we're still playing by time limit I slipped off to the mainland he went over completely. He was with the prime movers in the plot to waylay the boy and kill him. It failed as you will know. They look pretty sad. Don't underestimate it. Point is the people competent. We don't have to pretend. Opposition is impregnable at last and for the most and I have seen you overestimating all strength. What could be done safely before must not be done in the face of danger. Preparations have already well over the shadow of the wall that by the looks of him. But what of it. I'd like to know what he's doing skulking around here. Better ask him than his own pick people you like to like make a note of it. The
was needed to rid. Concept because I didn't want disorder. Yes I can see that. In my face. High standards on the public. And when you address me please remember my patronymic rule here. Since when someone has got to take the head of the table and who will suitable the guy and for the most up to like you. That's what I ask myself that man right to some of you you know I agree with that question. This is the video I am to the US and
I happen to know that I am the richest of us all there doesn't come to that. Riches have nothing to do with procedure. Yeah you know I'm a son of nice a son of a t ts. Nobody knows who your grandfather was no we know you all full of the testicles for that matter. I am certain that I can to you it. It's kind of like a dispute. I was. About to meet you know
quite differently because KMI is the law quite a few of you with dance history wants is up in the first place which will take the head of the table and the offer to that if you play about it and strictly speaking to limit because the sound of plates and here I mean just was. Tell them again. Don't give away your scout IQ and you know if
you buy your own house and not do you have it this resulted in taller then wait a moment. What do you want me out of that friend of yours you know deal with in the future with this pony I want about him. He's waiting outside. I told him I'd really been so unlike him I would be waiting there for hours. You don't have a bike or something. Fishermen now it'll be too late. Yes I should say it was about time to look at things. Well we know you made a shock and I find it. Oh I am happy to hand it back soon. Nothing would ever do it. Everybody's dancing because you were able to talk to you don't have to strive to know me right. Oh and you want to make a speech then make a speech. Notice that I am I minute
I know I am. I was golden age you know what it is to be beaten again not to tell me I am I am quite short itis like it's a piece of sail. It's a strong team. I am from you and you want me that's to say I am not your gift for you you know what you take me for you. Here was cool enough to kick up a fuss. Now the PBS. Was the best
thing about yourself. I don't. Need to display my poor talents to watch tonight. Well I have to distract my eyes from the heavy responsibility to say let's have something new something different I'm sick of all your songs know the sun and moon because Son of Man shall I put on the cross take some tongue twisting should do something to flush your brain. If to make your bellies a quid. Right now we don't want an act like that.
Give us a some something with your own it would be more fun than a lawyer son was. He sees no time for singing. Tonight the plate they're asked to choose value taking into account the value of the time. I propose a simple pass to did not choose for the moment an image or to a pool of dark still water reflecting the future which I'm sure she's ready to listen then loads of you think up some of your great which to divine my meaning. Who is it that whereas the clothing of night. On the body of day that comes to every man's door as to his own home is the narrow world. It. Was just a long stone you know. He said.
He said. Oh yes. Today told. Me You cannot find me on tell ya. Everything. Over them. Between the white strong dollars. And old man bent double dragging on the on the View-Master told swine so bent I cannot see his face. I think what a tangle of like the nest of a bird he tosses away from if the balsa lifts one hand against a pillar. Yet how John Doerr just doubt the story. Oh there's something wrong. I don't like this. That old eagle Rama girl I met. Rag on the yellow tattle violin Philpott round his trembling limbs skinny arms when he raises
them feeling his way forwards like dead branches dyed red by the fire lights on. He can still seems new puter. I cannot she's all you see. I just. Didn't know you. Hello to. You. What is this your M.O. son of nice house. It is nuanced. She put into your brain. He raises his hand and I see his eyes of. His I did so hard like. To make a street with. Their steaks eyes. Yet red
to the hardware files. Oh you were afraid of a man. GUYS I'M BACK. How much you think I. Don't know there's something wrong I tell you. Night has come upon us unawares. The nights the comes before death as you would know just to me like I want to put almost a limit as to put these brutal you know men out of those hell of a kiss for your mother's sake put in a plan that. They were up. To me saying.
Some strange. Thing and. It was true. Danny don't you know better than. Us. What some such actions you hang your left thumb rather look up to where my mother stands in the gallery.
We in our house. In the Wind. How he. Looked tonight. Petals of light shines softly. In the recesses of your white hands of the hollow of your cheek. I have a gift with a wife. Like beads of sunlight and a pair of earrings with drops. What
you know while you're there what can you give me. You should know what you mean. The last time I would love to live this life you know my choice must last me the hand of the day she'll decide between you. Maybe it's in Tora Bora preferably clear and simple enough to those who would have me to wife. I propose a test. Here in this hall will be set up a line of 12 Xs one for each of my suit. Who knows you have strings to the grate and shoot an arrow straight through
his will. Everything I have is about one thing. My memory is like a spirit of the dead. Wonder whatever does this house seeking its own it is not a memory we desire come Donvan and have it come down stand among us and then what you would have us do nothing. Very well. I will come down here you will tell me. Where shall we lay hands on it I have it here. You're going to bring the books. The gigantic book is it what an instrument of music. Apollo himself.
Song's true way every trick made yesterday I shouldn't wonder what science my mother's name. Was never the best. You never stop complaining that you've waited long enough. Well and that the final test be here and not top picks the exits from the Armory Euphemia's make room man stand aside table. X face down the center of the whole. Stand that we must have is much like we did. You're in the seat. I haven't anything for you I'm so poor you can't afford me a moment so let's go to my mistress I haven't time to go why not go to the shadow
of despair. How well do you remember your last. He was my baby before it was my most every inch of its ability to borrow news made by the boy I was with you know that you love mine and you can call it love of course I can't shake like a single he did X you know home straight home often and then or how could reduce. Like yawn. Give me a hand now. Do you feel like there's. Something good going for you at this moment in the summertime. This is what I have to say you know the shop but the door and everywhere else in the house. She did. Nobody gets on nobody. And if the women in the other part of the House should hear a song
see to it. Thank you. When you've made everything fast go to your mistress. Yeah. Bring you to her. I mean I HELP ME. I am honored. I want to know what why was I not told. Well I know you would speak
the truth. I am. Look at that. I'm a child of God then he says. Great old deeds I think illustrates the prison of words often spoken to me dead in the shadow by the great. I saw the Gandhi said look I saw the year vanish from all feel like snow in the warmth of life I saw him grow in the lengthening shadow as he strode into the light and see the book. Here's that he has drank the droll. Soon you will be free. Soon all will be pretty guess it's come to this house down with our faces if us time.
Yes course Taar you'll miss the tempo of Poland's most perfect lips of smiled at last. Croft has put off his disguise and come from the enemies of the girl in all his pride and rank you see him as he stand for I don't wish to see him for I have my orders lady and they are to keep you out of this. Sorry man is not dead already. Perhaps forth. There's no time to. Kind of just I don't want to see us strike again.
Going to the dentist last year man goes up at a pitch you know to tell me which is that I do not get in on the president. You. Wonder. That. One of his own. Are you sure you. Know. What. To do. You think I put a ridiculous place for their spend your day. Yet another just. Your child word and you're so proud of this. I
know you are so calm to know that behind the third from the end he's climbed up onto the. Gob. Oh no I have forgotten. You got me no. Nothing to fear. Don't be afraid to give in when you fall into the ground. Here is my hand Iris. Put your foot on it. Oh I'm lifted. I'm trying. That's too nice to do. You may lose.
What is happening you made us. Here. Nothing much has got to go now to. My face. What do you. Want. To let our girls. Shine. No you know this moment. This is huge with. You want our son. Home. Not. Now. Is the top post. You can bring the knot. Who to spy
on you. You. Oh yeah. You are. But the. And then when. These hands you are holding have freed you and this house and if that from a Saudi curse the intruders just use your feet to dyed crimson with the blood I will fetch water they are all good. Oh yeah my lands he has tried to get away. I killed him in the passage outside this room. I suppose he was going to ask you were to plead for him. Would you have done it no. But CBS know he's alive I never meant him to die. It's a mistake to kill
poets whatever weapon you was against them turns out to be double edged. It's I thank the gods fight. He was a good friend to me. Boy you did a good job just now I'm proud of you. Thank you Father. I'm afraid you'll be less pleased with what I've come to tell you the people have collected outside. They won't go away. I look I see this leading that I was against me what for. Look here father I don't think you quite appreciate the position the people are not ungrateful. They're simply bewildered and uncertain. They've been through a lot. Remember you're being thrown nothing about it but nobody suggests that. But there's a difference. You choose your life and in many ways I believe you've enjoyed it with all its troubles and potential. These around that you may not father but I can see by your eyes that I have guessed the truth. You don't regret a single thing but what the people of Ithaca you will be. Our
people have suffered was not by their own accord and they have not enjoyed it. They have lost by lost homes and goods and lands and even their children and relations to starvation treatment you have lost nothing. So that's how it goes. I'll handle this tomorrow. Tomorrow is already today. Oh my god so I can do no more no more. Same here of cities a. Friend of my youth and manhood. Do not say Let this be my last story. For your sake for the law. What remains to do here. Do it for me in my name and in your. In the name of white wing to me. And in the name of Hermes what chart of this night of
nights. Hand of Apollo has spoken. And who is not. Thinking. This. Way. They're not told in heaven. But this Penelope was off to Ollie. North. Island. And Ruby but there. Was the. She won't come
home and do your. Part. Sure.
Ok it. Was good. The. What a long haul. KISS is the sum of all the
kisses I gave you in my mind through 18 years. Why then do you keep your eyes closed. Now that you have me in your arms because I can see you better like that. For years I've held your image engraved on my eyelids. It was thus when I awoke in the naiads cave your own face was less real to me. It is owed husband you left me a young guy and you find me a middle aged woman that there's nothing so absolute a face blunts all the weapons of time. You say that as if you had said it before to someone else. But knowing that I do not care to know I leave to you for ever. The secret memory of your trials your timely attacks to cease your torches in the night of style this month. Trials of ecstasy is more than a memory. How can that be. They have the shape of my life just as I had to return here
so I shall go back again someday. Back to the sea and deeds in comprehensible jaws. So now this is what I have waited for so long I left the paper and now what I don't understand you. Oh yeah it isn't too much else about tweeners there is nothing between us except the gods they are stronger than we are. When Poseidon the earth shake up decides to call me out again I shall have no choice but to oblige him. That will not be yet a theme he will see to it that I finish my work here first and there is always demand because I am a woman. I resign myself. And meanwhile you walk yet take my hand. Come to the window getting like those stupid fellows seem to have gone home I suppose to let me go sent them packing.
Splendid it all looks and the early lights was out here to the window below us. I saw no one. I believe it was all meant all round all. Right. Mad dog mad dog it is no man you are harmlessly deceived or disuse. I one who owes his life to your magnanimity and I had your sagacity. He was the perfect salute from his shadow of his changing and elusive shade. Victory and Defeat having me there resolution in that ever a future voice. A young interval where joy and grief of one. Think of my face. All you who are Listen look into my eyes before they
fade into your night forget the poem I made I remember the pure voice you'll hear behind my words. Thank the Lord. Lord. Lord. Lord. Lord. We've heard the rescue a melodrama for broadcasting by Edward
Sackville-West based on Homer's Odyssey the BBC World Theatre production was directed by a vowel deal good. The music was specially composed by Benjamin Britten and played by this in phony London conducted by John Hollingsworth Odysseus was played by Stephen Mari Penelope by Rachel gurney dilemma close by Hugh Dixon Iris by Geoffrey Segal. I think you need by pinky Johnstone and by Leon Quartermaine next week listen for the Beggar's Opera a ballad played by John Gray with the traditional ballads newly arranged by Christopher Whelan. These were all theater programs are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their presentation by national educational radio was made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and they're prepared for broadcast in this country by WITF FM Public Radio in Hershey Pennsylvania. This is the national educational radio
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